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Talking About Depression With Baash Junior

by Kwasa Genesis
August 8th 2021

Hello there how are you doing? hope your trying everything to stay alive regardless of whatever you are facing, today in this episode I talk about depression with my friend Bash Junior and we talk ... More

Yeah, yeah. If you haven't about if you haven't heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. It is free. It has could allow you to record, edit your podcast, Your phone anchor will distribute the point to be heard on Spotify podcast and many more. You can even make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's you need to make a podcast in one press. So please go to anchor dot FM FM to put the up or you can go to google play store or appstore. Mm mhm. Mhm Yeah. Hi everyone, my name is cassie genesis and today I'm here with the big man bash junior and they will be talking about depression as you know, regardless is all about depression and stress, anxiety and everything that comes with with depression and everything that tries to make our lives miserable. But as you know, the show is called regardless, regardless of all that we have to live our life and keep on and I started this show regardless as a self space for us talk about all of this, you know, because in our culture, our african culture, I don't think we have therapists like those white guys and those foreign people who have therapists and they see them month three and they pay money sometimes for us.

We don't have even people talk to share our stories with because at some point even we get afraid to share our deepest stories if you sent one of my first episodes. When I first opened up about my society thoughts, I would tell you the truth that many of my friends they reacted, they reacted uh negatively. They were like man why are you sharing that stuff? That stuff is for your girlfriends and what that stuff is forward. What? But even when you have your girlfriend man you can't hear that uh stuff with uh So today me and bash will be talking about the pressure and how to avoid it and everything. So bash welcome to the show are well thank you so much. Was like I'm so excited like that. It's actually but like I was so excited about that so like I'm really happy. Thank you so much for uh are these for opening where the locals are calling me? Oh yeah so many like we're talking about depression, depression bro is like uh like okay the topic is like how to avoid depression right?

So like I don't think that we can avoid depression but like we we we go through some process idea so that we we were like we don't feel like depression you know like we don't get it, we can't avoid it but like if you do like what I'm gonna tell you right? Yeah yeah deal with it. You know like you know getting it even like forgetting it like dealing it's like after getting separation. Yeah. So I think like my my first my first had they say my first advice like try try to make yourself busy as as you can you know try to study if you have something. Try um be busy in your books maybe. Okay. I mean I don't read Yeah but like do something that you really love, you know maybe hang out with your friends, you know like something like that. And the second thing I think like and that one will be like the last option because I kind of miss it because it's like taking a couple um some tablets about the depression shit like I think you are right, there's some there's some tablets like it helps mentally like but he doesn't help physically but like it really helps um mentally.

So if you can go to the hospital and like if you have really depressed the risk like every time you're facing a big challenge you can go to the hospital and you major which led by you like how far with your depression and yeah you can take those tablets and really helps you know? No, it really helps. I don't know what your dad had something you know? So another thing is like most times when you have a depression uh you feel like you're the only one with depression because I remember when I used to have like so I just thought when I was young because my thing I just thought started when I was young sometimes how I was treated at home at school people were putting me teasing me and then so I always thought was only about me but uh as you get time and you grow up then you start you find out that you are not the only person you find out there are other people. Exactly, but most of them have had to talk about it. Yeah exactly. Let me tell you this.

It's like, I think my biggest challenge was like um my friends, you know, like they be calling me bash, let's let's go to party, let's let's do some videos like because they are in social media to do videos. Like Tiktok the key to videos. So I'm in my home, right? So I'll be like I can't do that like so like you guys can't make, I'm saying that after like after saying that to them, you know, they be things that I'm fucking lazy, I can't I can't do that but the reality, I'm really depressed bro. Damn, like I'm really depressed like I can't, I can't so like they'd be getting some bad thoughts about me that I don't want to work with them, you know? So the second day I'm talking to them, they will be changing their their face to, you know? Exactly because they don't know what I'm going through bro. Like I'm just in my pay like just trying to find all these then months were like damn well the thing is like kind of complicated, you know like when you have a lot of how are they going to know if you don't want them. No no that's the challenge we are facing like we don't want to share with our friends or our cross people.

No I think I think the yeah as a person like I tried a couple couple first to tell what I'm going through you know sometimes you know? But the fact is like the society like society is not helping were in africa you know what I'm saying? Like they don't feel you'll be, there will be thinking about something else, what are you talking? I'm not like for him also he doesn't feel about that shit, he doesn't feel he feel it but he doesn't know it's a depression, you know? He doesn't know but so like he be like laughing about that you know? You'll be like oh no there's nothing like that bro, like it's your own your mind shit, you know? I think Yeah bro. Yeah yeah again again I think that's the biggest uh the biggest challenge I think uh we we we because of depression, we're getting depression, it's like uh our what we are like in in in our lives or what were we living? It's like so hyper comparative society, you know? So it's like so hyper focused on pursuing like success or health, you know what I'm saying?

So it has made us like feel like entire guilty like even entire guilty Yeah of course like for for the time we spent like without doing maybe like without doing uh working towards something productive. So like for example what I'm saying like it's like me I'll be in my bedroom bedroom and maybe something like that I'd be seeing I got to social media be be seeing you getting all off. Yeah me you let let me say to you like maybe like you're taking some good pictures with your maybe some expressive car or maybe somehow what you got you know I feel be feeling the pressure like I get I would get because like I didn't read the same level that I wanted you know the same t you know? So also that's like um that's the main and you know society also focused on on success. Yeah this and like getting wealth and money share. You know it doesn't it's all about all I don't know it's all about finding yourself. That's what I'm saying like like it's all about finding yourself you know? But it takes time to find yourself next time.

And most people they want to remember one of the courts that you said like we are just uh maybe depressed generation. Yeah. Taking nice pictures. Yeah and you have a picture is like yeah I feel like like you gotta go to my idea you know like oh my victor's I'm smiling but like I feel really depressed DP side. There's something. Exactly yeah. If you listen to let me see this song is called more than loneliness by uh huh over this guy. Maybe I think however uh Not really. Okay. So I just listen to just well you know that guy is so real like helping me through going you guys if you like if you want to listen to this one is the best for me. I think it's avoiding me too on X. XPro. Like his songs like so deep and talking about depression. Yeah it helped me. You know like you too, you can check his general. He's already dead. I'm so suicide about that. But like yeah he did a lot of questions you know.

Yeah but so I want to review some of his a few weeks and the song is like I've been trying to feel all of this empty. But he but fact I'm still so empty and I could use some rough. I've been trying to find a reason to get up, been trying to find a reason for this stuff in my bedroom and in my closet. The baggage in my heart is still so that more than loneliness. We are never alone but we are always depressed. I love my friends to death but I never call and I never text. That's what I'm trying to tell you that even when we have our friends man it feels like you don't want to tell them the problems that you have deep inside your your mind. And also I listen to another song and the song was like uh it's called like tear drops in the ocean. And the song was saying that it's like it was just a theme theme song in the movie. Oh okay.

Yeah. But the song was like uh we're always fighting wars in silence. Yeah. And that that was like the truth man with depression. It is inside your head, inside your mind every time you want to wake up in the morning, every time you see things that are going on with your friends. Because there there was a time a few months ago where I was looking at my friends and I was comparing my life was still on and I was looking at myself as the loser man. Yeah. And you know, you're going to get the pressure from that shit. Like when you start doing that, you know, really get depression. Yeah. So I was like, man, who am I? Why am I here? And then I was thinking about then that's what causes depression most times. If you try to compare your life with another person's life, maybe you see me smiling on my WhatsApp status on my instagram on my facebook and you think everything is okay. But also I was telling one of my friends that for me, what I consider us the biggest energy is that energy even gets to wake up from your bed in the morning just waking up in the morning and okay, maybe let me go to school, let me go, let me do something.

Let me add somebody about that like people there's a lot of people things like they didn't still discover that they are going through depression okay so they'd be in the bed like so late they would be working up like around like two or one you know like it's am hoping okay I mean pm so yeah so like but like they think that it's lawlessness and like if you look through it's like seriously it's depression bro. So like you need to find out what you're going through. It's it's like depression like you find out like it's laziness because listen is like it's so good bro like you can change you know something easy you know? But if it is lesson is brought something cool bro like you should happy happy but if depression go it's your break. I don't know. Yeah so listen it could also be like a form of depression what you're feeling lazy you're feeling low you're not feeling but to go out and do anything with your life. So depression comes in many many ways and to be able to understand it is kind of complicated, it's kind of complicated.

Maybe you have to like science is even still like you don't have the hills but yeah it's hard it's like love I think like that's the you know you'd be feeling that shit you know like you'd be laughing somebody but like it's hard to explain you're not talking with somewhere you're talking and most times that's how life is. That's what I was trying to tell my friends. Like some days I wake up when I'm, when I'm feeling hi, I'm feeling proud of myself. Everything that I'm doing. I'm looking at it as a success. Then another day I wake up when I'm feeling like I have done nothing. Like I shouldn't be here even right now. But for me, one of the things that helped me was to open up, I have one of my friends, she's from abroad so I knew I I figured out that if I talked to this girl for her, she won't like judge me or she she doesn't see me a video. We have never met but we have crossed on social media is better than it's better than talking sometimes when she offered to talk to my friend like I can't even talk to my room at about it.

Like I'm going through this. Even my best friend at school like me and him also like we were like in the broadcast, like talking about depression but we can't do the same. Like yeah, that's the reality. You know, it's like had to explain. It's hard to explain some people what you're feeling in your mind, how to put it in towards and say maybe I'm feeling like this, I'm so happy about this out. People. There's a lot of people are getting people who are helping them, you know, to go through depression. I'm really happy. I'm finding out you guys like to get somebody like I go through with him in a depression and I'll be like together every night because like this a time I remember just what you know, he's one of his son, he was like, uh he was like, uh living with me, drink with me, spoke with me, Go show with me. Yeah, It's like trying to say like you'll be with me. Like go shopping with me. Like you want to say like he doesn't want to feel alone, you know?

So yeah, I get that person, you know, you're like, I don't know what you like. Even lonely. Even loneliness is a type of the friendship of depression feeling lonely. Like no one is there for you. No one is caring about is also kind of depression because mostly passing themselves what they do what they do to court, what is wrong with me? No one wants to talk to me. What what that is also my depression. It is in many, many ways. And the and the main thing is you have to identify which type you have like for me, I used to have some kind of thoughts and in my podcast I told you that they discover even more, you know that I discovered after I started talking with many people and they told me that that one is depression. I just need to think maybe because I used to hate my life. Think about everything my family and what I don't feel like maybe I shouldn't be this hard. Yeah, it's crazy man because sometimes life is too much. No, no, no. Yeah. You tried like this point. You can you be trying to commit society.

Yeah, I tried like three times month, three times and there wasn't successful. Thank God you're here like doing something. Yeah, there wasn't successful month but still I wouldn't open up. Uh during my school, my high school and during my primary I was always silent. People would ask me, students would ask me like what, what's wrong with you? But for me it said myself, I always hated myself. Like even talk to people, even talk to girls even now if you go back and ask like the people I studied with and you ask them like who I am there Tony Okay. The other boy was always quiet in class. That's how they even could identify me but and I wasn't always squad but inside my mind I was always having different things. My, my mindset Yeah. Oh yeah. Even just talking to myself in my mind like, ok, what will I do when I reach what is going to happen today? What's going to happen to more different things. And also there was always this voice which was always in my mind, I'm telling me like, do you know if you died today, everything will be okay.

You won't feel any pain, you won't feel any head you want to feel any loneliness man, that voice always came to me and it always comes whenever like I mean passing through hard times and I'm like okay that's reality. You know? It says like itself like uh if I go somewhere like because like you're not gonna feel the same way like right now he goes like hebrew and the act, you know, you'd be you need to walk, you're working hard for your money like you go a lot of shit, you know our responsibility. So when you die I don't think like you have responsibilities. Yeah that's what we think when we won't have a lot of responsibility, not ours, but like you don't feel the same way because I think having a lot of responsibility even brings a lot of depression because like if you fail out like what you are responsible for something like you're going to be thinking about like what like you'd be asking a lot of you all of the questions about yourself, judging yourself man, that's like judging yourself and then also Yeah, but but I like I hope I hope everybody like whatever whatever you're going through like just listen from bosch wherever you're going to like just love yourself if you love yourself like really, really I think it's like one of the process that you can go through the Yeah, I think one week ago I made a podcast about loving yourself, wow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And that one was like, so after a few months ago, maybe even like two months ago, I think that's when I started loving myself. I am 22 years old right now. But all that, all those years I have never appreciated and I've never loved myself only a few months ago and and one day I was sleeping and I was thinking I was like my I looked at my my life and everything and I thought about it and I was like, so when I was doing that one then I was like I watched some video on Tiktok and the guy was like um what I wonder if I asked you, he was like, I wonder how long it will take you to measure yourself among things you love in this world. If I asked him, wow and it hit me hard. And I was like, even I tried us to right now like shape wow. Yeah. And even asked my friends like making it like a test and I was like five things you love you this one. I measured money. Women, what man uh cast a lot of things without mentioning themselves money of course, yeah.

Even meeting me out and I was like, I should start having myself. And that's even when I made the podcast because everything changes money when you start appreciating yourself if you don't like something in your life, change it, change it. Uh If there's a habit, if there's something you do just change it but still love your life, love yourself and everything changes man. Like the way even you say it right now like change how they say you have paid or something like, but it feels it's not that simple, you know? It's hard but it's like you guys please like push up that shit. It's hard. I know like I have been changing a lot happy to find myself, you know? So yeah, it's kind of hard way you're saying right now. You know, it's not the way we think right now. Like it's not like go and drink that drink. Yeah, it's not like you will wake up and say I love myself. Yeah. No. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay here here with me like this thing works, works works for me. But I think a lot of people are going to work for you okay?

Uh when you're brushing your teeth, I think you're gonna go to the bathroom shit and you feel like brushing your teeth in front of the mirror right? So after finishing, I think you can talk to yourself and see your mirror, You'd be like, this is me. You know, you'll be broad of yourself. You know like this is me like yeah, let's do that, you know, talking to yourself like it's like it's so cycle. I know like it sounds so crazy. But if you do it like go to the mirror and be like yeah smile let's do this be having that confidence you know? Yeah because like you are in front of yourself you know you see yourself in the mirror and it's in front of yourself. Yeah. Yeah it works. I used to do that sometimes. Yeah so for me what I did was like even I used to have some people become depressed about how they look like he looks at someone and most people they look at celebrities, he looks at like roll out and it's like mom neither is looking so cool. Why can't I be like him? Others get depressed about what they don't have.

Yeah, that's one thing I have not done the moment. You start thinking about what you don't have that means you're not appreciate what you have. So I'm thinking ok maybe you have like a Samsung phone and maybe you have like a Samsung six. I don't know. They're you know maybe you have like nine and now you want like this thing but you can't get yourself All right, so you get depressed about something maybe you want like that kind of shoes people who mind about products, they even get depressed about show about products when they can't get them. Maybe like you want the latest teacher that came out so you want to you know so you start thinking about you too much in your mind and you get stressed everything and even stress is also part of depression. Uh Yeah but what I was saying that it all starts by laughing yourself because if you love yourself you won't kill yourself man. That's one thing I'm talking to you right now.

The way I love myself right now I cannot kill myself because even I know today things might not be fine. Even tomorrow they might not be fine but another day I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. My were like this it's like it's everywhere in my almost almost you should buy like a test tomorrow special role like that thing like I believe I'm going to release a lot of t shirts like that bro I'm serious like because like tomorrow it's better for example let me tell you, let me tell you something else. Short story for example maybe um Maybe some close friend of your died like tomorrow today okay today so you be feeling uh so sad because he died. It was your close friend right after after some three days you're gonna be finding yourself you're okay. Yeah it doesn't mean that tomorrow is better. Yeah. Alright yeah yeah tomorrow is better. So like that's that's what that's why I'm like it's easy so whenever like maybe you're going through some hard shit today or someone uh It's a point of view. Just say tomorrow is better tomorrow it's better tomorrow.

Yeah I think we're gonna walk out people they say like tomorrow never comes back. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, Yeah. I think I was telling my friend is like, so after I started driving myself, I started appreciating myself and that's why I wake up every morning saying that if I love myself, I have to wake up every morning and go to work because I love myself, I don't want to be poor, I don't want to be without money or without food. So I have to go and hustle for myself. Of course I love myself man. I would take care of myself. And when I was a story about like how I was looking like if I'm handsome, where my primary this there was this guy who used to abuse me that I was so black, so bright. Like Yeah, that's even at this moment I always want to find this guy and I'm like, yeah, you really? Yeah, yeah. You really changed, you know? Uh so this he always made me head school because he always abused me.

That I was broke. And this guy was big, bigger than me. And it was so wise than me in class. So, and one day he even abused me that I think even if we cut your blood, your blood is broke already. Oh my God, that's so yeah, it was so I grew up when I hated my car broke and I started loving Brown before, oh everything. I started having like I wish I was brown. I wish I was. Uh I wish I was what was and that moment the wishes come. I wish I had this. I wish I was that. I wish I was that also they bring depression and we have to start like just start appreciating yourself. It is a process and I even me, I'm still in that process. Or even, I mean everybody, everybody, everybody like diamond, but it is important to have yourself and everything you're doing if you think what you're doing is but just change it. But don't take yourself for that. Even if you make mistakes, we learn from our mistakes. If we never made mistakes we would we would never learn the lessons that all the things that we know right now.

Yeah, that's five months. People don't wanna talk about it. Even like some people maybe or even single even even if you have a girlfriend, my I'm trying to figure out how you tell your girlfriend that I'm depressed. Let me tell you something funny. Is that the one of the guests I had uh he was like I I asked him like what happened with your girlfriend asked him and what's up? So when he came was like genesis you know what happened with my girlfriend? I said no I don't know. He said we broke up and I said why did you break up? He said because she was depressed. What the hell? Damn. That's what what? Yeah that's because that he was depressed. So, I was wondering like, how would you hit someone? Just hit the rest. Yeah. You grew up help that shit, wow. I didn't know if she was the first year and the guy was like some days he's sad. Another days, she's not talking to me another day. She's just started with hustle. Even man was ted you know. Yeah. Ok. Ok. Yeah. It's really a story running to us.

So before you share the story, I think we'll go in a break. Uh And also we put some art for one of our sponsors and we'll be right back shortly. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Hey, right. We are back and I won't tell you about our sponsors. Uh One of our sponsors is called news lee and news lee is an audio up for both IOS and android. It picks up web art calls the most trending most violent topics On the web at any given moment. And release them to you in a natural human voice. For the first time in the history of the Internet, the Web becomes reasonable browse at cost from topics, teachers and start praying. Stop scrolling. Start listening. And they have podcasts to as well explored trending podcast from over 40 countries and our podcast regard this is there too. I don't know that his music for free now from W. W dot musically dot me or from the link in the in this episode description.

Use the code regardless in capital letters 2021 that would give you one free month premium. Thank you. All right, let's get back into it. Yeah. Hi, even we're back. We're back and let's continue uh with the podcast so we can talk about everything with depression. Because what we're talking about today is just about our own life experiences, things we have felt, this is not a movement, things are happening. People are suffering. People are fighting, people are fighting battles, man, people are fighting battles in silence. And today, if you're listening to this podcast, thank you so much. And I want to, me and my guest today bash would like to give you some advice if you're going through hard times. Even right now, one thing that there is hope for tomorrow. I know many people tell you that, but sometimes you don't believe it. So, I asked my friend bashed, tell us just any simple advice? People are listening to them and they went through hard times.

What would you like to tell them? Thank you. But like, I I think the best advice, like making your, as I said, for like making yourself busy as much. You like, okay, this is the simple method. You're gonna let me let me tell you some simple methods. Like, you're gonna bring pepper some books, small book notes, so you're gonna write a legitimate that you're gonna do it, some project that you're gonna do it. You know, maybe, for example, for me, I'm gonna write today like I want to be in the box with with you. Okay, So when I I make it, I'm gonna make it one line like this I already achieved or make a tick. You know, you're gonna be happy. So you write your old dreams, not dreams, but like something you really want to achieve, you know? So you know when you get depressed, you're gonna get the book out you open and you see how many things you did, you know? Yeah, wow. And you'll be smiling, you know, and like me to more respect. Of course, yeah. Yeah. So yeah, that's one of the, and the second thing, it's like, please please I think maybe you're gonna go through depression. You already even uh did that shit.

But if you see your friends going through depression, please help him be with him. Although you can do anything at least make him smile, Baby telling him some jokes. I don't know, I try to do that also. Yeah. Uh tell him give him some positivity, you know, like Yeah, yeah, I see something even if it's miles for me sometimes. Some days I count my days if I every time when I work when I wake up in the morning, uh when I was going to school, I used to us to play this simple player. Like Lord help me today when I go I make someone smile or I make someone today feel happy. And it is like uh I have endured the pain and Rose even you if you're out there you have endured the pain and rose. You have your feeling heartbroken. You have known hardship and you have known how to be lost and maybe you're also feeling around. But even me right here I stand trying to move to move forward one day at the time. I will remember the reason is in my life because they are making me who I am stronger and the warrior man.

So yeah, yeah, that's amazing. And that's what I'm telling you today. Whatever you're going through whatever is happening like I always say on all my episodes it is just a feeling much. It is just a feeling and it will go away. That's what I always tell you that it will go away. No one feels stressed. No one feels depressed for a warrior. That one can't happen. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You can see it pressed for a whole month. No, that's what cannot happen. But what matters what sometimes I think affects us is how we react and how we behave when we are feeling depressed at that moment for me these days, even when I feel depressed and even when I feel stressed, I no that tomorrow I want to be stressed or even another day. I want to be stressed. Like Bush said tomorrow is always a better day because we don't know about tomorrow And yeah, we don't know about tomorrow. You know most of them they always say inshallah, God knows what is going to happen tomorrow.

So yeah, that's that's what happened today. You're feeling heartbroken. But you don't know tomorrow. Maybe today you're feeling poor. You're feeling you don't have anything. Yeah, keep having that little hope that tomorrow and if you watch Prison break, remember microscopy? It always said like just have a little faith, a bit of faith. You don't have to talk too much faith. Like I will be reached by tomorrow. So just have little fear that something will change and something is probably going to change. Also another one tip. Also another tip I'm going to give you just find someone talked to. Even if he's a stranger on facebook. I learned to be to open up with my life through talking to one of the stranger on facebook and we become so, so close. She was like my sister. She was like my mother most times when, because we always, yeah, I just talked to her about everything. And even, Huh? That's the one I was talking about. If you get that one. Yeah. And it doesn't even have to be your girlfriend.

It doesn't even have to be your mother or your parents plan because we can't talk about these things to happen and some of the motive and understand that you think my son is mad. Yeah. Uh Yeah. Uh They won't even understand man. So it doesn't have to be your girlfriend. Doesn't have to be uh your boyfriend just find some. Yeah. Yeah. Even your girlfriend because uh because most people have seen that we just want to impress their girlfriends like, hey what part I'm doing? Good. What what? I'm feeling happy because I have you because I love you. Even if you're in a relationship, maybe you can be depressed thinking that. What if my girlfriend gives me? Uh Yeah. Yeah. So you can be things like that. So uh the tips are so many and we can't finish them. But all we are going to tell right now is just keep on with life. Life is a journey and you only live once. Love yourself tomorrow.

Yeah. Yeah. Better peace out there, hard bash. And maybe you will be hearing from him in the next episode. Thank you for listening to quash analysis. This is regardless peace out

Talking About Depression With Baash Junior
Talking About Depression With Baash Junior
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