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Mindfulness Myth #1

by Spiwe Jefferson
June 6th 2021

Mindfulness and meditation are the same. This is a myth. While some people use the two terms interchangeably, in this episode we explore the difference between "mindfulness" and "med... More

are you anxious stressed mind racing. Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you looking for secrets to peace? And a happier life joints be way jefferson certified mindfulness practitioner and lawyer, dedicated to helping you learn to apply mindfulness meditation to the personal and professional challenges of everyday life, harness the power of mindfulness meditation to live and work to your highest and best purpose. Starting with just five minutes a day. Hi and welcome to Mindful in five, where we learn how to apply mindfulness and meditation to the challenges of everyday life in bite sized episodes because let's face it, who has time? My name is Spera Jefferson and today we are talking about a common myth of mindfulness meditation in our series of five myths, this is myth number one.

Understanding these baseline principles will help you in your mindfulness meditation journey. So here we go. Mindfulness myth number one meditation and mindfulness are the same. Um for our purposes they are not. Meditation is what you do to separate yourself from your worldly thoughts and feelings to become fully aware of your inner consciousness. You can use one or more meditative techniques like chanting verbally or inwardly to discipline the mind and increase mental clarity and emotional stability. Meditation and the way we advocate you practice it here. Mindful in five is commonly practiced by sitting still in a quiet spot with your eyes closed so you can focus your mind on your mind, although some use mindfulness as a form of meditation, it doesn't require closed eyes or a quiet space.

Its goal is to achieve focused presence in the moment without judgment and without being overwhelmed by what's happening around you, it has no religious affiliation and anyone can do it no matter what your beliefs are. Mindfulness can look like being fully focused on a conversation without your mind wandering eyes, tracking other people going by or planning what to say next. Mindfulness can involve going within and rebooting even when you are engaged in activity. By the way, meditation doesn't require a religious affiliation either Within the mindful in 5 um format, there is a classic edition, if you want something that is not religiously focused or there is the God Lovers Edition, if you want something that is um that focuses your meditation efforts on building that closer relationship with the Divine.

Mindful In five shows you how to combine mindfulness and meditation. So you can live and work to your highest and best purpose each day, begin or end each day by sitting in meditation for five minutes, just five minutes, then use mindfulness to be fully present in each moment. So, to recap as we practice it in the mindful In five way meditation is not about clearing out your mind. Um and it is really about taming your mind harnessing stillness. So you can be intentional and focused. Mindfulness is about being present in the moment without being judgmental and without being overwhelmed by what's happening around you. Neither one of them require you to have a religious affiliation of any kind in order to practice and for mindful and five purposes.

If you would like the classic edition, the non religious version, you can sign up for those at Mindful in Five dot com. If you would like the God Lovers edition, sign up for the God Lovers edition and you will receive additional materials that help you to channel and focus your meditation efforts on God. Yeah, so at the end of the day, okay, mindfulness meditation is about helping you to calm and tame your racing mind. If as you sit in meditation, you can't think of anything to focus on. If your God lover talk to God in the language of your heart. If you sign up for the classic edition, you will receive five minutes five day meditations that you can focus your thoughts on as you practice your mindfulness meditation and get stronger mentally and emotionally so that you too can live life to your highest and best purpose each day.

Thank you for listening to Mindful in Five, join the Mindful in Five Community at www dot Mindful in five dot com. To sign up for the weekly companion emails to this podcast which include a new guided meditation each month and five day five minute meditations. To supercharge your journey towards inner peace and success, visit the instagram page at Mindful in Five or the facebook page at Spey Way Publications until next time. Be mindful and be well

Mindfulness Myth #1
Mindfulness Myth #1
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