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Kaja Talks about Self Worth

by Kaja The Coach
February 14th 2021

Hey, guys in today's episode we talk about the thing we don't often realize or talk about. That thing is called self-worth. So in this podcast I will be talking about how to realize your self-worth... More

Hey guys, have you heard about the app anchor? It's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. It's free. There are many creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer and car will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on Spotify, apple podcasts and many more. You can make money from podcast and you know what's the best part, there is no minimum level of listenership, it's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Therefore I suggest you download the free anchor app now or go to W W dot anchor FM dot com. Hey guys, welcome to the first episode of caja cox and today we're gonna talk about two simple words. I think you guys can read it in the episode title itself, it's called Self Work. So basically we don't talk about this much, we don't realize the importance of self. So if I ask you right now, think about it for a minute, what is your price tag?

I know some of you guys to say priceless but please come on think of a number and now think about what's the price of the latest iphone, I bet you know the answer to the second one, but you don't know the answer to the first one and that is why today I'm going to talk about self what now? Imagine right now you are in a circle in that circle that's a not a circle in that circle and another circle and falls and frontier, which is the smallest diameter suck. Now, that smallest dia media circle is your comfort zone and it will be your comfort zone if you don't come out of it. So that is the first thing to realize your software, you need to come out of your comfort zone.

The first layer that you're in your comfort zone with the second layer is the learning circle. Move on is the experience of as you move and move and you break the latest in the circle, you become better, you learn yourself and you learn to appreciate yourself more dust increasing yourself work and now people, let me talk about a bit of failures. You many people come with this ideology that failing is bad failing you know your own succeed in life a lot failing is like you know it's better you don't do it at all than failing. Let me tell you something, do you guys watch artery, Do you guys watch archery? Do you realize why the archer always pulled the arrow all the way back? Then everyone just from school perfectly and so fast you realize that is momentum and that's what failing due to you, the more you fail, the more momentum you save.

So when you're about to try it for next time, boom you will succeed failing is known as the first attempt in learning. So don't forget now the third thing I wanna talk about self where and how to help you realize yourself where is Now I imagine that you're holding $100 bill in your hand right now. Just imagine that you're holding the $100 bill now. I ask you now to crumple it, Crumple it as much as you can. Crumple, Crumple it, step on it, step on it, step on it. Now use that same $100 and go to the shop, will the shop accepted? 100% shop accepted and how to relating yourself, regardless of the failures you had, The heart breaks, the meltdowns, the rejections, all those negative implications has happened to you imagine that as you stepping on that money, stepping on that money, cramping the money no matter what happens, the value of the 100 bill stays the same.

That is what you should do with your life. The $100 bill is just an ideology for you to relate it with your life, think about it for a few seconds. And now one more thing that affects our southward is is our mindset. We always think that we're not good enough. I know even I do that even like sometimes when I win a contest, some of them have been competitions. I say like I just got lucky. The other contestants were not India prime, but as a different sort of being humble and really chris discrediting your efforts. So now your mindset should be like, you know, I want because I deserved it. You know that type of mindset you say, I do not be, it's okay to be negative at times but do not make negativity, the main priority of your life.

It's okay to be negative. I'm not discrediting that, but think about it. Think pink, Okay, that's a beautiful saying that says that nothing can destroy right? Nothing can destroy metal except his own rust. Likewise nothing can destroy human. Like their mindset. Just think about it and you will realize that beautiful thing called a southward and now the final element of southward water. Do you know how adaptable water is? Always tell my friends always tell my students be like water because you put water in a water bottle, it becomes a water bottle, you put water in a bowl, it becomes a bowl, you put water in a simple, it becomes a swimming pool, so that is water.

You need to learn to be adaptable changes happen like now Covid 19 we all shifted to work at home, look at all of these examples and learn that you know what, this is what life is. I need to be, that my need to be constantly changing to improve myself that life. And that's how you can realize yourself self, what is something that's not talked about, You know, people say you should love yourself, but to what extent you should love yourself. No one talks about it to people say do self care, but no one talks about what extent you should love yourself care about yourself. So that is why yourself is very important, learn to evaluate yourself a very high level because then you will realize this is your true passion, this is what you really love it. So come on guys and gulf. Please learn to appreciate yourself, you are worried every step that you make, people are watching and you are creating parts, you are creating inspiration from for the audience and the people who are watching you to move on in life.

So always remember that you are on your own top, remember and thank you guys for watching this video in the first episode of kata talks and Happy valentine's day to whoever is celebrated to all the single kids out there. Remember southward, it's the best kind, all of you can get in the best way to appreciate yourself on this valentine's day, Stay safe, I'll see you in the next

Kaja Talks about Self Worth
Kaja Talks about Self Worth
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