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Jay Pattinson on turning his life around

by Shaun Kober
June 7th 2021

In this episode, I speak with Jay Pattinson about the journey that took him from building a life that allowed him to travel and party all over the world, to have it all come crashing down around hi... More

what does it mean to live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best? Leave nothing on the table. That's a non negotiable is that I strive to be better every day because if I'm not on top of my game, how's anybody else gonna follow me down the road? Keep demanding more of yourself to live up to that potential and to stay hungry. Training is progress. You know when I look at the word training, I think of steps, baby steps to get somewhere that you want to be and that is basically your life journey. It's a mindset in itself man, it's like it's not just about I know that for you, a lot of that's about the physical, but we're constantly in training, whether it's growing our skill sets, whether it's growing up physical bodies, whether it's growing our relationships whatever and all of that is a training ground and that kind of goes back to the mindset that we just talked about. You underestimate yourself and you don't even start, but then once you start, you often surpass what you thought you could do perform at your best mate, that's that's sort of what life is all about. You don't have the knowledge and have the fitness, the healthy ambition and drive that no matter what comes along.

When that next phone call comes, I can just say yes, I don't have to worry, just go and do it, yo what's up guys, Welcome to today's episode of the live transform podcast, I'm your host? Sean Cobra and joining me today is my man jay patterson, how are you mate? I'm good, how are you think of, how are you? Good bro, I'm good, I'm excited to have this conversation, man. We've known each other for about a year now, uh you were training a tiger, coming into my classes, we've done a little bit training together, hung out, had some copies and talk sh it outside of the gym etcetera. You've got a really interesting story which I'm excited to dive into and also dig into some of the lessons that you've taken away from your journey so that some of the listeners can look at the principles that you've worked on, tweaked, refined and start applying them to their own lives. So welcome to the podcast mate um for my audience, can you give them a quick and dirty five minute introduction to yourself?

Yeah, so first of all, hello and thank you for having me on the show and as you said, we we've known each other for around eight months a year or so and yeah, it's been been getting to know you um and getting to know everybody here in Thailand, which is has been a story in itself, I say. Um but yeah, for those who don't know me, my name's jay pattinson, I am from Liverpool, I don't know if you can hear that in my accent or not, if anybody can hear that. But yeah, I've been in the fitness industry now for around five years and the five years that I've been in the fitness industry, I've managed to grow each year. Um and now ended up here living in Thailand doing my own online coaching and doing programs and stuff online. So of course, between here and there, that this has been a little bit of a, I'm gonna say a little bit of a story, a bit of a huge left hand in the road, but I didn't see comment which ultimately led me to this position, which I'm pretty sure we'll get into the podcast. Absolutely. But yeah, it's just right now, it's just a case of living here in literal Paradise.

We look at the view there, it's for those, for those watching on the Youtube's, that's a new feature of the podcast, but I'm chilling out jay's villa right now. It's a sucking sweet pad down on the Y yeah, and I think paradise bro. Yeah, I think one of the highlights is that is even three years ago, like my life to even look at that is just come from, basically not one of the first things I've done before I left Thailand before I left to come to Thailand was I was woke up in the entry at my house with two, I want to say drug addicts fighting and shouting with each other. I remember waking up that day and thinking like, this is the day, this all ends, it was 2.5 years ago now, and then I left the city and just living in what I think, is this the most perfect place for me to be up right now. Wait, yeah, that's an awesome way to put it, man. I think your environment plays a massive part in shaping who you are and your character and your options, right?

Like if you're in a bad environment, like your options are limited, man, you know, putting yourself in a good environment is something that's going to open up different options for you to allow you to create your own character, your own headspace, your own schedule, your own being. Um So we're gonna dive into all of that stuff surely. Um What led into that? Crossroads moment? What happened in that crossroads moment and then what happened after that? But the first thing that I ask all of my guests is the question around the Swiss Eight principles. So as you can see, I'm wearing the T shirt swiss, say I'm an Ambassador for Suicide, which is a proactive mental health program designed initially by veterans or veterans, but obviously through the pandemic last 15 months or so they push their app out to everyone to allow people to structure in and schedule a pillars of health and wellness, which are sleep, nutrition, time management, discipline, personal growth, mindfulness, and minimalism.

Do any of those stand out for you? I think I forgot to mention fitness. So I mentioned fitness is not. I got seven main one, but I got seven. Well there we go. Fitness fitness for me stands out and that was where I personally found my safe even. And then when I got to the point of fine and fitness Headspace, time management, stress management, they all started to become, I want to say fall into place but almost like become visible. So once I got fitness routine sorted, it was like, okay, well how do I get better? The fitness? Okay, well meditation. Okay, so how do we get better and then realizing that they all crossing to each other and transferred all of it. That was when it they become like really appealing, especially like the nutrition sleep going to sleep. So sleep is huge and I'm talking about coffee and these slight little things that I have a PhD. So for me to try and get to sleep at night trying to wind down, It's so hard.

So it's 11:12 at night wrestling down. Then the main thing is understanding sleep after I understand that said fitness stress management headspace. Then sleep comes into play and it's like, okay, seeing it all transfer over for me. It's just like, wow. Yeah, yeah. I love that man. And for me, I did list those in order obviously forgot fitness because I'm like fitness because that's what I do for work. I tend to forget that one, but I listed them in order. So for me sleep is the most important thing followed by nutrition, followed by time management, followed by discipline, then fitness and personal growth. Mindfulness, minimalism. Um Now obviously fitness is your number one priority at the moment. That is the one that stands out for you, but have any of those other principles about for you at different times of your life. Yeah, so you got, I want to say the headspace meditation and along with that for me was yoga. Those two sort of went hand in hand. Now I know a lot of individuals like they tend to lean towards one or the other or maybe both either.

Sorry, Well for me, like the headspace and uh just a yoga along those two combined when I was going through a pretty rough period, that was when I really started to get control of my reactions, how is reacting to my environment and then ultimately how I could control them, like my stress management and then how that went into sleep again. This is say like four or five years ago, I was in a real, real bad position. Um and not really thinking straight I'll say, but what actually happened for me is over time with the fitness implementing the fitness, implementing the training, I realized that like consistent headspace, consistent mindfulness, that stood out to me to bring the bigger picture together, I think four or five years ago, if I wouldn't have discovered headspace and how that transfers over, I don't think it would be in this position now. I think using that action for five years into it now.

You know, not all the time. Like at least on average of five days a week over. Not at least a four year period. And for me with someone who got a th they used struggles to sleep at night. That was like the one thing that definitely changed my perspective. Cool man. For the audience that don't know what headspace is, can you quickly explain what that is and why you started using it? And then also how that started changing your mindset? Yeah, sure. So headspace for those of you who don't know headspace is um Is that a guided meditation app? You can find an app store now. It's normally in the top 3-5 health apps that you can see if you type in health, it comes straight away. Um and for me this is something that I really, really value. And it's because now the options that they have is unbelievable in terms of whether you're a beginner, whether you're an advanced meditator, whether you just want to track stuff and feel a bit of community. It even goes further in depth now with with sleeps, the sleep like courses and then movement causes.

But why I originally used it. And when I first got it, it was just uh the guy speaking. Um and then the guided meditation and this is not for everybody. But for me, for me it's mm hmm. Yeah, It's not for everybody. But for me, the guided meditation helps them. Which just simply because there's someone there talking and like many of the people's brain, our brains wander and every time like someone speaking, it's just a bit of a refresh. And yet to see the consistency over time. It's like one of the best things you can say with the app and maybe we're going to train fare is this small things done consistently over time equals results. And that was my whole approach. It was his progressive overload 10 one. It's just that, that was, was my main focus. It was like 3-10 minutes, 4-7 days a week. And no less than four and up to seven and over time. That's just changed my whole mentality. And now I don't 90% of the courses, like I didn't do the course on in pregnancy because I wasn't pregnant at the time.

I don't know pregnant. I have to go and check. We'll see there's some titles that just stood out to me so much and again, sleeping one of them. I don't think it's like 30 days on sleep and it just go in depth. And the app itself is very, very beneficial. Depending on on where you're at and what you actually want to take from it as well. Yeah. That's awesome, man. Um, I personally don't use headspace or calm or any of those other guided meditation abs but that's because I've weaned myself off them initially when I started mindfulness based meditation, I was the same man, like I just recently gotten out of the army and uh I was dating a yoga teacher and she's like do this mindfulness to this meditation ship, and I was like what the heck is this ship? Like it was just just the way that it came across from her, like it came across as fluffy and I was like I don't need to do that ship, man, like you know, I was a fucking soldier um you know, and I was a highly performing um sniper and rugby player and I was like that ship is not for me, but then once I start, you know, I had to put my ego aside man, and that's a big part of it, right?

I had to put my ego aside and like I couldn't sit there for five minutes in my own head because I was just like what the funk of these thoughts, you know? So I actually had to start using guided meditation because like you said, you're you're focusing on that voice and then the voice will stop for a little bit, tells you what to do, focus on your breathing, nice, deep breath in long breath out now, think about this, think about that and it's guiding your thought process, you know, which doesn't allow your own thoughts to come into your head. But I think that's that's an important thing is being able to then kind of wean yourself off that and do unguided meditation, but that is definitely a good starting point for people to allow them to manage their mind. I mean the thing with mindfulness work is a lot of people think, you know, I had this conversation a number of times already this week with some of my fighters, um some of my online clients and it's like what's the goal of meditation?

And I was the same man when I first started, I was like what am I supposed to be doing? And my girlfriend was like, empty your mind, and I was like, well I'm sucking failing at this because I can't empty my mind. I've been trying this for like three months now, being consistent with it every day and I can't empty my mind like I'm failing. But then um one of my mates is a yoga teacher, um you install yoga teacher and he actually uh used install yoga as uh an alternate therapy for PTSD. He was in Afghanistan Iraq et cetera, and he had his own demons that he was dealing with. And he went down the medicinal root, the pharmaceutical route. And then he was like, well this is not fucking working for me, like I need to find I'm becoming reliant reliant upon these drugs, I need to find something else. So he started doing the install yoga man and that really help change his mindset and his outlook and then that started bleeding over to you know working with other people and then he like literally founded his company Blind Tiger Yoga and built his business around helping veterans um military police first responders.

Do you install yoga to kind of manage their mind man? I thought that was really powerful. Um but yeah it's like I said I've had this conversation quite a bit the last couple of days, the last couple of weeks and the whole goal of mindfulness space work is not to empty your mind. It is to allow those thoughts to come into your mind. But then don't attach any meaning to them, don't attach any emotions to them and then let them pass. And a great analogy that I heard was if a thief walks into an empty house, they look around, there's nothing to take here, there's nothing to connect to and then they just walk out right? And I think that's a great analogy for the mindfulness space work. You don't need to you're not trying to empty your mind, You're just letting these thoughts come in. Boom, boom boom. And all of these thoughts you can't control, you can't control the outcome. The point is not to attach a motion to them, let them pass and then focus back on the breathing because that is what you can control, which is it's crazy man Like this served me in Afghanistan.

I've told this story many, many times on the podcast about how just focusing on my breath allowed me to get to sleep and allowed me to be on the front foot. But the byproduct of that was you know, it forced me to come back to the breath, it forced me to think about the things that I could control. And then they literally changed my mindset for the rest of the 8.5 month deployment was being able to focus on the things that I could control, not worrying about the things that I couldn't control. I think that's like a significant part of is it over time it's like you can't see it immediately, but over time you create governmental resilience. And I think one of the things that relate back to which I find funny is obviously going through the army and and it's like I can relate to that. I grew up in a lot of that environment. Like I was surrounded by the boys always, even still now and when people especially back home were like what are you doing meditation? What's this? And I do this? Because it allows me to focus on something else.

And I think when we when we talk about meditation it's always like well we want to breathe and we want to find ourselves, we want to go back to what you just said, it's not about attaching stuff to it. And then one of the beauties of the meditation is that we're trying to focus on a single thing at a time and not, but that and when something comes in, it's about exactly what you said, it's about acknowledging it, understanding it, sort of acknowledging it and then just popping a bottle almost and continuing doing what you're doing and that transfers over. Like you can see here got a guitar, I think it's our for yet it allows you to sit in and the meditation allows you to pick up a guitar and then focus on nothing but the guitar. And I think the misconception sometimes is when people say, well I run, so I that means I cycle. So I meditate. It's like while you're cycling, are you thinking of someone else that's not directly that it's just an association that you're doing something? Well, Your awareness normally goes really 30 seconds. Like I try, I go okay, 10 breaths in and out in 10 98 times gone.

And I'm like, okay, yeah, back through it. So that side of it, man, I can, I can, especially with like the lad side of it, like I want to make my friends back all that, what are you doing? It makes no sense, especially in the society that grow, but to see how much you can help and transfer all that. I had a lot of anger issues, man, deep rooted anger issues and that come out with in past relationships and I remember walking away and thinking like how can I deal with that? How can I do with it? Like eight months went by before, what I've dealt with it and I hadn't and what happened was that I was just put back into a similar situation and they all just kept popping off and I was like that's me, that's not then that's me. So then I had to relate by waiting on stuff and now like a couple of years down the line like going through relationships amongst it in relationships like positively and that's something that I took from it because like my anger issues when I was younger, I might have said something wrong or said something I haven't made in the heat of the moment and now with the shift of the mentality headspace or meditation or find that's something that that's that's where I wouldn't never under the situation to see is that not that same person all the time because the way to handle it is the way I see it is not just completely different.

Yeah. Yeah, I think that's really powerful man and something you said there was um that mindfulness work allows you to focus and I think that is something that's not really considered when people are looking at mindfulness or meditation based work and that's a great point man like we live in this world where we are constantly distracted like we are always looking for things to do, how many people can just like sit there in silence with their own thoughts. So you know that's the thing man, like it's not easy, but the point that I'm making is you know, how do you get better at anything? You need to train yourself to do that thing, you know? So if you want to start with meditation, you want to start with some mindfulness because you want to see your ability to focus your attention on specific things that you're working towards. Then you know, that's a great way of doing it and You don't need to do 10 minutes of meditation every day. You might just go I'm gonna do one minute of guided meditation.

What? Yeah, exactly, man, just all right, this is the one thing that I'm going to do right now. One minute man, I'm going to focus for one minute, I'm not gonna let my attention go anywhere else, thoughts do come in, let them pass you know? And I think that's a great point as it does carry over to other things because Again, we are we have I think so what I hear is like 60, thoughts a day or something like that man, as humans and that's they're all pulling you in different directions, right? And if you're not fucking focused on what you're doing, you're not clear on what it is you're working towards, you know, you're going to get pulled in all different directions and then you don't get anything done and then you finished the day and you're like the funk I've done, I've done, I've been busy but I haven't actually achieved anything. Yeah, I can, I can go through days of just playing loud music and looking forward to training and just before I know it, I woke up at 65 pm around, I've done nothing but potted about and like it could be, I'm busy, well it could be so much more efficient or productive or focused and like over time it got developed like a morning routine and the forehead space around that morning routine and like when you were mentioning that this was a before, I was thinking like for me, what I would value at some point is morning routine, but like a specific point in that it all the latest facts, like looking after yourself in the morning, but we discussed this earlier, like looking after yourself and that morning time and being like selfish to be selfless, just, just pays off so much.

Now we have the beauty of waking up here and going outside and getting some vitamin D. As soon as my feet touch up that sand on the beach and right now the gratitude list and smiling, You know, it's like just these little things and so let's, let's, let's pause there and talk about your morning routine, like what do you do for a morning routine? How does that serve you? Why did you start doing that? So yeah, so it all starts for me, my morning routine starts in the evening and why is because I know that I can't set even my wife, my wife in the morning is because I can't sit in the evening. There's a host of things that we can do in the morning to make it even better, whatever it's looking at sleep circadian within and all this. So, um, why it was, it was definitely just comes like 9, 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock at night. And if I haven't done these things in the morning and if I have a coffee too late, we can get into that coffee, but too late. And that's just the whole of the diamond shoot for me.

But what I do in the morning is I express gratitude. Well, actually that's going on there. So the first thing I do is take 10 deep breaths. If you're still in bed, like as soon as you're sat up, take 10 people. You listen, does your alarm go off for, you know, I'm sinking, Yeah, let's, let's pause there for a second because that's a, that's a great point, man. Like you have your circadian rhythm, which is your body clock and I'm assuming that you've been waking up at the same time for a long period. So your body just attuned to that? Yeah, It's like one of the biggest habits I do with clients is go asleep and wake up inside of the same 30 minute window every day and the idea is to make that small. Yeah, it was good to say so I've done that and when I first was doing online coaching because it was the way I released it, I was going to sleep at like six a.m. Tight time. Everyone was 11 o'clock in England because I was messing everybody trying to take the business and then over time like manifest met you. That's where I was in overtime. It's like 15 minute windows over the back and the next thing I'm now six months down the line from that 66 30 every single day just I don't even have to think, I know I go to sleep at this time 11 36 30 and it's just into this routine becomes habit habit.

The more you do something the more it becomes habit unless you have to think about it, the sucking more like willpower you have because we, I was reading something on psychology, I've got psychology book that like 50 of the most influential uh psychology whatever um that I was reading yesterday and they were talking about that point is like willpower is finite. So if you are making decisions earlier in the day and then you get to the end of the day, you've used up all your decisions and now you are much easier to be swayed towards eating shitty food or not exercising or whatever it might be. What are you laughing at? Just like Yeah, that little window is that as your willpower goes as the day goes on, the willpower. Yeah, relate that into a weekend like that into a year. It's the same sort of thing at the start, it's like the start of the year. Goals, goals, goals at the end of the thing, relax, same sort of thing in the morning. It's like, okay, I'm open ready to go when it comes to around 79 time.

I might get a bit of chocolate sometimes I might do a few things that I would highly recommend every single day. Well willpower at that point is a thing. But also I think I like to live in 2100%, I think that's important. That's balanced man. God, I think that's the balance. But you know, going back to what you were just saying, we build these habits and we want our habits to be the path of least resistance, you know, So that means we want to build good positive habits that are going to have a flow on effect to all of these other things. We spoke about it, man, like everything is connected. Um something we talked about earlier was the fitness when I did the fitness, then it started had this flow on effect of these other things back then it was a mindfulness, had this flow on effect. That's the important importance of cornerstone habits. So how I like to explain cornerstone habits as if you're trying to build a pyramid. A cornerstone is one of that, one of those first blocks that you put in. And that block then creates another positive effect somewhere.

Which creates another positive effect somewhere. Which creates another positive effect somewhere. And then yeah, like you know, for you, it was fitness, it was exercise, you started exercising um sorry, you start doing the mindfulness stuff back then and that put you in a better headspace and then you're like, all right, well, I'm feeling good now. I don't want to do drugs. I don't want to get on the pierce. Maybe I might go on trains. I feel good. Oh, I just trained. I feel good. I feel better now. I'm gonna make sure I eat good food, funk. Yeah, I'm feeling awesome. I'm gonna go for a jog down on the beach or whatever it might be. Like these positive habits have a flow on effect. And if you can choose if you can find one of these cornerstone habits that does impact all of these other principles like that's where you should be investing your time and energy with this type of stuff. The habits that it's not something that's again small incomes and consistently over time because results, I'll always repeat that. But it's certain that it's overlooked. It just rolled off your time is super quick, slow down again for the audience? Sure, It's small things and consistently over time equals results and I will always repeat that, repeat that to make, trying to quite a lot and it's, it's creating a sustainable, realistic lifestyle.

They, People tend to put themselves on something and be so rigid and then if they don't, if they come out of the thing that they're on, whether it's a diet, whether it's, I'm doing 16 workout this week, it's not always realistic and sustainable. It's breaking stuff down and being like, Okay, well For the first month of training and you're gonna do 24 workouts and only only have one day off a week Or you're going to do 3-4 workouts a week spread out at about 60-90% max over a period of time. That's more realistic. And I think like with the habits and stuff, people think, well, I couldn't get to meditate for 30 minutes. I couldn't get to do yoga like this. I couldn't get to lift weights like that and said, well, you could do if you start now and in six months ahead. Yeah. So consistently over time for, for 66 months, you'd be surprised at the progress that you can actually call that in that time. Yeah, that's a great point man is, and you know, we've already touched on a progressive overload? You know, what I do with my clients is, hey, what's one thing, what are we working towards?

Alright working towards this? Where are you now? I'm here. How do I close that gap? How do I get from A to Z. All right. Maybe I go from A to C. And then C two H. The path that I take is going to be completely different with every single person. But the point is it's about moving in the right direction. And something I'll say to my clients is what's one thing that you can do consistently for the next two weeks? Every fortnight I have a client call. What's one thing that you can do consistently for the next two weeks? It's going to move you in the right direction or what's one thing you can stop doing for the next two weeks? That's going to stop you from sabotaging yourself. That's all I want you to focus on. All right, cool. Next call, Hey, have you achieved that? Yes, I have. Sweet. Let's layer on top of that. Okay, we can either extend that one thing. Whether it's going from two minutes of meditation to three minutes of meditation, whether that's taking your waking heart rate every morning, whether that's drinking a liter of water before eight o'clock, whether that's Tony your phone off at nine o'clock every night, whatever it might be like every single clients different.

Right? So it's just about picking and choosing and working with their men and funding? Um The thing that is going? The one thing that is going to get them moving in the right direction or stop them moving in the wrong direction and then building that foundation and then layering upon that. Yeah, I think what you mentioned it, I think I mentioned this to a couple of days when I could have seen you last, so I picked this up a while ago and this is why I tend to do every sunday and habits rituals all right back. So you touched on two of them, I think it's definitely two of them and maybe that they stop, start continue. So what's one habit that I can stop this week? What's one habit that I can start this week? And what's one habit that I can continue this week and then exactly what you just said and later on it. So it could be as simple as like just do what I what I said. So my stop this week was eating sugar late at night because I started training again. Yes, today, yesterday. Um so then my, my start this week was start training in this week and might continue was my, my my morning routine, which is what's known as well. So they, it's recognizing your own habits and if you've got like a spouse or you're living with somebody, they can sort of joining with?

Yeah, I think this is something that it is a really good thing to do like socially as well because you're you're okay, you're the outcome of all your habits. But if people are around you, you're surrounded them with your energy and their habits as well. So if you can sink these like sort of things that went into relationships, it gets so much better because everything starts to sink in a little bit more and then as we said that transfers all of it to different areas as well. Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome man. Alright, so let's go back rewind back to that moment where you came to woke up on the doorstep, you say with two junkies of Saudi. Yeah, so yeah, so I can that was the day before that, the day I was leaving for Thailand that was what year was this and this would have been 2000 19, Early January, so it's only a couple years that was 2000. And what led you to that point? So what led me to that point, I think give me reverse two years earlier goes a little bit deeper, but I think it's the best way to get me to that point job um to go into it.

What had really happened is I'm going to skip a lot, but I woke up one day and I was in a european prisons up. That's the only way to describe it, it's not going in And what happened when I was 21, I woke up and handcuffed and found out that I was going to be at least men in the next two years In jail after the series of court appearances and stuff. And what happened was I was sentenced for two years if I could get 10 minutes, it's only 10 and It's in 10 days, I could get €8000 to an account, I wouldn't grant bail. Um and at that time for me, I normally at all I was I was clearly find myself in one of the worst positions you could ever imagine you comfortable talking about what led you to that point, like how while you're locked up. Yeah, I just didn't know where to gauge, you know, I'm sort of getting that that in. So this is the first time. Yeah, so let's start from the top, so tough, so trying to throw, There was around 18 in college, start training, enjoying life and what happened was I was out partying when everybody and over time at that time I was a mechanic, was working eight until 4 30 I was working five or nine in, in a retail brand in England, which it was really like at the time it was the amount of work I was doing was not £2.77 now I was working in the ground, so I was getting £100 for 60 70 I was working, so finally serving a lot of death just from going out party and stuff and I didn't realize all of a sudden I have to pay the debt because the people who wanted the money wanted the money, so I started getting my hands into things to get rid of things to, to pay that back while still living that life, so while I was doing that, I was just getting more and more addicted, but then building tolerances up, so it needed more to do more, so then it just spiraled into this like party drug life addiction where all of a sudden it was like I went from and I mentioned before which I end up back in that position, like I was still living at my mom's house, but I had no money and I was just like, I need to do something, like something needs to happen Next thing within a year, 18 months when I'm traveling the planet, like I'm going to a dc Vegas party in Vegas, like flying from there to Amsterdam spain, I'd be like, just partying, living this crazy life and from the outside looking in it looked amazing, and that was because that was exactly what I wanted to see, I wanted to be known as that, that lad that everyone was like why parties hard, he travels, so I've done it just was making whatever types of money more more more even than I knew what to do with because I was a very poor lad, I was very poor lad who generated a lot of money, but a heart, I was still very poor lad.

How are you generating money? I was generating money by selling things and it just gives me anxiety saying it, you know what, I was selling drugs and I've never said that, wow, but it was and I was selling I went from from even just saying that just for me, just saying that, like, the yeah, I went from basically bottom of the food chain and was the bottom of the few genes are doing so well at the bottom of the food chain, I couldn't keep up with, like, I had to have people waiting for me and it just got to a point where I was 21 it was just absolutely flying, like, literally in every way, and what happened then, was that, like, mrs at the time, like, we were, she was working, I was partying, I'd like to pay for us to go somewhere with vital Amsterdam or whatever is just living this, this, this, like, high life. And again, like, it was, it was short term gains, built on shortened principles and my God didn't skyrocket, but what goes over that speed in that industry, you want to say?

So, I was at the peak, the highest point I've ever been in terms of lifestyle traveling money, and what was around me, but when you look back at that, do you still agree with that statement? That was the highest point that I've ever been now, and like, somebody asked me a few days ago, what was the best point in your life and the reality is I've lived to complete different lives and in a very short time. So that part there was a there was a transition there which we're going to go, we'll get that. But that that that that part there for the life I was living, that was the best way that because, you know, you're a young lad came from like a rough, rough area and you know, I'm sure some of your mates were like, getting locked up doing crazy shit, you know, and just just them and like what to find yourself in that position in the media. I was basically arrested and festival and I just I've been holding for six weeks.

I've been everywhere all the time. You end up in there. So just out there have been only for six weeks, party doll on the planet being all the misses being on the lads don't all that went to the festival got arrested the first hour of the festival for weight Yeah, at the first hour and because of it, like I might have even to talk about that never spoke about this ever so pulled in a festival policemen come stops in the arm. My heart sank, I put all my weight into this leg. I turned around everything I add just went from this fist, they're as hard as I could, I didn't realize and think just panicked. You know it's just naturally action. That guy turned out to be the chief drug inspector. That the whole entire festival. I turned up to court the next day and he said unless he smashed is smashed. He said that attacks they're really just added onto added onto added on 50 charges and what happened from there. So a couple of days later it was a lot of phone call for three days because of the magnitude of what I was actually called when you couldn't believe that.

I mean I look young now when I look young and and a lot of stuff around me it's just now it's just ridiculous boat. What happened then was because of that because because of it I wasn't properly represented. I was given all the this this on the second court that I was given this two year sentence and just what an ultimatum of like I remember he literally said that you have 10 days to get $8000 to this to this account. Uh I've done that and then I just remember walking outside, I have 30 P left on €30 left on 30 cents left on me on the phone and just being like traumatized like this is gonna be me for two years and this is a the hardest thing I have is almost I went round me more and I just said to him more this is the situation you need to get X by X, goodbye I never had any money and couldn't bring any money in, put the phone down and I went back to the summer so you're living you're living high like selling drugs and ship having people working for you but then you're like living that high life and not saving any of it.

I'm not investing any of it. Like money comes in, money goes there. I and people like that. That's what I'm asked before. Like you regret it was like no like do re do re getting this mentality still normal. I don't I don't regret because I've seen stuff that people I can't even imagine our party people and places and like like the main the main thing that I regret, the only thing I regret is my handling of people and relationships at that time. I treated people bad man. And that was because I was selfish and greedy. Yeah that was that's that's also a reflection of you at the time man. Yeah and like that that was talk even after that like that that dealing with it and one of the best things it's like it's like it destroyed me home. Getting like you go from that high left me mom see assume that's a regular nothing listen to uh destroy their but it's made that relationship stronger. Like I can be opened up and tell us stuff and whatever else and it made all the relationships at the time Like first of all West but then build back strong in hell box that point?

Well right Wake up and that's that sell you don't know what's happening and you get the phone call, it's like 10 days and 10 days later. Just again, I completely unaware of this. I think it's like seven days and I was like this is me for two years or at least three months and then two years because new york's court date with three months. So you've already come to the conclusion that that was going to be you you've already accepted it. You go through like a grieving period, a grieving period than a denial period. Yeah, confused period, grieving tonight and not necessarily denial. It was quick acceptance. Okay. It was just like the penny they depend, it's up that took a big massive slap to the face and it was like, well this is what you're getting it. I could look at it like that. I was like, well I'm looking back over time as you have so much time to think man locked up for 23 hours and it was just like, yeah, you're looking at and then they, that was a point where it's like if I get out of this, I remember something, a little tiny holding cell which was the size of this Different depths and everything to keep your brain just anything I just suffered.

They haven't 88 d image I think added a whole different elements of the book. I what what happened then with even I could come back to like call back home to England so I'll just get a bit there, let me go back 10 days later somebody comes into the cell, knocks Patterson, get used to get out nice and short. I come outside, I don't really want to see the country, I mean I get a train to some with it, I get in touch with his sister would get me a flight home, I come home and it's horrible man, like horrible. Like the relationship I was in I completely messed my whole my family thomas that name, you just went into fucking self destruction mode. It was just then I always in someone's death because I'm assuming like you get home and people are talking your reputation is shot, you've gone from living this fucking high flying life where you can do whatever you want whenever you want to, having your fucking world crumble around you uh you want me to just you know, I just remember my life just getting old and like it's just so hard because the whole deal in jail, He was 21, you have to be 21 to be in that, I was the youngest and that was the situation itself, we're getting on this, your friends, people I'm in debt with like I'd stepped on it just, it happens so much and everything it come in and then the reality was the money that was, that was only for bail.

I was going back in three months like and I only knew, I, I knew how much drugs, the quantity the street value, I punched a police officer basically knocked him out and my friends would help me try and get away from the police while I was running away from things charge. It was like this big, I knew that no matter what, I had to go back in three months time, address the court date and go to jail because it was just like if I was caught with that in England, which I found out that late date, I was in seven years on the spot. Yeah, when I found out that later man, I just think that perspective everything, it just changed everything, it changed, they go, so that was late, august into into like september october instead of the very easily got worse. A lot worse. Like I was out with people and I have to go and do things like again, I was in the industry where I had to go out and party why because I owe people money and I had to go and do it. So I had to put myself into these situations and PTSD I got, I had to keep making money to, I had to keep me to pay off your desk.

Look man, I don't know what I should say, there's like it's like someone I was pulled after a few weeks of, you know, it was inevitable is trying to keep your head down and was pulled. It's totally, you're gonna take this to this festival and you're going to do this if you don't do that, he will be walking in a couple of weeks, first year stay threatened. We're also told what to do and I have to go and do the job. So I'm walking to a festival already got charged lined up against you. I want to three festivals in that three month period with the charge still active and I have to go away for people. Yeah, the pTSd and that was just unbelievable. But yeah, you kind of put yourself, yeah, you put yourself in that situation man. So talk to me about like, give me a brief overview, very quick rundown of what happened when you went back to court. So that little part was a couple of days before it completely accepted my reality.

Then it was like jails on, it's inevitable. We're going back. That's it. You're going to do the two years, that was the sentence done. It was actually accepted but I was I couldn't get my head around it, but it was just like you're going to do it. My I booked a one way flight, randy mates cried a few minutes, It's like five minutes. He spoke to me more. I was sucking scrambling man, got a flight over to where I was going to stay in the hotel walk the next day, suited and booted tend to it and then over that's like, you know, we took it on this before. It's just you're going to go into it and everything in a foreign language as well. I think that's another thing to highlight. I don't really know what's happening. You get, they're having a big conversation and I get to snap a big conversation and because I want to book a flight to come over there showed remorse. I got sort of the time that someone I was working because I volunteered in the carriage to get myself back on the street now at that point and the guy was wearing these volunteers, that was part of a couple of decent references. One reference in particular, one of the lots of wrote out and then on top of that like uh right now, as I was trying to say that I mentioned you, the woman in court was around my mom's age and he was one of 21 or two judges who believe in that country in that district at the time I'll say.

And she had a son around my age and she could basically show the mosque and the fact that I've done all the things she was like, I want to give you another chance and what I actually found out was just remember leaving and and everything else and feeling so overwhelmed, crying and that point just change myself, my life is gonna change like that after everything, I've accepted two years. So you've already accepted two years. You booked everything, You tied up all your loose ends, walked in court. I'm done. I'm here for two years. The judge gave you a break said, Hey, you showed remorse. You've come over here, you put all this effort in your here, I see something in you. I want to give you another chance, right? Then you made a decision to turn you off around and then from there and like that was like very close to christmas was a big christmas present. It's like from there, like we're going to go back. I remember writing a post out and think I'm like, the only thing I've done consistently outside is partying and selling drugs was keeping fit is the only thing I knew I'd be doing that consistently and pretty well at that point as well.

I get to go on all day and I'd be the youngest, but probably one of the most rare plants And then a few of the older boys were asking me for stuff so that, that like pays into it. But the final thing I'll switch on there is that everybody who didn't go to quarter was arrested that we can, they got, they got a sentence in their absence. So that was just like around and like cherry on top of like I didn't want to go, I was going to stay in England? And I was saying to people and they were like, face the music. So that was the last thing with that book decision was made. So then I put myself, so the decision was me, john you ready? This is what I'm gonna do. Quick fit this quick, quick mechanics left everything. I got a new thing and that I left everything I knew. It was like, that's what I'm doing. Put myself as a taxi driver and I work 12 hours a night, thursday, friday saturday, a little bit of big student city and then sunday monday Tuesday, thursday. I worked on every wrinkle fitness man. Just everything like, as in training yourself listening to podcasts. So at that point I was so my, my, my point fingers at that time was like, right, you might not know my now I'm nobody right.

So you kind of like, you had a persona and persona was gone. You tore that down. Well, it fell down around you, you and I need to throw this in the rubbish. I need to rebuild this persona and my identity and me. That is what did I think I said to one of the last, I've moved away, but I still live here. That was one of the little things like I still live where I live, but I just completely changed everything I've done. Like, like garbage staff is coming in and that's where that, that all plays into play. What about what about the people you're hanging out with? So you know what like on that, I was really tough because my addictions man, it was no longer sustainable or really realistic for me to put myself in that environment all the time and I loved the meat and it was very, very difficult because I spent the last few years quite two years and know about isolated. I had come out and towards the end of like my nickname was Patil Patterson, but let's be like path that was, yeah, you've got, you've got me for two nights and yeah, that was you had to man because you, you knew that you wanted to make a, make a change in your life.

So exactly that means. So what that home was there was there was nine Month period but it didn't drink, didn't do anything. I found a trainer, trainer told me to wait for the year, I was too skinny to compete. I want to complete the body because it always seems like I want to get into the fitness industry and that's here. Well I need something between, okay, so let's compete bodybuilding why? Because it's, it's an aesthetic industry are going to looking and if if I go away stuff, I'm not, I don't know, do a competition off that use that and then sort of do another one and then create more and then talk to the personal training course around it. Then coming in two years time has passed training that I'll be able to yeah, yeah build yourself a little bit of authority around yourself and that that happened, man like exactly that happens in the exact order they to pay effect. He I competed seven or eight months after I was supposed to be sentenced to come second out of 30 competitors in London an immense physique competition and that was like You do that.

I'm a 5% guy. So what I mean, it's like if I do something, I don't get in the top 5% in the first one or two tries, then it just goes to the side and try something else that certain data, like the data found other people did that, but I was certain I always don't like And it was like that one, 38 people along and I come second and these are all, he was all the guys because that's the guy who beat me was like six or four. I don't like after my next to money shoot, I was like, I'm never gonna start next thing again. It's pretty obvious like fine. So yeah, let's let's just pause there for a second. Let's talk about some of the habits that you needed to start implementing how you started doing that. What was that? Just a 9-month process was nine months, nine months of did you did you like go for it? I'm all in or did you go I'm going to do this first then I'm gonna do this first. I'm gonna do this first. So we're just the training I went all underwent radical with just with the training with the other things they taught to continue over time with the training. So the training was at cornerstone habit that we're talking about earlier and then the other thing started bleeding in as well.

Yeah. Just like you started putting things together as you're progressing through it. Not like everything needs to be perfect from the start. That's the point that I'm making. Yeah that's it man. It's like I started at a point to where my current sentence where my current ability was that and then put a goal in front and work at my current sentence and accountability and that's the best thing because I'm only I can only go where I'm able to go now and sort of dragged off that. So as you said, they used the fitness at the corner store but then it was like okay, I want to get better at squats. How do we get better at squats? Well I need to implement a bit more stretching. Why? Because the range of motion is not so good. Okay well I'm not recovered in the best. Okay so maybe if you look at me diet. Okay, well you die it's not so good. What was diagnosed? So good. Well maybe if you look at the nutrient nutrient timing. Okay, well being a bit more fat now and then over time you just like balancing things open. I think that what we see is that one radical and then all the bits over time and what you said at the very start this podcast, they really resonates so strong is that you've got like the the the main thing that you're therefore also the little things that are going to transfer through?

Yeah, I think what you just said then was the big thing was the fitness. If I want to get better at squats, then I need to do this, this this and those if you know what that clear purposes then that decides or that guides the decisions you make around the training and then all right, cool. Now I need to focus a little bit more on recovery. What are my tools that I can start implementing here? What about nutrition? What are my tools that I can implement here and then you start building those tools as you go, I'm sure you didn't know all that ship at the start. But then as those things came up, you're like, oh, I need to learn this. Yeah, I didn't figure this out. I'm gonna I'm gonna use trial and error, see how well this works. If that doesn't work or move on to something else. I think like the trial and outside of it and use myself as a guinea pig. It just, it's like, does this work? Maybe maybe not? Okay, let's implement it for at least 14 days. We'll see it. Okay, well this word for me do I like it? No, we'll work for me. Okay, well I can refer back to it or change it and later date. And one of the main things that I took from your classes man and I use this all the time now, you can only manage what you measure like I took that.

I've used that in like my name fit, I've used different to some of the things is like the data's there, you can look back and go, well this is what I was doing, he was doing there. I can remember, I even look at photos sometimes, Oh yeah, this is what I was doing at this point. When you can, when you've got data to look back at and manage, it just makes life so much easier. And that was what I was like relentless right at the start. It's like tracking stuff and getting very with it, but for no other understanding that I wanted to understand it more. Not to like this is what I want to say when you were saying that it's like I chosen to addiction, like, I just was like, my brain was so addicted to external substances and party and other people's opinions, like I was addicted to get argues that these 11 parties to my addiction now used to get them legs bigger because I want to go on stage because of that, what you said is that okay, well, I need to meditate and think about the warehouse that we're gonna just transferred through choosing the addiction is a part of it, but consciously being like, okay, this is this is what I'm doing.

One of the things I will want to jump very quickly is with 88s, the most of the time comes dislikes yet, and like, I can't remember. It takes me forever to read big voice notes, listen to what your books and it's not like it's not necessarily like some people like it and always on Yeah, I land I land, this is how I land, this is what I'm landing. But one of the best bit of advice get to anybody is learning how you learn is the most important thing for you, and that is Brilliant advice. But people like I use myself as an example, I couldn't sit and I couldn't sit still in a chair and as a kid, 30 people around me, I was naughty just sitting still and I'm sure I always get this wrong, but it still stays the same. It's like, you'll never you'll never find a vicious potential by judging its ability to climb a tree, and it's like, like it was mr patterson, you can't sit still. Teachers described his distance and this and this, but like, okay, but if you put me in sports I was in every single team in itself.

It's like one of the main things it's like discovering headspace goes back to it but I can't sit down on my own and listen I can't sit there and read but I can get that information in a different way. And when I when I learned that and chose to be addicted I just got addicted to watching and listening and I don't do minimal reading. And I think that's something I want to highlight just from a personal perspective is that I was a kid school it was like the naughty kid in the class clown and all that and I was told by all the teachers like you're not gonna amount and I know it's cliche but it's also it's also very important to know that if you were that person if you may be fit into some of that find how you land and then land that way don't restrict yourself to read, sitting and doing it the way that you might not like letting that way to us. 100% man. There was a study in I think it was like Texas in the states and there was like a lot of Children were particularly boys were getting diagnosed with A. D. H.

D. And getting put on medication and once the researchers started looking at what was happening with the school's curriculum they realized that they had started like they took pee off the curriculum and they started like reducing their their lunch periods in their morning tea periods, their break time throughout the day. So these kids were fucking sat in the classroom man, you know? So I know what I was like as a little boys, like I learned from doing ship and like as a coach, this is something that I'm I'm always harping on about with my coaches and it's always at the forefront of my mind when I'm coaching class is there's visual learners, there's auditory learners and this kinesthetic learners, you know, so I'm making sure that when I'm coaching class, I'm saying whilst I'm doing and then I get people to practice, you've always got the sense that yours, you've always got a good detailed whiteboards, which I appreciate every time. Yeah, but you know, as you said, like, people learn in different ways.

So what they found was going back to that study, they started implementing longer breaks. So the kids go in place to play whatever sports, handball, soccer, football, whatever during their lunch break, but then they implemented p back into the curriculum and a lot of the symptoms from the kids, the boys had been diagnosed with um A. D. H. D. Started decreasing man and they could, they could then start reducing their medicine, you know, which is crazy, but it makes a whole lot of sense because, you know, for a young boy sitting in a classroom with the teacher riding on the, on the, on the, on the chalkboard or whiteboard or whatever they might be seeing, they might be hearing, but they're not learning because they learn ken, aesthetically it for X amount of individuals, it's gonna work for X amount. It's not. But then to put us all in this, in this, this thing, it, it just never made sense.

And and for me, it's like, I don't fit in here, like I know it didn't fit in and it was like, well where do if it didn't, and it was just like, oh yeah, just so simple and fans just, but like that, that like the lead and sort of thing that, that really catapulted me because I was done relentless with what I knew, it's like I'm no longer the fitness and I'm confident that this and now I can do this, this is only what I'm doing and I'm not doing anything else. And, and then as I sort of went downhill and they're called. So I just sort of the next year, competed again, didn't do so well. But then again Shot small things and consistently over time you get results. So the year after that I went back 2018 and this was the biggest year of my life. So I've been, it was two years. Exactly. I just, since I've been released in jail. So it would have been the exact took time and it would have been released, Is that exactly court date or to think I got a job in the biggest game of the bill, which was really good, set a record in there or one of the lads was saying I got from 0 to 40 hours a week in like three weeks, smashed it out compatible to yourself the culture industry.

But then later that year I competed in physique And look at six that year in classic bodybuilding in Great Britain. But for me it was like you got, it was exactly 2.8 years from, from the, from the start they rock and like so much self doubt so much like you can't do this. I need to take a piece out of me and what are you doing? What are you talking to the camera on instagram? You look stupid, which I get paid for. What are you doing? You look stupid. Stop talking to the camera about fitness, you're doing blah blah last year. Yeah, but this just do something bigger. Yeah, you've got like all that. I feel like I'm sucking rebuilding my life like still being an asshole with the boys and especially from the pills quite sour so like the boys would take the piss and I just take a moment and got up and say what's happening? That's a very scout build skills thing to say and just like that it got to a point and I just could smile and just got really don't get it, you know? Yeah, but that, that amount of the over man.

So you got all like all them things man, I remember still there on the british stage, the top people in Britain and bodybuilding looking across They will, I was 24 just just managed to get in that category but I was thinking the At the time so if that was even getting on stage, just like how the funk am I supposed to stand up with these? It was like 15 um we're looking across and thinking really I know you've worked for the last three years yet going understanding, we remember having to wear that myself like I'm just thinking You can handle and I'll show up this is the final stage, this is what you've been waiting for doing it man 16 from streets like me back in amazement and and that that that brought up a whole lot of emotions like the moments around the families around together from around my family, we were so happy, she didn't really well at that time as well. And then basically like the last thing that happens in like this sort of transaction paid face which brings us, they got from my bodybuilding so wet towards to meeting is from from there.

I'm looking at a job where I can to touch on really quickly, where can further wells leading luxury hotel brand, which this relates back to everything that we spoke about morning routines, sleep rituals, habits and it's like why? So one of my jobs for the, for the hotel chain was people would come in, I was asleep ambassador so people would come in and my job was what you're asleep asleep ambassador. That was like my, one of my walls was asleep ambassador so one of them was, people would come in just like my job was to get them was feeling as normal as possible as quickly as possible, get this kite in rhythm with them back to normal so you can enjoy the luxury hotel doing in and I don't have like red lights on us and ship. Yeah, the hotel yeah, I get mine. So I'm a lot from, from facebook or bill like man, I can't believe it. So I'm stacking these places called yet excitement to give me even now it's all about it. The places are unbelievable, the facility is unbelievable.

I wish the gym manager pt but on site nutritional list, all of this stuff man, they had cops that I was literally talk from the game I mentioned in Liverpool overnight to, to work for this hotel game. It's all of a sudden, so I went to Thailand you can call your lawyer for six months for three months and that was like the most surreal experience, you know, me flowing, flowing and done all that like coached people have all like magnitudes, but that's like one element of it all. And to me when, when that story changes, the final point is contract end of the year around easter time like this time two years ago, exactly this time, two years ago, a bit less. What happened was I get a phone call from the hotel, how do you go to? You've done really well, exceptional asset, gold records in there. So in Thailand like the most revenue generally month by a P. T. Like just speak for little things I've done and I've never had experience in the hotel industry before or and A better man.

I'm working with what we call the less than 1% of these are multi, multi, multi, you know, and I say the way we're going to it. So from them and this is, this is the most, I can not tell the story. Can't know. So this is the most surreal phone call ever. Um, what do you got planned for them in the vehicle? J well I'm here now. I was planning to go back home to the bill may be safe for a few weeks. Okay, well we have a royal guest from from the country. So to say the country is going to say we had royalties. I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna say we had a royal guest, your neighbor who was, it shouldn't, should I really haven't, but there was a prince of a country traveling. So our branching and all these. So I'm like get on the phone. So look at this beautiful view and cook you know and I'm like, I just can't believe it. She says we want to fly you very casually. You may want to fly you from from, from where you are now to the Maldives so you can coach this royal guest for a month and then we're flying back to whatever you want to go. It's like, yeah, of course. I wonder what we fly from all the way to do that.

Get it blown away coaching this guest. It was extremely difficult. The lessons of land and water took from, it's like my lines with them and it was like celebrities from England, there was footballers, just everything and again I'm like this this this this young latin from from from the the bill just sat here just like literally looking at these people like like there was a comedian, what? How did I end up here? There's a comedian is guy called Alan car car styling car And I've watched them, I'll tell you for 15 years, one of the funniest people, and he when you met him and trained him and it's so funny but they can at that point for the first few sessions I was starting with them. I just couldn't believe it. But then I went to other places and worked other places and then down the line Kobe does, you know and the sort of ties back into how we met that eight months ago so it does bring us back around but the hotel stuff is like something that's personal to me that I just wanted to mention is like gone from that transaction period and live in that sort of life for me which was you know and like this is this is high flying, That's how fine and that's what was about to say, what the question I was asked like what was your haste population when I was 20 and partying and do whatever we wanted for that person.

I was living the best life ever. No movement so much better. Yeah it's a different life man, it's just so many different highs and so many different places like every single day and I was a yeah yeah, yeah let's talk about, so you just mentioned they're like the lessons that you learned, working with these people over the Maldives with the hotel prior to that though, let's talk about the lessons that you learn from bodybuilding. So bodybuilding is very unique sport and I will never get on stage, I've definitely implemented a lot of principles that bodybuilding teachers but you know I think there's definitely a lot of benefit in some of the principles that come from bodybuilding and like that was my base man when I first started training 20 years ago I was like for 10 years was like bodybuilding, trying to get big, trying to get massive, that's it, that's it the first couple of years growing. But it requires so much discipline. Man requires so much discipline. Um, yeah, to be able to, you know, put yourself through the training required and the, the regime required to get on stage and show off your physique.

Yeah. And show the work that you've put in man requires so much discipline. So what are some of the lessons that you talk from that journey that then transition and you could apply to the next phase of working with this luxury hotel? I think the, what you touched on the discipline, but I want to because we've transferred stuff back and this is how it transfers through and it transfers the three things that we mentioned that we want. So like discipline and that, that umbrella goes huge book. It taught me this discipline and it's got nothing to do. Fitness taught me how to turn off and over time small things grow consistently over time equals results. So I'm dyslexic agreed to pay me to sit there and read only. We had, what you might have noticed over there is that you're well, noah, you say his name, the guy Sapiens Homo deus and 21 Yeah. I've read all freedom books. I have to sit there for 10, 10, it takes me 45 minutes to read 10 pages but I have to sit there 10 pages all in box of red.

If you look at them. What about This? Big? They're like 450 pages, 500 pages I will stop on a word google the words go back to the word, try and read it again and then go back through it. They took me 2.5 years. Bodybuilding teaches you discipline and if you if you were going to be disciplined you will just sit there or do the thing over time it'll mount. Oh I'm like that's the main thing, it's taught me discipline guitars there. I picked up a guitar and left handed I think I'm left handed I think picked up a guitar a year ago, the opposite way around, I knew that discipline where I want to I want to do to be honest, I want to proper push myself so landed the opposite way round was harder so discipline all the time Man, I'm a year and I can play like 20 songs like I think I can play for its discipline, that's how it's transferred over into other aspects of life and you can put that into like the fitness business, like the online coaching discipline which we'll talk about the moment. That's the main thing though, the discipline is it, that um The ultimate thing I've learned to transfer over.

But the second thing and this is something I talk about like you have to turn up to show like you're not gonna feel good all the time, you're not going to be ready to train all the time by saying when I was 10 when I was ready to train my bucket, never train. Yeah injuries popping out of the stuff and it's not necessarily like you can have an injury from anything but you always certain I always say it's like turning to show and what what does that actually immunity? You got to allow yourself to to be in that moment to train that moment and if you don't allow yourself to like show up it can not explain that the best way. Let me go back a little bit. So an example is maybe a tired, maybe it's thursday friday about a busy week up to now you wake up in the morning, you had a gym session scheduled at seven o'clock in the morning, Okay three days in. Probably not gonna be able to get the ultimate all that work out. So then the main thing there is like okay so if you don't turn up you're gonna feel guilty you're gonna like this all day is gonna be on your mind all that. Yeah pull if you're going to go and train all the way out, is that gonna be realistic?

No but if you turn up, you allow yourself to show up and 10 minutes in like how many times have you tended to wear helped me like Foxy, I'm here in X, Y&Z. And I got 10 and 20 years that was like the only workout You never forget the work that you just don't, you don't even get to where you get into it. That's the thing, it's finding that balance and turn up. You don't know everywhere has a 300%, that's what this means. They turn enough, can just be like turning up and then you show up and then you do 10 minutes of stretching. It wasn't the day you put it in the bank, you go next Day 100% man just to tie into that as well because people that have been listening or following the podcast will know that I'm building up based on my business and um something that I coach is like a modular stole training. So you know I'll have a strength component, I'll have a stability component. I have like skill development, I'll have like a speed component, I have like a power component, have a conditioning component, mobility etcetera. So what I teach my clients is go to the gym it's scheduled in but if you get in and you're supposed to be hitting a strength based session today and that takes you know that takes you an hour to get through the warm up to get through all the exercises etcetera.

You roll in, you start doing your um targeted warmup for that session and you're not feeling it, choose something else. Yeah right now you've got your movement, prep, your corrective exercise now you've got some stability and mobility based work. Maybe you do like To borrow a session on a bike. Right? But you spend 30, 40, 50 minutes like mobilizing the body, getting stretching, breathing, doing all this other stuff that's beneficial. And then all right, so we're gonna have a little burned out here because I feel good. I still want to get a little bit of work done. So I think that's an important thing is being able to adjust your session. Like I've walked into the gym and going, all right, I'm gonna do some Olympic lifting today. I'm gonna go heavy, I'm working on that strength speed so I'm gonna build up two doubles at 90 95% of my max and going through the warm up. I'll do my mobility work 10 minutes in. I'm like I'm still feeling a little bit tight here. Once I mobilize one area I move somewhere else, I'm feeling tight here, move somewhere else and feeling tight here, work on that and I'm like done 40 minutes of mobility work and then go on.

Cool. I'm not feeling it today. I'm gonna do a little bit of conditioning, you know, little bodyweight circuit for 10 minutes sweet walk out the gym, come back in the next day. Guess what Now? I'm feeling good man, I'm just focused on recovery. I've got my body moving properly. I haven't stuck to the training program but I've still got in and got something done. So for me that's what that means. As as you said, it's like would you say turn up. Yeah, you have to turn on to show up. Yeah. And you're allowing yourself option and if you allow yourself your option, you've got A or B. And not just the one and if you allow yourself the option and you you turn up and you show up and it's not to be and it's not to be but if you turn up and you show up and Yeah, 10 minutes in, 20 minutes in, you enjoyed it, then guess what? You're gonna feel so much better. Just you Just one. Yeah. It's always stacking the odds in your favor to give your chance, the best to give yourself the best chance of success. And that's why What I'm preaching online. So if I'm always saying like 80, 20 give yourself the best option, give yourself the best chance and if you don't give yourself the option, then you're basically closing the door that could be opened into another way because again, how many times you can just touch on it and on the opposite way.

But how many times have you change it to a warehouse, felt tired felt like you're gonna go through it, but it's a bit of a season best little personal best. That's the end of that scale and after it leaves the body and showing when they I would my always thing was just like strap it up and get on with it. Like just all that means just just take, take a deep breath brace and just get through it and that's that's that discipline coming in as well. Like if you shy away from you know doing things when you don't feel like it, like that becomes a habit and the more you let that stuff slide and the more you don't discipline yourself to do those difficult things when you don't feel like it, like the more you accept that you accept that standard, right? So we've got to train ourselves to be disciplined to show up to turn up and then adjust the session to and sometimes you you right, I'm not feeling it, but I'm gonna put myself through this difficult session knowing that I'm going to feel a sense of achievement once I finished it.

I think what you, what you've mentioned again, this is a little gem from you. Like how you do anything is how you doing everything and what you practice becomes payment. They're the same thing in a different way from you again. But I absolutely love it. Is that you just said something right there is like you hold you to a standard unlike that standard is how you do everything and I'm a huge advocate of that and that does stuff at the, at the start which is like I think use your classes example, I love your classmate, like the structure of it and that you just said that it's bricked in when we're doing strength conditioning from doing aerobic where we're doing power base stuff, it's all specific and that's when for a few times seeing it through and that's how we developed a bit more relationship because I'm there now. It's like people are doing it, I'm taking photos and going home and writing it down and being like, so this is there and whatever, but like how you, how you gonna do, how you do all, that's it, how you set it all up. It's like, it's a pleasure to see because I go there and I know what it's like to settle the class.

I've done that multiplication, Tyler and the depth that you go into it and the explanations, it is just so and I genuinely admire my thanks, like from from a chromatic culture to culture perspective, it's so good to be a part of like to see. And also like that's one thing, but I went into your classroom, open room implemented some of the stuff that you've done and we still, we spoke about it, man, like my runs went skyrocketing quickly. I'm not like in like three months, I think it was like three minutes off of five K and like 78 months, it was like five minutes five, okay, well since we're trying to implement implemented your course. Oh man, the difference in like the agility when I was doing boxing play football and decent standard when I was a kid and I play football for going many years started sort of dropped it picked up, your class went back to it laterally carry over the transferable skills. Man, how that old comes in. It. Just to me seeing like how you can put the structure of your class and seeing how that all comes together.

It's not just the structure of the day, it's the structure of the week and then it's the structure structure of the month. That's what I've done that. That's like that's like your lesson and then it is like, yeah, what you said, it's perfect man, it's like this is a three week face, do this in three weeks. So I remember one of them, it's just like an exercise on each one. When I was like, well I'm gonna see if I can get tangible measurements to see if the increase and then all that increase and then you speed increase. So then man kicks on me on my type. He lifts everything aesthetically better. Like and then again they're all transfers in improved functionality, improved performance, improved aesthetics, breath of fresh air for me when I went to school class. Thanks man, appreciate it. Um So let's talk about you just released the program. Let's talk about that briefly before we start wrapping up. Yeah, so the program is you touch on similar, we've had these discussions like our our way of going about things is Differences but our philosophies about anything similar and the 1950s, a combination is multiples around with fitness fused together.

And it's not necessarily like a body weight program. It's not necessarily student program and it's not necessarily like, let's say, uh powerlifter program, there's elements of all that in there. Like math workouts and conditioning workouts. Even you see one of the five by five, uh, definitely rubbed off you as well. So you've got like elements of all different john was a fitness and what I've done over over the next day period is fusing together. So everything three weeks again, like you've got four different phases that progressive face and progress each week and each page leads into the next one. Yeah, it feels upon build the foundation then layer layer layer, exactly that you build a foundation and the model for the first one is what we talk about this. You can only manage what you measure it and going off that. And no matter where you are now, if you're a beginning, like you're only as good as your foundation and your foundation has got holes in it as you get favor into your fitness journey, your health and fitness journey. If your foundations got holes in it will start to see the main thing is, is what what I like to call the bare bones, basically everything we've touched on this like stress money.

I think it's always found five things get on top of them. You've got stimulus for training, then you've got hydration and nutrition like they come in for me, then you've got sleep and stress management. Like for me, you've got to put the stimulus in and then you got to put the food around it and if they don't write then you'll be able to sleep well. And then on top of that mountain stress, like for me, they're the foundation of fitness, you know? Yeah, if you've got like one of them, but the whole of it, not even not even the foundation fitness man, that's like the foundation for life, right? We take the stimulus out maybe. But the stimulus is the adaptation that you put in the next four around. That's like when we got really specific to training. But again, you know, the solids, that foundation and if you want to build off it, you've got to make sure that this baseline layers being laid out and that's what the 90 day fits all about it. It teaches you how to lay this, lay this out, hold yourself accountable, how to track how to measure things and then how all that transfers through. Because in the facebook group and talk a lot about just don't have a big video and habits and rituals which go into everything you spoke about here.

Um and then we've got like supplementation and you've got like nutrition different types of nutrition structures, how your nutrition evolves, how you involve. Like the good thing about the United States is that it's not, it's got three options. And people think people think well beginning intermediate advanced, not people want to skip to beginning to be did not like how much time do you have? So the foundation of the course is the same, but if you're an athlete who plays, let's say you play football and you like the boxing once a week, hypothetically you're doing something like this, then you might only have four sessions, you can go to the gym. So then you put your box in it and then you put the four workouts around. Then you might be someone who can only get to the gym 56 times a week and maybe a run. So then the next layer up and then they're laying up is like covers everything covers all except 67 workouts a week. But that's if you're not doing anything else. So it's got three different levels based on the time that you have to spare and doing it like that. It's like people, People want to go to jail and spend like 19 minutes because they might only have twice a week.

So then the systems in place for uh I'm an advocate. Like I trained a day for 25 minutes. Yeah working hard like 35 minutes for me ship I want to do two things right now. I want to bend body five on the game muscle, short term intensity trump's long term insurance when we want to do that. But at the start of any training session. Did any training um any any program I was starting up you've been in lockdown like us volume and frequency trump intensity like 100% man amount of times. Like what are you doing just going ahead and that's your statement. You're going to do three sessions this week. I'm gonna do six. Yeah You're going to spend 40 minutes to an hour. I'm gonna spend 20 minutes. Yeah 100% man. That's that's like that's what the approach that 95th 95th got. And that's like it's all about the foundation building off that foundation and then obviously working and seeing the results from your body as you're as you're intensity increases your volume decreases.

Exactly and that's what that's what exactly that. So the final thing I'll say on the program is as we get favorite into the program if we're doing aerobic cardio, capacity workouts we're doing their style workouts. We're only doing that. If we're doing power style workouts we're only doing that. Guess what happens final thing. And we transferred over because of say 60 days up to that point. If you doing the those style of workout conditioning strength at that point your recovery rate is so good is that you can spend the time between recover efficiently and do the power workouts you can spend the high volume you can do the high volume workouts but less rest periods. and as the course gets on at the start, it's quite close together so you've got the volume and intensity relatively close, close together. But as we adapt and adapt, those wells get further and further apart. So you're only focusing on that one thing when you're doing it and then that one thing when you're doing it, but it takes time to get there of course and found the foundation to build off. Of course, that's awesome. And so if people are listening, they want to jump on the The 90 day fit with J that was called 90 day fit with jay, it's straight on to the instagram at 90 ft with jay I think released it officially two weeks ago now me two weeks ago.

And yeah, you can see everything from me. My natural mental health video is the last thing I posted on my instagram. My instagram is um, jay patterson fit. You can catch me on there if anyone needs anything, message me emails or, and that we can relate to on this. I know like the fire thing, I'll touch on what life is that after these conversations that I had and in the past because I've been in the paper a few times. Um, so many people reach out to me for bad reasons, good, good and battle that like people go, I was, I mean this position now, how can I get out? Uh, and that's been like financial positions like depression, anxiety, all of these things like all the types. But I've also had people message me saying I've been watching your stuff and have changed a little bit that those to resonate really, really well. And if anybody does have any like sort of questions or anything that's that's sort of resonated with them and they were wondering how they can help or what they can do, like always feel free to reach out to me and I will happily help as many people out as possible in in in in terms of mental health because yeah, that that that that bracket is you've been there before being there and I was like, man, you've learned some tools, you've got some lessons that you can help people implement.

Yeah, I think the final thing on that, it's like I was there, but it was my fault. Some people go there. Some people get to this position and it went their fault and if it was or wasn't your fault, it doesn't matter why because you're still in that position and it's still a thing, like it was my fault. But like if I could, if I had someone to tell me like it's gonna be all right try X, y and dead and jenny because I kept it all in and it was only after I got through it, I was like this is what I've done. Oh yours, Oh ship, there's more people like me. Yeah, like that was, that was a revelation. And that, that state that the thing is if you can, people want to talk and always talk like, yeah, for sure man, talking can always can only help. Yeah, absolutely. It's been a great conversation. I'll have your links in the show notes. I am off the social media at the moment. So sure dude, it's been freaking awesome man. It's been awesome. Like I'm going back to the focus before. Like people are so distracted all the time man. And now that I made the decision to get off social media, like I haven't even deleted the apps from my phone.

I just simply remove them from my, my home screen, right? All my notifications always off. Anyway. My phone's always on silent. So I've already disciplined myself again. Goes back to that discipline, right? So I haven't even, you know, thought about going on to social media. There's been a couple of times where I'm like, I need to reach out to this person. I was like, no, just sucking, Just put that off and ride it out. I'm planning on. I was initially planning on doing two weeks. Um, there's two weeks on monday when this drops, uh I might push it out another week. Might push it out another two weeks man because I've been so fucking productive pro because I don't have those distractions, right? I'm focused on what I'm doing. I'm not looking for something else too distract my mind, it's a distraction and can you feel it? And in terms of mental clarity, it's Like, yeah, 100% man, again, I'm not looking for those distractions. So when I'm doing something, I'm like literally again, time management discipline, like I know what I'm sucking doing throughout the day, like, whereas before I literally had to like schedule time for social media posts and ship like that.

That would be in my calendar is like, I'm going to have brunch and I'm going to go through my socials, I'm going to answer my WhatsApp first cause that's where my clients contact me. I'm going to go through instagram, then I'm going to go through messenger, then I'm going to go through facebook, you know what then emails etcetera etcetera. Whereas now I've cut all that out. Now, I've just got WhatsApp facebook messenger and my emails man, you know, so I don't have the instagram, I don't have facebook, so I'm not like going on there doing what I need to do and then scrolling and I'm not like sometimes your postman for the sake of posting, right? So you can stay relevant and I was like that man, like I want to remove that element. And I'm also, I was also sick of like hearing people's opinions about everything that's happening in the world right now. Like everyone's fucking, you know, everyone's professional, everyone knows what's going on in the world right now. And like I was I was like, man, like, I don't want to hear your opinion, You're trying to, you know, trying to refute what this person Has been doing with their life specializing in for the last 20 years.

And you're trying to tell me that that person is wrong and you know better because you fucking do some research, you watched a YouTube video or you got your sucking your information from Facebook man, the anti vaccine. There's a big one. Listen to a podcast on it recently and there was I think it's like 3/4 or 2/3 of the information that is across all social media on Anti vaccination comes from 12 sources and then that just gets shared, gets shared, shared. So man, I just remove myself from that ship. But yeah, I'll probably be back on a couple of weeks. So just to wrap up mate, I do have to run. So I got clients. Um the name of the podcast is live train form that stands for live life to the fullest trains your potential perform at your best. What does that mean to you? That means, what does it mean to me that is like what else actually, what does it mean to me? It resonates deeply because that's exactly how I end up being with my life. Like so close to it. Like in terms of like live train perform?

Like for me, you know, I find it quite difficult. What does it mean to me but that each individual, like how you're living, how your training and how you're performing. Is that what we said in this podcast is like, it's a transferrable thing that goes back to how you live is how your training, how you train is how you perform and how you perform and how you live and that is my 80 HD brain frozen for a second. Just that's it back a little bit. That is exactly yeah, I love that man. That's a, that's a perfect way to end the conversation. Thank you very much brother. Pleasure been great. Hopefully people can take some lessons from this podcast. Uh, if you guys really enjoy this one, make sure that you share it on your socials. Tag me at coach underscore coach K. O. B. S. I may or may not be back on the social. J give your um, your instagram. Yeah, my instagram is at J patterson and if it's O J Y P A double T I N S O N dot F I T had to think of the name, put you on the spot.

There we go, jay, patterson. Doctor also matt. Um, if you enjoyed the conversation past off your friends and family and any five star ratings and reviews are much appreciated, much love guys peace

Jay Pattinson on turning his life around
Jay Pattinson on turning his life around
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