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The Live Train Perform podcast is one year old!

by Shaun Kober
May 24th 2021

I launched this podcast because I wanted to to cut through the bullshit that unfortunately pervades the industry I love so much.

The fitness industry has been hijacked by people who are t... More

yo, what is up guys, welcome to this episode of the live transform podcast, I'm your host, Sean koba. Today's episode is going to be a little bit different because this is dropping On the 24th of May and that is a significant date for myself and for the live transform podcast, that is one year of podcasting under the belt. So I launched my first episode last year on, I think it was monday the 24th of May, or May be sunday 24th of May or something like that, um but anyway, that is one year under the belt, so what I'm gonna be doing with the podcast moving forward is reducing my output to one episode per week, which will be coming out every monday. Um and I'm going to continue some of the themes that have been working on, however, if you guys listening um really enjoy some of the specific themes which I'm going to go through in a moment um then let me know and I'll try and tailor my content towards what you guys want um in saying that I do want to give a shout out to everyone that has supported this journey, um all of the listeners one, um it's been an amazing journey, I've had some really incredible feedback over the last year um with a lot of the solo episodes, um also a lot of the interviews that I've had um coaches corner, client corner, pretty much everything, I've had some incredible um feedback, so I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been listening to the podcast has been supporting me um, and has picked something up along this journey.

Um I really appreciate the support. Um, and there's people listening from all over the world, just looking at my stats before, I've got about 20 6.5 approaching 27,000 downloads, but then there's obviously all the streaming services and things like that that, you know, don't get counted. Um I've got the top 10 countries that listen around the world, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Thailand, Singapore, Ireland, Germany Canada Poland and new Zealand. They're the top 10 countries around the world. And I've also caught listeners in Rwanda Colombia, Papua, new guinea Tunisia peru Bangladesh, sri Lanka, Olive man Venezuela Algeria. Uh and the list goes on. So, um I'm really grateful for everyone that, who, who has been listening um over the last year and has provided um messages, feedback, um, showing your support in whatever manner, whether that's leaving me a rating and review, um whether that's sharing podcast episodes with your friends and family, um whether that's sharing it on your stories et cetera.

I'm really fucking grateful for every single one of you guys that's listening. I didn't put this podcast together for thanks. Um I initially put it together, um, just to cut through the Bullsh it and you know, give people some decent information that, you know, I was straight to the point without trying to sell them something without trying to take money out of their pockets. So hopefully I've achieved that. Um I'm proud of what I've done over the last year, um but it will be time to pull back on the podcast content so that I can start building out phase two of the business. So phase two of the business is going to be essentially consolidating all of the information that I've put out over the last year um and putting it all together into somewhat of a template where people can then go on to my website, which I'm going to be building out. I'm going to be doing a lot of work on the front end over the next six months. Again, things that I'm not going to get paid for, but hopefully it pays off on the back end.

Um So towards the end of this year, what I want to have is a website where people can go on, they can look for um different training programs that are going to elicit different results and you know, using all the podcast episodes, um, Youtube videos, all the information that I've basically put together over the years. These systems that are built, I'm going to have a systemized approach to training that includes using metrics like waking heart rate, blood pressure, heart rate variability, which then determines what you should be doing with training, how you should be training um for that day, what should be doing regarding nutrition, what should be doing regarding um stress management, recovery mechanisms, etcetera etcetera. So it's going to be a holistic program that is essentially going to give people a template to guide them through uh to be able to put in place a very structured day that's going to allow them to be at their absolute best day in day out, week in, week out.

So um that is a plan over the next six months or so. um if there's anything you guys would like to hear about on the podcast and we'll keep putting out episodes every monday, I'll have one episode per week. Um If there's anything specific that you guys want to hear, please make sure you reach out, let me know um before I close out, I want to go through some of the episodes that I've put out over the last year. So um I was thinking about putting together some best of um episodes. However, After looking back over the last 110 ish episodes, it's very difficult to choose some of my favorites. So um what I will say is um each one of the series, the interviews, the Client corner, the coach's corner, five minute fitness tips, um Q. And a sessions, miniseries, et cetera. Every single one of those um brought a lot of value to me, my life, my personal and professional growth and development. Um I do like the initial two week launch series.

Um Some of that content is really good content. Um you can tell them a little bit nervous. Uh not quite, don't quite have my mic technique down pat. Um My flows probably not as smooth as it has been in more recent episodes. However, in saying that the first two week launch series was the 1st 14 episodes and that was all about consolidating the information that I've being able to gather through courses, through working with other coaches, having mentors, um reading books, listening to podcasts, actually working with clients um and system izing away to get good quality information across to people that's actually going to change their life. It's not just about training programs, not just about nutrition, you know, it's looking at the psychological, psychological and behavioral components that actually creates long lasting change. So that's the first two weeks and I really enjoyed putting those episodes together because it was kind of like a rehash of everything that I've learned over the years um and taken what's been appropriate and discarded the things that was just bullshit in my opinion.

Um and then put my own spin on it. So, um the next series was the nutritional pyramid of importance, which was a systematic way of looking at all things nutrition. Um and I still get questions about nutrition to this day, you know, what's the best diet, how should I be eating when I'm training, like this blah blah blah blah. Um And my answer is it always depends. So the nutritional pyramid of importance was a seven part mini series um to allow people to have a look at what is actually the most important thing when it comes to nutrition. Um Now energy balance is a big one. If we're not getting enough energy in then our body is literally going to be in fucking survival mode. So um that's a Big one that I see is quite prevalent with professional fighters. And general population clients, especially people trying to lose weight, they put themselves into calorie deficits for extended periods of time. They cause this metabolic adaptation which is a normal process that our body goes through but it's not a good place to be for long periods of time.

All right. Then we went through macronutrients, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, alcohol, um The effect of water, what what that has what that does in the body. Then it went through micro nutrients um And all of the many processes that micro nutrients um Service behind the scenes. Then I went through different diets, calorie cycling, carb cycling, um intermittent fasting, meal, timing, meal frequency etcetera etcetera and then finish that off with supplements. So uh seven part miniseries 3.5 hours of content going through the fundamentals of nutrition. So if you've got any questions on nutrition, go and have a listen to that. Uh And then you know if people want to work with me online coaching uh et cetera, then you know, the more information they have around the fundamentals, the more specific my recommendations are going to be when we do get on those coaching calls. Then I went through the Swiss eight miniseries. Now I really enjoyed putting together the Swiss eight miniseries. I am an ambassador for Swiss eight which is a Proactive Mental Health Program designed initially by veterans um four veterans after uh Adrian the founder, one of his mates took his own life.

And that happened unfortunately a number of times. So Adrian put together an app to allow people to structure in Um there eight pillars of health and wellness which is sleep, nutrition, time management, discipline, fitness, personal growth, Mindfulness and minimalism. So um I started that 10 part miniseries with an interview with Adrian talking about why we say it was created how he came up with the concept and what they're doing now. Then I went through and Recorded around about a 45 - 50 minute episode on each one of those principles. How to optimize them, get the most out of them, How to structure them into your day. And then I rounded out the 10 part miniseries with chat with my man tristan rows of blind tiger yoga who ran the yoga course. And I went back to Australia to do uh february last year. Um and we went back to do that course in Byron Bay because Tristan had actually dealt with his own demons, ptsd anxiety, depression and used you install yoga as an alternate means of therapy rather than going down the medicinal therapeutical therapeutical, the pharmaceutical route.

He used the install yoga to allow him to manage his mind and get back to being his best. So bunch of veterans went back to Byron Bay did that course. So we could then take those principles back to our network um and start sharing them with our mates that you know, unfortunately it is a big problem in the veteran community in Australia and most militaries around the world to be fair. Um with you know, guys falling into pits of depression, anxiety. PTSD. So um had a really good conversation with Tristan and he spoke about his demons, the tools that he's used to, you know, manage his mind and getting back to a good place. I've also also gone through a heap of reflections episodes where I just look back at certain things in my life, you know, something piques my interest um kicks off a spark in my mind that I think it's important to talk about, you know, certain principles, certain things in my life, Crossroads and things like that. The lessons I've learned this. I've done some reflections episodes. Um I've interviewed a number of people have had some, you know, some incredible guests on the podcast um from you know, serving x serving military guys, heavy hitters, um commando snipers, highly awarded, highly commended um guys that are former soldiers that are now working overseas in private security.

Um I've had nutrition experts on, I've had so many different people from so many different backgrounds of life, multiple entrepreneurs that talk about the lessons they've learned in their life, how they've you know build this mindset to be able to essentially push forward and continue building the life that they want ah without falling prey to the naysayers and the fucking haters. So had some incredible conversation. So I really want to throw a shout out to everyone that's been on the podcast and shared their journey and their lessons learned. Um Coaches, corner episodes have been really eye opening for me talking to. Um And also for people listening, I've had a new numerous messages where people have been listening to the coaches corner episodes and gone man like that's really cool to hear to coach is talking about you know, the different considerations with what you're looking at when it comes to working with people.

And again it's not just about, you know, the training program nutrition plan, there's so many other things that come into play and for the most part, you know, when someone asked me a question or someone asked a good coach a question, you'll typically hear the answer. It depends. Um then I've also gone through the client corner. Damien Gilbert was uh and in turn for me at Tiger a number of years ago, he's now working over in the Middle East private security contractor um U. S. U. S. Army veteran blown up in Iraq uh dealt with his own ptsd injuries, both mental and physical etcetera. Um had a great conversation with him. It's supposed to be 30 40 minutes where I was talking to him, I was going sorry I've spoken to him for about 30 minutes off line and his dad just passed away. He'd flown from Afghanistan back to the U. S. Buried his father unfortunately and then flew back into Afghanistan while she was in quarantine. I had a conversation with him on the phone and uh he talked about the different principles that I've told him over the years through our online coaching um and he was like I was like man this is fucking incredible stuff you know it's all well and good for me to sit here and uh you know tell people what they should be doing or have coaches corner episodes where I'm talking with other coaches about these different tools but you know having someone that's been on the other end that's been applying these principles, tweaking, refining adjusting these principles to suit whatever whatever circumstances are happening in their life.

It was a really powerful conversation that ended Up going for about two and a 1/2. So uh Yeah I broke that up over four parts. Um then I've done my Q. And A. Sessions which I've also really enjoyed. So thank you everyone that who or thank you everyone who sent me some questions to be answered on the podcast that really helped me. Um excuse me, create some good quality content around typical questions. You know, a lot of questions that do come in uh um frequently asked questions, so it is good to hear this stuff, but also put together some content to allow people to um I guess figure out a path, figure out a journey, get some answers for themselves to then be able to Put one ft in front of the other moving forward. Uh And then I've done my five minute fitness tips as well, which has been quite popular. Um So yeah, that's a quick roundup of the last year of podcasting. Again, I'm gonna be pulling back To one episode A Week for probably the next 3456 months, however long It takes me to build out Phase two of the business.

So once I've got that squared away, then I'll probably start making these podcast episodes a little bit more relevant specific to um what's coming in from my listeners. Um so yeah, thank you guys very much, really appreciate the um support the feedback, the shares, the likes, subscribes everything you guys fucking rock much love guys peace

The Live Train Perform podcast is one year old!
The Live Train Perform podcast is one year old!
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