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Client Corner: Mark Teakle on the benefits of journaling and mindfulness

by Shaun Kober
June 14th 2021

I've had some amazing conversations with both my face to face, and online clients, and thought that a lot of people would benefit from being a fly on the wall.

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what does it mean to live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best, leave nothing on the table. That's a non negotiable is that I strive to be better every day because if I'm not on top of my game, how is anybody else gonna follow me down the road? Keep demanding more of yourself to live up to that potential and to stay hungry is progress? You know, when I look at the word training, I think of steps, baby steps to get somewhere that you want to be, and that is basically your life journey. That's a mindset in itself, man, it's like, it's not just about, I know that for you, a lot of that's about the physical, but we're constantly in training, whether it's growing our skill sets, whether it's growing up physical bodies, whether it's growing our relationships whatever and all of that is a training ground and that kind of goes back to the mindset that we just talked about, you underestimate yourself and you don't even start, but then once you start, you often surpass what you thought you could do performance your best mate, that's that's sort of what life is all about, you don't have the knowledge and have the fitness to healthy ambition and drive that no matter what comes along.

When that next phone call comes, I can just say yes, I don't have to worry, just go and do it. Yo yo yo what is up guys, welcome to this episode of the live transform podcast, I'm your host, Sean koba during today's episode, I am sharing with you guys an actual coaching call that I had with one of my clients uh and this is something that I've touched base with my online clients about and majority of them are happy with me recording our actual coaching call conversations that I can share with my audience um to give you guys a little bit of an understanding of the tools and the principles that I always talk about on the podcast but how my clients are putting them together and tweaking and adjusting them to suit their life. Let's get this episode underway. Hey bro. Um have you been going over the last couple of weeks since we last spoke? Yeah, so the last couple of weeks was pretty challenging. The first week since we last spoke was actually pretty good week. Um just as as you know, we sort of redone things on my training program, started retweeting some things because not that I ever slipped or anything like that, I just found myself just slightly going, creeping back into little old habits and one of the biggest things are going to slip man.

Exactly. And the biggest thing that I've, I've learned being with you, one of the biggest things is self awareness, I'm very, very aware now I'm aware where my body is not feeling right, I'm aware when my emotions aren't right and I think I was telling you this the last time I was sitting there and trying to figure out what was going wrong, and then it was just basics, you know like my water slipping a little bit not doing as much mindfulness and it's just these little increments that it obviously added, add it up. So we sort of had a look at that stick, some little things and then yeah, I just had some some pretty shit news last week that a friend suffered a pretty bad heart attack. Um And then was out was without oxygen for quite some time and then was pretty much brain dead and he just he unfortunately just passed away. So um sort of going to that very quickly. I i it's as much as that devastates me, I try to look at the positive with this and one of the positives through this happening is um I didn't revert back to old patterns which I would have done prior to prior to working with you, but the thought of going out and riding myself off, it never crossed my mind.

I just know that I'm gonna be useless to my mates, I'm gonna be useless to everyone else if I go down that path. Um So it's as upset as I was. Um Yeah I guess I guess um it showed me how much I've grown at the same time and it's made me reevaluate, like I've rewritten my values again now because yeah, when something like that happens to someone so young, it really wakes you up and makes you realize that life short, you know, so that's been the last two weeks. Yeah, man. Yeah, obviously very sorry to hear about your mate. Um It's never it's never nice to hear that sort of news and you know, it fucking never gets easier, man. You know, as we start getting older though, that news is going to tend to come in more and more so as you said, like having a look at your own mortality I think is an important part of growth, right? Like understanding that we have a finite time on this earth and you know, we need to choose what we do with it wisely. And when you do get some news like that, it really does make you consider what you are doing with your time, how you're living your life.

How are you treating people who are you treating yourself, man? Let's talk about some of those. Well, first of all he said that your you didn't fall back into your old patterns. So why do you think that was? I think because of this self awareness I was talking to about I you know, when I first started working with you, I didn't really listen to my body so much. And it wasn't until I got it into a state and I'm talking physically and mentally, right? So it wasn't until I got it to what I consider an optimum level, the best it's ever been in my life. And then ever since I got it to that point um it's like my body is hyper aware when something's when something is not right, if that makes sense and if I do something that's not right, I recognize it five times more than I ever would have in the past. Maybe that's because I've never felt what I guess it feels like to be functioning properly. Maybe, I don't know. Um But I think um it's maybe maybe that that routine of looking after myself, I just know very well, I can't take steps backwards.

Um I can't I can't go down that path, you know, like I've come so far and I accept having to take some baby steps back every now and then and not beat myself up with it. And I think that boils down to um me adjusting things on the fly with my expectations when my values changed because my values had to change in the last week and I had to put training a little bit on the back burner. I just had to sort of rest up a little bit more than I normally would. But I didn't beat myself up for it because I know that that's that's a part of what I'm what I have to do at the moment. So mm that's that that is amazing awareness, man. That's really fucking awesome to hear. And you message me, when was it was within the last couple of weeks? Um And you said something along the lines of, you know, I'm understanding now that, you know these principles that I'm teaching you there, not only in play when things are going well, you know, you put them in play when things are going bad, when things aren't going to plan, that's where my job starts, man, is when things aren't fucking going to plan.

So, you know, these principles, you're able to flip these principles tweak and adjust them to keep yourself on track, you know, something we've spoken about numerous times is, you know, you're not always going to be trying to make gains, you know, sometimes you need to pull back, sometimes you're in a maintained phase, sometimes you're in a phase where you're trying to reduce the damage man, you know, when things start getting away from you and you start picking up on these little things that start slipping, these little habits that start creeping back in self sabotaging habits that start creeping back in and the positive habits start making their way out of your daily routine, and it's like once you're aware of that, and you can pick up on these little cues man, you can, you pay attention to your sleep, your energy levels, your productivity, you know, all that, your mood, your attitude, all that type of stuff man, and once once you become aware of how you're feeling, you're in tune with your body, then you start connecting the dots with how you're living your life on a day to day basis and then you can start tweaking things.

So um let's talk about some of those tools that you have implemented like the first week was, or a week, two weeks ago, um since we last spoke, the first week was relatively good. You've been tweaking refining, um etcetera and then you got bad news. Um and then obviously as you said, you had to switch your values around and put some things on the back burner. Let's talk about that switch and why you did that, how you're doing that and how that served you. Sure. So there's a few things that I had to sort of put back on the backbone and I think we talked about having non negotiables with some things and my non negotiables, I still I still stuck to that one. Non negotiables are not going back out and taking drugs or my non negotiables are not going um just writing myself completely off. Like I still, I'm very good at sticking to them things. Um Then I had a look at some of the other ones and I'm like, okay, look as much as I love training, like training makes me happy, I understand it's a stress about which you have taught me and I understand very well in my body stressed out and I mean that I mean that sympathetic state, um I need to tweak things around to bring it to, you know, to bring equilibrium back as you've taught me.

So I was really tired and exhausted just emotionally and work has been quite, quite full on. So instead of me getting up when I have been um I just I did unfortunately, or fortunately however I want to call it sleeping just that little bit longer. I made sure I got to bed a little bit earlier to try and compensate for that. Um My meditation time did unfortunately drop off a little bit, but I still had to make sure that I've done some of it because mindfulness is a great way for me to relax and bring everything back down again and the same with my food and everything like that as well, like I I still know that I'm able to process my thoughts properly um and I'm able just to be more in tune with myself if I keep my nutrition relatively well, so rather than being complete strict anal like I was when I first met you um I had to sort of tweet things around a little bit and yeah, I had a bit of shit food in there, but I'm pretty aware of how much energy and energy out I need now, because you taught me that, so I know roughly where my calories roughly are. Um so again, I had to just adjust these things and I also implemented a bit more journal writing because I felt that that was a good way for me just to write things down because only one thing sean that I did nearly go a little bit back on and you picked up and that's why I fucking love you.

One thing I nearly went back on was that one pattern of mine I've noticed and this is from journaling. One pattern of mine I've noticed is when things go bad, I tend to hide away a little bit, not talk and that's just my way of dealing with it and that's okay, relatively, but it's not healthy at the same time and you picked up straight away on that and and she was only you and I miss is the only two people, no one else kind of picked up on it, but I think speaking with you straight away at least got me to express some sort of feelings and get some emotion out and then I just wrote the rest down, I just found that was pretty therapeutic, you know? So yeah, yeah, that was, that was going to be my next question man, was you know, how do you feel when you're writing things down? How long you been journaling for first? How do you feel when you start writing things down? You did say it's therapeutic, Right? And it's putting its like it's putting the words into action or so as well, I mean I write things down before I had all these values in my head and my goals in my head, but I never used to put pen to paper with it.

And I think just the visual expect when you actually like, I mean I'm writing stuff down all the time, you know, and I never used to until I met you actually and and um I think just looking at it, looking at the words, there's something powerful about it and it's really hard to explain that to someone. The only way I can tell someone is to give it a try, you just got to give it a shot and then you'll understand, you know? But I think looking at them words and then I might like for example, I had to look over some stuff I wrote the other day just just today from a few days ago and it also gave me a bit of a benchmark to see. I've actually improved just in the last couple of days because I was like shit, some of them, some of them things I wrote down were a bit dark and then I got dark, dark but they were just a little bit dark and then I had a look at it and I don't feel it is dark like that as I did just a couple of days. So it's a good gauge. It just makes me, it shows me that I'm moving forward if it does that make sense. Yeah, absolutely man. And going back to writing things down, I think the powerful thing about this is that's the first action step, Right?

Like your thoughts are always we, I think we have like 60, thoughts come into our brain every single day as a human being. So you know, we can't process all of those things. So for me, like I'm constantly writing as well man, like I've got my note pad here jotting down things that you're saying so I can come back to it and touch on. But you know, I've got my boards right in front of me when I'm riding down like what I do on monday on Tuesday and Wednesday, thursday, friday saturday, sunday. And then I've got my monthly focused and I've got my weekly focused and I've got my personal goals, my top priority, my priority, my errands, my work goals, my top priority, my priority, my errands. And then on the other white board, I've got, I've broken up my white board into quadrants. And the top left quadrant is urgent and important. And then the next quadrant is important, but not urgent. The bottom quadrant is uh not important but urgent. And then not urgent, not important, right? And like that's what I'm doing every single day. I'm jotting things down, I'm doing it at the start of the week and then I'm going back and I'm reviewing man and going, right, how much of that shit did I get done.

How many of those winds did I tick off the list? And I think writing things down takes things from being a thought into becoming action because that is literally the first action step is, hey, I've got this rattling around in my brain, I'm gonna do a little brain dump, I'm going to get it out of my mind, I'm going to put it on paper, that's the first action step, man. And once you take that first action step, it's much easier to then take that second action step. And it's also much easier to start organizing things because you're looking at it and you're like, all right, well this is again tying back into your hierarchy value, You're looking at everything, you've just jotted down and then you're looking at your values and you're going, where does this fit in? Alright, this fits in here, this fits in here, this fits in here, this fits in here, where can I slot that into my day, Where can I slip that into my week? And something you said before about the meditation. It's like, yes, you were sleeping in a little bit longer, going to bed a little bit earlier and you actually said, unfortunately I was like, man, that's fucking brilliant. That's a great adjustment, right?

You're not getting up and doing your training, your body needs that sleep. You know, your sleep is probably going to be a little bit broken because your mind is going to be all over the place and this is where again writing things down before bed, do a brain dump, then do some meditation that's going to bring you back into that parasympathetic state allow you to get to sleep a little bit better and then you typically have a better sleep a little bit longer, sleep when your body is under stress, man, you need that extra recovery right then you're not going through your full meditative practice, but you're still getting some form of meditation is in because you know how important it is that meditation, that focused meditation where you're focusing on your breath or you're focusing on your thoughts or whatever your target is for that meditative practice is driving attention which then carries over into everything else that you're doing in your day. Yeah, 100%. Actually that's something I'm a point that I wanted to bring up as well, which I've done a bit differently because usually my meditation when I do when I do that, I actually like to put some candles out and I have a nice little, have my little cushion that I sit on and I put some guided meditation music and that's just how I like to do it.

But what I did to adjust things around in the last week is what you sort of do, I was doing in the car when I was driving, which I'd never really sort of done before and I can tell 100% how much difference it makes because I've got a smart watch. So I looked at my, my heart rate and my goodness, like I mean I know this stuff you've told me this stuff before, but I just just just sort of refining that and I also feel as well, right, just sorry, just going back to the writing things down as I believe that's made a big impact on on my anxiety, because I think when I haven't written things down, everything just feels like it's so clustered in my head and I can't, like you said, I can't start, I don't have a starting point anywhere. So I think from an anxiety point of view, it's just a It's just a jumble when it's like when it's 70,000 thoughts in your fucking head like that, it's all jumbled up, man, it's the fuckin jigsaw puzzle pieces all over the place, right? The point of writing things down is to start laying those jigsaw pieces out and then putting them where they go, and some things you're going to action straight away, and other things you're like, okay, that's not, again, that's like that's important, but it's not urgent, I can put that off for a month, you know, and it's just literally like organizing its organizing your thoughts, man is taking those thoughts, putting it on paper and then being able to like slot them in whether that's I need to do this today, I need to do this this week, I need to do this this month.

I need to do this by the end of this year, which gives you clarity, right? Which then reduces anxiety. It's amazing the difference it makes. And it's funny because it's just how you I've joked around with you about this so many times. It's it's simple, but only once you explain it, it seems simple after that, you know, before you explain that. And, and I mean, I look at this down, I'm like, jesus, uh try not to think of wasted years because it's built me to who I am today. And that's why I try to look at it, right? But I do kick myself a little bit going, jesus, I wish I had have learned this shit a long time ago. You know, it would have, it would have would have would have saved me a lot of time. Uh huh. 100% pro. And this is this is why I coached the way that I coach, right, is because I've fucking learned all these things the hard way myself, right? Or I've picked up on things that all my clients are going through, man. You know, and that's why I started the podcast to get this information out to people to say, hey, you know what, you can organize your life in a manner that's going to allowed to decrease anxiety, depression look forward to putting processes in place on a day to day basis.

That's going to get you living the fucking life that you want men. And it's not like a magic pill. You don't just start doing one thing and it's like fixes everything right? Like how long have we been working together? Yeah, that's right, That's very true. And I think also as well as I've noticed the thing as well is how interchange, not interchange the word, how much their supplies, two different aspects. So it applies to my training and then it also applies to my personal life and then I can switch these principles around to my work life as well because that's something that I've noticed massively in the last two weeks, even though I've been going through all this shit. I the work's been pretty stressful, but I've had a lot of good, good, good shit happened at work and my boss even pulled me aside and went, whatever you're doing, just keep doing it because I kind of haven't told him what's been going on in my personal life because I just tried to I'm trying to keep it a bit separate if you know what I mean. Um but the results are coming in work wise, so um it doesn't, I think when I first started with you, it was all revolved around training for me at the very start, that's what I had in my head, not realizing that these principles, they're relatable to all other aspects.

So that's what I try to do now sean I try to try to, to adapt this the best I can given the different situations in the different um different pillars I got going on in my life at the same time. Yeah, yeah, for sure man, that's that's such a common thing as well as like people when they first start training with me, it's like, it's all about the training program, it's all about nutrition plan and it's like, I'm constantly juggling how like obviously I need to talk to every single client different, right? But I'm constantly juggling How fast I move their mindset away from just focusing on the exercises and the sets and the reps and all that sort of shit and like, hey look at the other fucking 23 hours of your life so that you can get the most out of that one hour, like that's the name of my podcast, right? And live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best and like, that is a self fulfilling prophecy. When you live life to the fullest, you're doing these things that allow you to be your best self, that allows you to fucking train well man and training world doesn't necessarily mean you're hammering yourself training well, might mean hey man, I'm stressed out, I'm under the pump at work.

One of my mates is just fucking passed away, like I'm having a rough time, I'm still going to go to the gym, but instead of hammering myself at training and doing an hour and a half, maybe I just keep that habit in place where I still go to the gym, but I'm only gonna do 20 to 30 minutes, I'm going to focus on mobility based work and I'm going to focus on having a stretch, I'm going to do the things that I know is going to benefit my body and drive that parasympathetic state, reduce my stress levels, keep that good habit in place, because as you know, man, it's much easier to maintain momentum than it is to regain momentum or create momentum, right? So sometimes it's about, as you said, man switching things around and figuring out the best way to put your day together, right? So then you can perform at your best and when you're performing at your best, you live in life, That's correct. 100%. It's funny, but we're talking about momentum. I was sort of thinking about that, that was actually stuff my journal down and I very, very quick now to realize that that momentum I when I'm writing that momentum, it's brilliant, right?

But that momentum can swing in either way, there's good momentum and bad momentum as well, and I yeah, and it's the bad momentum now, which I pick up and I'm like hang on, if I don't sort this fucking shit out right now, it is just going to go on faster and faster spiral and And I just can't let it get to to a point where um I mean I know always be able to come back and again, I I understand that I'm not going to get everything right 100%. And of the time I'm fine with that and I don't mind taking baby steps backwards, I just don't want to take these massive and I won't I will not take these massive steps where I spiral in the opposite direction and do all of this fucking hard work that I've done, you know? Yeah. Yeah, that's a great point, man. Like how long have we been working together? Is this our second or so? This is our second, but we've been working together for about I think october last years when we started. So it's actually been because I think we just have that little bit of a break in between, but we've always stayed in touch. So you have been working, it's about october last year we started working, we talked everything before then.

Um and I listened to as you know, listen to all of your podcast and and had improved my life, appreciate that every every single one just finished your last time with S. A. S. Guy as well. And but then principles just from your podcasts were enough for me to at least build that foundation, but I realize now to anyone else listening to this, there's levels to this, there's fucking levels to this and and that's what excites me. Like, I think it's great, like I'm really excited, don't get me wrong about the training side of things, but to me it, this is the reason why I work with you because it's everything to me, this is everything, it's all aspects that I really enjoy working on. An example is one of the guys at work, He, he was pretty fucked, like he had a lot of shit going on, He ended up actually ended up in hospital because he got really sick as well, but the guys, his trainer was hammering him and pushing him even more, you know, and I was sitting in the end, I don't know, sort of what to say because I know in my heart this, but it's all I can do is tell these guys, hey, you know, you do realize trainings and actual stress stressor and they don't get it, they just don't get it, you know, and um and I can, I can sit there and physically watch some of these guys, um sort of dwindle in in, in their minds.

So my friend side of things is a different story. They listen to me. So everything you're passing on to me, I've been passing on to the ones my mates who want to listen. So it's um it's been really good, it's been really interesting. Um I guess this is for me, it's not like I'm a trainer as of such, but I'm trying to relay everything, I'm learning off you now in my own words to pass on to my friends as well, so it's a different experience being on the other side of the chair. Yeah bro, that's that's brilliant man, like that's why I educate the way that I do is like, because then you know, and uh you would have listened to the Damien Gilbert um podcast you messaged me actually like do that was fucking sick man. So um you know, same thing, like all of those principles being adjusted to allow him to allow you to be better at life. And then when other people around you, if people know who you are, they fucking know when you're going through a rough time, they know when it's smooth sailing, right? And for the most part some people don't pick up on it because they're, you know, they're not really paying attention or they've got their own shit going on, which is totally understandable, but you want to lead by example, I don't like to tell people what to do.

I'd like to show people what to do, right, and that's what I implement in my life and that's what I coach to my clients as well is like don't tell people what to do, show people what to do and if people start seeing your mindset change and they see you living your best life and you know, you're in a fucking good place, they can start asking questions man. Like, oh shit dude, like I've seen a change in you, What's going on? What are you doing? Tell me this, tell me that, you know, I think that's I think that's really fucking powerful man. And the something I always say is like when you teach something, you get to learn it twice. Yes, that is good, I like that, I love that. It's like what you say mate, preach what you practice. Yeah. So what are what are some of those principles that you've been talking to friends and family and stuff about that you've implemented yourself that um they're asking you questions about or they want to know about.

Yeah, I think I'm the biggest change that like as you know, with with me, I was pretty heavily on a lot of medication when we first met and my whole mindset was completely different. Like I couldn't process, it wouldn't have, I honestly don't think it would have mattered what I learnt chemically at that time in my brain, it was very, very difficult for me to process. And it was like my court, my core morals have always been the same. They haven't changed whatsoever, but who I am as a person, how I express myself etcetera. It was, it was a fucking huge difference. So obviously when I started working with you and I got myself, which I'm pretty much nearly completely medication free now and like, like completely and that's just I did not expect to fucking be able to do that in the time that I did and people picked up on that, especially the people that were close with them. And um, even though just the people at work because they're the ones who spend the most time with, right, we spend so many, so much time with these guys. Um, and they started asking me, then they started seeing the changes in my body and my physique and then just my attitude.

Um, I was always really stressed out all the time and really, um, I guess my anxiety was through the roof as you know, and I think a big thing, I just used to get fucking pissed off and angry over the stupidest shit, like over silly stuff and not realizing that by doing that that whole time, these little things every day, it was like I was causing myself this chronic chronic stress just little things over the day over the day of the day. So that changed when I started realizing holy shit. Like I just don't just don't, it's not that I don't care. Like I care about things, I just choose what I give a fuck about. Like, especially after reading that after reading that book right after after reading satellite giving a fuck. That was a brilliant one for me. I really resonated with that. So I think what just as you as you are saying that man, like as you're speaking those words before you mentioned the book was like between stimulus and response is choice. Yeah. Yeah, 100%. So I think a lot of people picked up on that. I don't think I know they did because I started asking me what I've been doing.

Um now there were some people that are typical of the type of person I am. I just like to try and help everybody. Um And then I sort of realized that that comes at a burden also as well. I need to look after my Myself 1st, but I can't pull from an empty cup, like you say. So the ones that I mean it's not like I'm helping hundreds of people like you or anything, it's only a very small core group of people that have been helping. Um But they're the ones that actually listen to me. Um they've been listening to me and implementing what um you know, I tell them to listen to your podcasts, but some of them do. Some of them don't, but I just um they're always asking me what I've been doing. And I think because like you say because I'm leading by example not telling them what to fucking do, I'm just saying, look, this is what I'm doing. Um It might work for you. It might not, but I guarantee if you give it a shot, it's probably gonna work for you. And then what happened is one of my really good mates, he's been doing this and then now through people he knows that I don't know, I have been asking him like, oh shit, what have you been doing? So it's like it's we're creating a I don't know how to sort of word, that's what we're creating a a not religion, but we're creating, it's like a web.

Yeah, exactly. Like a web, that's the best way to say and that's really rewarding for me, you know, like I actually feel like I'm doing something on on this earth because at the moment, like with work and everything i it's I still question, you know what I want to do on that side of things and you know, sometimes I get caught in this little perform meeting you, I'd get caught in this right, thinking fuck, what am I doing with my life? But I think by doing these things and actually helping people with no expectation back um Look, I'll be honest, it makes me feel good, it makes me feel good about myself, you know, it makes me feel like I got, you know? Um So yeah, there's some of the things that I've been, I've been sort of um to be honest with you, it's more than mindset stuff than the training. Like I haven't really helped many people with What I do in the gym side of things, it's more what I do with the other 23 hours of the day that I've been helping people. Yeah, because they've got their own model, like they've got their own, they've got their own fucking thing in their head, some of them across fit nuts and it's not to say what to do, you know? And and some of them are into just power lifting, some of them are just did they all do their thing, you know?

So they haven't really asked me about that sort of thing, it's more everything else now, so yeah, I fucking love you and I'm a sponge sean as you know, I'm just I'm just I just want to keep learning mate, I just want to keep keep, keep learning and keep growing and I know I've got I've still got a long way to go, but that kind of excites me at the same time, you know, it's exciting, I don't want that bro, that's that's that's the journeyman, The fucking lessons are in the journey right? Like yeah, there's a destination, we're all going towards the fucking grave, we're all heading towards death, That's essentially the destination, right? The journey is where the fucking where the joy is, man, that's where you learn, that's where you learn shit, that's when you enjoy yourself and you know, poor processes in place to allow you to be at your best for as long as you can now, so I'm just going to say quickly as well, one thing that I, I've also been sort of not enjoying the process, but understanding a lot more is when things don't go, don't go wrong, like sorry, don't go right. I used to sit there and feel sorry for myself and go, this is fucked on the only person blah blah blah, put a pity pity party on myself.

Whereas now when shit goes wrong, okay, it doesn't feel great, don't get me wrong, it feels like it feels like shit. But in saying that just a little bit down the track, I'm like fuck, I learned something off that, I grew off that and it makes me appreciate things a lot more. So I'm actually appreciating the bad times for the first fucking time in my life actually and appreciate them for what they are. So that's something I think it's just, yeah, I think it's worth worth mentioning. Yeah, that's awesome man. You don't wish for them, but they're inevitable, they're going to come up in life to every single person and you know, if you can change your mindset from that victim mentality of this happened to me, this is fucking shit to going all right. That happened. That sucks. Did I do anything to put myself in that situation? Could I have prevented it? If yes, then there's lessons in that if no, maybe there's lessons in that as well, you know, and then how do I get out of this position, how do I start moving towards the direction that I need to be moving to be the person that I want to be right. There's always lessons in that man if you reframe that from you know this happened to me too.

All right, this happened for me. How can I learn from this? How can I move forward? How can I stop that from happening again? Yeah. And a powerful thing which I love. One of the things that you taught me was that one with looking at the person in the mirror and looking at the person through the window, you know you were teaching us that I fucking love that, I absolutely love that. So I try to attribute um The people that have helped me like you for example when things have gone have gone good and when things have gone wrong I'll tell you what 90 fucking 5% of the time it's something I've I've done in some way and I realized that now that's the only way you're going to fucking learn is to take accountability. Yeah. Yeah 100% man look out the window when things are going good, who's helped me get here, what's the circumstances that allowed me to thrive and then when things are going bad, look in the fucking mirror which is which is completely different to how most people think man, most people think with that victim fucking mentality when things are going well they look in the mirror and they fucking pat themselves on the back. When things are going bad, they look out the window and they point the fucking finger of blame at everyone else man.

And that's no way to live your life because that is putting accountability and responsibility on everyone else. Yeah, 100% right. And that's that's no way to fucking change your life man. The only way you can change your life is when you put your hand up and say I fucked up, how can I fix this? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, brilliant man. All right, so let's talk about the last couple of weeks. Give me we're gonna do a quick a our after action review, quick fix something that you haven't done well that you need to fix, then give me an improve something you've done okay, but can be improved upon a little bit and then something that you've done well that you're happy with, that you're going to sustain. Yes, sure. Okay. So something that definitely in the last week which I need to fix was I've snuck back into my old habits of technology later at night. They're normal. And I think it's because like and I was kind of my missus actually pulled me up on it. She's like, she caught not caught me but was looking over at what I was looking at and I was I was looking at a lot of stuff on my mates, my mate who passed away on his on his page and which is fine, but it's probably fucking not the best thing to be doing before I go to sleep, right?

And I know this, I know not to go on, I should know better, but I definitely definitely slipped on that and I know that I need to fucking correct that because that's probably why I'm putting I'm putting them actually putting the pieces together right now. That's probably why it's contributed to why it needed a little bit more extra fucking sleep. Because maybe that sleep I've been having, we'll not, maybe the sleep I have been having isn't probably as deep as what it's it's been when I do the right thing. So I think prioritizing my sleep a little bit more and my rituals a little bit more um that that needs, that needs, yep. That needs to be done. Yeah. So what's your what's your action step on that then? We've talked about how, what we're going to fix, let's talk about how we're going to fix the action step. Go back to what I did before I go back to what I know. So, you know, my technology should be getting switched off the fucking nine o'clock or or at least a minimum of an hour before bed if I go to bed a bit later um dimming my lights before um before um you know, um So when I'm starting to unwind a little things like jumping in the shower before I go to sleep just to get my, you know, my temperature right hot shower before I go to sleep and and making sure, I mean at the moment it's winter, it's coming up to winter and Perth was just started being winter, so it's not, the heat is not so much of an issue anymore.

Um And one other thing which I know I straight away no need to do is not eat so later at night, because I've caught myself doing that as well, which is obviously kick started my my um my process when I'm trying to sleep, I can feel all of this shit on, I can feel it all. So I'm just back back to basics, back to what I know I need to do. So I'm just going to make sure I prioritize that my nightly rituals and my my morning rituals, nice man call uh improve okay. It's something that I know I've been um I've I can I've been doing okay, but but I can improve on, I'm just going to boil it back is to my training. Um And that's okay. Look, I've just been like you say, I've I've I've better is I've gotten rid of that all or nothing mindset, so I've still been training Um it's just not how I normally would and yeah, some of it's only been 20 minutes, like today I've done 20 minutes mate, I've done some movement um done a bit of stretching and that was it, you know, whereas before I would have been like fucking 20 minutes, I'm not going to do, that's not gonna do anything.

Um So I've been implementing, you know, I've still been doing stuff and I've had to do it this way, but yeah, I need to sort of as my body's adjusting again and I start to feel feel better. Um Yeah, I want to improve on my training side of things a bit more and start to just just up a little bit, even if it jumped from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, you know, just baby steps. Yeah. Perfect man, what's our action step? Action step is to action step? I think realistically is just too is just to add it, I suppose add that little bit of extra, so I'm just going to add five minutes, you know, like how you said when you when you take on new habits right, you don't fucking take on everything you take on one thing and once you've done that for for say a month, then you turn the fucking right to add something else on. So I think that's how I'm going to, I'm going to do this, I'm just going to add, I'm pretty sure that was pretty sure that was my exact one, that was that's how much I've listened to your podcast, I've listened to some of the fucking it over and over and over again, wait, so drills into me, you know?

So yeah, I'm just gonna I'm gonna write, I love to say I'm just gonna go back to an hour and a half, I'm not gonna be stupid, I'm just going to for this next week I'll jump it up 10 minutes and then when I've done that for a while jumping up another 10. Yeah perfect. Love that bro, love that. And a point that I want to make here is that you should be walking out of the gym feeling better than when you walked in. Yeah so the training is adding to your life rather than taking away from it. Yeah. 100% perfect man. All right. What about sustained, what have you been happy with? I've been happy with the things like with when it comes to like my journal writing for example when it comes to just putting my thoughts down on paper, that's something that I think is a pretty big achievement for me. It's helped to look my time management, something that I'm working on as you know. Um But I feel that it's all coming together a lot more because I'm fucking putting pen to paper again so I'm quite happy with that. Um And it can be, hey it can always be improved, don't get me wrong um But I think I'm pretty satisfied and happy with with how have maintained at least that side of side of things.

Yeah yeah awesome man. That's so awesome bro. I'm always like every time I get on a call with you, I'm always like energy levels up. I'm always inspired man. Always love fucking chatting to because it's like, I don't know, it's like it's like I'm hearing a fucking um I don't know, like a someone, it's like I'm hearing myself echoing back man, I love it, it's awesome. Yeah, I love I love you sean and and to anyone listening to this, like, you know how much I appreciate your mate and and I don't want to get terry now, but you've literally said this a million times, make you saved my fucking life and and I'll be forever grateful and loyalty and make for that, thank you brother. Always appreciate it man, Always good chatting to you, love your attitude mate. Um and it's really, it's really cool to see, you'll see you evolve over this journey man, it's been really fucking awesome and I really thank you for trusting me in the process, awesome. Thanks cheers mate chat soon. Yeah, And there we have a great conversation with mark must give you a shout out and a massive thank you mark for allowing me to record and share this conversation for the benefit of the audience.

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Client Corner: Mark Teakle on the benefits of journaling and mindfulness
Client Corner: Mark Teakle on the benefits of journaling and mindfulness
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