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Kaja Talks about Self Motivation

by Kaja The Coach
August 3rd 2021
I am back. In today's episode, I talked about how most of us look at life and we can change it so it will allow us to motivate ourselves. I really talked about using different examples, you can get a ... More
Hey guys, have you heard about the app anchor? It's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. It's free. There are many creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer and car will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on Spotify, Apple podcasts and many more. You can make money from podcast and you know what's the best part, There is no minimum level of listenership, it's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Therefore I suggest you download the free anchor app now or go to W W dot anchor FM dot com. Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of caja talks and today we'll be talking about something which I highly believe in which is called self multi wishing. You know, I've talked about self would I talked about choices and now it's something which self motivation or basically how to motivate yourself?

No, let me give you an example. I want us to picture a white party or anything like a white piece of paper. Imagine just close your eyes and imagine I'm gonna walk you through this. No, take a pen. Okay take a pen and draw a dot on that piece of paper or that marker pen. You used to drive on the white board. Just do a dot. Okay, did you do the dot already. Now, what do you see? Do you see the dot but what if I tell you the white people is still there, the universe is still there. You are still there. This is what happens when we only look at the smaller things in life. This is what happens when our goals are too focused on one thing. This is what happens when we all will invest in something.

So what I would like to suggest to you guys because once you always invest and we feel we will get through probably demotivated. So what I'm trying to tell you guys is look at the bigger picture, don't always focus on that dot because if you zoom out a little bit there will be worth saying that you will be successful. You zoom out a bit more, they'll be worth saying that you know what you're gonna be the most successful person around use UMA more you will see the tons of support that you get in life. So do not I repeat. Do not focus only on that dot because trust me, the more you focus on the dot, the more you feel you're not good enough, the more you feel like you know what, I'm not gonna succeed and you may differ with this. You know what I focused on one goal? I'm all focused on this.

Maybe it's good. I'm not denying that right? How would you take it when you already immersed in something but it doesn't work. I know you bring up alva Edison, you'll bring up the colonel Sanders, you'll bring up Bill Gates steve jobs, all of these etcetera. But how sure are you? You have the same willpower as them. How sure are you that you have the mental capacity to come back? Yes, I know. I already invest in myself as well, but I know when to stop. So don't only focus on a little little dot, focus on the white board because you know why the world is your canvas and you can draw whatever you want too drunk. Now let me move on to the added things when we feel we're not good enough and we feel that people around us are better than us. So now let me ask you guys a question. Let me ask you guys to vision something.

Imagine you have perfect vision. You know, perfect vision in the sense that you don't need to wear spectacles, lucky people. Okay, So what you can do is now people who wear spectacles were spectacles. Imagine that you're wearing as spectacles which is either a lower power than yours or higher power than yours and people who are not wearing any spectacles, imagine that you're wearing a very high powered spectacles now where that spectacles, if you guys a few seconds you see something blurry. All right, you all say something blurry. Right? Exactly. This is proof that everyone looks at the world differently. We all don't look at the world differently. The all are looking at the world differently. Think about it. If you are so obsessed of thinking that you know what I want to be as good as you know, I want to be as better than him.

No, I want to be better than him. So and people notice me, No, if you're having that intention, if you're having that mindset, if you're having that type of an ego, you know what I want to be better than everyone else, Please stop what you're doing and just leave the industry because once you join something, the only goal is to develop yourself. So always remember you look at the world differently. They look at the world differently, maybe the way they look, they look at the world is better, but doesn't mean it's right. You look at the world differently, but doesn't mean you're right, all wrong. Think about it. We all feel that, you know what I want to be successful, I want to be successful, but no one thinks about how can I be successful? How long can I take to be successful? Success doesn't happen overnight. You people think messi Christiano steve jobs, Bill Gates, Edison Colonel Sanders, uh Elon musk Jeff Bezos, they were not overnight success.

They put years of investment into it. So don't give up immediately because you look at you look at the world in a different light, They look at the world in a different way. Now the final example I'm gonna give you to help you guys feel self motivated is I want you guys to imagine a glass, okay, imagine is an empty glass imagine and you have a cattle or a jack besides you. Now, I want you to pull par par par par stop. Now look at a glass. What do you think it is? Is it half empty? Is it half filled? If you think is half empty? You are a highly motivated person. If you look kit at half full, you are easily satisfied.

Plus it. But let me tell you about another option, which I didn't see at all. Are you grateful that at least it's half something? Did you guys even think of that as an option? See the problem with us is if we are given an option A or B, we focus on A and B. We don't focus as an option. C. We don't focus as an option B. Why not? There's always an option. That's why they say think out of the box. But to me, I always say things without the box. If we kept our creativity, If we kept the energy that we were born to have, we won't do it, we'll give up. So what I'm trying to say is be grateful that the cup is even filmed because that cup is your progress in life. If it's half empty, I don't want to succeed more. If it's half filled, you're still gonna succeed more. There is still room for you to go still room for you to be the best worship of you don't stop. Don't get easily satisfied. Always fight When people tell me, oh my God, you're a division director and toastmaster, you should be satisfied.

Hell no! My goal is to be the top one time at the top. Then I'll say I'm satisfied. I don't stop when I'm growing, I stop when I know that I can't grow anymore. This is something which can be taught by science is something that can be taught by daily exposure. So overall what I'm trying to say, you guys imagine life, imagine being motivated. I know it's hard but watch my listen to my podcast, watch my videos. It may not help you, but in a given idea of motivation, but trust me guys, motivation is something which no one can be thought. Maybe you watch my podcast Now you feel motivated But trust me, if you don't act within the first minute of finishing my podcast, action will never happen. That action will turn into an imagination and that imagination will turn into a dream and that dream will turn into something that will never happen unless you put effort into it.

And by saying this very famous coordinates I love until now nothing can destroy metal. Then its own trusts. Likewise nothing can destroy a human. But I wouldn't mind, let that pounder for a while in your mind and see how mm you can motivate yourself and how you can be the best version of yourself and obviously how you can grow and become the best, the best to the next podcast. They save. Take care, I love you guys, no matter what. Bye bye.

Kaja Talks about Self Motivation
Kaja Talks about Self Motivation
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