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Intro to Mindful in 5: What's in it for You

by Spiwe Jefferson
May 30th 2021

Welcome to Mindful in 5! In this debut episode you'll learn what's in this series for you and what benefit you'll get from subscribing. Once the series gets under way, you'll re... More

are you anxious stressed mind racing. Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you looking for secrets to peace and a happier life joints? Be way jefferson certified mindfulness practitioner and lawyer dedicated to helping you learn to apply mindfulness meditation to the personal and professional challenges of everyday life, harness the power of mindfulness meditation to live and work to your highest and best purpose. Starting with just five minutes a day. Yeah. Hello and welcome to Mindful in five where we learn how to apply mindfulness and meditation to the challenges of everyday life in bite sized episodes for people with no time. My name is spew a jefferson and today we're just going to start by sharing how this podcast can benefit you. Yeah I have studied and used mindfulness meditation in my own life for years and my goal is to empower you with the tools that I have found effective to find peace in the midst of our ever changing world.

See here's the thing you can find any number of articles and books that teach you how to mindfully eat a raisin or how to mindfully walk for example. But how do you use mindfulness when you're stuck at home with people and creatures? You're not so happy to be around anymore. How can mindfulness help you when you're having relationship problems? God lovers, what do you say to God when you just lost your job or a loved one? If you're looking for practical answers. This podcast is for you as I said my name is speedway, it sounds like speedway without the D. Speedway and I am a certified mindfulness practitioner. I'm also an experienced lawyer by trade. I am a mom of kids and pets, a wife, a sibling and like all of you, I wear many hats each day.

In my experience the highs and lows of life happened to everyone and I am no exception. I've been married, divorced, remarried, I've had job transitions, experience the joys of parenthood and the sorrows of losing my parents through it all. I have learned how to harness the power of mindfulness through the darkest of dark nights and in the brightest and joy of day. I'm no mindfulness genius. I don't have any formal religious training but I have studied and practiced Mindfulness meditation techniques for about 15 years or so now and found it to be incredibly effective. My goal is to share what I have learned to give you ideas about how to look at the world and the things that happened to you through the lens of mindfulness. I happen to be a God lover, which basically means I love the one true God, the great, I am the creator of the universe and everything in it, the one who deeply wishes to have a close relationship with you so that he can come alongside you in this life.

I am a God lover and when you visit the website Mindful in 5.com to sign up, you will have the option to sign up for the classic version or the God lovers version of the weekly companion email that provides you with additional support and tools to boost your mindfulness meditation practice. You do not have to be a God lover in order to find usefulness from this podcast and from mindfulness meditation, whether the challenges of life from a place of peace and emotional calm so that you can live and work to your highest and best purpose each day. So let's take this journey together. I look forward to sharing and hearing from you. Thank you for listening to Mindful in five, join the Mindful in Five community at www dot Mindful in five dot com to sign up for the weekly companion emails to this podcast, which include a new guided meditation each month and five day, five minute meditations to supercharge your journey towards inner peace and success, visit the instagram page at Mindful in Five or the facebook page at Spey Way Publications.

Until next time. Be mindful and be well. Mhm

Intro to Mindful in 5: What's in it for You
Intro to Mindful in 5: What's in it for You
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