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Coaches Corner: What strategies are we currently using?

by Shaun Kober
February 18th 2021

I've had so many great conversations with friends and colleagues about what we see happening in the fitness industry, and thought to myself, "I wish we would have recorded that."

what does it mean to live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best. Leave nothing on the table. That's a non negotiable is that I I strive to be better every day because if I'm not on top of my game, how is anybody else gonna follow me down the road? Keep demanding more of yourself to to live up to that potential and to stay hungry. Training is progress. You know, when I look at the word training, I think of steps, baby steps to get somewhere that you want to be and that is basically your life journey. That's a mindset itself, man, it's like it's not just about I know that for you, a lot of that's about the physical, but we're constantly in training, whether it's growing our skill sets, whether it's growing our physical bodies, whether it's growing our relationships whatever and all of that is a training ground and that kind of goes back to the mindset that we just talked about. You underestimate yourself and you don't even start, but then once you start, you often surpass what you thought you could do performance your best mate. That's that's sort of what life is all about. You don't have the knowledge and have the fitness to healthy ambition and drive that no matter what comes along when that next phone call comes, I can just say yes, I don't have to worry, just go and do it.

You know what is up guys, welcome to the coach's corner episode with my man will photon, who's returning this is part two of a one hour, 40 minute conversation in this episode. We discussed some of the strategies that we're using with ourselves, some of the things that we've used with our clients in recent months. We talk about the current state of the fitness industry and we also discuss social media influences. So stay tuned for part three coming up in the future where we'll be covering off on some Q and A's that have come in from some of my listeners, let's get this episode underway. Well, some of the strategies that you've um kind of put in place to practice, being more mindful. Uh I write down every evening, my plan for the day after. I think it's a big one again at the moment, there's a lot of like self help stuff, which is very, very wishy washy in the respective, it's like telling you to write down a journal which is the size of 384 pages about everything where ships in the way man, we've all got stuff to do, but it's being focused on what you're trying to achieve from that and and getting the job done and moving forward, not procrastinating and sitting there and trying to overthink stuff.

I think like me. I I beginning of every quarter, I write down what my my goals are physically, what my goals are mentally spiritually, mentally spiritually, my goal from a business standpoint and my goal from recreational standpoint and I mean you used to be eight weeks of work, go and travel, go and see. I just said every place that I haven't been to, obviously this year we can't. So now I'm using ST well there's a couple of, you can go to the hotels here, we've got one in, in january, we'll give him for christmas, but we'll do another one in a couple months time just to have a break and hopefully this vaccine comes out. But yeah, I'm a big look at your plan. Have it somewhere where you can actually see it. Don't just write in the book and leave it there for three weeks. I mean, I have it on my ipad, I have it on my uh, my board next to me and then every night I plan my date, I just plan my day because then I can see gaps when I've got time for me gaps where I've got time for others and I've got time, I got gaps where filled with miscellaneous stuff. So that's sort of how I got through it.

For sure. Yeah, that's awesome. And so I do recall from our last conversation, you said that that was something that you want to work on was your time management. So you've obviously started putting those processes in place and um, and tweaking and refining that and figuring out what works for you. Um That's awesome. And how often do you, so you've obviously um set some projections for the next quarter. Did you say you you look at quarterly? Yeah. I do not need a target. Uh, They're not, they're moving, they're like a ballpark because we all know Covid. It literally threw the spanner in the works. Last time we were talking, we were in lockdown and I flipped my business upside down, which was, which was awesome. Where I'm very similar man. I used that from a, from a a physical standpoint from, from the people that I work with one on one. Uh, and also the big thing that I want to do this year is just what we're doing right now is provide educational impact for people that stuck. That's what it likes me up is seeing someone get that Eureka moment of actually fucking Now if I actually do get to bed a bit earlier, I had a lady come before.

She hasn't slept properly for months and she's because she trained so hard and she hasn't been eating carbohydrates. So we gave us some cops. I said a bit of stress man. She made her or rings lighting up that she's getting the best sleep she had. I'll let you go. This is fucking epic. She's looking at me like, well, you must be you. What's up with you And I'm like, it's not your fucking wizard. Just have some honey and oats before bed Foster. Suddenly completely I didn't get a lightsaber or something, but it is, yeah. That's why I want to do this year is similar to what you've done is give people a voice of reason, everyone's different situations so different and it's confusing man. But that's, that's the best part of it. Is that is, that is a journey posts of you learning about yourself and realizing, realizing your dark spots make, that's what I learned last year you've done? NLP. So you all know clearly is the dark spaces between your ears mate. You've got to shine light on them and, and work on them. You're never going to be perfect because if you're going to be perfect, you're gonna be boring about anything else. But your, that is what I found is over the last few weeks.

Is it sort of weeks, months is taking responsibility, give myself a break and giving myself a timeframe. I found this a lot. Give me a lot of structure. Yeah, that's awesome man. So you obviously project, but do you also reflect on the last quarter before you then go into those projections? Yeah, I, I, I look at what didn't, what I didn't well like whether that's very stable but in business because it's easy or physical. What worked for me. What didn't, I mean physically, I mean, I know we were gonna talk, we're gonna talk about type styles of training is when I worked in the muscle nerds two years ago, they my, they massively flip my training to be a lot more speed dominant because I'm very from, from for me, I'm very strong, but I'm not as quick as I want to be and the intent of that gave me a reflection of throughout my training cycle now, I'm not going anywhere near as much just heavy stuff. I'm adding a lot of speed working because I can shift some tin man, but I need to, I want to, I want now people don't know, I do jujitsu, so I'm just, I'm learning, I'm full on rookie man, but if I can be quick, it's way more beneficial than me just being strong.

So you can actually, you can actually, you know, move a little bit faster to get into more advantageous positions to be able to utilize your strength. Exactly, and and and as you said, get myself out of situations faster, which is another one. But then from a business standpoint, I reflect on what went well what didn't they're massively because again, people were into her pt listen to this will be everyone is driving you to go online. Everyone's saying online is the only way one on one's dead, blah, blah, blah, blah blah, but nothing beats human interaction anyway with that. When you're online, you just sat at a desk job, people forget like you're gonna sit there if you're gonna probably a good coach, you gotta co someone you can't just drop like our sweet, you got six times eight bench press see you later. Yeah, that's not what coaching is and that's where I yeah man that's that's an awesome point. Like I love working with people one on one as opposed to group classes because I actually get to identify any imbalances dysfunctions and things like that. Ask questions about pain and discomfort or whatever and then you know work through some skills and drills to address those things, get people moving more efficiently and you know you can only fucking do that face to face you know?

But what I found with my online coaching is it's a lot more about you know the psychology and the behavior and it's it's like to be honest man like yeah dude a lot of the time like my online coaching clients, I barely fucking talk about training. You know obviously I'm going to touch on the training plan. I'm gonna ask him if there's any exercises that don't quite feel right. Send me a video front side back. Um Tell me where the discomfort is baba well let's give you some alternate exercises. Okay but that's like such a fucking small parts like 10% of the conversation that I have with my clients the majority of the time it's like, hey how are you sleeping? How's your energy levels right now has your libido house, you you know how are you moving? You know how are you feeling throughout the day? You know what are you noticing with yourself? You know and I'm asking them to reflect on the last couple of weeks and give me a review of the changes that they're making on a day to day basis and how that's affecting them. Your educator, there's a difference between being a teacher and you're, you're, that's why you enjoy personal interaction is because everybody's different and just like you said, we've got tools in the toolbox, as I mentioned about that lady who was in carbohydrate, I'm fully aware of the mechanisms of why that worked.

She doesn't need to know the biochemical and pathways. Now she just needs to know that she could not be weird and eating carbohydrates, not a bad thing. But that information is what coaching is about. That's what that's what people either they're paying for, what they're looking for is everyone you can go on any, there are so many programs out there that's so well written that are cheapest chips, but unless you're part of a tribe, unless it gives you some form of former attribution with some accountability or you're not actually having someone give a fuck about you. Those are why people will always need coaching and that's not, I don't get me wrong, I'm really, I want to go online to provide more impact and help for more people, it's not a get rich schemes, sit on bali and do three hours of work, if you, if anybody is doing online coaching, you're sitting there like a dickhead after work, doing donate hours of PT? And then you've got four hours of online coaching that's not glamorous, like coaching his coaching, you're in the trenches, relish being in the trenches, don't try and run away from it and be this guy who's Oh yeah, I'm chasing instagram followers, instagram followers will come and who gives a fuck?

Like, if you're actually helping people, that's what you're here for, you know? Yeah, that's a good point. If you're if you're chasing followers, like you're doing it for the wrong fucking reasons and like, you'll be found out, I'm so scared of being found out I'm the opposite, I like instagram, I use it as a tool, but I studied every day just so that someone clever than me cannot bring me up and say what you're talking about the kid because because it's important that I don't want to give people misleading information where I think this is so much glamour fication of, of so much bullshit on it on social media is so frustrating. They said there's a guy called dan Gardner who's who's who's you've heard of him, he's in the UFC, he's a nutritionist and he hasn't got he hasn't got social media, the dude, if you really stop his stuff is fucking and mental, but he says, I can't go on social media because it's so far, he's such a geek though, man, he's such a nerd, but he's like, I can't use social media because I feel like I've got to be a cheerleader, which I don't agree with that totally.

But on the things that I understand why he's doing it, I use it because I want to empower, motivate and inspire people to pull their finger at the fucking arson and earn the right to do something. Not here's my whatever is uh some some discount code for some horseshit product, that's, I don't even take myself, you know, and I think that that's where it's very frustrating. Yeah, yeah, I do, I am an ambassador for a couple of things um for swiss a which is a fucking proactive mental health program and you know, that's to help people and fucking important things in their life and that's that's actually, but you're you're using a platform, a global platform to massively help and dictate people's behavior who X veterans or even they're not expected to add something to their life that's going to set their standard and take them to the next level. We're not using the swiss, that isn't using social media to glorify some horseshit thing, that's that's not out there is saying, look, we've got your back and that's what I think this is the cool thing is like you can either use use tools for the right reasons for the wrong reasons why I use it.

I use instagram to interact and watch people who I admire or what inspire me or who I respect or I use that information and take that and process it and find out stuff I don't you, I I don't use and advise that your list listeners as well. Is anyone on instagram that you find that you feel is not helping you been a because it's a waste of your time scrolling around, looking at shit is wasting your time. Working with what you said is listed, comment with a fellow's name. The fellow you did it after our podcast, the Head of State. You did a podcast of Adrian. Adrian yeah, weapon. And it's funny. I've given it my all my clients, ex veterans themselves and you can then understand the processes of why that company is out there to build structure around guys who are coming out the military or still in the military. And that's, that's the beauty of what we do is we, there's two sides of this coin, right? There's people in it for money which they get found out. There's people that are building impact that are going to hope that in the long term the compound interest of building impact is more financial reward and that's where social media should be, which hopefully as you said, we can start putting a dent in.

Yeah man, that's a good point about the social media. Like how are you? I've literally had people, um follow me, I don't know who the fuck they are and they're like, why are you following me back? I'm like, well I don't know who the fuck you are, I'm not I'm not friends, I'm not friends with you. And I'll have a quick flick on the instagram account or social media account or whatever. And I'm like, none of the shit interests me. Like I don't want to see this stuff, I'm not going to learn anything from, I'm not getting anything from it, so no, I'm not going to fucking follow you. You know, the people that I follow I either know personally or you know, I can learn from and you know, it's the people that I want to learn from, um you know, big names in the industry that I trust and respect and go to for information. I'm not on the instagram to get that information. Like, I'll have a look at what they're putting out and you know, maybe they've put out a new podcast with um you know, another guest. So I'll go and listen to that episode here, the long form conversation, see what they have to say and actually get some real fucking context because how much context can you pour it into a one minute video?

Oh, but it is. So How many times do you see? Like, you know, Jim people see stuff on Instagram and they'll do it again. We do professionally. So with a client, they haven't got any understanding of the reasoning behind them and I think that's where a friend of mine put a post up and it was a picture of Spartans and it said training in the 90's And that had a picture of this boy sat during a wall, sit with the squeezy ball in between his legs blowing and blowing a pipe and he said training in 2020. And it was so funny because it makes you really think like the basics win and people will see like, again, I obviously, your tire style of training is very much different from what I, I love as well, but the guys you're doing, it's all very similar, but it's all the intensity is what they're doing, what they're doing. It is what the matter where the magic is not. Oh yes, sweet wooded hillsides today, You have a reason for it? Whereas you see so many people are picking shit off of social media and not having context and not giving it a well, how is this fitting in my bigger picture?

Or someone's bigger picture? Yeah, that's a great point man. Like so many people look at, you know, some of the training plans that I'm or the training sessions that I was putting Peter Young through prior to his um UFC title shot against Jose Aldo and, you know, they asked me questions about that and I'm like, what do you think about this? What do you think about this? Can I implement this? And blah, blah blah blah and I'm like, we fucking can, if you want, I don't care, I don't care what you do have a cracks on getting it after, you know, But but they don't understand that, you know, that is my specific preparation phase. I've gone through my general physical preparation for fucking 2.5 years and five fight camps before that, built that base. So now I've got all these tools to be able to choose from, to be able to apply the right tool at the right fucking time. That's literally I think this is can take that and do that with anything. Like it's not just training, it's whether you are using stuff to motivate, you are using stuff to period I should day whether you're using the nutrition protocol, there has to be a method for the madness.

The reason for the madness, sorry, because just just willy nearly shotgun effect picking shit and just using it brilliant and gives you that instant gratification, right? But our clients are asking for instant gratification. They're asking for either results or massive life change that takes strategy that takes systems that takes actually some days, they're just not ready for it. Some days they have to literally make, you're not worth the gym today. You need to go to bed or you need to eat like rush and that that's where the magic is. And that's not dampening people's expectation. That's just saying that unless you're willing, you shouldn't, but whatever you're trying to do, you need to invest a bit of time and whether that's five minutes or five hours is at least try and find out a reason because not every, whatever everyone is doing, it is not necessarily the correct way for you or what's operating in your current lifestyle. He said prime example, Patreon is an elite level mm a crazy motherfucker, who would you give him, you say run through a warhead with your backwards?

He went through it. Not a problem is like how many times? Yeah, sweet he start headbutting people as he walks through it. Where is he talking to her mom with three kids and you're telling her to do assault bike interviews. She's not slept and she hasn't eaten anything mm Never to the madness man, sorry we are today. Well you're gonna use your pt session, you're gonna go for a walk on your own, get off your phone on instagram and get a book in your ear and that's what time for you because the bigger picture is I know that's gonna give me the physical effect that I want you to have not slamming the fuck out of you so suddenly you're thinking you're vomiting. Yes, useless. Yeah man, this is that's a very difficult conversation to have with people though, but this is why I'm an educational coach is because if if I get, and I've had this before bro, where you know, and this is why this kind of why I started this podcast as well, it's it's literally kind of for selfish reasons so I can improve my communication skills, right? Because I'm constantly learning this shit, but you know, if I get to teach it, I get to learn it twice.

But you know, I've had people come into the gym and I've asked them about their day, how are they feeling? Have you slept, you know, house? I've had the fucking I've had a terrible day, I slept through my alarm, I'm fucking catching every red light on the way to work, I've eaten like shit, blah blah blah. You know, had a fight with the missus as I was walking out the door. All right, well, we're not going to have you with training today, you know, let's let's lay down on the ground, let's go through, let's go through some breath work for 10 minutes, let's bring you into a parasympathetic state. And then, and they're like looking at me, going, what the fuck are you on about, man? Yeah, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna have it myself and I'm like, well let's talk about the autonomic nervous system, let's talk about stress, let's talk about this, let's talk about that and you know, it's it's only when you are able to communicate these things and you get that client by in and they actually understand why the fuck they're doing something that they actually go all right, cool, there's a tool that I can put in my toolbox and if I've had a stressful day now I know that I'm probably gonna need to do something that's going to relax me a little bit and bring that bring those stress levels down.

If they've had a good day, they've slept well, they're well hydrated. You know, they're very productive at work. They've eaten good food throughout the day and the energy levels are high when they get into the gym in the afternoon. How you feeling today? Yeah man, feel really fucking good and you can see it in their body language bro. All right, let's get after it today. Your stress levels are low in other areas, so now we can ramp it up here and that's the point. It's like, you know, we need to as coaches, we need to be able to see where our clients are at what state they're coming into the gym in so then we can go all right, let's manipulate this session to give you just the fucking right dose, right? Because everything's does everything is dose dependent, if I do too much, then I'm now taking away from that energy, their limited energy that they have that's coming from their food, right? So if I'm taking away if I do too much work in the gym, I'm taking away from their energy now, they don't recover and adapt, right, All they're doing is staying in this fucking perpetual recovery cycle and they're not and I think at the end, being in our industry is you can't just be looking at coaching session by session like it did the session, if they turn up in that state, you mentioned about their fucked and they've got literally nothing in the till, you drilling them harder into the floor and they've got to be there with you, they travel you three days a week, you've got another two days of them, save your ammo man next round like you want to make sure when they come back to the gym there are covered and ready to ramp it up, not if someone's coming to you and they're not geared up to train hard, there's a reason for it and it doesn't mean I think that people suddenly don't get twisted is we're not saying uh being a pussy like you you you're not taking responsibility and you're not coming into the gym and you just can't be, I've had, I mean I had a particular client coming, he just smoked around and didn't want to be there.

My little said to make, just going like this, we'll get coffee man, I've got no interest in studio, I'm trying to make you train you have you got you got nothing wrong, he doesn't work, dudes got low slept, no reason doesn't resonate with his values were not at the gym anymore. So we actually parted ways but my point being is your responsibility in whatever you're doing to turn up but on the flip of it, even if you have turned up, there are things that are out of your control that you must be mindful of. And if it is a case that you said, you just had a shit day, you just you just had a shit day. Your resident like we all have that elephant game of rugby where nothing goes fucking right man. Doesn't matter what you do. You knock on the ball four times, you missed three tackles, you get that turnover. You said you've got, you just got cleaned up. I got broken nose like obviously for the face of a general puzzle out a few times, but we've all had that position and it's very easy to be hard on yourself and go off. And I used to be that guy I used to uh was the most Moby boring motherfucker and couldn't talk to anybody afterwards. But then you suddenly, if you could be objective is just like the guys one game, that's one training session.

Okay, I made a mistake. I didn't sleep, probably didn't eat breakfast and I didn't hydrate. What have I got to get off the floor and go and sort that out, not mope around and do it. And I think we have you see that I think you said that perpetual cycle of of, of stress, getting upset, getting even more stressed about, getting, not fueling it getting upset about and it keeps going around is breaking that cycle and being in the room, so to speak. Yeah, it's done. It's done. Don't fucking don't worry about it. Just go, all right. If I find myself in that situation next time, like I know how to deal with that. Better take some lessons from that. Now, going back to what you're saying before. If someone's training with me three times a week, you know what you said man, it's not about not being a fucking pussy. Yeah, right? Like there's gonna be times, let's say someone's training with me three times a week. Monday, Wednesday friday, Okay, they trained well, monday trained. Well Wednesday. They walk in friday. They're fucking stressed out. You know, they've had a shit night's sleep. They're, you know, they're under the pump at work or whatever. You know? Like you said, it's not about that one day of training, I might still, I might still go, hey, what are you doing this weekend?

And they're like, oh, I'm going away to lay on the beach and relax with my partner and read a book, turn my fucking phone off. All right, cool. Guess what? I'm not going to baby them in in that training session. I'm still going to fucking push him, I'm going to make them work, right? Because they're feeling like shit. So I'm not going to baby them. I'm going to go, right, I know that you're going to have this rest period over the weekend, so let's fucking get after I'm going to make you work hard here. I'm going to build your fucking mental and physical resilience right now. It's not an excuse to fucking be a bitch, right? But if I talk to them and say hey what are you doing this weekend? I've got a um a corporate lunch tomorrow. I'm meeting up with clients and blah blah blah. All right cool. We need to take a little bit easier in this training session, yep. Save some of that energy so you can you know contribute that towards that meeting and then rest, recover sunday, come back in monday and we start again. We get after it again. Well they say from a military standpoint the commonwealth study. It was but there was a study done about the deposit buds testing they 40% rule where they gave the RP scale halfway through or during it.

And they were saying they were all screaming on that nine out of 10 fucked and they all had only 40% of their 40% left. It is so true. And it's met with like there's times where you feel like shit and you have the best session you bet you do hit a pr my missus bringing she hit a PB when she's been on the piss basically for G. B. But like the other times you feel amazing your HIV is like is epic and you're useless like you said is with me and you are we're not cheerleaders. That's give tuning and not tell me that you just like we did the foundation of course to me, he's like, I'm not we're not a cheerleader. Like if you're coming here, you're coming here to work hard. There's there's there's many vary variables we've got around here. But like you said, it's the dose, right? If you know that they've got, they're going to the beach and they're having time often and this is only they can, they're going to have time to recover. It's our responsibility to to give them a nudge to go, let's look, you're feeling like you're feeling that shit, You're not fucked. Come on, we've got another one.

Whereas if they are, you said the world is crumbling around them. I have it more so like quite a lot here with guys who are like I got guys head of a bank and I know just donald trump stuff when shit's getting real with that ginger motherfucker loads of its going with this thing. So yeah, I pull off, I don't mean he doesn't train and make it aerobic and make sure he's doing pre have rehab and make sure we were helping his tight areas bulletproof in his body so he can make that decision is not fucking him on the flip of it. There are days where he comes to because I just need you to hit me and then it's part of the game you like let's go son, come on, we're usually fucking challenges me because I've got to do it with its funny. Yeah, yeah, awesome man. Hey, we're just coming up on an hour now. I've got, I've got a bit of time before I need to bail. But do you still have a little bit of time? You're free In about 40 minutes? Alright Cool. Cool. Let's roll into a roughly another 30 minutes or so and we'll answer as many of these questions as we can. That was an hour of like real fucking conversations.

I knew that was gonna happen bro. Absolutely. It's always going to be the same. You catch up, but it's always just as you said, keep talking shop to the car. Yeah, that's it. That's it. Um So the first question that had came in was how much of a role does your mass play in? How much you can lift? And there we have a part to with my man will vote and all of his links will be in the show notes. The next episode will be a Q. And a session. I've had some questions come in from my listeners. Some of the topics that we discuss is how can I continue building strength? I feel like I've hit a plateau And second question relates to the differences between type one muscle fibers And type two muscle fibers being slow twitch and fast twitch. All right, if you enjoyed this conversation, please make sure you leave me a five star rating and review, Pass it off to your friends and family, and I will see you guys in the next episode. Much love peace.

Coaches Corner: What strategies are we currently using?
Coaches Corner: What strategies are we currently using?
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