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June 2nd 2021
Adding Video to Your Podcast
In this episode, Nick and Brandon discuss and explain how to add a video element to your podcast productions! Learn about the equipment, software, and post-production process that is used to create a ... More
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May 20th 2021
Building a Business and Being a Dad
In this episode, Nick gives a life update and shares his adventure of being a full-time dad while growing his business and maintaining his health and wellness. If you are interested in starting a pod... More
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May 4th 2021
3 Ways to Record Your Podcast Remotely
In this episode, Nick goes over three different ways to record your podcast when you're on the road or not at your podcast recording studio! Nick and Brandon also go live to tape as they begin to film... More
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March 11th 2021
Audio Editing, Mixing, and Mastering for Podcasting
In this episode, Nick goes over his post-production process for podcasting. Learn the difference between editing, mixing, and mastering, and how these phases in the post-production process will ultima... More
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