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Value Systems with Will Foden

by Shaun Kober
May 17th 2021

I've had so many great conversations with friends and colleagues about what we see happening in the fitness industry, and thought to myself, "I wish we would have recorded that."  More

what does it mean to live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best leave nothing on the table. That's a non negotiable is that I strive to be better every day because if I'm not on top of my game, how is anybody else gonna follow me down the road? Keep demanding more of yourself to to live up to that potential and to stay hungry. Training is progress. You know, when I look at the word training, I think of steps, baby steps to get somewhere that you want to be and that is basically your life journey. That's a mindset in itself, man, it's like, it's not just about I know that for you, a lot of that's about the physical, but we're constantly in training, whether it's growing our skill sets, whether it's growing up physical bodies, whether it's growing our relationships whatever and all of that is a training ground and that kind of goes back to the mindset that we just talked about. You underestimate yourself and you don't even start. But then once you start, you often surpass what you thought you could do perform at your best mate. That's that's sort of what life is all about. You don't have the knowledge and have the fitness, the healthy ambition and drive that no matter what comes along.

When that next phone call comes, I can just say yes, I don't have to worry, just go and do it. You know what is up guys, Welcome to this episode of the live transformed podcast? I'm your host, Sean Cobra and joining me today is my man Will Foden. Anyone that's been listening to the podcast for a while will know that will, has been a guest on the podcast a number of times. The first time I interviewed him about his life, what he is doing, how he got to the point where he's at right now, which is working for you fit based in Singapore. Second time, Hardiman was the coach's corner where we just sat down talk shit about things that we're seeing in the industry and general principles that we're applying with our clients in this episode. Um it's going to be a little bit different. I've actually reached out to a number of other coaches um to basically get them on the podcast so that we can have a discussion around some of the questions, um and themes that are coming up with their own clients so that we can both use this as a resource to send to our individual network.

So we'll welcome back to the podcast brother. Thank you very much for having me. Always a pleasure. Hope it doesn't take us three hours like usual. We talk shop and it's always good man. It's always good conversation. It's always good listening as well. So um made first thing I want to talk about is a course that you recently did. We're just talking off line about of course that you did recently in the last couple of weeks around Value Systems. Can you talk to me about what that course was who ran it and what you took away from it. So two weeks ago, I mean guys who may have been into sort of human performance of human sort of human, everything really dr john DeMartini is about human behavior. He's a human behavior expert and I did to his breakthrough experience, which is all based around the seven key areas of your life. So that's your social, familial, financial, vocational, mental, spiritual and physical. Um and basically it's a discussion about how these these cups, so to speak, how you keep them full at the same time and get the most out of everything rather than just being one sided, especially people like me and you and I was listening to your podcast with your man last week, the fellow who's the boxing coach with you, but when we're younger, we're doing three a day and we're just doing, we're just training, training, training, training, so we're feeling that physical cup up, which is a huge part of our value system, but then we're losing out on different parts of it, whether whether it's social, whether it's from your part of your family.

So the course was a two day experience, it was all about breaking down those barriers about what you actually hang onto and sort of rebuilding the uh there's a big party, He's got a methodology which is about breaking away from negative behavior is super interesting. He talks about his big anti the self help movement in the respect of just having it. Being happy. You can't be positive without being negative, you can't be right without being wrong, you can't be happy or sad that most people think that you're going to have, I've got to have a positive mindset for every day of the year and I've got to be smashed the fuck out of it, and I've got to be happy this happy that and he's that hang on a minute for you to be objective about yourself and objective about whatever endeavor you're doing and whatever value you place on that there has to be a young and young perspective, there has to be a positive and a negative. And the minute you balance those out, that's where you find the true love for whatever you're doing or the true at element of actualization rather than the fantasy or playing fantasies in your head about some bullshit thing that happens when you're a kid or whether the other way around as you're living in this absolute fantasy about.

Well, if I if I just make big on instagram, I'm going to be super happy. And it was really interesting to hear his point of view from a from a neurological perspective, he goes into full biochemical and neurological adaptation of stress physiology, but brought it right back to make it just so simple about actually what actually dictates your happiness. Um and it was super, super interested. Yeah, that's cool, man, that's a theme that's come up numerous science every pretty much every time we've had a conversation is about that balance right. And you know the example that I've used in the past is the autonomic nervous system which I'll touch on really briefly. But you know the autonomic nervous system controls 80 90% of our body's physiological processes that occur behind the scenes without any thought. This is what keeps our lungs breathing, heart beating, our you know our hormones doing their thing, our blah blah blah blah, all of these systems of the body and you know the sympathetic state is our stress response and that's essential for short term survival. But then the body needs to swing back in the other way and go into a parasympathetic state which is our rest recovery and that's essential for long term survival.

And you know, people think that stress is bad, stress is not bad. It's only bad if it's not dealt with, okay, stress is good, it's essential for adaptation. You need a little bit of stress just enough for your body to go, hey, you know what? I didn't deal with that very well, I need to be able to deal with that better next time. How can I rebuild these systems bigger, stronger, faster, better so I can deal with that better next time and it's about providing that adaptation in the gym with training, drive the stress response, then rest, recover, rehydrate, eat, sleep, fucking all these other recovery mechanisms that's then going to allow your body to adapt to that. So yeah, that's great man. Now let's go back through those systems you spoke about was it seven cups seven key areas you can, you can you talk about, talk about give each one of those but then give an example for them as well for the listeners. So social was the first one bad boy and that. Putz around basically who you're close knit. I always say five or 10 people. There's always we've always got five people. We barely ever speak to me when you meet up with each other.

Nothing's ever happened. And social is an element in which we are a tribe, race were built around having a community and what a lot of people do is when they get put into their situation of gold acquisition is they become very insular and again you're you're a person is quite often I'll assume. I mean I I work with a few ex military personnel, you'll do it a lot more than me. But that social element, you can tell that there's a very different camaraderie when it comes down to we have it in rugby, me and you but your guys on another level. Similarly forgive me a couple other guys named a sniper who got shot while she was with me yet. Dude, listen to that maybe with what weapon. But what I'm meaning is the brotherhood meant there. His social hit. The social value of that part of his third journey was so big. The social element is where it can be anything, whether you're your mama and you've got some close knit family or whether you are military personnel and you've literally been to war and back with someone having being able to have a social environment and have that tribe is key for salt, success and happiness and we always use happiness.

It sounds a bit of a frilly pussy term, but it's not, I mean being clear in your head is usually when you're having a laugh and usually when you are in that happy state. So that's number one, just pause there for a second because I'll give some examples of this as well because for me, man like you know, I know you go through the other the other six. But for me the social aspect is a big one that is missing in Thailand, I'm sure we're going to talk about that balance and that, you know, if we, if we look at drawing a circle and then we split that circle up into a pie chart. You know, we want to find balance in some of those in all of these areas that we can talk about. But you know some areas that pie chart is going to be bigger, Some areas that pie chart is going to be smaller and for me I know my social aspect of my pie chart is smaller because I don't have too many close friends in Thailand, I don't have any family in Thailand, but that's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make now in saying that I do normally fly back to Australia every year for ANZAC day um and ANZAC day is a massive military commemoration day in Australia where we honor you know those that came before us and basically fought in the first the First World War when Australia, new Zealand first became independent countries and we've taken on that ANZAC spirit and we've celebrated and commemorated every year.

So for me, like that's the one time of the year that I fly back to Australia or my friends put aside their own lives, their friends, their families, their their own lives that we get together and we have a couple of days around ANZAC Day man where we just reminisce throw band to catch up with each other, have that amazing time together man and do like whenever I come back from ANZAC Day in Australia, maybe I'm depressed for a couple of weeks because I've had that amazing high with my friends, my family and that tribal connection and you know, sharing those stories and that bond that we built forged in fucking Warman forged in battle and it's such a high and then coming back to Thailand like I get a little bit depressed about it, but I understand that wheel of life and I know that that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make because I'm focusing on these other areas of the wheel, sorry to jump in there, but just want to give a good example. Yeah, I think it's really important, especially in the context that you have is that that you said that social element currently joined, Covid, we all have that in a different realm, whether it's it's we, I haven't flown home for nearly 20 months and I usually go home four times a year.

My Missus brothers had a kid, sisters had a kid, friends are getting married and this really close members of my family that are doing all this stuff and similarly that is a chunk that we do miss and like you said, we we sort of set that we know in our heads, right, I'm going away because I'm balancing one end of the scale to, to better myself and whatever and especially what you've got coming up, but you know that you're going to have that reward of going to hands that day and having those four whenever a week and where you don't time flies because you have because it's just such a good experience and we all currently it's very that that's part of it that we're all missing, I think, yep, let's pause here for a moment. We again, we will go through the other ones, but I think, I think it's important to discuss some tools that we can give to people to help them deal with maybe some of the social isolation that they're feeling right now. Like what's something that you've been doing? Uh One thing that I'm I'm very big with is reaching out to people who I know I've got friends of mine who who have seen whether it's on social media through facebook or they reached out to me is making an effort and not asking for anything back.

I think I saw a couple of friends of mine, the UK during, during full lockdown as they were, they were put in 15 minute time slot. So it was a book in so they could literally just ring and have a conversation. I mean like in his example is me and you ring each other and we spent two hours on the phone and not even, it won't blink just because we we resonate with each other. But something like that Is, there's there's like the ripple effect of if you you you help one person who helped 10 people, they're going to help another 10 people, you get 50 people, it suddenly becomes a bigger community and being involved in the community of like minded people is really important. We like where we met like the Muslim, those guys, you can just literally jump on facebook and you can either talk about buying selling or whatever or you can literally talk about shit memes that looks put on there either way, which I love with. Yeah, some of them are so bad, but there, I've just got visions of this thing in my head, I'm losing my barbara.

My point being is that surround yourself with people that as weird as you, that's why I'm always a big personal, I'd rather be weird and boring, but just know there's people out there that as weird as you are. So I think definitely getting yourself in a community and then that probably leads onto your Swiss Eight stuff because you've got such a bond with those fellas and again, I'm traveling and friends of mine in the military. I'm not from the military, but a massive resonate with it because of the camaraderie, but I'm sure you have that element of social to help people keep them in the game, especially during that. Yeah, Yeah, man. And just to go back to, you know, obviously, um you're in Singapore, you guys have just gone into lockdown again, right for a couple of weeks. Yeah, we're about just gym. So they, they've, they've locked down, they shut the gyms, we're now doing training outdoors. Um and it's just different rest this stuff up. Like we brought numbers down in the respect or five rather than eight people. It's a couple of more restrictions were, it feels like we're going to go into a circuit breaker if it's not, we should be a lockdown, fully fingers crossed.

We got two more and a half more weeks. Uh we're all trying to make do. But it is, it's a bit of a funny time at the moment for sure, seeing as you were so good and it was the life was pretty now, it's suddenly gone straight backwards. Yeah, yeah. And for those listening um working at Tiger muay thai gyms being closed for about 4 to 5 weeks now started last month. Um There was a party in pocket right after an outbreak of Covid in Bangkok and then some people came down. Apparently one of the deejays had covid 2000 people at the party. So they've been fucking bouncing around the island and blah blah blah. So Tiger ended up closing for preventative measures to do a deep clean and disinfecting and all that sort of shit. And then the government's come out and go on jim's gotta stay closed, stay closed, stay closed, etcetera, etcetera. But you know, like that's a piece of my work that I can no longer do. So I need to fill that void with something else. But the point that I'm making is that the people that I normally see every day that I interact with every day, I can no longer see, you know, so we don't we're not in full lockdown, but there are restrictions and you know, to kind of take a little bit of step back and give that example that I used before ANZAC Day 25th of april a couple of weeks ago.

Um you know, I didn't get to go home last year for that but myself and the boys just jumped on zoom man and had like I was just bouncing around all these different zoom calls all day bro, just sitting at home, you know sipping on johnny walker and coke, just calling all the boys man, there's so many faces that I hadn't seen for so long and it was kind of cool because most of the time there's a core bunch of lads, there might be 10 15 2030 lads that get together in a city in Australia, different city every year. We catch up, we have a good time, but then there's always dude's missing but then jumping on that zoom call, you're seeing faces that haven't seen for years now, unfortunately didn't get to go back to Australia this year. So um you know a lot of the places in Australia were still open, some places were closed. Um Gone Perth went into lockdown for a couple of days um as an example, so um you know I did my own little dawn service at big buddha um went up there, watch the sunrise and just like sat there and reminisce man um and then came home and did the same thing, just jumped on, jumped on my phone and just called all the boys man all the groups and had a chat to them 5, 10 15 minutes and had a good catch up and it was awesome to see that man and that's something that I've implemented, I've actually written it down on my boards in front of me, have my structure, what I'm doing for the week, my personal goals, my my professional goals, things that are structured into the week.

And one thing that I've structured in this week that is a personal priority Is to make contact with three people this week that I love and care about that I haven't spoken to for a while. So I think it's important to um you know, as you said man, look at the social elements of your life and go all right, what can I do to control the controllable and those are, those are something that I think we put this in context. Social doesn't mean you browsing social media so sure it means you have in genuine connections with people that are living and breathing or a dog. I have to make sure my dog back at home. But on a serious note like these are, it gives you goose bumps thinking about all your mates and have a good time and stuff. That does not mean sat there like a lemon flicking shit about people, this is what's frustrating and we can maybe go into that afterwards. You know, we're going to flow straight onto this bro, I'm talking about this because because dude, what did you just do on the weekend?

Yeah, I was offline? Yeah. Yeah we're very lucky to have we had a cruise to nowhere with my mates and actually I couldn't I didn't want to buy wifi so I add a digital detox, it's me and you have talked about and I've always wanted to do but being in Singapore the high pressure environment and it ever got P. A. S. Talking to 11 p.m. It was so good to have. I had four days off my phone. I did not literally. The only thing I could do was we used in the in house apt to text each other where we were that was it take photos and that's that's pretty much that was it. And I did that on the last day I didn't even and I did no work, I was not on my ipad, I wasn't on instagram putting my whole life on their and however let me ask you this, let me ask you this. How are those interactions with the people that you're with? Oh yeah it's really remember we talked about about but we have this we want to dopamine hit that's naturally we want to do. So we reach for our phones and we flick on it just because you want to get a little higher and you get a little withdrawal symptoms on your first day of your first day you pick up your phone, I can use it and you're there like shall I just naturally what I do While the second yeah, literally like do I get a book or do I do I speak to my business for 10 minutes or uh but it was the second day man was literally like fuck the world man, I was done, I was out by the c I was getting fed, I was drinking too much obviously just because I haven't just let loose um it's so refreshing, my body did not like me afterwards, I felt I was just to run down.

That's because my stress level come down so low my music and when you are motherfucker, you're going to have this now and drinking and just to be, I didn't really pull the pig to trigger on the food, make, watching people eat a buffet is literally like cattle market is matt, watching people do that, we were going on on that too much, but from a, from a detox perspective, I strongly recommend someone trying to once a month man, it's a bit different for you when you go to a heart in the middle of nowhere, sat on a beach in the book and everyone thinks you're a dick, but then you sat in your house and just not be on your phone that can be as good and give you the same, realized just being in the moment just being there rather than someone else's life, somewhat other tool, you're never going to use some fucking, here's, here's, here's a, here's a very fucking quick and dirty tips that anyone can use right now, next time you're with friends and family, put your fucking phone under the table, leave it in your pocket, do not put your phone on the table anytime you walk into a restaurant, you know everyone's phones on the table man and everyone's watching for their phones all the time bro, may I take my taking a little bum bag, my little grab bag bro.

It's always on the fucking ground man, Whenever I'm with groups of people, I'm like I'm with these people, I'm not going to get on social media, I'm not going to use my phone for anything and it's like even if the conversation comes up, we're talking about blah blah blah, someone reaches for the phone to google, I'm like no, don't like let's discuss this, we don't need to yeah like what, what frets me and you see this in society right now is the amount people that will spend more time at the dinner table looking at this, then there will be spent actually doing what we're doing right now is chewing the fat and actually freeing that social element we set a value and actually having and put in the world's right and actually putting your opinions, apostle, having a discussion and being a human being and solving problems, so many people will sit there and they'll do what I just said. They literally, I've got 11 person in particular who literally you're mid conversation this decade will pick up his phone and click on social media. Just, just, this is a Me Too, that becomes a habit and I want to just reach across the table, launches phone and turn it the fuck up.

But you can tell us that his fault because it kind of sticks yourself out of it. Um, so it's something that is massively prevalent, especially now when people have got more time, you need to make time not to be on your phone, not make time to be just wasting your life flicking through shit. Yeah, that's a great point. Like if I'm on social media, I've got an intent. Like I said, my watch 90 minutes every day, man, I'm like, right, this is my social media time because I know I've got 90 minutes. I'm like very intentional when I go in there. All right, I'm going to go in there and post now. I'm gonna go in there and answer messages now, I'm gonna go in there and, and blah blah blah and like if I've got extra time then yeah, sweet, I'll have a little scroll and waste a little bit of time, but I'm intentional with wasting that time. I'm relaxing and you know, checking in on what's up and blah, blah, blah. Um Great mate, that's an excellent start to the conversation. So the next pillar next next next pillar is familiar. So your family. So it's actually, we talked about social being your close knit tribe. Your, your family sector is, is based around the actual people that you are part of your, your, your blood of some description, whether it's your wife, your kids, whether it's from your dad and actually having a similar thing, it's a very similar to a social base, a bit more close knit.

So you're actually keeping that connection. Like there's no, there's no connection stronger than the one you have at the moment, your dad usually and if it's not, it's usually with a spouse or with your missus or with the child. But it's actually making sure similar to what we just talked about me is is having time to actually allow an example of prime example is we'll go back to the dinner table. It's about parents having dinner with their Children. It's the only time in the day where you have the ability to actually listen to your child and problem solved with them. Where a lot of the time we see these people again, restaurants, how many do you see moms and dads just chuck an ipad to their five year old just to shut up and sit in there for an hour and a half on some bullshit and they're just going to pick all their brain that is where the family element is so important I think. Yeah. Yeah, great point man. Um, pretty much all the same things that we just spoke about in the social, yeah, the same, same, same tips man. What's the next one? Next one is financial. So what is actual wealth? This is not wealth does not mean what you're wearing wealth does not mean what fucking stupid holiday you just spend for you.

Mrs you don't even like wealth is actually what are you doing? So plan for the future. And he was discussing a very simple one, is putting money in index fund and leaving it is going to give you way more well for the next 10 years than they that watch you aspire to have that nobody cares that you that you have and no one really gives a fuck that you born. And it was very interesting for me, especially being in Singapore where I've come from not having any money, so now I'm not rich, but now I've got a business that's running that I could actually move around with, it's now boxing clever with money and understanding what building wealth means for protection as well as investment rather than they have arrested, buy, whatever that is a big one. Mhm. What are some of the strategy strategies that came out on that course about like building wealth, investing, financial planning, etcetera? Well, wealth building was based around putting in basically when you're at a certain point. So again, this is usually aimed at people that have got financial income that they can save.

It's about putting in things that are going to accumulate money over time. So he was a big thing about actually putting it in the index, for example, is putting in an index fund because it's safe rather than a high risk capital fund or being one of these dudes was rather buy Bitcoin and I sort of dropped by 30 grand in a day. He was big on that, he was also big on talking about putting it into bricks and water if you're in a position to do. So um he was obviously like putting it into people's perspective who saving money, uh maybe we're not saving a lot of money is has actually put out one thing that I learned was putting your money into three groups, so you have a third, you use a third you save and the third for your living. So there that further you say that's where you're going to develop either develop savings and then you can develop wealth or that's where you're gonna find the capital to do what you want with. But that's what I find a lot of people do is people get money they're spending rather than get money and and look, people look in the rear view mirror with money, how much I've spent, who cares, I'm gonna get some more rather than looking in the in the in the uh in the windscreen, which if you're running your own business and you don't know what's 12 weeks ahead of you, you're running into trouble, man like that, that's where that's something that I learned away from this course was that was through the Mp guys is financial freedom comes from you, boxing, clever in front of you.

What you've done is how you learned. You shouldn't be, you should be making decisions on how you've learned because most of the types of things you learned wrong. Yeah. And and the thing is like you got to this point where you're at right now from making mistakes. So yes, look back and learn from those mistakes, but when you're looking forward, you're applying those lessons that you've learned from those mistakes. Absolutely. And I think that's where we talked about that linear progression. Life is not linear progression. Life is a is a turmoil, man. And you just keep pushing that rock uphill. It's the same in all of these areas and the same with everything. Me and you do it so we can put this back into fitness because the next one's vocational, which is about our jobs. Fitness is the biggest wormhole of any and probably anything on here because there's so many variables, it depends, it's literally going to come out of your mouth and every single question and what people don't do is having as having it again. For every cause there's a reaction for every action, there has to be a reason, but then it's still variables that we can't control.

So having the understanding of those over time, that experience and wisdom come with being in the game, does it come from one Level 1 Course in an Instagram Post. Mhm. Now when he was speaking about wealth, was that financial wealth or was there another um variations of wealth? He, so the financial side of it was based around financial wealth globally, said everything that you own asset house, everything but wealth, wealth uh is a global term for all of these areas, because wealth can be emotional freedom, man. Welsh uh wealth can be uh physically you're in the best place you want to be wealth, wealth can be that you have your health in order. So I I take knowledge, wealth of knowledge and experience. Yeah, and that's wisdom, man, that's that's that's the wealth of travel. Yeah, man, that's why I was asking like, what, how do you define wealth? Yeah, so his his, this was this was based off this one pillar, but when we're in the course he was discussing about how all these pillars relate to that higher being of whatever you value.

So, again, remember you, you were talking to me last time about you doing, I think it was like nine months on three months often you're gonna travel the world, that's a high value stake in the high part of your wealth is that you're not investing in stocks and shares, but your, well your wealth is gaining experience, mine, mine and yours are similar with education is we invest money time and effort into learning more. I want to provide value for others, but to to provide value for ourselves as we're inquisitive man and we want, we want to be uh solve the puzzles of what this guy before. Um So yeah, that wealth part is not, it's a small grocers. Yeah, Gotcha, gotcha. So we're looking more at return on investment. Yeah. So if I want to invest time into doing an online course, then I need to have the money to be able to pay for that. But I also need the time, the energy and the effort that I can also put towards that because I'm investing all of those things to get something in return. Is that kind of like Yeah, yeah.

It's literally that man is like, this comes to a little a little bit of a part of a crossroad that I'm in personally. Like, like it's similar to you, is that the issue with the fitness industry, is it? Continual and when you're looking at business, you're, you're, you sometimes take your eyes off the prize in the respect of how to keep knowledge acquisition. We were talking about knowledge acquisition in our, in our room is there's so much information for us to grasp and it comes down to a point where you have to give and dictate time for one certain thing and learn it to be able to apply it And then learn the next thing. I think it's very easy for, especially for PTS to take 10 different courses. Tick so many boxes, which I'm up in my hands up. I was that guy, my second year here at youth. It I cranked courses because I was a box ticker and then I realized I'm gonna minute I've got so much information, but I don't know what the fuck I'm doing with it. My foot on the gas and go right, except it's gonna take time to use rather than just if I get this course I'm going to become better.

Doesn't work that way is investing in time and into that knowledge for sure. Mhm. Yeah, I want to go back to what you were saying earlier because I'm sure this will tie into all of the things that, you know, we're covering off on the value system and the seven principles. Um you know, you said that when I used to work for nine months of the year and then I go traveling for three months of the year now, in that nine months whilst I was working, I was busting my ass with my clients. I was doing courses I was studying, you know, I was always growing learning but also applying. So I would do like one course and apply that you get back from travel, do one course, might take me a month, two months, boom. Now I'm applying that for the next couple whatever, 567 months applying that to my clients figuring out how to use those principles I'd learned in that course and then tweaking and adjusting them so that I get the most out of it. Then I go traveling, then I'm not doing any study. You know I'm reading books and listening to the podcast and things like that but I'm not studying, I'm you know I'm spending time with my missus.

I'm traveling. My values, my priorities have now changed. I'm relaxing on the beach for fucking five days and not doing anything, sipping margaritas. Whatever my values have changed right? But then once I go back to Australia then that pie chart changes. Now I focus more on doing courses learning studying but then also applying and that's where that's where the wisdom comes in man. It's not it's not just as you said just tick in the box is getting more and more information because information without being applied does not become wisdom. Like there's a difference between knowledge and wisdom knowing something and understanding how how to apply that thing, but also not just how to apply it, but how to tweak it and adjust it and refine it to get the most out of that thing to the particular circumstance. So working with the client, how can I take these principles and how can I apply it to this client because in theory this is going to work however this person works their fucking ass off there in a highly stressed job.

You know, they're not eating very well, they're eating on the fly, they've got family, they've got all these other commitments, these mortgages and things like that. So you know, taking the best training program, nutrition plan and applying it to that person. Hey, I used to think, hey, that's your problem. You're not getting the results, so that's on you. Yeah, but then I very quickly realized, you know what this person is paying me, I'm the fucking coach, I'm not servicing them, I'm not doing my job. So what do I need to do? I need to tweak, I need to adjust, I need to educate them on these principles and I need to make it applicable to their current lifestyle so I can get them moving in the right direction. Its massive man, That's literally the art of coaching. His principle based coaching about being able to be a chameleon and what many people forget. And again, this is for listeners who is the grams of wormhole man because his terms about instagram, ification is about who's got the best mom, who's got the best who can lift this, who can lift that. But for an information standpoint, it's a wormhole and if people aren't using principle based coaches, you will, they will not get the results that they're saying they could get unless they're using that you say stuff like steroids or or that they're, they're faking it with a lot of the guys, they'll put fake old photo shoot pictures of them now and they literally fucking Jabba the hut at the moment, but they won't see that they are in the middle of getting back on the road in their own boss.

But my point being is is that's the key is if you are a young coach except time because it takes time. I don't just cutting corners. The only way you should be cutting corners by going to people that are mentors or but speaking to other coaches and those are how ways to cut corners because they can save you time not because information is changed, but because they can put it in a situation that you can understand. Yeah, or you're cutting corners because you've been through that situation before and you've learned those lessons and you know how to apply them, you know when to apply them. Yeah, Yeah, brilliant man. All right, What's the next pillar? Next one's mental. So, uh this is huge and I think this is massive, especially now during Covid uh it was funny so when the when the Singapore locked down, uh I came home and obviously my missus was pissed because of the gym, but my natural instinct of challenges to rise to challenge that I've been like that since a rugby player and that's not me being a birdie big dick.

That's me being that I I prefer being under pressure. It doesn't matter if you it's as if you text me saying well I want this in by next week, I'll do it by the day before, that's pressure to me, but in this environment similar to what you did man is like, you know, forward, you've got so much you could do in lockdown and he said he said negative, you're gonna make this negative or positive and from a mental standpoint, your value systems are all based around what's literally in between your ears, whether you've got a growth mindset, whether you can actually get yourself out of a negative situation and secondly if you can actually be kind to yourself when you are in a bad situation, not to keep fucking yourself up, that's what is huge at the moment is you just see people in the downward spiral of bullshit because they're just dragging themselves through the mud for no reason uh I don't, I don't know how to hit the brakes man. Yeah, because you know, your mindset is like a self fulfilling prophecy, right? Like if you allow yourself to, if you're looking for shit, you're going to find it and the more you're looking for it, the more you're gonna find, right? So that that creates, that creates his fucking avalanche man, you know, so I'm a big believer in like always trying to find the positives bro, I record the podcast, I think it was like um within a week of New Year's, I can't remember at the end of last year, at the start of this year but Um it was reflect to project and a big point that I was talking about there is like you know obviously 2020 has been a bad year for a lot of people in Blah Blah, but I was like I actually had a lot of fucking growth, I started this podcast, I've now got you know, 110 odd episodes out and roughly 26, downloads man.

And I'm actually coming up to almost a year bro of podcasting on 24th of May has been a year bro of podcasting, so it's been really cool but you know, I was also focusing on um you know, study, I was studying my anatomy and physiology, are studying um Ty or studying blah blah blah, you know, I was working on all of these things and in that podcast I was talking about, you know, I wasn't I didn't have the best year, like I lost one of my mates to suicide, you know, I lost one of my rugby coaches who was a massive mentor for me when I left home at 14 and was learning how to play rugby and I had this rugby team around me that we're all adults and I'm like 16, 17, playing with the adults, he was a massive mentor for me man that had a huge impact on my life, I lost him last year, you know, my pops um going down here with Alzheimer's and you know, I had heaps of shit go on, but I always look back and I'm like I'm grateful, I'm not grateful that my mate died took his own life, but I'm grateful that you know, he finally found peace and I'm grateful that You know, once he once he passed it came out that he had actually helped about 20 other dudes man, there wasn't any names, names or anything, but apparently he helped, like 20 other dudes come back from the cliff, sort their shit out, get their life back on track man.

And you know, I wouldn't have we wouldn't have known that if he hadn't have taken his own life and I was like I messaged one of his best mates man, I'm like dude, I'm so fucking sorry to hear, I just hope that he he found peace in his final breaths and he was like, I tell you right now brother, he did, he was at peace man, you know? So there's always yeah bro there's always there's always positive to take out of anything in life man, you've just got to fucking look for them and you've also got to reframe I think that's a very important thing because as you said bro, this all happens between the ears, right? Like you're bio your biochemistry affects your emotions and your emotions affect your physiology right? And then it's which affects your hormones and like, it's a fucking self fulling prophecy man. And if you're if you're spiraling and you've got these negative thoughts constantly in your head, it's very difficult to put the brakes on. It's much easier to build momentum. Sorry, much, it's much easier to maintain momentum than it is to build it. But once you start building momentum, either in a positive manner or in a negative manner, like, it's very difficult to turn that around.

So I'm a big believer in always trying to put a positive spin on something so that you can move yourself in the right direction. Reframing things and we've spoken about this before. NLP right then your neuro linguistic programming, like how you speak to yourself is going to determine how you react, how you respond to certain things. Absolutely, man, it's some of that. Again, I'll put a question to you. It's not my podcast, but I'm gonna question you brother is where where did you first learn that? Because you're older than me, you look a lot younger than you. Better looking at me, but you're fucking older than you. But more to the point of where did you? Because it seems as if again from the outside world there's so many people that are affected in from the military, especially, and in your job, a high pressure job, you're like, the professional professional, professional rugby player of of the of the military. Where did you first learn? Because there must have been times, I've read that militants book about how then he's a fucking nutter when he was younger, and now he's so cool collected will be interested to hear your your side of where you found that moment of, it's not just the growth mindset, I think it's more than that, it's sort of what is there is anything particular you sort of clung onto that sort of, taught you that narrative or um I think it's life bro, life has been the biggest teacher for me, you know, I came from a poor family, my step dad was abusive, I left home when I was 14, you know, I had to go and forge my own path um and that's because like, I didn't want those traits, those characters uh character traits that my step dad had to bleed over into my life, and I knew that the environment that I was in was not serving me man, and whilst it was fucking scary to go, you know what, I'm going to leave home, I don't wanna be here, you know, I was getting caught up with the wrong crowd, are stealing and doing drugs and shit, um and I was like, you know, if I continue down this path, it's not gonna be a good place, so whilst it was scary to go, you know what, I'm going to leave here at fort, I'm gonna leave home at 14 years old, I'm going to move to another stage, I'm going to leave school, leave my family, leave my friends, I'm going to go and start working, get into the workforce man, like I was more afraid of staying where I was and what was going to happen with my life if I didn't change anything that I was walking out into the big, wide open world, you know, so having that mindset of taking chances and going, I'm not happy with where I am right now, I need to make a decision because not making a decision is a decision in itself, right?

So, you know, I had numerous, numerous, like big moments in my life, big, massive crossroads where I had to make a big decision and you know, for the most part man, I took that step, I made that jump and that's how I ended up in Thailand bro, I walked away from relationship with a girl that I loved and cared about because I wasn't getting the opportunities that I wanted, living in Tasmania, I want to work with professional athletes, you know, but I had already gone through all of these monumental decisions in my life that had always worked out now the reason they'd worked out is probably because I was like, I'm just going to make this decision, I'm going to fucking follow through with it and I'm going to do the best I can to put myself in a fucking good position to take hold of any opportunities that come up. So I think that's a big thing. And that's something that again, I've learned over time man. Yeah. Yeah. I think it comes across, I've had, this is a lot, I've asked a lot of my clients who are high level ceos, I've got one guy who's doing all the covid test globally, like he reads the head of Russia Asia, the guys and you meet him, you never believe it. He's a bum, like he's a legend.

And I said to him, how does he deal with with with with his, with his job? Because the guys up to one a.m. Talk to 6000 people, he's, that's all go and he would say it's all hardship. He's a Brickey, he built houses from his kids. Another guy who I worked with the head of a bank, he's a farmer and he comes from nothing. Like I think something that, that's, that's big for me is people they are scared of having a tough time. But through the tough times is which you learned the most from personal experience as well. Similarly I, I didn't, I didn't leave it for home and 40 left over 60 just to go out the invite the guy out of London, but I learned so much more from being challenged and challenging myself to go, what if I could do more than just sat there being scared being sat there, that's going to be safe safe, fucking boring man. And if you say that all your life and just think you're gonna be happy going to be safe all the time, You're gonna go nowhere and I think that's that's a huge part of listening to you, and that's why I love speaking to it, because it's such a real we just got to make shit happen. Not there's no excuse.

I've never done a podcast before. The fucking are you going to make it not worrying about whatever you just got it done? And I think that's what people should take from this as well as that is hugely important. Yeah, Yeah. Thing is, man, like, most people need to have all of the answers before they do anything and it kind of ties back into what we're talking about earlier, where you're like, ticking off the course is tick tick tick tick tick tick tick, but are you actually applying that shit? You know? Whereas people that have faced hardship, they have faced adversity, they're like, well this is the situation that I've been in before, I've got a choice, do I want to stay in that environment or do I want to step out and try and create a better environment for myself and they don't have all the fucking answers, right? They just get out there. They know that where they're at right now is not where they want to be, they want to be somewhere else. All right, I'm going to put one ft in front of the other, I'm going to figure this shit shit out on the way and that's exactly what I've done my entire fucking life man. And it's something that's continued to serve me, you know? And again, going back to when I was in the military, being in Afghanistan, mate, like you know, out on patrol, two weeks into the trip, my sniper team leader was fucking shot.

Our team being ambushed, ended up sitting on top of an I. D. Luckily didn't go off, take out the rest of our team the next day out on patrol person. Machine gun fire goes between my mate and I was like, holy fuck this gonna be a long trip man, you know? But that was two weeks into a nine month deployment, I had to manage my mind, I had to build that mental resilience bro, and I had to figure out ways that was going to allow me to get to sleep at night, wake up in the morning on the front foot knowing that we're going to a fucking bad area and every time I go there, shit always happens. So being proactive rather than reactive and this is where the mindfulness stuff started coming into play. I was like, I literally just started counting my breath smells like I need to get to sleep, I'm waking up fucking tired, I'm waking up fatigued, I'm going to end up being a liability and if I missed something bloke behind me, steps on, I'd lose his leg, loses life, gets shot in the fucking chest. Like, that's on my conscience for the rest of my life. So, I just started counting my breathing bro, and that, just counting my breaths and like not attaching um meaning to the different and emotions, to the different thoughts that were coming up in my mind, allowed me to get to sleep one.

But to the byproduct of that was then I started focusing on the controllable, what can I control? We know we're going to this area tomorrow, we know it's the badlands, we know every time we go, there's something happens. You know, if this happens, we're going to do that, these are S. O PS. If that happens, we're going to do this. You know, we're looking at our actions on, we're making sure that our fucking plan to go into that area the next day is mitigating as many risks as we can before we step out. And that gave peace of mind and that bled over into everything else in my life. Man, I'm not afraid of taking risks. I'm not afraid of jumping out and starting something that I, you know, may not have all the answers to, but I know that if I'm making that decision again, intent, I'm making that decision with intent, then I'll figure out the tools, I figure out the principles, I figure out what needs to be done along the way, and I'm not looking to have all the answers all the time. It's like, right, this is the problem that's come up. What's the solution that I need to find? All right, cool, smooth sailing. Something else comes up.

All right. I need to find a solution for this as well. And that's where the lessons are bro. The lessons are in the fucking journey. People that don't make big decisions, people that don't put themselves through hardship, people that don't step out of their comfort zone, never learn those lessons and they always find themselves in a perpetual state of comfort and they never fucking grow and they never achieve anything. 100% man. That literally sums up all right, what's the next one? Uh two more, Two more, everybody. Uh the next one's spirit isn't exactly got spiritual, but then you're the next one's physical and spiritual. What I took from it was the main part of it is what you stand for uh Spiritualism. I think it's quite a funny one, I think especially within men. Spiritualism is looked upon to be religious or being just faithful. My spirit vision for me is what I stand for and my faith in myself, literally what you just said about backing myself, I am by no means a genetic freak. I'm by no means clever than anybody else. I'm not more rich than anybody else, but I'll work my fucking ass off to make it happen when shit gets real and I think that's why I massively stand for, have a resilient.

I love things that are about resilience and reading about it. I love training about, I love being around people that have been resilient environments who believe they demand more of themselves because that makes you grow and that's what I value a value having that, what I stand for, which, which is I had to think when I had my leg snapped in half, I had a thing posted on my wall has become unstoppable. It wasn't the case, it was, it wasn't towards anybody else will become the next whatever England rugby player that was because I was told I wasn't gonna walk properly again and I was gonna play rugby game and that's that, that's where my spirit is, is that I believe other people have that in them is they just need to drop the hammer and fucking put all in and that's where the spiritual side of that area that they were discussing, there's other ways to be placed around it. But putting it more through my lens, so to speak, is having faith in myself in that just what you said is if you don't know, you'll find out because you're going to give it a go, not because you're gonna sit back and wait. I think that's huge, especially with the day and age where people are so fake and they breed other people's opinions and they take, they mimic so much that they haven't got their own set value system on who they really want to be or who they really are there.

Like joe blog has made loads of money so I could be like him and I'm gonna speak like him. Shut the fuck up man. That's not your journey. Talk about your journey. That's where your value and your money is not in their journey. Mm hmm. I think the spiritual component is often something that's overlooked man. Now I will say that I'm not religious. However I am spiritual now, I don't actually know how to put this into words. Okay, but what I mean by this is if you take the principles of religion, right? Most religions, if not all religions around the world literally like a codified set of rules, how the tribes back in the day was like instead of someone enforcing these rules and regulations, it was passed on from generation to generation. Hey, this is right, this is wrong. This is how you treat other people. This is how you don't treat other people like, you know, that's a codified set of rules that then people live in line with to be good people right now.

I again, I'm not religious but I've got that spiritual component where you know with my upbringing with my life, everything I've learned everything. I've lived everything of developed over the years is part of my spiritual being like your, the spiritual component for me is your character. Like how is your character form? What is your character? Because your character is literally everything that your life is built upon, your character, right? So knowing what you value, knowing what you're willing to sacrifice, knowing what you're not willing to sacrifice, knowing what you will and will not compromise on in all other areas. I think that's a massive component for me and for me that that is the spiritual component. What does that mean to you? Yeah, yeah, I'm very similar. I'm not religious, I don't have anything against religion. Uh, but I think it's a very personal thing if you believe in a higher being, that's up to you and if that, but my, my philosophy on life is that I don't allow, I don't think of a higher being to run myself and my my tribe and what I've done runs me and there's non negotiables in my life that I I find uh they literally link back to my values.

Like just like you said. Uh, and there's there's nothing wrong with religion. I think if you follow up kudos to you and that's your thing, there shouldn't be someone else's think that's your thing. But spiritualism for me is is is having the the prowess for me to understand what I actually what I have to do and why there's things in my life, I'll never stop learning that's a spiritual thing for me is I'm always I'm a teacher, but I'm always going to be a student because I believe we've got so much to learn and that sounds really philosophical bullshit. It's not, it's because again, flipping on this, if you go to de martinis website, you can actually take your value scoring testing and tell you what your three most common values, marvel, Common values were education and be having a tools for education uh and my health. So they're they're they're the three non negotiables of my life that I have died. You every single day now you should stuff that you enjoy or you value becomes part of you. And I think that's what you said, your character and your spirit, you will resonate with people just because of the way you are, you never spoke to you.

There's people in this podcast that I've never touched the floor, the sounds that you walk on, but yet you'll meet them and you'll have an instant connection that spirituality, not, not because of God or but or whatever. That's because of what you to both stand for what you two both shared values. Yeah, exactly. Shared beliefs, man. Yeah, yeah, that's cool. What's the last one? Sorry. Physicality. Physical, physical man is literally this is our ballpark man. We can talk about getting fucking big physical and it's what you valid value and I or I put down in mind was health, Performance is being ready now I used to be a professional athlete, I was I've gone through performance space training all my life I've now obviously especially with me, you and being into Singapore. I've now got a lot more down the health roots and more understanding a little bit of functional minister and actually how the body works. But the biggest the biggest push your mind is performing in every aspect of life and actually being bettering those areas doesn't just come from one piece of your physical self and that's knowing that we discussed about before and we're going to talk about the sort of lockdown principle of undulating your days to for actual programming, the meaningful.

I mean one thing idea I took from our second podcast, we're discussing about the on off switch you have with not understanding your body and about not using exercise as a way of thrashing yourself or demonizing yourself I think is huge because physical is not just that red red line, sharp end of the sword, physical is also recovering and know when it's time for you to take a step back, get your your other shit in order because physically you need to recover. I think that's a huge part of that value set that we have and the people that we work with. Yeah, that's brilliant man. Um I spoke to so obviously I've had you on for the coach's corner before, this will be a coach's corner episode but I decided to do a client corner series as well man, I got on one of my clients and dude like ex um ex american army veteran deployed to Iraq got blown up in I. D. Suffered from PTSD. Um you know had some some injuries and things that have been dealing with his whole life. Um You know and we had like a I think it's like a 2.5 hour conversation bro because he was actually flying back to Afghanistan after his father died um had went to hospital for Covid had some complications, had a blood clot in his leg had to amputate his leg ended up passing away.

So he flew from Afghanistan um where he works as a private security contractor, flew back to the States. Uh And then I caught up with him as he was flying back into Afghanistan is in quarantine. He was an online client a number of years, a number of months ago but you know one of my mates, he interned for me at Tiger as well. Anyway I had a chat to him whilst he was in quarantine back in Afghanistan and as I was talking to him and was like 30 minute conversation um and I was like he was just talking about all the principles that he's used that I've taught him over the years, you know mostly the swiss eight principles of sleep, nutrition um discipline, time management, fitness, personal growth, mindfulness, minimalism and he was talking about each one of those tools and how he had to adapt them two different times of his life and he was like as he was talking to me about this stuff man, I was like this is fucking brilliant bro. Like I'd love to get you on the podcast and talk about this stuff because it's all well and good for me to do these solo podcast where I'm talking about these principles and then have someone like yourself on where we talk about these principles but then have a client on who's actually implemented these principles and action them and speak about how they've changed their life, how they've impacted their life for the better, you know and it was fucking brilliant man.

I absolutely loved it and it's something that I definitely want to continue doing in the future. That's so that's that's the job full circle eight. That's what we want. Like I think again, if you're you're a client of a coach as a coach, I want you to be done with me within six months because you've learned enough to do it yourself and you stay with me because of the connection that we have, you shouldn't be hanging the information is king and when the reason we get results it's because of client, Our client Acquiring new knowledge and acting as a principal and that's wicked man. Like how good is it as as a coach to see clients making better decisions without you having to jump straight down his neck and give him like texting him at 12 pm of you eating your protein? This kind of shit. It's more of a case of they grabbed it by the balls and what I'm going to make it happen, you're going to be my backstop and I think that's that's literally coaching full circle, that's the most fulfilling part of my like my job. And I know but yours as well is you seen, you said one of the UFC fighters when the titles as important as seeing a mom of three kids get a shit together, get in good shape and actually start doing things that she wants to achieve.

Its massive. Yeah, yeah. And to go back to that point man, like I had a client um at Tiger probably like two years ago now. Um you know just, she trained with me at Tiger and then she went home and we continue training online, you know, and I do three month blocks. So she did like two blocks and then I was like sweet, you know like all the best with everything blah blah blah, like implement these tools, did it up. And she actually messaged me recently because she was good friends with the guy Damien Gilbert who I had, who was just talking about the client corner. She messaged me and she goes I had that conversation is awesome, It's so good to hear both of your voices again. Um and just kind of picked up the conversation with us. Like, how's everything going, blah, blah, blah. And she was like, you know what? I'm really, I was like, what do you, you know What is something that you're happy with? And she goes, you know what, like, since we stopped working together, since COVID happened since my whole life got turned upside down, Blah, Blah, Blah, you know, the last 18 months or so that we haven't worked together. She's like, I haven't gone backwards. She's like, I haven't been awesome, I haven't progressed, but she goes, I haven't gone backwards like I would have in the past.

And I was like, that is fucking brilliant man. And you know, the funny thing was like, I wasn't reaching out to her to try and get her back on board just every now and again every now and again, I just like, touch base with my previous clients were like, hey, just checking in, has everything going, you know, tell me about, tell me about what's happening in your life and blah, blah, blah. And she actually, she said, you know, I'm really proud that I haven't gone backwards. And she goes, but now is the time to start moving forward again. So she's like, send me an email, let's go through the process again. But it's, I think like, we, especially in the realms of being you and everything, we're doing. It hasn't got that instant tick, It hasn't got that eight weeks, six pack, it hasn't got that. Yes, you've got guys who are who are eight week fight camp but they are the 80.1% of what the fitness industry is and they, you know, they don't need a button depressed man, you just need to just put it in front of you and I'll fucking do it. Those people that needs action behaviors and have the actual behavior change. That is the key to all of this shit is then seeing it and stop them what they giving themselves the kick in the balls to get or whatever to to do what they need to do.

Not that spoon fed, remember you did a podcast where you're one of the first ones you're talking about giving diet plans, you're not giving your fucking diet plan, you take responsibility of your food and start learning about food. And it was so true because people what they want, they want this like what matters, they want the answers bro, here's the thing, here's the thing as you said the start bro, Like you asked me a question, my answer. It depends right? So I'm going to give you the information. The thing is like you need to put some work into this, you need to figure out like where you're at right now, you need to figure out the direction that you're moving in and then you need to put the work in and that's what we do as coaches is we educate people because education leads to compliance. If people don't understand what the fuck they're doing and why they're doing something, they're not going to do it, man. But if they understand the principles and you give them, you teach them, you educate them how to tweak those principles and manipulate those principles to get the most out of them.

And sometimes it's not about fucking making gains, Sometimes it is about maintaining where you're at, sometimes it's about minimizing the damage, you know, and tweaking these things too, either move you in the right direction or stop you from moving in the wrong direction. I think that's an important element, man, absolutely not. It is definitely is that sliding scale, right? And there's always going to be always in a tip is going to keep on moving, but he's having the ability to pull yourself back into the middle because it's big edge of a continuum is always going to be having negative effect. Always do. Whereas if you just you just said that you said that again, bring it back into the middle, okay, we just fucking this whole podcast has been about this balance, right equilibrium homeostasis right? Always come back to the middle. The answers are never at either end of the spectrum where people are going and I'm gonna do this fucking crash diet, I'm going to smash myself at training, blah, blah, blah, like can that work? Yes for a period of time, okay, Until it stops working, till your body adapts to it. Now, what do you need to do? You need to get more extreme?

All right. There's only there's only so many times you become more extreme before you stop responding to it and actually you start doing damage, right? So it's all about that balance. Now, I want to go back to what you just said before about, you know, working with fighters, man, you know, you're like, I've got these fighters for an eight week fight camp and they're all about, right, let's fucking flick that switch, let's get after it, something that I've implemented in the last eight months at Tiger is I'm working with these fighters on a period eyes all year round training plan where we're focusing on nutrition, we're focusing on recovery, we're focusing on training, we're managing their weight all year round so that they're in a good position once they sign a contract, we've built this foundation of strength, speed, power, um energy system conditioning, um stability, mobility, balance, coordination, timing, accuracy, all of these skills, they are now eating 3003 and a half 1000 calories there, you know, a kilos above their fight weight. Now we're eight weeks out, boom.

Alright, cool. Now we've got somewhere to pull from now, we can start manipulating their calories. They're not hammering themselves at the gym all year round, They're not training three times a day and dieting as they fucking normally do. Now we've got somewhere to pull from. Now we can start adding in some training sessions. They've got a good foundation now rather than signing contract and going on now. I need to get fit now. I need to start, you know, managing my wait No, you're already in a good place. You've built that foundation luke, talks about it from muscle notes, this is least mode, right? You do the least amount possible to elicit the response that you want. So that when you get to that start line, you sign that contract now we're going to fucking beast mode right now, we start smashing our training. Now we're hammering um you know, everything that we're doing with our training, we're refining our nutrition where maybe reducing calories a little bit, but we're also managing our output and our energy balance. We can manage weight, but we're not cutting so much that now we're affecting our performance in a training session which then affects recovery, which affects hormones which which affects sleep and libido, mood, attitude, energy levels, productivity, blah blah blah blah blah.

Right? So, you know, that's something that I'm trying to implement into Tiger muay thai that has been missing for a couple of years in my opinion, and this has learned from, you know playing with rugby teams, coaching rugby teams, being a sniper in the military knowing that, you know, we're deploying to Afghanistan in six months time. All right, I need to be in the best fucking shape possible once I get there, right, So now I'm gonna start tweaking and refining. I've got that intent, man. I know that I'm going overseas. I know I'm going to the Badlands, I'm going to make sure that I'm my best fucking possible version of myself so that once I get there because hey, at the end of the day, like once I get in that into that position, once I go on that deployment, the only thing that I have is the fucking tools that I've worked on that I've implemented up to that point, I'm not going to get over there and figure it out. As I go, right, there's going to be some things that I'm going to need to tweak and adjust, but I've got to build that foundation first. Absolutely. And you think the level of your training and if you're in a you've had Danny Lennon on not long ago, obviously massive into the nutrition remedy.

We're talking about energy deficit disorder and not having enough gas to be able to produce. Like it's a huge decade era of, of fighters who have suffered for so long on no or no gas to be able to get the adaptation that asking for so how many more champions or whatever could you have had, But the point you're putting it, as you said, put into the tactical athlete like that year round professional Is important. We asked like I I talked to my guys about being 80% of the way there all the time, You do not need to be 100% because if you're 100% you're gonna fucking burn out if you have 50% You want to be, you got to be fucking peaking 100% at the right time. Exactly that exactly that it's important as in those areas for people to understand the the yearly plan rather than and this is why we talked, you said you talk about the habits coming getting involved is those habits stacked on top of each other to produce the goods if you like you said, you've gotta fight who's coming in eight weeks out of 3.5 1000 calories injury free.

He's been sarah home chilling, he's fit, he's running five Ks in 20 minutes and he's like right cool, I can do three a day. But I notice for eight weeks you're sharpening the sword man, if he's turning up 20 kg overweight in a bag of shit because his son fit, it's such a different animal for sure. Yeah, that's a completely different fight camp bro. Now we're just getting that guy in shape and fucking cutting weight which means yeah yeah bro. And it's like now we need to get him in shape and cut weight, which means they're not going to actually improve on any of their performance, whereas if we're working on performance, we're managing managing their injuries, managing their metabolism, um managing their performance, recovery the rest of the year round. Then once we get to that start line now we can we're able we've got tools to be able to put that foot on the accelerator and start dialing everything in and fucking hit that beast mode. Yeah, awesome man. 100 anything you wanna add to that bro? No, no. Just just as you said, reiterating for people just to take out of that physical thing is it is a year long thing.

And you should be thinking about the long term, the long term rejection of your outcome, not the short term gratification of just things like just because you've got a holiday, you're now going to start thinking about long term what effects you're gonna have because this is what me and you see and this is what everyone talks is the after after photo that after after diet that after after training camp where they set their fucked. It takes them nine months to get out of it. Let's think about fueling eat more. Do more performers are best not staff starve yourself struggle and then make our jobs extremely fucking hard to get with your husky for. Please don't do that. Yeah. Yeah. So what what we're talking about here is something that we deal with a lot with general population clients for the most part like most guys typically coming to build muscle. Most chicks are typically typically coming to build fat, sorry burn fat and or lose weight in quotation marks. Um and you know, they've died for extended periods of time. They've trained with numerous trainers, they've tried all the fucking diets, they've been eating 1200 calories for two years and they got good results for the first six months and then those results started slowing down, slowing down, slowing down.

What do they do add more training, eat less Blah Blah Blah. Then they start losing their period, then the sex drive fucking collapses. Then they've got no energy, they sleep like shit, their skin is fucking, you know, dry their nails, crack their hair is not growing, but like they start losing their hair man. Like this is a fucking massive problem. That is literally your body telling you that is unhealthy. Like if you if you're a female, if you're listening to this and you've lost your period because you've been fucking training too hard, dieting too hard. That is literally your body saying, hey, you know what? We don't have enough energy coming in to support another human life, Let's shut that system down so that we can keep you alive literally. I actually had this with with with one of my first nutrition clients and she kept miscarriages and I let you went through what she was saying 1100 calories and this chick should be nearly 3000 like with a job that she has literally bumped her calories up for two months and learn behold, she could conceive, and they thought it was it was I was a bit like, yeah, this is this is it can't be just that simple, but now we're being in the game longer.

That principle of why is my body going to produce a life and I can't even look after my own is huge. Especially with people, females who are looking to start families. That's key. Yeah. And that this is a big one I see with athletes as well, man, like, we obviously work with general population clients, with my online coaching, but also work with professional athletes uh in person, but also with online coaching. And, you know, this is something I see with professional fighters made is like they're the opposite to general population clients, you know, they're fucking going hard all the time. They're dieting all year round and they're not eating anywhere near enough to support their performance, their recovery, their adaptation, you know, so a lot of the same principles carry over from eating for health and longevity to performance. You know, as we said before, I'm when I'm working with these fighters, the guys that I've got all year round focusing on this period ice plan, We're focusing on health longevity all year round, Then once we get eight weeks out, boom, put the foot on the floor.

Now, it's all about performance, right? So we build the performance and the other, you know, whatever. 46 weeks of the year, 44 weeks of the year, whatever it is Then the eight weeks boom. This hit piece mode. Um, what I want to go on to next May is obviously you guys having or not allowed to train. People aren't allowed train at the gym. None of the gyms in Thailand are open at the moment. So let's discuss some strategies around how people can continue focusing on health training, nutrition, all of these principles whilst they're at home and don't have access to the gym. What's something that you're doing with one yourself, but also to your clients. That is where we're going to pick up the conversation next time we're back on the podcast with Will Food and if any of these principles resonated with you, please make sure you share it on your stories. Give myself and will a tag pass it off to any friends and family that you believe can benefit from the message.

Any five star ratings and reviews are much appreciated, much love Guys Peace

Value Systems with Will Foden
Value Systems with Will Foden
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