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Not "All or nothing"...rather..."Something is better than nothing"

by Shaun Kober
January 11th 2021

The "All or nothing" mindset is killing your GAINZ.

"Something is better than nothing" is a much more practical and sustainable approach

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your, what is up guys, welcome to this episode of the live transform podcast, I'm your host, Sean koba during today's episode, we are going through my five minute fitness tips and this is where I spend around about five minutes giving tips, tricks and strategies on getting the most out of your fitness. In today's episode, we are covering off on the philosophy that something is always better than nothing um in my experience, working as a coach for the last eight years or so, a lot of people simply don't get started on something or don't do something. They don't build those small daily habits consistently um because the stars don't align and you know, they don't have all of the answers and they don't have everything they need to optimize what they need to do to move in the right direction, so they don't do anything at all. Now, this is the classic example of the all or nothing mindset and you know, we all get caught up in this at times, but there's power in understanding where you're at on all or nothing spectrum okay, because the dangers of this mindset is that it is a spectrum and on one side of the spectrum is the all mindset where you're literally all in and you're changing everything at once to achieve the goal that you set for yourself.

The problem with this is that it's difficult to change everything at once. It's difficult to do everything at once um without making those small changes on a day to day basis over long periods of time that then become habit and you know, you can follow this all mindset when you're motivated, but motivation comes and goes, it's fleeting. And if you haven't built those processes on a day to day basis, those small daily habits that add up over time, then, you know, when that motivation fleets then you've got nothing to fall back on. On the other end of the spectrum is the nothing mindset of, I don't have the answers for this, I don't know the right thing to do right now, I don't know what I should be eating, how I should be training etcetera. So I'm just not going to do anything at all. And again, this is a spectrum. And if we understand that it's a spectrum, then it's much easier to understand that, you know, either ends of the spectrum in anything in life, you know, either ends of the spectrum is not where the answers are, the answers are always in the middle.

So, um when we think about it like that, it's much easier to put ourselves in the right mindset to be able to go, hey, something is better than nothing and when we talk about something is better than nothing, it's about looking at those small actions that you can do right now, that's going to move you in the right direction. So let me give an example of this, if you've set a New Year's resolution of um, training three times a week, for example, you know, most people look at a one hour training Session and if they don't have one hour to train then they just go well I'm not going to do anything, I don't have time to follow the program. Okay? Whereas something is better than nothing mindset is like all right, I don't have an hour to train. I've only got 30 minutes today. What can I do in that 30 minutes? That's still going to push me in the right direction and that's still going to benefit me now, it might not be ideal but at the time it is optimal because it's going to move in the right direction and it's going to stop you from moving backwards, which is a better position to be to be able to go into your next workout next time you've got an hour to train.

Cool, you're in a better position you've trained, you've moved, you've done something, you've stopped yourself from moving backwards. So um sometimes it's just about maintaining where you're at and like I said, something is better than nothing and if you schedule in time to go to the gym, I recommend going to the gym and working with the time that you have. Now. Something that I do with my online clients is modular training Where I will give them a 10 minute workout, which might just be A mobility flow. So if they only have 10 minutes that day that's all they fucking hit, Then I'll give them, you know, some 20 minute workouts and that might be some speed work. That might be some power work. That might be some strength endurance work. That might be a hit session. Okay. If they've only got 2030 minutes then that's their option for that day. Um If they've got a full hour to train or a little bit longer than they might go through some strength and hypertrophy work and again it's about looking at the different tools that you have and applying those tools at the appropriate time.

It's not about all or nothing. It's something is better than nothing and if it is important to you, you'll do it every day. If it's not important you'll find an excuse. Now. I do have some programs up on my Youtube channel at performance functional training Where I've put together 10 training sessions That you can do in under 20 minutes. It is called the 10 and 20 series. So if you're short on time but you still want to get some quality work out in some quality movement, you have access to a gym. There's also um training sessions, you can do there with minimal equipment, you can do at home and you can adapt and adjust those movements and exercises to uh the equipment you have available and the space and the environment that you have available. If you want a structured example of what I just spoke about with the mobility, the speed, the power, the stability, the strength, the hypertrophy, etcetera, then go and download the Swiss ate up my program Pft is up on the app.

I'll have links for the Swiss eight app in the show notes to round out this episode. Something is better than nothing and maintaining momentum is much easier than building or rebuilding momentum. So if you're looking to start something, you're better off Doing something that you can manage. It might literally be 10 minutes per day spread out over the course of a week and that's going to build that momentum once you've structured that in, once you've built those habits, once you've made it consistent, then you can start adding on top of that, build the foundation and then start adding the layers. Much Love Guys piece

Not "All or nothing"...rather..."Something is better than nothing"
Not "All or nothing"...rather..."Something is better than nothing"
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