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Mindfulness Myth #3

by Spiwe Jefferson
June 27th 2021

Meditation will make your life easier. Well if that were true all the yogis and gurus would be living charmed lives and everyone would be chasing the zen state. It's a myth! In this episode we... More

are you anxious stressed mind racing. Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you looking for secrets to peace? And a happier life joints be way jefferson certified mindfulness practitioner and lawyer dedicated to helping you learn to apply mindfulness meditation to the personal and professional challenges of everyday life, harness the power of mindfulness meditation to live and work to your highest and best purpose. Starting with just five minutes a day. Well hi and welcome to Mindful in five where we learn how to apply mindfulness and meditation to the challenges of everyday life in bite sized episodes for people with no time because let's face it, nobody has time, who has time? I don't know, probably not you. My name is Spira Jefferson and today we are talking about a common myth of meditation in our series of five myths.

This is myth. Number three mindfulness will make your life easier, will it? No. This is a punch line. I have been asked over the years if you sit in stillness and think positive thoughts, Will this fix your problems? Will this deliver you from pain and suffering? Will this make life easier after all? Isn't the whole point of mindfulness meditation to make your life easier? Well wouldn't that be nice? The answer is no, I can't even say that's unfortunate because the truth is mhm. We grow by overcoming conflict the world won't even stop delivering problems to your doorstep just because you meditate just because you practice mindfulness, but you will get much better at handling those issues from a place of calm personal power and emotional equilibrium meditation allows you to center yourself so that you can better deal with the challenges that come your way each day and for those of you who are god lovers, being able to sit in stillness makes it easier to hear that still small voice in your heart, it creates more space to hear God's voice and to reach out to him when life is good and what life is hard.

So to recap practicing mindfulness meditation won't make your life easier, but it will equip you to more easily face the challenges and ups and downs of life that come your way. So this week reflect on recent events in your life and think about how you have dealt with them. Have you tried avoidance? Have you tried covering your pain, fear and anxiety and temporary things like alcohol, retail therapy, drugs, sex and other things that seemed like temporary fixes, but brought you long term pain if so try mindfulness meditation as a natural and healthy way of coping in my experience, mindfulness meditation makes everything better.

It makes the good times sweeter the hard times easier to bear. And as a God lover, it has made my connection to my creator that much stronger, which in turn has made everything even better still those of you who have graduated to mindful ninja status by getting the weekly emails, give yourself the luxury of time by using the five day, five minute meditations this week to reinforce your decision to make time for you if you are not a mindful ninja yet, join us by signing up at Mindful in five dot com. In addition to weekly companion meditation topics that go along with these podcast episodes, you will also immediately receive a proven five step toolkit to jump start your meditation practice and that's not all Every month you'll receive a five minute guided meditation for the month.

So until next time. This is for the way saying, be mindful and be well. Thank you for listening to Mindful in five, join the Mindful in Five community at www dot Mindful in five dot com to sign up for the weekly companion emails to this podcast, which include a new guided meditation each month and five day five minute meditations To supercharge your journey towards inner peace and success, visit the instagram page at Mindful in five or the facebook page at speedway publications. Until next time, Be mindful and be well

Mindfulness Myth #3
Mindfulness Myth #3
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