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Should you undertake fitness challenges or avoid them, with Lizzie Wright

by Shaun Kober
November 1st 2021

Join me for this episode as I speak with Lizzie Wright of UFit Singapore. Lizzie has been a guest on the podcast for the Coaches Corner segment. 
Lizzie is a personal trainer who has a backgrou... More

just jumping in here quickly to let you guys know that I have recently created a facebook group for listeners of the lift train performed podcast. So this private forum is the place to connect with other podcast listeners and guests as well as to interact with myself and other coaches who have provided content for the coach's corner episodes. So in this forum you can ask questions which I can then answer in the group or I can use them for episodes, former Q and A sessions, post relevant articles you can share memes. The goal is to create a network of like minded people um so that everyone can interact with each other. Um you guys are listeners, the audience members can interact with the network of professionals in the fitness industry that have provided good quality content for the podcast. To gain access to this private group. All you need to do is leave me a rating and review what this does is allows me to bump up the ratings, draw bigger names and bigger guest to the podcast for your listening pleasure. Um once you've left a rating and review, take a screenshot of that, send that through to my instagram at coach underscore codes ko bes once you've done that, go onto facebook type in live train perform that group will come up request access, answer the three questions and I will grant you access, I am in the process of building out my online business.

One of the income streams is going to be from the facebook forum, so I'm going to be allowing 50 people into that forum for free after that it will be paid access only. So get in early, be one of the O. G. S. Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Yo, what is up guys, welcome to this episode of the live transform podcast. I'm your host Sean Cobra and joining me again is lizzie right from Singapore Lizzy. How you doing? Hi Sean, I'm good. Thank you. Thank you for having me again. Pleasure. I always love chatting to you. It's always good conversations. We were just chatting offline about what you're up to. Why don't you fill in the audience about what you're doing with your life? You've got a lot on your plate at the moment. Yeah, I do. Yes. So for those who haven't tuned in before, I've been living in Singapore for the last eight years, um traveling around the globe and drawing asia and everything, it's all about the last couple of years have been quite hard in terms of staying grounded on the little islands and little dot of Singapore um and things have started to change and I started taking and making some decisions that are going to help drive me forward into more of a future that I want to see for myself.

So those changes are taking the leap from personal training one on one and going fully online and currently in that process now, which is going amazing at the moment, I just said to Sean like it's, it's been crazy. Cool. Just seeing kind of the last six years of coaching actually coming together now with the decision that I've made to leave the life that I've known in Singapore for eight years and the identity of created and everything I know um I'm going to jump ship and I'm getting to the height of everything where I'm at and I think some people would be mad that I'm kind of jumping it where I'm doing great and I could still be doing great. Really good place. Yeah, we're in a really good place, but I think that's almost the time to take and make that shift because I'm feeling great and education is their business and everything is building and for me right now, number one priority is going home and seeing my family, like it's been, I'll be going in december and I haven't seen them for 2.5 years.

Um so for me it's a priority. Um it started to move, I made some big shifts, always stayed in Singapore because it is amazing weather, the tropics and everything like that and low tax and I get paid well, so you make pretty good money as a coach there, right? I made very good money and I absolutely love it and I love everything about it and what I do, but I actually just had a real mindset and mindset shift in the sense of two stop following, I had to really go through deep into my heart and go, what is it you actually want? Are you wanting like the cash and that kind of part of your lifestyle or do you want to see people you want to be like that you love and everything like, and for me I was like money comes and goes, money will always be there and it will always come and go and for me, I took that kind of pressure off myself and I felt the gas thinking is not about the money, I don't spend a lot of money anyway. Like I live a very simple kind of life and that suits me perfectly.

Um so then in my head I was just like, oh yeah, I'm not gonna, there's no way I'm leaving this for three years that I won't see them. And that was my biggest that's the big decision I made because I haven't really, I've made some big decisions over the last several years but I think it really, it held me close here because I was like, I don't want to leave, like I'm making getting the money in. But then when I make, because you've built, you've essentially build the life that you wanted right? And then, you know, you had these thoughts coming into your mind about miss my family and how long is this going to go on for etcetera etcetera, Let's discuss that because you know, sometimes it's small things that creep into your mind and that seed gets planted and then that grows over long periods of time or and other times it's like a pin drop right? Like what sort of mindset shift did you go through to come to that realization that you know money does come and go and and your number one value and priority right now is spending time with loved ones because maybe the last year and a half or so you know those relationships have become um more important to or you know you realize that those relationships should be higher on your list of priorities.

Mhm. Yeah and I think obviously that's come definitely with age as I've gotten that bit older and I definitely think the last year and a half has been a big shift in that and it's not about for me like being strong enough and kind of holding strong and waiting it out. Like it was a point of I need to do something and I need to take control of my life because at the moment the government is dictating exactly what I'm doing And I feel like as for an expat for me in Singapore, I feel like I'm being watched and every move move I'm making, I can get fat that I found I get fined thousands like $10,000 if I did something not right, not right, I can get shipped out of the country and I just didn't feel I don't feel the same connection to Singapore as I had done from the beginning. So I think for me there's like kind of a multidimensional, there's like a lot of things kind of coming into play but it just came down to I had it in my head and priorities just shifted and it is literally is as simple as that and I stopped thinking about the money and as soon as they're moving money off the table I was like if I could do anything tomorrow and I had no issue to think about money, it would be go home and go see my mom, go see my sister go be my best friends.

And would you stop thinking about the money though? That was it. Like you had enough in your bank to target for yourself. You set a target for yourself. You hit that target and then your mind shift changing like alright well I'm there now, what else do I want to do? Like I've achieved that. What's my number one priority now. So I'm comfortable enough to I don't need to work for several months to know that I don't need to dip into into those savings and I'm and I'm good at and I think I removed I removed the fear I had a I had a long list. I've got a long list. I wrote it all down because I wanted to capture those moments that I had of all the fears and all the reasons why I wasn't going to book that flight and go home and there were several things that were holding me back in terms of, one was a lot of identity and feeling that I was going to be forgotten and that was the whole thing I made and like, you know, with my background and I made several changes over my career and flipped it to from corporate to coaching, which is now my absolute dream of my passion.

And I think because that whole identity has been built here. I found it in my head. I was like, oh my God, but no one knows me in London and no one knows me here. But in truth, people know me from around the world because I've traveled from around the world. So all I need is that one person from each country to make a connection and I'm like, I do that anyway, you know, so, and the world that we live in, you can shift online, which is exactly what you're doing with your business. Yeah. And I think that's, that's powerful because it's just, it's allowed me to adapt and grow and it's um, the moment I removed all of those fears, I just said like, what's the worst that can happen and for me, I'm in a fortunate position, I could go home and set my parents And I don't mind at 31, I literally, I don't know if that's for me, there's so much other stuff going on in the world. Um so I fully appreciate my circumstances that I can go home. I can go spend some quality time my family and not have to worry about when the next paycheck is coming in. So it's as long as I got comfortable with the fact that I wasn't scared about when I had to get the next paycheck and I think that's huge because we do rely on that sometimes, you know, but it's like I made that safety net for myself and it's time to take advantage of the safety net because if I don't take the chance now, when will I ever, I've got no real commitments in terms of relationship Children or anything like that.

So for me, it's like, what are you doing? Like, go see the world where you can, where it's all opening up because for now I'm just, I can't run around the Singapore anymore or do anything else. Like that's it. You know? Yeah. You feel like you've reached your ceiling there. I've reached my ceiling. Like I'll always be open minded, like if I came back, but for now I'm so much more excited about what else is coming and I have no idea what that is and that excites the hell out of me. You know, like I was like, that's whatever. That's awesome because I don't want to pause on that for a second. I'm sorry to interrupt there. I think that's really awesome because you know, so many people when they go through these massive changes, they either look at it as an opportunity or an obligation and an opportunity excites you, even though you're going into the exact same situation, the unknown one person is like, I'm really excited about this. Like this is a chance for me to grow. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, I'm going to go and recreate my identity.

Whereas the other person is looking at fear and they're like, I don't want to step out of this growth, this comfort zone, I don't want to step into the unknown and I don't want to lose my identity. Now you mentioned earlier that you wrote some things down, I've just jotted down like how important was it for you to actually write those things down, Go through that process of looking at the pros and the cons and overcoming those potential obstacles prior to them actually happening. And getting those, get those thoughts out of your head and onto paper, How important is that process for you? Oh my God, it's massive. Like I think I actually wrote 15, I'm gonna I want to put a post about every and right every single one down because they were consuming. They consumed me. They consume me at that point. But I knew I knew I was going to make the shift and do it. It was just a matter of time when I was going to do it. So I know myself in that sense, like if I'm going to make it, if I say I'm going to do something, I will 99.9% of the time to do it.

So I knew it was going to happen. I just, that was just a process that I went through and I think writing it down actually brings the reality of they're not actually that bad and I've been doing a lot of work lately on what fear actually is and how we look at it in terms of like obviously got fight or flight mode, fight flight freeze. But you also have, I was, I had a talk today with my mindset coach and we're talking about fear and danger. So for anyone who hasn't like novice into kind of explaining what fear is fear is the survival of yourself. So like your ego coming into the equation of like they're just trying to protect you. So it doesn't know the difference between a tiger chasing you now in back in the day to you getting your tax report or you're losing your job, but we create all these fears based on society based on what we've been told based on you can't survive this, you can't do this and all of those things where it's actual danger is you're being hunted down or your as a matter of survival, you're gonna fall off the cliff, you know?

So if you can identify those differences in there and for me that's why I said, what's the worst that could happen to me, one is real, one is perceived exactly yeah, we live, we live in this world where we have this perceived fear all the time and the fucking media perpetuates this bullshit. So you know, so many people are tuned into the news and the radio and they're listening to this ship that's happening all over the world and like that's Clickbait, right? Like we are literally attuned to danger. We are on the lookout for danger because we evolve too preserve our own lives, right? So if we perceive a danger, that's what's going to draw our attention, I think that's really important to understand. I actually, and it's interesting that you're talking about this right now because I recently recorded an episode with scotty Robinson, who is the brain guy on instagram, he's got like 97,000 followers on instagram or something in the last like year or year and a half. I did a mastermind retreat with him in Thailand a couple of years ago and the dude is an absolute fucking wealth of knowledge and just absolutely blew my mind with the content that he puts out and makes complex things really simple, but I had a really good conversation with him about this topic of how the brain works and I'm going to do like a three part series with him, but the first episode was all about how the brain works and these different connections and you know how we perceived fear.

And I actually follow that up with an episode on creating psychological safety and it sounds like and that's why I asked about writing things down for you because you know, we need to you know, she is going to happen in our life where we are going to be stepping into the unknown. We are not going to know what's going on. And we can create this fear and anxiety of you know, not knowing, but when we can create a psychological safety net by mitigating the risks ahead of time, by thinking things through, by writing things down by going through pros and cons and being like, all right, well, you know, I am going to be stepping into the unknown but I've got like I've created this psychological safety net around it. I know she is going to happen. If this happens then this is how I'm gonna deal with it. And you're creating these like standard operating procedures that then allow you to step out of your comfort zone. I thought that was really interesting. Yeah, no, definitely. I think it's the number one thing I feel is that obviously everyone handles it all in different ways. So it's really looking, I would say like as a suggestion for other people, it's like really looking in and homing in on two who you are and how you've responded in the past to everything to help you build steps on the future, Like, for me, the writing thing, I always think it will help everyone.

But obviously everyone is very different and some people might be a bit more reluctant because they've never tried it before, but I always say like, for me, over the last few years, I've really delved into, kind of, the meditation side of things, to the journaling, and for me, they've been game changers and writing things down, it removes it from all the noise in your head and everything that you're basically built to survive, or your ego is telling you to protect. You know, you can't do this because this is what we know, and this is what's safe and we don't need to go anything like further past there. But actually, when we write it down, it becomes a reality of, oh, it's not actually that bad, but if I look at it this way, because you can you can see it right? I think the feelings and emotions can take over a number of levels. You just yeah, it's a very simple way of organizing your thoughts and then being able to prioritize those thoughts and go well, and again, you're mitigating risks, right? Like, we have something like 60,000 thoughts a day or something like that, and when they're all in your mind, it's like a Spider's web, like, you think x and then you've got all of these webs going off from that one thought and you've got all these different scenarios that could unfold, right?

And then when you actually start writing things down, you're like, all right, well that a B C. D. Those scenarios are very, very highly unlikely going to happen. So I probably don't really need to worry about that too much. Alright, these scenarios, these two scenarios, this has got a high likelihood of occurring. So if this does happen, how can I deal with it? Alright, what about this one? What about this one again? You're creating that psychological safety net. I think that's I think that's brilliant advice. Talk to me about you said you're working with a mindset coach? Yes. So yes, so recently obviously with my transition, I don't want to do it alone. So for me, I always one number one believe as a coach, I need a coach or several set of coaches to help me get to where I want to be. Um and those who obviously have that experience, so I've hired a company that can help me with all the business elements and marketing elements and and build my business. But part of that we get a there's a couple of guys, but when I speak to every week, so I get an hour and a half with him and it's honestly been such a game changer.

So we he specialized in like childhood traumas. So really diving back into our childhood and to where we are now today from our current environments and how we operate and how we handle things and fear was just a big, like I get to talk to him every week about whatever I feel like talking about sometimes it's the big things that come up and other things that don't, but for me it's been, it's been huge. Like I've never really had, I never had a therapist or someone to connect with in such a sense. But for me it's actually, it's so humbling and grounding because some days ago I just want to talk about what happened today and I want to kind of understand why it happened and why I've gotten triggered from this and we kind of like dive into all of that head space because for me as a coach, like not only, yes, I do obviously the physical training with all my clients, but for me it's so much more than that, the mind is the most powerful tool. And as soon as I can understand the person I'm working with or get to know them that next level.

I understand where the fears come from, how we can move past like space of resistance, where the fears come into play or like the fields of I should be able to do this, but I've never done it before in my life. So it's kind of like I use him as a tool to make my mind stronger for myself, but for make, making my mind stronger for my clients and it's always just gonna be a win, win and he's he's incredible and we've been doing a lot of learning around the ego, the ego always comes up um which I find absolutely fascinating. So that's where we spend our conversations and talking about fear and talking about kind of today we're talking about like the alpha male and like the aggression and different presentations of what it is to be a leader and where that all stems from. So for me, like yeah mindset coaches, I get him for another couple of 2.5 months and that's been huge. You know, like it's just another way to get to know yourself even more and you're talking to someone who's professional about it.

Yeah, and that was the point that I was going to make and I was going to ask you about, you know, is having a mentor, having a coach, you as a coach, as a coach. I understand, we understand how important it is to have people that are professionals in the field that can cut through the bullsh it and guide us on that journey. Like you could literally go onto youtube and do all this research for yourself and you could listen to different podcasts and read all these books and you know, you've got so much free information here, but the brilliance of having a fucking coach is they cut through that bullshit. They remove what's unnecessary and they give you the tools that is going to work for you and they're going to suit you for your individual needs. How long have you been working with this person for? Literally 6, 1 month of it? I reckon six or 7 weeks now, maybe. Okay. And why did you decide to go on this journey? Um I think for me it's super important to, like I said, it's for that next level of self to get to know me.

Like I would say, I'm very headstrong and I really know myself on so many levels, but for me it's having the best way to describe it is I have tools, I have words to label a lot of things like emotions, feelings, it puts me in a stronger point or position. So when things arise, some things that use of understanding. So even when I was, when I was like in my we always bounced back to my 25 year old self, that was a little bit off the rails, love to have a party and all of these elements. But this cell for this ego that She always pops back into my 31 year old self for example, and that self sometimes she she sometimes comes in and he goes, you're not worthy, like you need to validate yourself through this still and this, but the maturity and the level I've come to in the last year and a half before I met matt, but matt's like now kind of just taking it to a whole other level is I now understand like when things arise, you know, so different areas that I didn't have the words to describe how I was feeling and I think it comes with time and experience as well.

So at 25 I have my head on my shoulders, but I still wouldn't, I would have been like, what? Okay, no, don't, don't. Kind of get it. So I think I have to go through those experiences and then when I can talk about it, I now have I can label it and things that used to trigger me when I was younger or a bravado or I try and like to get someone's attention or whatever. Now I can see, I literally just don't care, like I just want what I just don't, I wouldn't even ponder to like get to someone else who wanted to get attention, you know, I'm just like cool, whatever. So before you're being reactive and like I had this, I had this conversation, I had a conversation with luke. Lehman had him on recently as well, I just finished editing his second episode. I love talking to that dude, by the way he's a legend. But yeah, so I was chatting with luke and we had this conversation about his courses and things like that and he's like, man, I'm presenting this information to people Because I wish this was the information that I had when I started out in the industry 20 years ago, so getting that mentor, getting that coach, they can give you those tools but they can also um lay the path out in front of you.

They can, they can tell you what to expect ahead of time, They can identify these triggers and you know, you look back and you're like okay, I can see that trigger. Then once that trigger occurred, then this was the effect from that. And once you identify that then you can look ahead and go, well I know what that trigger is. So I'm going to not put myself in that situation to have to deal with that trigger, but if I do come across it, if it does occur then I've got some tools to be able to deal with it. I'm in a different frame of mind to be able to maybe make better decisions or different choices around the actions and behaviors that you're going to put into place to deal with that situation. 100%. And I think that's like the the real discovery that you can have within yourself but it's knowing and being in that position to invest and then you also see the value, right? So us as coaches, we know the value, we give to our clients and what we deliver but to someone who is completely new and like, oh do I need to invest in a coach, I could still find these things on youtube and whatever, but I think the essential part, like with the coaching element is obviously you can get all these videos and all this information around, but the fact is, it's a cohesive kind of element, like you said, it's like a road map to help you get to where you need to be, or if there isn't that roadmap, you're going to create your own and they're gonna help create it with you because they can help find what you need to prioritize and help put you into those focuses right now.

So someone might come in for, not for you necessarily because you would work with fighters, but for me it might be fat loss, right? But really it's the biggest part that kind of comes into it is building someone's confidence, like finding what it is about that fat loss journey, why is it so important to you to, to get there and we get down to the actual nitty gritty of it and it then we can help go from there, you know, like it's actually creating those paths and having those conversations. That's a great point and the mindset stuff that you're talking about ties in with my NLP courses, my practitioner course, my master practitioner course, you know, I did those courses because when I first started working as a coach, you know, I was getting people coming in and, you know, I'll go through a training program, Guide them on nutrition, etc, etc. And you know, I'd get 90% of people weren't achieving those results, 10% were. And like those 10% they could just grind, you know, they could be disciplined, they could follow the plan to AT, but then the other 90%, I'm like, why are they not getting results?

Like, I need to figure out a way to get through to them because what I'm doing is not working. So that's when I went down that path of NLP and that was all about psychological change, behavioral change. And a lot of the times you have these conversations with people that are overweight. And as you said, you start asking these questions about why do you want to lose this weight? Well, I just want to look better. I want to feel better. Why, why, why? Why you asked why five times? And then all of a sudden you get down to, oh well when I was a child, I was, you know, neglected. My father was working all the time. My mother had three other kids to look after. I didn't have many friends, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then, like you suddenly find that, you know, there's this poor relationship with food that's being created from being neglected as a child that's then snowballed over the years and that psychological component needs to be dealt with prior to that person losing weight because it's not just, you can't just give that person All right, well, you know, eat less move more calories in calories out.

Let's fuckingo you've got to deal with that psychological element and those habits that have been formed over so many years and again, tying back into the brain stuff. Like it's a program that's been built over the years. Your brain is your brain is hardware, right? Like that's a little neuron synapses, blah blah blah neurotransmitters, right? But then you've got this software that's been created over the years and the more you run that software, the more that software becomes ingrained. So you need to actually start addressing how you speak to yourself the words that you use your mindset so that you can start changing those behaviors and get to the actual root cause of things and start changing those programs. Mhm. Yeah. And they say something I was saying this week, it was you can't change, you can't make changes or achieve your goals on your previous systems and your previous kind of beliefs like it has to we have to change those along that time. And I think like you said, when it's when there's a lot of people talking now, obviously calories in calories out and yes, if only it was that simple, it can be that simple, But when you've got the psychology in it If it's not just like your the body that we're not just dealing with that, you're dealing with human behaviors that have been taught from childhood traumas or how you've been nurtured in an environment or how you've been neglected.

And I think it's really significant because a lot of people it's becoming and it's being spoken about a lot more, but I think when there are those elements have been marketed around calories in versus calories out, it can be quite damaging because then people go, well, why am I not achieving anything? Because I've reduced all my calories down and they're almost done it too much, you know? So it's like it's the health element. And again, yeah, you make a great point reducing your calories too much. That is that that's an evolutionary response, right? So you're literally trying to fight against your biology. So we need to figure out ways and tools that are going to, you know, everything works together. And as coaches, we have all of these different tools and we need to pick and choose the right tools that are going to work together, go together to get our clients the results that they want. You know, we don't just fucking use a hammer and go calories in calories out. Everyone needs to stick to that is there an element of truth to that if people want to lose weight, build muscle blah blah blah. Absolutely, right, But that's not the only thing that we need to consider this is what I don't like about human behavior is, you know, it happens with medicine as well, it happens in the fitness industry happens in all industries.

We take one piece of evidence and we look at that and we go, okay calories in calories out. That's all that matters when it comes to losing weight. No, there's so many other aspects that we need to look at it just like the system, right? Like the The organism. We have 11 or 11 systems within the organism. And if one of those systems digestive system is not working correctly because we've been dieting too hard for too long. We're not getting in enough micronutrients. Our our macro nutrient ratio is way out of whack, we're having way too many carbohydrates which is creating you know insulin or blood sugar spikes and insulin releases now will become um insulin resistance blah blah blah blah. Like those digestive issues can then will that will then flow onto the reproductive system, will flow onto the nervous system, will flow into the muscular system, the legal system, the endocrine system blah blah blah blah. Like everything works together and once people start realizing that you know, they will find out, they will figure out for themselves. Like no one size fits all.

It's funny yesterday there was was on the facebook page in in Phuket and someone was asking a question about um you know all these drugs saying I want to lose this body fat whose experience or who's used these supplements and just listed off a hip supplements and there was like heaps like 30 comments underneath it. And I got in there and commented and I was like instead of asking a heap of random people on a forum like what supplements you should be taking, why don't you hire an expert who's going to cut through the bullsh it to spell the myth and you know, talk to you about your lifestyle, your sleep, your nutrition, your training, your hormones, your energy levels, your mood, your attitude, talk about the psychological components etcetera etcetera and take you on a fucking journey. And so many people like like like like like like but it's true though. It's true and I think it's definitely something I've matured within my coaching journey because I think at some points when you're obviously when you're starting out and everything, you are trying to get the results.

And like you said I had moments when I just wasn't getting results, I was like why why can't it's simple, Come on guys that we can do it. But I think the more just bring to mind like when you see like obviously the quick fixes or the diets or everything that people are getting others or marketing to others that you can have these quick transformations, you can do that like yeah, maybe you will drop a ton of weight in six weeks if you stick to X. Y. Z. But are you gonna come back and you are you going to put more weight on because of that, and that's a big tendency you tend to put on more weight after you've done all these quick fix diets. And for me it's like it looks sexy and everyone loves it and they're like they love this like kind of quick transformation like sweet, I can get that ready for summer, I can get that ready for the new year or whatever it is. But for me, and definitely with my coaching as I've matured in my coaching, it's a lifestyle and the bear, like minimum is a client stay with me is at least a year because I cut through that bullsh it and I'm like if you really want to be taken on a journey and make this something that you're going to stay with long term, it's not going to take us three months because by the time I actually get you recording your food properly is it's going to be another month or six weeks by the time I've got you there, you know, like, and you actually are comfortable and you understand it and I think that's like definitely one of my coaching that I've just launched with my online, it's a four month and the idea is to contract is to renew, but it's an educational overhaul.

So I put an educational course within it. So every week there's either nutrition training hormones like menstrual cycle or whatever it is and then repeat again and I get the knowledge even more on the second month. So for me it's so important is let's get all the information that you've ever had. Let's bring it all here. And let's like, now you can see how it all works together because you're going to live it and you're going to do it, you know, like, otherwise otherwise you get lost because for me, yes, I can give you a program, yes, I can give you your macros. You're not learning anything. And I had a call with a lady yesterday who is joining me and she says something right as well, It was just like, she saw a friend who went through Slimming World or weight watchers and she lost like nine, I don't know how much she lost, she lost a lot of weight. Um, but then Covid hit and that all stops and she put all the way on and more and this lady is still now coming back that it's open coming back to him because that's what she knew. But then what I'm trying to think of it, like that's what worked before, but what worked in those 18 months that you weren't with them, you know?

And for me, it's like, yes, you can go and lose all that weight, but you're not showing me, you show me, yes, you're committed and you can do it there and then, but you're not making it a way of life and I think that's the integral part for me and that's why I'm so passionate about and delivering that message is you can't just, you can't just go for the quick stuff like for me and I guess for you as well, sean, it's like it's been a way of life my whole life. Like I've not known anything different. Um so for me it's knowing that I haven't really, I haven't ever have really like dieted in my life. Um so I know it's possible, you know, like I know you can have a sustainable lifestyle. Like I had Coco Pops for breakfast today because I felt like it, you know, like, and but that's not the rule exactly, and I want to teach you, but you can have those things, it's just obviously you've got to understand the tools and why you are like, why you're having it where you're having it and it's not going to lead your life because it's a bad decision, It's bad food, whatever. Yeah. Now you spoke about challenges.

I've got mixed feelings about challenges, like six week challenges. I don't, I definitely don't like, I've never sold any six week challenges. My online coaching is like three month blocks and the majority of the time, as you said, like that first three month block is all about education now, the things that I'm educating my clients on are completely different for every individual depending on where they're at in their journey and what their current knowledge is and you know, their recent experience etcetera, etcetera. So, you know, every coaching call is completely different. Some people, you know, literally just talking about habits, I'm talking about goal setting, I'm talking about, you know, creating consistency within their day. I'm talking about, you know, I'm talking about their mindset, I'm talking about their triggers, things that trigger them. Hey, when you do this, what happens? Oh well when I, when I do X, Y Z, then I feel I don't train, then I don't eat well, then I, my energy levels are low and then it has this phone effect, right? So it's it's every single person is different and then some people, like, I'm just talking about training program, I'm talking about the training program and then I'm going all right, when you do this exercise, where do you feel I feel it here?

Alright, well let's make some slight adjustments to that. So every single person is different. Yeah, I think the education component is so extremely important and that is what's missing when it comes to these challenges now, taking someone through a six week challenge for example, let's drop your body fat percentage, let's improve body composition, let's improve strength, whatever. Like is there some benefit? I'm starting to change my mind around this. I used to be like, oh that's fucking retarded. Like why would you do that? Like you're not going to learn anything, but I'm starting to change my mindset around this of you know, if you can create an environment where you get people motivated to do something and show some commitment and show some dedication and discipline for a relatively short period of time, but then educate them along that journey and say yeah, because you know again like it's easy to be disciplined and restrictive and dialed in when it's for a short period of time. But then if you haven't learned anything in that process, then you're not going to implement those tools and those same habits that you have been utilizing, that you have been disciplined with once that challenge is finished and you never see, you always see the start of the challenge photo and the end of the challenge photo, you don't see the photo three months later, six months later of that person or if you do see that photo is when they're doing another fucking challenge six months later.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. And that's a great point. You know, as you said, people don't learn that stuff. So when they put all that weight back on, they haven't built those habits, they haven't built that consistency into their life. They haven't made their lifestyle when they do put that weight back on six months down the track, a year down the track, a year and a half down that down the track, they go what what happened? How did I get here? Alright, well I know what I did last time and I know that worked. I know that got me the results short term, so they go back to that thing again there in this perpetual cycle, right? Whereas our goal as coaches is to teach people, hey, let's take this longer journey where we're implementing smaller habits, um and challenges were still challenging them, but maybe we're challenging, challenging them on a daily basis or a weekly basis or a monthly basis. Okay, but this challenge is not six weeks. Now, this challenge is like a year, a year and a half, two years, right?

How can we get this person from A to Z in the most efficient and effective way possible? You know, sometimes we're gonna sprint when they're motivated. Yeah, Cool. Alright, I'm going to set a challenge for you within this next year at this period, Once we hit this body fat percentage, once we get to this many calories, then we're going to go for a sprint for a month where we're going to really, you know, we're going to go through a reverse diet for three months and then we're going to go for a sprint for a month. Right? Here's your challenge, four weeks, let's reduce body fat percentage as much as possible. Alright, boom. Now we go through a reverse diet again. Yeah, I'm a I just came up with that on the spot. So I'm definitely gonna have to write that down and implement that into my, I'll just take that bit. But no, I agree. Like I think there's all those elements and there is something definitely positive run it when it gets people going right. The main aim is if that's the aim is just getting people going and moving then cool. And I think I did something that started this year in january and it was just like a four week reset and refocus is what I called it and it wasn't for your clients, for my client, like I just gave it free to for my clients and my ladies in the group, but it's basically just, it was just getting the basics, so it wasn't any rocket science and it wasn't like all, it was, was focused on sleep nutrition, no one got given any calories or anything, it would sleep nutrition protein for the ladies that were there, making sure I help them calculate that then moving every day and looking at mindsets and habits, like create one new habit a week, like look at your bedtime routine, looking morning routine and it was literally that and I was like, once you have that, you're gonna start bulletproof and everything else because now, you know, you can get the basics and it teaches you the basics of it.

So that's something that I did start working on and I might have got to do a variation, I think of it in january, but maybe like a six weeks um basis, but put like that inside of it as well. It's kind of like a smaller version of what I would deliver in the four months. So you can get a taste of what it what it would be. But I think it has, they all have their purpose, but it's again make, does the client know what that purpose is? You know, like if you're going to do that, like you said, like if you're going to do a form in a four week sprint, they understand why you're doing it. And then they understand why you're going back to maintenance of calories so that you can not just go on that yo yo up and down. You understand what it's doing to the body. Like you can't just diet for your whole life. Do you know what I mean? So it's just giving them the education around it. And I think it's it's learning how to simplify right? And I think for me, it's definitely I find it easier to make things simple for people just to come on their level, you know? So, and yeah, I think this is going to tie in nicely with what my next question was going to be because you're essentially giving them the knowledge and the information to then prioritize the big rocks, the things that are going to be most important for them.

That's going to help them move towards their goals long term and be sustainable. You know, they're not looking for a diet, they're not looking for a fat burner, they're not looking for the magic program. You know, you get them focusing on the big fucking rocks, sleep nutrition, hydration, stress management, right? Like training is great. You need to, you need to train to achieve performance goals, aesthetic goals, etcetera, etcetera, body composition goals, you know, you need nutrition to complement that, okay? But if you're not taking care of those big rocks of sleep hydration hormones as well, stress management, if you're not taking care of that stuff, it's like trying to drive a car with four flat tires, no engine oil timing belts off, blah, blah, blah and just putting your foot on the accelerator and trying to go as hard and as fast as you can. If you know, if you dial in those other things, you get the car, your body running optimally.

Now, when you put your foot on the accelerator and go for that sprint, you're going to get to your destination, it might take you longer over the, you know, the course of that journey, but you're in a much better place to be able to go for those springs, put the foot on the accelerator when you want to, but then also go into cruise mode where you can relax your diet, you can, you know, enjoy um, your life and you don't have to be dialed in and restrictive with your, your diet, your nutrition all the time. You can go out for a pizza with your friends on a Wednesday night, you can go and watch the footy with your friends, have a couple of beers on a saturday or you know, go for for a few wines with the girls on a, on a saturday or a sunday afternoon or something like that. Like, you know, you want to be able to go through these phases of life where you're, you know, you're dialed in and you're going on a sprint, but then you ease off and you can go into cruise mode. Yeah, I think that's super important, right? Like I had this conversation with one of my clients just yesterday and she, she said to me, she, her friends had advised her out for drinks on the weekend and she was like, she said no, because it wasn't serving her, she didn't want to be hungover.

And she was like, who is this lizzie? I just have to tell you because oh my God, I just made this decision. And I was like, that's it. That's that's the magic. Like if it's not something that's going to serve you right there and then like, birthdays, parties, brunches, whatever, it's all going to happen at some point, but it's just making sure you're choosing the ones that you want to be with, you know, like not just saying yes for the sake of it and, and yeah, I think that you said it before, it's just living your life Like for me I feel like so many things out there now, even as a coach, like it's just becoming such an obsessive behavior around everything. And the biggest thing I'm craving in my life is getting out into the mountains and getting out into the wilderness and being connected to this incredible world rather than thinking about what my ass looks like. You know? Like obviously it's great. Like I like to I like to keep it that way. But like it's not the be all and end all for me. Like for me is we're on this planet for such a short time and my ethos and my kind of philosophies are I'm not going to spend the rest of my life.

Just worry, worry, worry worry a slice of pizza if I don't have to, You know, and I think it's like it's finding that balance and it's again getting into um Yes, just getting into kind of that head space and being comfortable and being able to be in that head space and the way I call it is freedom. So you have freedom in mind and you can move and dial in when you need to dial in. But you can also pull back when you pull back and you know, you can do it without giving any sort of place of judgment and that's the biggest part is removed the judgment and and live your life as maximum as you can. mm hmm. Now tying into the values everything you just said. Um you know, building the foundation and having those fundamentals in place. We talked about why that's so extremely important. Now, you've got a lot on your plate at the moment. You're transitioning from, you know, working face to face with clients. You're transitioning, you're building your online business. You're moving back home, spend time with family to go to live that life to the max.

As you, as you say, to enjoy your freedoms now, because you've got so many things on your plate. What are you doing to prioritize where you're focusing your attention? Yes. So the big, obviously on the gym floor, I have to be 100% with my clients. So that's their number one. And the second element is my online. So I the sole focus is getting everything online that takes the priority there. So if it means I have to take a couple of clients move, transfer a couple of points to another coach, then I will do that. So it's all about focusing where I'm going next. So that next part of the journey. So that's the biggest and the most fundamental part for me. But then too is I mentioned before the court, I'm very tired at the moment. I'm getting up very early and doing very long days. Not only on the gym floor but also onboarding and getting all my clients going, Which is absolutely exciting. And it's the best feeling ever and I have so much energy behind it, but like I said, for me, sleep is paramount.

So it's making sure I'm getting to bed at 8 39 which is so early, but I'm literally falling asleep reading my book. So it's like making sure I'm getting off my phone before bed, leaving at the end of the bed reading my book I've neglected, like my journaling in my meditation recently. So I know it's something I need to come back to because I'm feeling it, I'm feeling a bit drained. So for me at the moment it's making sure I've got those two priorities, like on the gym floor online, but my health is at paramount, so I'm still making sure I'm getting my training sessions in, making sure I get my sleep, but also planning my week, so knowing I'm knowing what my week looks like when I'm going to get my sessions in for myself to train to move and everything, but also making sure I've got enough food in the fridge, freezer cupboards. No, like when I need to make a shake or if I need to make a yogurt mixed, I've literally got the same things like I'm a creature of habit, so I will have the same shake every day. I have the same breakfast every day, I have the same yogurt and fruit every day as my snack, but I just know I just need to pour important, do this business and it's all there and so when things get busy, I have everything in place and I don't need nothing really shifts and if I can't, don't have time to cook or I I don't want to eat what I've just made the other day, then I'll just have, I know where I need to order from, you know?

So it's like for me, it's like I've got the priorities in place, but the moment right now, like as it gets busy is knowing who I need to say yes to who I need to say no to and that's a huge shift for me because I like everything that's sparkly, so anything that's like new and exciting, I'm like, get me involved, I want to do it. Um so it's like a case of like don't burn out and like going out and like passing, getting drunk, like we can't right now anyway because the rules have changed, but like for me it's staying at home on my saturday night chilling the hell out and my Sundays and mind no alarm days, that's my rule, I'm not allowed to set my alarm to get up when I need to get up, even though it's probably still wake up at seven, which is, I just want, I just want to lie in and yeah, and just making sure I have whilst all of this is all exciting, still have time to ground myself and be there for myself. So that's when the mindset coach comes in so I can talk about everything and like address anything I need to address, but also just have quiet time.

Like my housemates out today. So it's like for me it's perfect because for me to make any decision, I need to be with myself. Like I can't afford distractions from all the noise around other people. So for me is having a lot of alone time before I before I leave Singapore. I think other people like the other way of like, I need to see all of you before I go in this. Whereas I'm just like, I'll see you whenever, like it'll happen if women can reconnect or connect. But for me right now it's like the focus is, is the online and my health. Yeah, that's a great point. Um I want to start wrapping up so I know you've got a busy day, what you just said, everything you just said then is really important for the audience to take in and appreciate and then maybe draw some parallels into their own lives because you know, you have so much stuff going on. You talk to me offline about all the things that you're not doing at the moment that you had to put on the backburner, right?

Because your number one priority is obviously with your clients, but then moving everything online and you're literally in preparation for 2.5 months time when you do leave Singapore, you do head back home. So everything you're doing now is planting those seeds for the future, you know? So not only are you planting the seeds for the future in 2.5 months time and beyond, okay, but you're also prepping your week knowing that you're gonna be fucking busy, you're knowing that, you know, you're getting up early, you know, when your clients, when you're working with your clients, you know the sessions that you're getting paid for, that you need to be at, you know, when you have time to dedicate towards moving everything online, you're scheduling in ahead of time when you're going to be training, I'm sure you're scheduling in your mindset, coaching your scheduling and probably scheduling in like when you're going to eat, I've got 20 minutes here and eat at this time etcetera etcetera. So, you know, you're preparing all your meals and you said you're a creature of habit, you have the same shake, you have the same fruit at the same time, blah, blah, blah blah, like that is extremely important because if you set up that environment to not have to make decisions around what am I going to eat?

When am I going to eat? I'm going to walk into the gym, what am I going to do today? No, you already have a plan in place ahead of time so that you don't have to use all of your energy and your willpower to make decisions because we end up with decision fatigue and when you've got a lot of decisions to make with your work, when you're moving everything online, that takes a lot of energy. So if your energy is being dispersed with all of these other decisions throughout the day, then you're not going to have that energy to direct towards the things that are actually really important to. Yeah. And it's huge. But it's definitely like how you identify that, then it's like a day for me is I wake up at five, I have a half an hour mindset call. I cycle to work, which luxury is like six minutes cycle depending if I beat the traffic lights um Get in coach, 6-10, have an hour break or training that our, so before I even train I'll have my shake within that four hour period just before I train. So I've got enough energy to train.

Um then I train and then if I'm still hungry, I'll finish it 15 minutes early, go quickly wolf down um some eggs and toast, come back in train and coach clients for another 3 to 4 hours and then I'm home. But then I'm back onto online. So it's like that's all that side of the business. So it's like it's so regimented because it needs, it needs to be and like you said, if I feel like I'm hungry then I won't train that day if I'm feeling like I'm tired, but I have I know I can make up on a saturday, so always leave like one or two days. So if I'm really not feeling it, I know I've got a saturday or sunday where I can pick it back up and I think it's just so important. And my biggest thing is is fueling if I'm not eating enough, I will go sit on that sofa and then we all do it. Like I definitely do it and there's times I sit on the sofa and I'm looking at my phone, I'm like, lizzie, will you just get up and just like, just work now, come on. And it's like that whole conversation and I'm like some days I just leave it. Like if I haven't, like if I really can't do it, I'm like, okay, cool, I'll just do admin, I'll just do all the stuff I've been meaning to do.

Um just again, it's knowing yourself and and also knowing even as us as coaches, like there's times where I don't make it work and it's like, okay, well it didn't work right then, but that's fine. Like you obviously you needed that time out, you didn't need to train today or you didn't need to do all those extra bits that you said you were going to do because again, sometimes I overreach and I don't do it, but I know I'll just have to come back to it the next day. So it's a it's a constant learning curve and it's it's never ending. And I think that's the thing, there's no finish line whatsoever because things are changing all the time and I've never known or been in an area where things have changed so much all the time. You know, like I'm on edge whether I'm going to be in the gym next week because of covid restrictions. So I'm like, all right, I've just got to get ready to go coach everyone out in the 32 degree heat in the, in the middle of the sun so that all of that's in my head. So I think, yeah, for the biggest takeaways is planning going ahead and when you fall into start falling into a routine, keep repeating that behavior, especially if it works and use that time when you do have the time to make it easier for yourself.

Like I make two shakes. So I make it ready for a monday to Tuesday. So I don't have to make one every single night, I make it in advance. You know, and it's these are the simple things, but they're the things that will get you winning and they really do. Like if I didn't have those, I'd be like, I wouldn't have enough energy to do anything. Yeah, that's brilliant that everything that we just spoke about then just reminds me of this one phrase that we used to say in the army all the time and that was prior preparation prevents poor performance. Yeah. Is there anything else you want to finish up with? I guess just like a message just to everyone who's sitting on the fence and making decision no matter whatever it is in their life right now. Like obviously we've got so much going on is stay true to who you are, take and make that step for whatever you have been thinking of. I've been putting off for so long and trust yourself. Like the main thing is is I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't trust myself and every single time I'm in doubt, I just have to know that I've got it and I'll make it work no matter what.

Um So I think it is just step into that place of where it's uncomfortable because every time I stepped into that place I've just flourished. That's awesome. That's awesome. Something I want to add to that as well, which is a credit to you is you've built that trust with yourself over long periods of time. You know, as you said at the start, you say, you're going to do something and you fucking do it like that is how you build trust is keeping small promises that you make to yourself and following through on things that you say you're going to do because we all know people who say they're gonna do X, Y, Z. But then never follow through on any of them. And, you know, when they say something, you like, you just pay it off, but then there's other people in your life that say they're going to do something and you're like, and you're sitting there watching them like waiting for it to happen, you're like, oh, yep, now they've pulled the trigger, now, they're doing that thing, you know? So that's a credit to you for um you know, for trusting yourself, but also for building that trust within yourself. Yeah, and just one thing to add on there, have you ever read that? It's a really small book, but it's called the four agreements, I think it is, and one of them is be impeccable with your word, It's so good.

I love h one of them is like so true. And I've ever since I read it, be impeccable with your word is something that I've really I choose to live by all the time, because if I'm going to say I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it, or obviously I have to learn at points because sometimes they over. Yes, so yes, I'm going to go to all these things with people and then I don't do it, but again it takes time, but you've got to keep coming back to it and stop agreeing to things if you're not going to do it. Absolutely, I love it, lizzie, really appreciate our conversations, enjoy having you on the podcast. You always love catching up with you, so thank you for having me. Thank you very much. I'll have all of your links in the show notes, all the best. We'll catch up soon. Thanks. This episode was brought to you by Swiss eight, which is a proactive mental health program designed by veterans initially for veterans, that has been pushed out to the wider community that allows you to structure in and schedule their eight pillars of health and wellness, including nutrition, sleep time management, discipline, fitness, personal growth, mindfulness and minimalism. This episode was also brought to you by be spunky, which is a male hormone optimization supplement that I've been taking for about a year and a half now.

Absolutely rate. It is a TJ listed nutraceutical, meaning that it's made from all organic produce to help you manage and optimize your stress levels, which in turn increases your ability to improve testosterone production levels. Naturally User code codes 10 at checkout for your 10% discount. All of those links will be in the show notes. If you've got some benefit from this episode, please make sure you pass it off to your friends and family. I'd appreciate any shares on social media platforms. If you tag me or if you share it to your stories, make sure you tag me so I can share that as well. Any five star ratings and reviews are much appreciated, much loved guys peace

Should you undertake fitness challenges or avoid them, with Lizzie Wright
Should you undertake fitness challenges or avoid them, with Lizzie Wright
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