Mobbed Up: The Fight for Las Vegas

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August 7th 2020
BONUS: Mobbed Up (Almost) Live

This week, Mobbed Up host Reed Redmond and Mob Museum VP of Exhibits of Programs Geoff Schumacher hosted 'Mobbed Up Live,' which aired on the Las Vegas Review-Journal website and Facebook page. The... More

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July 28th 2020
Implosion | S1E11

"I'm probably the only guy standing right now." 

Decades after it was at the center of a federal racketeering case, the aging Stardust hotel-casino is imploded to make way for a new resort p... More

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July 23rd 2020
BONUS: Stories from the Steer

"They didn't care if you were a mobster or a corporate executive or a politician or a federal agent." 

When Frank Cullotta arrived in Las Vegas in 1978, one of his first stops was The Golden... More

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July 21st 2020
Family Secrets | S1E10

“He always said if you pull a gun on somebody, you finish it.” 

Tony Spilotro goes missing in June of 1986, last seen driving away from his brother's home in suburban Illinois. Over two deca... More

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July 14th 2020
Dirty Laundry | S1E9

"You never become a rat."

Following their arrests for attempted robbery of a home furnishings store in Las Vegas, Frank Cullotta and five other members of the "Hole in the Wall Gang" face st... More

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July 7th 2020
Strawman | S1E8

"Las Vegas was the last thing on our mind."

In the spring of 1978, the FBI’s Organized Crime Squad in Kansas City placed microphones in a restaurant, hoping to pick up information about loc... More

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June 30th 2020
Hole in the Wall | S1E7

“This was the end of organized crime in Las Vegas.”

In 1978, mob-connected thief Frank Cullotta moves from Chicago to Las Vegas to work alongside his childhood friend, reputed Las Vegas mob ... More

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June 23rd 2020
Cleanface | S1E6

"Now I’m getting this directly from, you know, Cleanface. You follow me?"

In 1977, future Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was appointed chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission. Before lo... More

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June 16th 2020
The Argent Empire | S1E5

"You don’t buy Mr. Spilotro drinks. He buys you drinks." In 1971, Tony Spilotro moves from Chicago to Las Vegas to look after the mob's interests, alongside a longtime oddsmaker named Frank "Lefty... More

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June 9th 2020
Open City | S1E4

“The mob had been, of course, heavily integrated in the casino industry here from day one.”

To understand the city of Las Vegas as it existed in the 1970s, we have to back up to Dec. 26, 194... More

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