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Live Train Perform Facebook Forum Access

by Shaun Kober
September 14th 2021

The Live Train Perform Private Facebook Forum is the place to connect with other podcast listeners and guests, and to interact with the host, Shaun Kober.

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yo, what is up guys, just jumping in here quickly to let you know that I've just created a live train performed podcast facebook page. So what I want to do with this page is allow the listeners, you guys to have access to myself along with some of the other coaches that have been part of the live train performed podcasts, particularly those that have featured on the coach's corner episodes because a lot of these coaches have a very similar philosophy and most coaches are spooking, most good coaches are spooking the same information, right? And that is that any change is going to be difficult, It's going to require psychological change is going to require behavioral changes and it's going to require doing small things consistently over long periods of time. So there is no magic pill, there's no magic potion that is going to get you from A to Z without your trials and tribulations along the way. So what I want to do with this page is cut through the bullsh It, I also want to use this as a filter because I have had a number of people um request that I answer questions via my Q and M M's um, and also sending me DMS on my social media platforms and then when I follow up with them, you know, a week or two after the episode goes live and I've tagged them in it, they haven't actually listened to the episode.

So whilst it is beneficial for you guys as audience members to um listen to these questions that come in from other people and have them answered. Okay, I'd much prefer to service the people who are actually listened to the podcast. So what I ask from you guys to be a part of the facebook page is simply leave me a rating and review and then send the screenshot through to me. My social media platform is at coach underscore codes K O B E s, I'm going to allow 50 people in for free and then at some stage in the future I am going to monetize this. So just a heads up for you guys, I am building out the next phase of my business which is going to include a website, it's going to include e books around mindset, nutrition training programs etcetera etcetera. So I want to service you guys as best I can and that is going to allow you to get exclusive access to all of this stuff as it comes out as well as being able to interact with me and the other good quality coaches that have participated in the podcast and shared their knowledge and experience.

Um it allow you to you guys to interact with us, ask those questions directly so that we can then service you better if you want to be one of the O. G. S for the live train perform podcast group, Head over to facebook type in live train, perform that group should pop up request access to that. There's three questions that you'll need to answer once you've answered those questions and left a rating and review, make sure you screenshot that, send that through to me on social media. I will grant you access and we'll start building an amazing community much Love Guys.

Live Train Perform Facebook Forum Access
Live Train Perform Facebook Forum Access
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