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Client Corner: Damian Gilbert part 3

by Shaun Kober
April 29th 2021

Damian is a friend, colleague and client.

He served his country, and experienced the highs and lows of war that most front-line soldiers share. From being blown up in an Improvised Explosi... More

what does it mean to live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best. Leave nothing on the table. That's a non negotiable is that I I strive to be better every day because if I'm not on top of my game, how is anybody else gonna follow me down the road? Keep demanding more of yourself to live up to that potential and to stay hungry. Training is progress. You know when I look at the word training, I think of steps, baby steps to get somewhere that you want to be and that is basically your life journey. It's a mindset in itself, man, it's like, it's not just about I know that for you, a lot of that's about the physical, but we're constantly in training, whether it's growing our skill sets, whether it's growing our physical bodies, whether it's growing our relationships whatever and all of that is a training ground and that kind of goes back to the mindset that we just talked about, You underestimate yourself and you don't even start. But then once you start, you often surpass what you thought you could do performance your best mate. That's that's sort of what life is all about. You don't have the knowledge and have the fitness, the healthy ambition and drive that no matter what comes along.

When that next phone call comes, I can just say yes, I don't have to worry, just go and do it, yo what's up guys, welcome to this episode of the live transform podcast, I'm your host, Sean koba joining me for my client corner series is my man Damien Gilbert who is a friend, a colleague was an intern for me at Tiger muay thai and is one of my clients. This is part three of a great conversation that I had with him on the different tools and principles that we've implemented into his life to allow him to be better at life. Let's get this episode underway. It made me realize like we said earlier when my father passed, was that man, how fucked up would have been here. I wasn't already, I wasn't ready to lose my dad obviously, but mentally there was a different state, how messed up would that be? And so it gives, it gives a whole different perspective on where your mental health is before you can perform physically before you can do just the minimal act of being a human. You know. Mm hmm. When did we, when did we first start working together?

It would have been probably eight months ago now. 78 months ago. Ish. Because I remember when I was about six months ago that I was driving around Thailand and I had a I think I had one or two calls with you all stars on that trip. So we were probably like towards I think well maybe towards the end of that program or maybe halfway through or something like that. Um but let's say, you know, let's say that this happened, your father passed before we started working together. Um how do you think? Do you think you would have had the tools to be able to um, deal with it the way that you have and have the outlook and, and be grateful for the time they did spend together. Or do you think you would have like kind of spiraled out of control and lost your way a little bit and you know, indulged in other things that we're going to fill that void. You know what, I think this was a strong pillar of why I reacted the way that I reacted. Had I not done this and check myself before, you know, I would do the occasional podcast or the occasional fucking make me feel good youtube video and that's just not real.

Uh, the reason why I say that before people get angry, it's because after that motivation that you get from watching these videos or the self good field, you're gonna have to watch this video of discipline kicks in there, you're not gonna feel good all the time. So if I was already mentally, if I didn't, if I didn't practice what we've been working on, I probably would have gone home, cried a little more, but drink a whole lot more man this time when I was at home. Yeah, I had a few beers or whatnot. I wasn't getting shitfaced or anything. Um, I would, I would probably go back to good old Iranian destroy their relationship that I had, uh, with everybody, friends, family. Most importantly I wouldn't have been so understanding towards my sister's men towards my mom and that could have caused a whole bunch of problems. Obviously knowing how mindful I can be and that I was able to take a step back and analyze the situation and give myself time to think that flight home was horrible.

It was 18 hours man. Just thinking my father's dead. I'm on that. Mm hmm. How am I going to act when I see my mom and the mind is a beautiful thing but it's also the devil. You can your mind can make you, it can make or break you having these tools and working with them man made me make me you're gonna break me. It made me, it made me a good pillar. Like I said, I was still super emotional man. I miss him every day. Uh he's my dude. But I'm lucky enough that I was able to work through this instead of grabbing a shot after shot after shot because all that was going to do is mask the same effects that I had through my PTSD the same memories that I had when my friends were dead. But how do I not remember? How do I not cry? Let me drink away and I just go to sleep, Let me drink away and go fucking meet some random girl and fucking act like the world's okay and we're both fucking destroyed. So no, this time who was a lot different this time?

It was you come first, I come first. Yes, my father just died. But I have to put myself first. I have to support my mom man, I have to support my sisters. I have to be there because in a way that were there for me too, you know, they were always made. Are you sure you're good? Are you sure you're good? You know? But yes, I'm good. I'm good because I've been working on myself, I'm not good because uh, unresolved trauma. I'm good because I've dealt with this and I'm working with someone that's helping the accountable of my actions. I'm working with someone is helping me get my sleep pattern check that, you know, my nutrition and check. That's telling me, hey man, it's okay to have a fucking pizza Amen. It's okay. So all those things bro attached to you and you think that way he said, man, I'm not a bad person anymore. You know, maybe I was damaged, I was hurt before, but now I'm going to be the guy, my dad raised me to be, you know, he raised me to be, not to judge people for their religion for the sexual orientation or anything. You fucking respect others because respect is a two way street. I don't have that guy anymore.

So now it's time to put up or shut up and it felt good to keep these things under control but still be emotional. I was still crying. Um I was still being human. Does that mean this robot from the military? And I was grateful that I was disciplined enough to go take my little brown acid a little run clear my head man. Remember pops come back home. See mom. Hey mom, we gotta eat a month. You have to you have to leave the house. Let's go. We'll go for a drive. You know what I mean? It helps so much man because otherwise I had enough money in the bank where I could have bought a whole bunch of liquor. Oh whole bunch of pills from the via the via just gives you pills. If I go in there like a man at the press of suicide or whatever, which I'm not um Don't hook you up with a bunch of medicine. I could have I could have taken the easy way out, but my dad would still be gone. My mom still be grieving and I would still be a funked up mess. Yeah. And you wouldn't be able to support your family in their time of need as well.

100%. We were there for each other in different ways. You know what I mean? I think I say that I was there for them, but they were there for me a lot. You know. Mhm. Just in a different way, how to be. I had trying to fill my dad's shoes if you will. Uh But those just can never be filled. So I had to be a good son. Had to be a good brother. Had to be a good friend. His friends would write me and that brings up a lot of emotions. So they're like, oh man, we see a lot of your dad in you as a fun bro bro. That torch has been passed on to you man. You're the man of the house now. You have that torch mate. So you you you you have his legacy but you also need to create your own legacy. Exactly bro. And that's what it comes down to being my own person, being accountable for other bullshit. Uh seeking for help when I needed help. Not just from the V. A. Not just like from other people, from you, from people that are actually they have a genuine interest in others well beings, you know um And the reflection of who you become.

If you listen and if you learn and if you implement this a few easy steps, it's hard. It's not easy man because we're put on our fucking ways and you can't teach an old dog new tricks or whatever. But if you listen, you feel a whole lot better man. I still have my days. I still think about your up ship sometimes, but most of the time and my my mind is clear, my thoughts are pure all right. I still have banter with the boys, you know, typical fuckinup military banter man chewing tobacco ship ship bro, it's great. And uh I can go home and I could switch that shirt off and be there for my family and be there for myself. I do a lot of sh it on my own. That's another thing we've talked about and we've learned is I like being on my own. I'm happy on my own. I could take a trip by myself. I can get on a motorcycle and just ride bro and it's fucking beautiful, therapeutic man. Exactly. So it's good to be alone because whenever I do establish a relationship with someone, it's not going to be toxic.

We're both gonna be hopefully both of us be healthy individuals where we could tackle ship in a different way and instead of me projecting my insecurities and my unresolved bullshit on her. So I like it, man. I recommend it to everybody whenever I talk to you amen if it doesn't have to be this coach. But if you can get someone, it's good if the person is good at what they do and they're genuine and what they do and you have something similar, it's fucking good man. Your mind feels I'm a totally different person. You know, I mean like if you're sucking met me 2014, 15, 16, 17, 18. You don't know me not only that, but I've gone bald. So I'm pretty sure I met you in 2018. Yeah, but you see me evolved to, you know, you see I've seen you evolve, look at you mate, you've turned into a beautiful butterfly ship. It was it's crazy bro, it's crazy. Um That's awesome man. What you were just saying there was like such a fucking brilliant passage of one self awareness but also um to like looking at all of these different tools and being able to tweak refine adjust them.

Um something I want to talk about now, I apologize as well because I initially said, Hey Let's get on for 30 minutes and talk sh it already. Uh it's all good, I'm in quarantine, it's perfect. Yeah, but dude like it's a it's a it's an incredible conversation, I think it's very um important to share this with people. And as I said man, like if the conversation is flowing, we're covering a lot of different topics then you know, we'll keep rolling with it man. But what do we talk about next is um exactly what you just said that growth, that development, you said, you said you've been working with the same therapist for 10 years, talk to me about the changes that they've seen in you in the last year or so. So doctor for nine, it's her last day has probably met four of my ex girlfriends and the last therapy session in face or basic place that I had with her, I would buy myself. Oh and she hit on that. What happened to every time I go with somebody else.

I think she wanted to ask who the is this now? Uh And she asked me so I told her I said, well I've never been alone. I have never been alone. One of my really good mates, the guy that lives in Australia, he told me he was, you know, you've never been alone right? You're always surrounded by people. You're always uh And that was one of my insecurities bro. It's just being alone man. Not feel, not feeling fucking wanted, not feeling cool. Not feeling like people wanted to talk to me. What the heck is going on? So I will go for my relationship to another. Uh And my therapist would tell me you're masking your trauma with other people. You are you're seeking that external validation. You're not working on yourself. If you're not doing that. Talking about what happened that day, it's not going to make you any better if you don't move forward from it. And I was like, what do you mean? I didn't want to go to therapy to begin with Because therapist doesn't know what it's like to shoot somebody, therapist has never been shot at.

That was my thought process right. Mm hmm. Of course I was wrong. Uh Like of course man. And that's a that's a big misconception that a lot of people have and that's a thought that a lot of people have, you know, it's like, it's like saying, well I'm not going to go and see this oncologist because they've never had cancer. Mhm. So what would they know? Exactly. And uh I was just, you know, I was very close minded in a lot of ways. I was like I said, and I would tell her that I said, ma'am, I'm so close minded, I'm selfish, You know, um I think my ship does not stink and clearly does a whole lot. I've got a good job at the moment. You know, I had just got an officer of the month at the police department, so I was a cocky asshole man and it just hits you. You're sitting down one day and you break down crying and you have an episode because you're drunk and you miss your buddies and somebody else commit suicide and somebody else does this.

So I will tell her all these things and she told me, he said, look, you know what you need to do. You need to replay those conversations that we've had about Gonza passing and about your other friends, You know, committed suicide. You need to hear yourself, you pay attention to what you're saying and you need to be a while you're saying it. Exactly, and you need to be alone, how you say it, how you think, when you say things are important and be alone. Don't depend on over the moment. You learn how to be by yourself and be happy by yourself and you work on yourself, it's the moment that somebody else comes into your life, not to give you happiness, but to add onto that bullshit, you know what I mean? Like we're doing this together meant suck. Yeah. You don't complete me. I don't complete you. No, you're your own woman. And my old man, we've both been through the wringer life has put us in a way here. Now. What good was I doing to people around me? Just not girlfriends for friends in general? If I was always thinking about myself, if I don't always pull out the whole, oh, my friend died card.

Oh, my feet. Oh, my feet hurt so I can run. I can walk. My feet hurt. I need to go home and the police department, I did a few times. Hey, my feet are purple, I I would get holes in them. They'll get yellow said, I gotta go home instead of just sucking it up. It's not going to change. I'm always going to be in pain. Um So the therapist man throughout the years, she's told me she goes, you know what? You look happy man? I'm like, what do you mean? She goes, we've been working together, I had a conversation with her on the phone due to Covid, she asked me on the phone and I was like, I was on the phone. Um She was just sound happy. Mr Gilbert, I'm glad I told her, I said, well ma'am, this is going on, this is going on at work. You know, my father was still alive. I have not talked to her since he passed. Oh, I was like, I'm in a good mental state. I'm working with a buddy of mine. He's helping with my fitness, my overall health doing well. I'm back in school. I finished school here in july, which I hate, but you know, I gotta I gotta get it done. And she's saying, she goes, why do you think that is?

So I told her I was like, hey, you were right. I was trying to fill up a big hole in me that with the company of others that will always make me want to be with them, but not in a healthy way because they're not me. They haven't experienced without experience. So, I started working on me, started doing what you told me. I started doing what my boy Sean is telling me, start doing all these little things, man and keeping in touch with people that I want to keep in touch with. So she was so happy, man. She's glad that I've never been medicated on antidepressants. Well, I did once when I got out, but I dropped them and so she's happy that I take this the more natural way on things on creating. I'm talking to people about how my body works. You know, you a what stretching what I do because when you do all those things man For somebody that's known me when I was 22 when I first got out of the army to now And for her to tell me in 10 years, this is the first time she notices a change in my voice.

She notices a change of how I say things and what I tell her how I tell her she goes, it's fucking great man. You are not the only one, but there's people out there that still do this. So if you fight your traumas in the demons, you know the bad thoughts, the alcohol man, you learn how to live in moderation. You can live a good life. Oh, you have to be rich and that helps, you know, talking to someone therapy helps man um fitness helps your mental health is like you said, it's the most important thing. You and you see others and you change your view and others. You don't look at other people as well. You don't look at other people as well. You're sucking wind and bitch sometimes I do at work, but sometimes they deserve it. It's just minimal stuff. But then you also realize, man, maybe this is a traumatic event for this guy who knows, you know, uh, so you learned how to be a little more fair and neutral to what goes on around you. And you put that military mind set aside, but you use it to your advantage, you're disciplined, you seek for help, your humble man that ship humbles you, most people will put put a bunch of veterans to stay in shape and do this in the room and I think There's some arrogant motherfucker's 100% bro because it reflects under insecurities if you're a secure person and you accept your batshit and you're working on your mental health, you're working on your fitness.

If I see somebody else that's fit, that's got proper posture man that when he talks he looks at you in the eyes and shakes your hand and stream I'm not thinking he's a cocky dude, I'm thinking man this month marks a stand up guy and I'm gonna hang around this pitch, This motherfucker is is comfortable in his own skin, he fucking knows who he is, that he understands what his values are and he knows the sort of people he wants around him one 100% men or women, you know I've met a lot of women that are super, super sure of themselves, I've been through a lot of bullshit man but they're strong fucking women and yeah I would rather work. Yeah I would rather when if you see somebody like that around you Yeah that's my looking woman bro, you know like nothing's been given and if it has been given she's earned that ship and she understands that it's a confidence thing, its not being arrogant, it's being confident, It's understanding that life can be really shitty, but it could be beautiful and most of the time it's fucking beautiful.

It puts keeps of people around you that just make you want to be a better version of yourself. You know, you meet that one fuckingo that damn girl, you squat more than me. Yeah, it's fucking dope bro, you know? Yeah, that's sick man. Um something I want to start winding up the episode with is something that you've mentioned numerous times was the mindfulness and managing your thoughts because at the end of the day man, everyone turns their lights off and they go to bed and it doesn't matter what you have in your life material bullsh. It doesn't matter how big your fucking houses, how many cars you have, whether you have a swimming pool, how big your family is, how much money is in your bank, fucking block your portfolio block None of that ship matters. The only thing that you're fucking left with is your own thoughts, right? Are those thoughts, Are those thoughts serving you or are they sabotaging you? You know, now you've you've mentioned numerous times that you're not a robot? You're you know, you go through these emotions and emotions are just that they're fleeting.

They come and go, right. So the whole idea of mindfulness is being able to take note of these emotions and then let them pass. Don't attach any meaning to different feelings, okay, And then you take that um Pragmatic approach where you go? All right? All of these things came up. I meditated for 10 minutes or whatever. You know I didn't dwell on anything. All these thoughts came through my mind. I didn't attach any meaning to them, I let them pass. And then you reflect on that and we'll talk about an ai are in a moment, we reflect on that and then we decide what we're going to act upon and we decide what we ignore. And you know that I think that's really powerful man. Have you? What's your experience been with that? And how has that changed your mindset before? Before we linked up? Uh I like to think that I have my ship together and my thoughts will come up and they'll come up Brandon, right? And then there were some dark fucking thoughts. Uh but I knew how to shut them off. They just go to sleep.

Dude, just close your eyes, Just pop a melatonin or two or three, see what happens. And hey man, whatever was available to feel good a little bit and uh you know I started thinking that I will wake up super anxious, How will wake up? And the first thing I would do is look at my phone because I didn't want to miss something from someone and or another one of my friends committed suicide. That sh it sucks bro. They call us again. One of the boys, No off themselves were like, fuck, why don't you, why don't you call me? Maybe I was asleep? Let me not sleep. Do you think, man? Am I okay? Am I gonna one day fucking look at my block and say, you know what bro, join them, you know what I mean? You sir, you fund your mind fuck. But your surroundings are important, I believe and the pillars that you have a life and friendship.

Friendship, something that we take care of. We don't we take for granted a lot of times, you know, people think you need a friend there, I think, you know, our relationship is dope because when my dad, dad, we talked about my dad and then we can still talk about, you know, your dive, you're diving, you fucking playing tennis. Never in a million years without picture playing tennis. Uh so it's cool because we're in different countries, you're always traveling. I'm always traveling the same thing with all my other friends in Australia and Ecuador in the States. I got one of my really good friends in texas I can talk to about these thoughts to certain people. So I began to work with you man and I, whenever I go to bed and I'm having a thought creep up, it's usually on a certain date, right? It's uh man secretary, right, anniversaries, These are triggers and before I will cry therapeutic party. Uh just blame everybody. Self sabotage. Self destruct, whereas, and I see a lot of my friends doing that now, man, a lot of guys that are serving through that now and I see their lives may not feel bad, but I can't, I can't intervene in your life if you don't want to help yourself, I'm not that's not my job.

But I see where I've come to since seeking for help since doing the things that the government, the army gives us. We just don't take advantage of that because you know, like we said, we don't want to see this week. So when this starts creeping in and now I'm like, all right, Damian, get your ship together girl. If I need to, I will stand up, walk around a little bit in my room, It's kind of dark, you know, I turn out little diffuser on with all these little fucking essential oils, I don't know what the funk I'm mixing, but it smells good and it calms me down. She feels good, it calms me down. I uh you know, just probably put some white noise and just think, what, why am I thinking? This is an anniversary? If it's an anniversary. How are his parents? You know, how are Gonzalez parents do it and my present in their life and my only present in their life when their son's anniversary? No, so those things meant calm me down because in a way I can bring my friend back. What if I'm not taking care of me, I'm down the drain, there's so many and not just veterans bro, I think a lot of people suffer from a lot of mental health.

All you gotta do now is go on instagram and if if you're a guy or girl, whatever you're going to see somebody with a better body than yours, that could just be enough to get you depressed and you don't take, you know what I mean? Like you don't take your mental health to that extent and if you let your mind play that game and play that role that you're gonna believe, you're less than that person, you're gonna believe, you don't deserve to be alive and you're going to believe that but who am I to judge those people? Right? So when they creep up to me I'm like no, not today dude, I got so much to live for, I got so much to look forward to men that I've done so much work on myself that I will not give in to those memories, I will not give in to those nightmares, I will not give in to those bad thoughts because I have a good fucking life bro, you know it's where I'm at right now is dope, I have good friends, health, my family, you know, even with my dad going I'm grateful, you know what I mean? Like uh the job that I have so yeah man when they pop up um I look at my life, that's all I do.

I said look at all the work you've done, look what you've been through, look at the people you got the chance to meet everyone even if it's just for a day that was a cool fucking person, you know don't give in to that that it's a bad moments, not about life, it's just a bad moment man. So I put that shirt away, I breathe. I uh you know sometimes I was so dumb I would start doing push ups like this, bring my heart rate up, you idiot. But then again adding stress on top of stress exactly which is why I reached out man because I was like I gotta figure it out, I'm talking about I damn I can sleep for real. So help bro when I asked that and so yeah when they come up I'm man I I always say man I'm forever grateful dude because I can look at things differently man, I was able to look at things differently, you know what relationships go south now man, okay you were here to teach me something, hey I was there to teach you something uh and past relationships.

You know you made me reflect that it was me so now I can go on to be a better person to understand that we all have this ship but if we don't work on it man and it's great that you mentioned earlier, you guys are expanding to not just military personnel that your expensive, I think everybody should have, you know, be knowledgeable. We're cognizant of the swiss a thing because usually you seek the coach or the program, the program doesn't seek you. So if you have these tools out there for people and you make a note for them, it man, it's we all go through a wild roller coaster and in our mind, if you can, if you can understand how your mind works, if you can understand you're going to have those bad thoughts, man. You know, there's sometimes is just images pop in my head of fucked up bodies and Shit. But I'm like, Hey, that was 10 years 11 years ago bro. That that should go, Don't, don't let that be your present or your future. Mm hmm. Yes, it was a part of, it was a part of your history.

It is a part of, you know, the events that shaped the person that you are. But they add to your character. They don't define your character. Yeah. And once you get that under control, you realize you're you're just another person here man. If you do your part, your act of kindness can be on to somebody else and then that person passes it on to somebody else and then fucking it's a beautiful thing, man. Which is why I think social media, social media is nice if used properly. Social media is nice. Uh Yeah, it's a tool bro. Yeah something you just said then brought up something that I heard recently on a podcast or read or something like that. Um But the guest was saying um you know the difference between external validation which you spoke about earlier where you're filling the void with people with girls with alcohol blah blah blah blah. Like if your externally validated as opposed to internally validated like internally validated people are those that can go to sleep at night and go you know I did the best that I could today and I tick the boxes um I take the winds off the list.

I move myself in the right direction. I'm comfortable with who I am, I'm stable with my emotions. Um you know I can be at my best So that I can help other people be at their best that's internally validated people. But externally validated people are driven by um you know those external things. So if I meet if you're externally validated and you meet you know 10 people you see 10 people throughout the day but they're having a ship day and they don't validate you, they don't compliment you that now fox you up and affects your day. Right? So externally validated people are constantly like you know at the whim of everyone else's emotions and you're right man look at look at the look at the fitness industry right? Oh look at that people that want to influence others right? Uh you have really good people but you also have you also have bad people and uh like you said when you were trying to show people the best of you and you that's who you are and even a remember when you eat a tiger and sometimes you don't want nobody to fucking sit with you because you want to eat by themselves, you want to have your me time and that's so important bro.

People, he's a nasty just because they want to eat with you. Oh bro, He's your whereas coaches dude, 70 people in the class, 60 people on the bus, 40 them to private. You want time. Yeah that that is a great point man. Like you know, people do think I'm gonna school sometimes because you know when I'm, when I'm busy at Tiger man during high season, we got 456 100 people coming through the doors man and you know there's fucking 40 50 60 people in the class man, I'm giving my all and I'm at the gym for you know, 12 hours man and you know, I I give myself like 30 minutes to eat, right and then I finish a class people come up to me, They start asking me all these questions and I try and point them in the right direction. But now I've got a client in 15 minutes time. So now I've only got 15 minutes to eat, you know, Or I do have that 30 minute time, but I've got to eat, I've got to get my, get through my emails, get through my social media shit, reply to messages and ship because I do restrict my time on my phone throughout the day and then someone comes and sits down and I'm like, Hey, you know, just give me, give me a little time here.

I've got, I've only got 10 minutes to get through this ship before I got to get back to work man. You know, dude like you sucking get it. But then other people like, oh that guy's an asshole because he doesn't want to interact with and I was like, hang on a second, I've got ship that I need to do for myself so that I can, once I get this ship done then I can start um you know dedicating time, energy and effort to other people. But I'm one of those people, man, like I need to get my own ship done squared away first so that I can relax and I can then enjoy being in the company of others. And as you said earlier man, you know, so many people, they go out for dinner and they're on their fucking phones all the time, May I make it a point that you know, if I'm going out for dinner, I know that I'm meeting up with people, my phone is not on the table, it's in my little bum bag and it's down on the ground, my phone is never on the table and I like very rarely ever pull it out while some with other people, because I want to make sure that the time that I'm dedicating to them is the time that they're fucking getting and I'm not dispersing my attention between these multiple things.

Remember this quality time, remember, yep, we are phones would be forking out of sight hey what night, steak night bro bro? Uh was it Wednesdays Wednesday? I got these, I get these random messages from Cat. So for people that have been listening for a wildcat has been a guest on the podcast a couple times I interviewed her and then she's been on as a guest on the coach's corner and uh I get these random messages from cat like on Wednesdays every now and again, it's like Wednesday dot dot dot reply steak night. I'm crazy. I remember that because man, what would I give for a good looking steak and none of us will have our phones out. We it was so cool man, because you enjoyed that banter you and man. And you know what a lot of, I think a lot of people also think, oh you're just trying to live that lifestyle to Yeah, because it's fucking good.

Yeah. And as you said dude, like it changes the dynamic of the conversation. Yeah. 100% the atmosphere in that uh for that hour or hour and a half was great man you have you know uh you Joey cat. Uh we have uh joy myself sometimes Jr bogo and it was just conversation. Yes exactly yeah it was convert yeah and it was good to know that which is also brought, this just reminded me he went out the times that I spoke with him and even now sometimes the messages suit, he's been such an awesome dude, damned out. You know what I mean? Even when when like ships loaded tiger, he was always positive after this covid stuff and stuff like that. So yeah we would all be there talking meant to me. I would like to just take it all in. It's we're from, I'm from Ecuador, one of the smallest countries in South America and here I was sharing life experiences with you guys and it was fun.

That's when I started like changing gears in my mind. Yeah I was like man this is not all bad bro, it's a beautiful fucking thing that you have like minded people that don't just bitch about their day, don't just cry about their significant other, Don't just blame it all on everybody else. We're there and during the moment talking about his experiences or how what we can do to be better coaches, what we can do to uh enjoy our time interacting. Hey steak, okay on friday will bring much to coaches development, you know what I mean? So I think we take for granted that and most people fall into the system of what I have to work but I can just, I can just quit my job and move to Thailand like you did, I'm not telling you to do that But you can't implement little things that will help you not be such a bitter motherfucker other Goddamn time, you know, enjoy your life, enjoy your wife, enjoy your husband, enjoy what you have man because I thought I was going to have my dad for another 10 years bro and now I think about it like man, my dad never saw me getting married, you know what I mean, like fun, so the moment we learned how to enjoy what we have, whether it's a little or a lot bro, I was so happy with the scooter in an apartment over there, you know what I mean by chilling dude, so yeah it's a good lifestyle man and again you know what it all ties down to people think it all ties into fitness training to be to your body, fuck no man, there's a bunch of really fit people that are really weak mentally yeah being grateful for your mental sanity man, it's great looking at asking for help just okay and I can't emphasize this so like often but enough because I used to fucking had, I had it all figured out, you know I had all figured out my trauma was my responsibility, which I still believe but I that was a superficial guy.

I went in to see my old this is why I got rid of all of instagram. You noticed I have the DJ neckline man, I had a good following, I had a bunch of lights but my I will catch myself posting and then I would just be checking, checking, checking, checking, checking, checking on o ship 300 some lights fun. Yeah. Oh 600 lights on a shirtless picture. Oh okay. You know and then it was what the fudge are you doing idiot. None of this matters. Catch yourself man. Yeah it feels good. It feels good then. Especially if you have a bunch of kingship that you don't do it. It feels great. You feel once you feel good, That's that again, that's the external validation bro. You still sucking, you go to your fucking still turn your light off and crawling into bed at night and you're left with your own thoughts and now those thoughts like why did that picture only get fucking 60 likes? You know that's the difference bro, you get that Mhm Part three of this incredible conversation with Damien Gilbert is done and dusted.

We have one more installment left. If you've enjoyed this conversation as much as I have, please make sure you share it to your stories. Tagged myself and Damien. Both links will be in the show notes. If you believe that this conversation can help any of your friends and family, please make sure you pass it off to them, and the five star ratings and reviews are much appreciated. Much love Guys, Peace.

Client Corner: Damian Gilbert part 3
Client Corner: Damian Gilbert part 3
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