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October 30th 2021
Kaja Talks to His Past Self

Hey guys long time no see, today I had a conversation with my past self and gave him some valuable advice that I hoped people gave him when I was young and dumb. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Do share ... More

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August 3rd 2021
Kaja Talks about Self Motivation
I am back. In today's episode, I talked about how most of us look at life and we can change it so it will allow us to motivate ourselves. I really talked about using different examples, you can get a ... More
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February 20th 2021
Kaja Talks about Choices

In this podcast, I talked about the choices we make in life.  The choices i talked about were education, social circle as well as the effects of the choices we make. 

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February 14th 2021
Kaja Talks about Self Worth

Hey, guys in today's episode we talk about the thing we don't often realize or talk about. That thing is called self-worth. So in this podcast I will be talking about how to realize your self-worth... More

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