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Building a Business and Being a Dad

by NCC Audio
May 20th 2021
In this episode, Nick gives a life update and shares his adventure of being a full-time dad while growing his business and maintaining his health and wellness. If you are interested in starting a pod... More
Hey everyone, this is Nick Chamberlain. I just wanted to quickly like you know about a new resource that I have created. If you're interested in starting a podcast and you don't know where to begin and you're getting overwhelmed with all of the different microphones and audio interfaces to choose from. And if you just want to learn what's the best audio editing software out there and to learn how to make your room sound great and what are the different podcast hosting services out there? How do you get your podcast on apple podcasts? Well, I've created a quick little jumpstart guide for you. So go to N C C audio dot com slash jump start to get started. Hello and welcome to another episode of the N. C C audio podcast, the podcast dedicated to helping you to improve your podcast so you can grow your audience. I am your host, Nick Chamberlain and in today's episode, I am going to be going over the progress of N. C. C. Audio and where we are at today. So if you have been following along my journey from podcast episode one you will probably remember that we started out as a slog, a sound weblog.

You know you have blogs but then I created a little slog and so we were slogging away back in the day. So it was basically just a podcast minus being on Apple podcasts and Spotify. I just put it on my website and my little blog section. So that was a lot of fun. But now we are going to be just discussing like where I came from from the beginning to where I'm at today. And we're just going to be following along this journey. And hopefully every couple of years I'll do a little bit of video blog like this and sound blog, blog blog and you know monitoring my progress to see how I'm doing and just in case, you know, everyone who is interested in just following along my story and my journey. So because we all have issues and problems or difficulties that we're trying to overcome and I'm hoping that by all watching this, you can see just the steps that I am taking to improve my business and my podcast and my overall well being.

So let's go ahead and let's take it. Let's take a little chunky dunk into this episode. Let's get started. Hey everyone. And to help me with this exciting new episode we have, of course, my good old friend and co host Mr Brandon Anderson. Hey Brandon, Good morning sir. Hey nick. Good morning. It's nice to see you again. Nice to see you too, sir. It's been another week. It's been another journey and here we are doing another video podcast in our new setups. And every time people are watching it, it's like the video looks a little different. They're different stuff in the background, the color is different, but it's all a learning curve right now. We're just setting everything up and doing a little bit test to your little test there and you can see I have my drum set that set up. So that's cool. Now, I just got to figure out this whole lighting thing. But there's a lot of fun. I think today it looks it looks really good. I think you're set up. It looks really good. I think we're just gonna die out. We gotta dial in a few more settings for you and then uh eventually, you know, and then, but I think it's looking really good.

Sweet Everybody let nick know in the comments how he looks. All right, but only only good things everyone and then um what I want to do is to create like an intro sequence with me, like playing the drums and you don't really have any music? Wait, what am I trying to? You know, just like a little intro. Like, I don't know. It might be cheesy, but I think it's cool. No, it would be super cool. It should just be you playing just playing the drums, but in different locations. So like the drums in that room, maybe the drums in another room and then the drums in another room. But that would be like way too much work to move the drums each time. Oh yeah, I forgot the drums are big. I could hire someone to come out and do that. Just kidding. Okay, so I am going to just talk about a few talking points today to go over like where I'm at in my life. So we're gonna be going over like what it's like to be a dad, a full time dad and a full time business owner.

We're going to be going over just networking and going outside your comfort zone to grow. And then I'm gonna be talking about updating my systems and my website the back end and then how I'm helping out my clients today all the way to what are some new projects I'm coming up with and I want to end it with just health and wellness just because you know, in order to grow your business or as a person, I feel like you need to start with your mindset, your mental well being and your health. Because if one of those is going down the hill integrating, it's gonna be hard to do the other aspects of your life to do. Yeah. just to work on, so we're going to try to just make this an adventure. Hopefully it will be helpful for those of you who are just kind of starting off, you're just not sure where to go or if you just want an entertaining pep talk or just All right, how is this guy doing? Let's check them out and see. Wait how did you get here? So let's figure that out.

Are you ready for this? Brandon? I'm so ready for this, so ready and I want to get into what you're doing to because yeah you're you're setups looking cool, you're in a homemade room. Wait what? No, it's a literally homemade room that you built all on your own out of a home, it's a home built in home just for mr Brandon Manderson. So I'm a father of two kids, I have a 4.5 year old daughter, Camilla and I have an almost two year old son Dominic. So this has been a crazy journey. We have now moved my family and I we have moved from san Diego to Austin texas and now we're trying to figure out how to make it happen, luckily for us, my wife, she is a speech language pathologist and she is now a full time member of the napa center in Austin. So napa is an intensive therapy uh to private clinic, they have locations in Los Angeles, Austin boston and Sydney and they're starting to open up a couple more locations and people from all around the world will come to these clinics so their kids can receive services from these um highly trained therapist.

So my wife, she's in the speech therapy unit helping kids to communicate and I'm super proud of her, so with everything that she's been doing and it's a great opportunity for her, which then it works out for me as well because I want to build up my business and when I was working my 8-5 It was just 8-5 family time for three hours and then try to work on my business for the rest of the three hours of the night. And on weekends. And dad got extremely draining over the past couple of years. So now I'm excited that it's still kind of just part time because I wake up early in the mornings, I do my NtC audio stuff from like 6 30 to 9 30 the kids will wake up Camila, Dominic and you know, I have my baby monitor here, So they're still asleep. So that's good. So yeah, they'll probably keep slipping for like another 30 minutes for as long as this podcast will take. And then I just get up and take care of them.

Give them their breakfast and everything to make sure they can live and survive. But it's kind of hard to like juggle running a business and being a dad. So if there's anyone else out there trying to do that right now, or if you're doing that successfully Please reach out to me. I want to know how you're doing it. Or if you're just kind of struggling and you need some support or anything, also feel free to reach out to me and we can just talk about that. All right. What do you think Brandon is our? AM I crazy for doing this? Should I just go get another 8-5 job? Uh Yeah, I mean, only if that 8-5 job involves you. I don't know. I feel like the only the only other 8-5 job you should get would be a like a body builder job or something like that you know Or you just start lifting lots of weights and and getting really big and bulky and you know and crazy strong. But other than that I think that I think that's your only option. Yeah. I mean I if I do do that then I could be like just so good looking or crazy looking in a couple of years from now.

But I've been thinking about this, it's like well okay if I can develop this business which I am developing, I am so my insight issue, you know? Okay I don't know if I can do that, okay I can do it, you can do it right now. If you're working for one employer, you're working for their business. So I like this. You're either working for someone else's dreams or you're working towards your own dreams. So when you're working for someone else, are you trying to move forward in that position or you just fulfilling that person's dream and you're just a piece of their puzzle. So you got to think about this. So for me, I am now trying to build up my own dream or you know, just trying to provide for my family financially, right? So if I'm working for my 8-5, that's one source of income, right? And if that gets cut off, if I get fired or something then I'm at zero. But now when I'm running my own business, uh if you have five steady clients and then you lose one client, you have four, and now you still have four streams of income, right?

So now let's find some new clients. So the more effort you put into building your own business, the more it can grow in like the more income possibility you can have. Because also when you're 8-5 of course you can work hard. But most of the times the harder you work the better you get your income is going to remain the same. So it's kind of hard to be like motivated to to grow unless you're you're kind of nerdy like me and you just try to figure out how to automate everything so your hourly rate goes up if you can finish everything. But if you're stuck in an hourly rate and you're doing everything super quickly and now you just have like six hours like I did all my working two hours and I have six hours to spare. What do you do? Just sit there? But that's where if you do get to that point you can now start to just re evaluate like all right, what else can I do? How can I improve myself? And so that's what I was doing at catholic answers over the past few years I would do my work and then I would look into how can I improve this situation this company, How can I add to it?

And so I just pretty much spent six years just redeveloping all of the updating and just making the studio the best it can be. And in the process I learned a lot and that kind of led me to trying to figure out. All right well I need some additional income at some point because Brandon at some point you're gonna have a bunch of kids hopefully like 10 to 12 15 kids running around and you've got to feed them, right? They can't just they can't just hunt gather for themselves so you're gonna need extra income and if you're stuck at your 8 to 5 that has the same hourly rate, most people are going to have to and you you find out you can't move up because you're working for a small nonprofit, you have to think outside the box. So that's where I'm at today. Trying to think outside of boxing, grow my business, trying to be a full time dad in a full time business owner. Um I don't know how are you doing in your situation of life? Oh my situation man. What a situation that I mean being alive.

Um uh I think that all sounds good nick, I'm excited for you and I'm happy that you're that you're doing well and that you you put it a lot of good years and set up some good foundation catholic answers and everybody's still talking about you there. So you could have left and then everybody could have just, you know, stop talking about you and then you're lucky you would, you know, your memory would die off, but your legend, legends never die. It's still persevering. I know one coworker was like, wait, why is he going to go be a full time? I know isn't the whole life? I know she's uh, sorry, I'm not, I'm not uh, I don't want to specify who it is that was saying that. Yeah, I don't know. It could people or it could be could be a boy. Could be a girl. Yeah, but no worries. And also when we are doing this live to tape, sometimes our video feeds will just cut out like Brandon's just cut open, but that's okay because I can stop this.

Oh I'm back. Hey. Oh hey guys and welcome back to the neck and Brandon discussing that. I don't know what happened. There is just like the camera just completely shut off. Which is weird because it's plugged into the wall. No but so what I was talking about Brandon in your situation, you have improved it in in a way where you have now gone from part time to full time. So you have increased your income. So whatever you can do to increase your income is gonna be your best bet on. Have Oh just moving forward in life. So always be thinking about okay how what's the next step I need to take in my journey? So as soon as you become comfortable and complacent, complacent. Yeah. I mean that's fine. If that's what you want to do, you're happy with your life. That's good. Only you can make that decision. But I am trying to and brand is trying to we're trying to always take the next step of how can we improve ourselves and become a better person. I'm talking for you because you cut out again, you can look at the camera today but well uh you know if it cuts out again, you know, I'll just put up a little cartoon version of me or something that be funny.

But you can hear me when the camera Yeah, I can hear you. Everything's still going through just like just it's just the camera, it's just you can't see me anymore. So the podcast elements still there just my face element is not there anymore. The element of my face is gone. Yeah, so that's uh that's kind of what I've been doing. I just recently this week actually just started working full time for catholic answers. Um and you know I've I've worked full time for catholic answers in the past and then moved back to part time and I've been working part time for the last like year and a half, so almost two years now, so now I'm back full time it's uh I got a I got more responsibilities and hopefully we'll be working on some more creative projects. They're so little. Yeah, well that's cool, I'm excited for you, Brandon, thank you. And that also kind of leads me into the next step of my life. Currently I'm going outside my comfort zone to do a lot of networking which is super weird for me, but it's been good.

So a funny story, my wife and I, we went to Round Rock downtown to eat at this mexican place. It was really good. And then afterwards we were just walking around the downtown area, we saw this super cool old building, it said space for lease and I was like man, I wish I could, you know rent, something like that. I was like yeah but it's that's impossible that that can never happen. And now right away I'm just starting to trigger myself, why is that not possible? That is possible. Why am I limiting myself to like only only certain individuals can do that? But me, no I could never do that. And so instead of thinking like I can't do it, I'm like yeah I can do it, I can literally do this if this is something that I want to do. And so I took some practical steps and so I reached out to the real estate agent who was leasing this property and I said hi I'm very interested in this space. Can you please give me some more information? So he sent me a brochure and I had all the photos look super cool.

It was like a huge is like 2300 square feet and I'm like, well I don't need that much office space. But then I started thinking if I could create a little media production company where I'm having people come into record podcasts, I have people coming into to do their online courses to any other kind of audio video work. And I could rent out the different office spaces or sublet it to other creative individuals who need a cool little space to work and how awesome it would it be to bring in clients to downtown area and to record their podcast. And so I was just thinking, well this is practical, I could do something like this. And then I saw there was another company at this location and it was called Hot Dog Media Production. So I was like, oh need another media production company. And so I actually reached out to the guy working there, his name is Neil and I said, hey Neil, how do, how do you like this location? Would it be something, would it be good for? Something like I'm talking about for podcast recording? And he was realistic, he said, well it actually would be super loud, all the noise, all the traffic, you'd have to do a lot of soundproofing.

And then I was like, well that is something that I could do, but I don't know if I want to start working towards that right away, but I went outside my comfort zone, I reached out to a realtor I'm able to reach out to, I reached out to this guy named Neil Neil and then we had a great zoom meeting and I got to know him, he got to know me and then he invited me to his networking group, the MARS networking group. Yeah. And then this brought me even more outside my comfort zone where I was meeting 12-14 small business owners here in the round Rock Austin area. And so I was superintendent intimidating because I'm this new guy trying to start a business and everyone was super supportive and interested in hearing about what I do because no one has heard of someone only doing podcasting for like their main field of choice I guess because everyone has like physical locations or insurance agents there, business consultants there all the way to lawyers and auto mechanics, everything right.

And so then that led me to setting up a meeting with the development director for the Chambers of Commerce here in Round Rock. So I met with her and so I'm looking to join now the Round Rock Chamber. And so then that will help me to get my business name out there and to meet other business owners because now they have monthly or bi weekly gatherings for certain events and so now I'm gonna be signing up for that, going to those events and I had a meeting with another member of the MARS networking group and this guy, he's starting a podcast. Brandon. Oh my goodness, really? Yeah and so he has a background in production, so he's going to be editing it himself. But he told me once he has a sponsor, she's gonna send it off to me, but he also knows he's a business consultant for other businesses. So now once he learned of my um you know my services when he goes to different businesses, he can say if you're interested in starting podcasts, we'll go tunica NCC audio, right?

And he was giving me helpful advice. He says, go to different marketing companies, see their services and if they don't have podcasting as one of their services, just reach out and be like, and why do you not have podcasting as one of your services? Well now you can, because you know me and I can you can subcontract with me or something like that. So he gave me some great ideas, so that's a good idea, wow. Yeah, so I have more meetings next week. I actually have one meeting today. It doesn't really matter because we're just recording this on the day with a marketing guy today and a film guy next next week. So this, I feel like it's how I'm going to grow my business, I don't know how it's gonna work, but that's why I'm doing these vlogs. These logs are and just keeping you all updated on what I'm doing the actions I'm taking and we're going to see if they're working right well, it sounds like it's working, it sounds like these are the uh you know, it's always it's it's, what do they say? It's too, you know, so it's uh it's good to connect with people, especially when you're in the new area. Probably like this guys from California. Oh my goodness.

Yeah, so everyone's like a little scared like what are you doing here were from Dick? Just getting to know the guy actually met with um he just moved from san Diego to texas as well. Really? So that was pretty cool. Yeah, it's cool. Another thing that I've been doing on a weekly basis is I have joined a mastermind group, so it's me and three other podcasts business owners and we just go through our week and we just talk about what worked, what didn't work, what kind of problems we're facing and we just go through and we brainstorm and how we can help each other with any issues we have or you know, just like to give other people advice on how to lift each other up. So that has been a helpful, helpful resource. Um I highly recommend doing that if you're alone entrepreneur in your own little niche, find other people who are doing the same thing and gather them together for a so weekly gathering. And it's cool because we could all be fighting against each other. Like trying to be like, I want these clients, no, I want these clients, but you know what, just so much abundance of resources out there that just connect with these people, your competition and figure out how y'all can collaborate and work together and to grow each other's business.

Because the more you all can grow, the more your industry can grow and the more you can grow your business. And so that's been helpful. Yeah, it sounds like it's been helpful. Especially, you know, just meeting people in all sorts of different and all sorts of different areas and businesses and stuff like that. And uh, I know you've been doing the mastermind group for a while. That seems like it's been helpful just to be able to have like people just to talk to and be able to relate to about all the stuff that you've been working on. So, uh, now you're meeting new film people. So it's kind of like, man, I'm, I'm fighting for my job Here is the co host as the no, not not at all. We're just like, yeah, you better not go talk to any other audio engineers than in SAN Diego. I'll be like, what are you doing? Just kidding. No, but we're just looking at these things for like a business perspective. I'm like how we can build each other's business up. But that's another thing I've also been growing in is like, you gotta look out for those people who are going to take advantage of you. So you got to be always giving of your services and like giving as much value as you can, as well as watching out for those people who are trying to suck your life away and take stuff from you.

So if people are trying to take stuff from you and you're giving them, but they're just taking and taking and they're just trying to take advantage of you, it's okay to leave that situation and you need to be aware of that, that's that's happening, you know, so I don't want anyone here to be taken advantage of and it's hard to be confident and courageous, but you're going to have to be, if you're starting off on your little this solar entrepreneurship, it's crazy, but it's fun. So that's what I've been doing, just going outside my comfort zone and connecting with people. So we talked about dad business life networking. Another thing that you have to do, which when at some point you got to start building up your website and your systems and so over the past six months I've transferred my website from weeks to Wordpress and that has been an adventure. It's super crazy. But I'm glad I did because now I'm starting to learn everything about website. So you have to have like a website host a website domain.

So WP WP X is my website hosting and what's my website domain? I don't know. So you have to buy your, your also NCC audio dot com and then the place to host it. Um which I think I'm doing all through WP X. And then now I'm using Wordpress as my like website builder program, Right? Brandon, I don't know. And then with Inside of Wordpress, I'm using a theme called thrive architect. So then that kind of mimics like wicks. So you can kind of do like drag and drop kind of element. But now I have to kind of get into some html code to change things and format things. It's a little more difficult, but I'm understanding it more and now it's helping me out because it's cool. I download this thing called joost Yoast SeO to help with my search engine optimization. And so now I'm, every time I post my podcast, I have a page dedicated to that podcast with all the show notes, with all the resources mentioned and a bunch of links that go everywhere.

That's been super exciting. And so I'm taking the joost Academy to learn sc. Oh, wow, that's awesome. That's another just really good tool to add to your bill. Yeah, So there's a lot of little different elements when you're getting into this in case you didn't know about it. It's like, yeah, there's a lot of it. And so now another thing I have is my Crm, which is closed dot io, so that's where I keep all of my clients information there and all the project of the pipelines of where we're at, which then I connect to my trailer board, Tremolo and Sotelo is my project management system where I keep everything in place. So I have a bunch of podcast, it's like okay, which is in production, which stage of production and my at have I sent up invoice, I've sent it invoice, has it been fulfilled? And then I just then I'm still using Wix as my e commerce site. So that's how I invoice, everyone and that's how people pay me and which also then connected to stripe and Paypal. So there's a lot of moving parts when it comes to running a business, like you have a bunch of little um moving parts and it's all connected and that's why you'll see a bunch of different services that's like we're all inclusive, we'll do all this for you in one platform, so that's a way to go.

But right now I'm just trying to, I'm picking and choosing which is best for me and then I can upgrade or downgrade. So I'm not locked into one service and that's basically what we was doing. So that's where I'm at with systems. I think I have a pretty cool upload page and now I just need to connect it, my upload page to, what's it called, Happier. And so ideally when people upload something, I would have like to create a zap which then takes the file that's uploaded into Dropbox and it creates a um and then sends the correct file to where I need to go on my um on my computer, so then everything's just drag and drop, drag and drop. And I have all these templates and everything formatted. And if anyone is interested in learning anything about like what I've been working on, just feel free to leave a comment down below or reach out to me nick and cctv dot com and nick will respond to you and send you a funny, a funny gift.

Hilarious. So just be ready if he he might not say any words, he'll sit, he'll send you a really funny gift. Yeah, and it will help you out tremendously. So what else has been going in my life? So after doing those system developments, I'm now at the point where I'm trying, trying to grow my business and to grow my business, I need more clients. I'm really working on lead generation, which then gets back to, well, how do you generate leads? Um, networking. So I'm networking, I probably need to do a bunch of cold calls, I need to reach out to marketing companies, I need to reach out to, even, I'm thinking about reaching out to different um, let's say like parishes or churches, so the priest, they have months, they have homilies and I should just reach out to all the different person to be like is your homily on a podcast format yet? Because it totally should be, you know, so your weekly podcast. What about the people who miss, who want to re listen to that?

Amazing holly. You just gave now, you can Just send me your audio file and upload it to Apple podcast and Spotify and your prisoners can listen to your homily 24/7. That's a really good idea. Just is that a good pitch? I'm trying to think of something like that. Yeah, I think that's a good pitch. That's a good idea. So that's going to be going outside my comfort zone once again, which I have to do in order to push. So all this is about going out of your sight of comfort zone and taking action that will move the ball forward because I can spend all day redesigning my website, read formatting my trailer board, but that's not going to move the ball forward. That's not going to bringing any new clients or increase my income, which is ultimately the goal. So then I can go live in the hill country, supply wine and enjoy my family. Right? What everyone's dream is another thing when it comes to starting your business, you gotta think about all the different ways you're going to have revenue.

Right? So right now, my one source of revenue are my clients and as soon if I have to lose all my clients, then I'll go down to zero. But now I have a handful of clients. If I lose a couple it goes down but I'm not at zero, which is the cool thing about having your own business, but another source of income I'm thinking about starting, of course, I'm gonna, I'm working on an audible course right now, not like for audible, but of course that's just audio, audio related course, basically a podcast you have to pay for and I'm gonna be submitting it to listenable, but I also need to ask them do I get to keep all this content? I know I can't sell the audio recording, but I'm making my own course, so I'm a little afraid that in like, the legals have to, before I give them the files that I'll still own the rights to all the information and I can still reproduce it. That's gonna be one way. And um having the course, that would be super cool, and now that's going to be another monster of itself, which I need to go through and relearn and redevelop, but that's okay.

So also when it comes to revenue, so I have clients that are just send me podcast, I'm thinking about, I've opened it up to going out to record that to feed, just for recording. I don't need to mix their master edit, but I can just record it because I have all the equipment for it or eventually I would love to get my own recording space where people can just come in and to record. So if you're creative here in Austin and you have your own physical location or if you want a physical location, feel free to reach out to me and we can go in at, on some location and we can have a combined space paper together because yeah, that's that's we're moving forwards. All right, Brandon, I know you've got to go here, you have to go to work and I have to go wake the kids up in a second life is crazy right now, right? I know man, sounds like lots of good things are happening for you, so I'm excited for you and I know the live studio audience is excited for you, right? Live studio audience. What what are they doing behind the jumps? That that's kind of creepy out there. Come on guys show show your face, come on, it's okay.

Studio audience, they're a little nervous. Uh huh that you know, they are, they're so cute little studio audience. Alright, but great, we're gonna get into the last section of what I've been working with also. So now I'm into health and wellness, right? There's entire podcast and everything dedicated to this. But I think it's super important that when you're trying to grow up as an individual, you don't want to be growing your waistline, you want to be growing here, your, your baseline, your biceps. And so instead of thinking about it and talking about it, I took some action, some action steps. I bought a course online course. I bought a workout fitness course. So now I have a 90 day plan with 90 days of workouts ready to go and it's pretty cool. Each workout has a YouTube video explaining how to do it and I'm just going through it And I'm eating healthy. I am like, okay, I only have up to 2500 calories if I want to maintain my weight, so if I eat under that, that's great.

So, I'm kind of watching that. It's really hard because I have to, like, significantly decrease the craft beer drinking because there's a lot of calories than that, but I don't want to do that. So it's kind of hard. That's the hardest part. I feel like just being disciplined now, I feel like I have more energy, I'm getting a little stronger, which is good, my lower back hurts a little less. And so overall the mood is going up and so when you have more energy, you're able to use your brain more and then you have some more thoughts coming out and then you're able to take more action when it comes to moving your business forward. So highly recommend starting a workout routine and eating healthy and then you got to start working on your mental, you're mental um what's it called? Health fitness, your mental health, goodness, mental fitness. And so how am I doing that right now? I'm reading books and so I got a new book on the, on business, I haven't read it yet, I just ordered it so I'm super excited. It's the pumpkin seed, like how to grow a pumpkin and then they're gonna go through like the different elements on the best way to grow pumpkin, but relating it to business, I also reading through this book called Make Noise.

It's a podcasting book and it's, it's really cool. Um, I never thought I'd read a book on podcasting, but here I am because the guys from, he's really good eric mechanism news. Um yeah, I would get that book if you're looking into improving your podcast as well and I got the book think big and grow rich. So it's all about mindset mindset mindset, I'm just thinking all about, it's a little do agey, but take it or leave it, you know, but don't go like too crazy where you're, I don't know, I'm just going to leave it there. So basically don't say you can't do anything and kind of have a dream and go towards it, you know, why not, why not go after what you want or what you think is best for you and your family? Because I've been thinking a lot of times we don't want to make money, we don't want to say like, oh I'm out of, I'm just trying to make money, I'm trying to grow rich. Well honestly, the more money you make, the more good you can do in the world as well, you know, let's just say you have your favorite charity and instead of giving them a dollar a month, you could why not try to give them as much money as you can a month and you can do that by growing your business and working hard and there's nothing wrong with doing that and making money and growing or is there Brennan?

No, that's not. But also it's also, I'm always this is where I'm conflicted because what does it mean that it's easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven? What does that mean? Yeah, I'm always like, so if I have money, I'm not gonna be able to go to heaven, if I'm rich, I'm not gonna be able to go heaven. No, they just said it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. I'm not saying it's impossible. Okay. I'm just thinking also you have to be aware if you do make money that it's going to be easier for that fat camel to get through that I have that needle than it is for you to enter heaven. So I can always have it in the back of my mind as well. But also I need money to send you know our daughter to her therapies, to feed our family, to clothe our family, to put ruth like in everything. But then also the more money you have, the bigger you can build your business and then you can employ more people and you can help them build their livelihood.

So let's just say you do you save up to buy that Ferrari which most people like I'm not. That's ridiculous. Why do you need a Ferrari? But then if you look at it you're helping the people who made the wheels to the Ferrari who made the everything that goes into it like everything and so you're helping them out and their livelihood out. So I wouldn't worry about it. You guys, I don't know Brandon, what do you think? Am I, am I getting off course here? I'm just kind of talking No, I think I think you're making some solid points. I think um you know, I think the most important thing is remembered to remain charitable ground me, Brandon. Like if I go off course, if I'm not saying like good value things, good ethical things, you've got to bring me down. Yeah, yeah, nick um uh, reality, you're being a heathen. Um No, I think that the main thing is, you know, as as your success continues to grow, to remember to remain charitable, remember to to think of others, remember to help out others when you can, and you know, if you have the opportunity to go above and beyond to help someone else uh, to do that.

And then um like you said, if you're, if you're buying a Ferrari, you know, there's what's your mindset behind it, you know, because you want to look like a rich, famous person and you just want to like, really just show off, or is it that you have been so successful and you have been so charitable that you are now able to purchase this thing, which, you know, it will give you like joy, but not like everlasting joy, not like, but you're just like, well, I'm successful, I like high quality things. I'm just going to purchase this and it's going to help other people out and I'm just going to enjoy the success that I have worked for. And I think it's also like if you're just doing it to show off, because I don't also, I don't like to stick out of a crowd and so I don't know if I would ever buy that. Some people like to just go fast so just go fast. So it could be a hobby for some people, like I would probably spend way more money on my computer or my monitors and my sound equipment and my drums, like that would be super dope to build like a recording studio.

So that's where what I would do with all my extra excess money. But then another thing I don't, so you have your mental state, you have your health state, but we are body soul composite, so you have to have to work on your soul. So, and if you don't believe in this kind of thing, then it's kind of like you will at some point, I don't know what I'm trying to get at, but I'm personally trying to work on my spiritual state as well and I feel like it's kind of pummeled, pummeled a little bit, it's kind of like soul might be training a little like dirty, so I need to get that cleanse, I need to just start up on my prayer life again because I've been out here in the secular world, Brandon, which when you're catholic answers, you're in a nice bubble. So I kind of like, I've broken out of that bubble and I'm like trying to figure out what the world is about how to maintain myself body, Soul health wellness, you're starting another coming of age story for yourself. Thanks Brandon, I'm moving into my 30s, it's my birthday, May 20 on this reporting, that's in seven days. Hi everyone, this might be the last episode, you see um Nick in his 20's and my 30s next week and I'm finally going to be an adult old actually.

Old man, Dick, My daughter Camilla always tells me, are you an adult and I just tell her no, I'm just a big kid raising little kids. Mhm. Well Brandon, I think that's a good place for us to sign off. I think it's a good life update. Um It was fun. Thank you for listening to me and helping me stay grounded. Yeah, no problem. Well I know you got to go off to work so I'm gonna let you go. I'm going to thank everyone for listening and watching today and of course if you want to reach out, feel free to reach out and please rate and review on apple podcasts. Spotify, leave a comment below, down on Youtube already. Everyone Alright cacao by you, are you? Mhm mm.

Building a Business and Being a Dad
Building a Business and Being a Dad
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