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Skateboarding And Depression

by Kwasa Genesis
August 7th 2021

Hello there today in this podcast we talk about skateboarding and depression with my fellow skateboarders skateboarding is not just a spot to us but also a lifestyle and it has saved us during our ... More

Yeah, yeah. If you haven't about if you haven't heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast, it is free, it has could allow you to record, edit your podcast, your phone anchor will distribute the point to be heard on Spotify podcast and many more. You can even make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's you need to make a podcast in one press. So please go to anchor dot FM FM to put the up or you can go to google play store or appstore. Mm mhm Yeah. Hi everyone, my name is cost of genesis and just like I told you earlier today, we are live, we're back with our podcast. The podcast is called regardless. And I want to thank you for always listening in whatever you're coming from, which uh whatever country you come from.

So today on the podcast, we're talking about uh how we have caused all my guests today, they are skateboarders, professional skateboarders. And I hope someday we'll see them in the olympics representing Uganda or africa. So today, what we are talking about is how we have always tried to use skateboarding as a way out to deal with our mental health issues for example, like depression, stressed how we have dealt with it using skateboarding. Uh In one of my episodes, I talked about some tips, how to deal with depression and many people deal with depression in many ways. Uh some people go out on vacations. Uh some maybe they go to programs, but the guests that I have today for them what they do. Uh they go skateboarding uh whenever they are, they are depressed. So we'll start with my first guest today. And here is what is your name?

My name is Isaac Georgina. I'm 17 years. I'm from Uganda. Yeah, so I'm happy telling you today on the show. Uh and you, my name is Ryan Adams. I'm 17 and I'm from Uganda. Yeah. Another one. My name is citizen DeFranco. I'm 17 years to uh yeah, all my guests from Uganda, everyone is from Uganda. Also me. Uh my name is in question genesis and I'm the host of this podcast. So uh first one I got into the uh skateboarding and I started skateboarding. I used to just skateboard for find out first because that's what you think skateboarding is about having fun. But then there are some days when at home maybe we had some issues other times I was feeling bad about myself about my life and everything. And then sometimes when you're thinking too much and you stay in one place you find that there is no help, you have no friends and you have, you have nothing therapy.

So what I always did, I used to just to get my skateboard and go out from home or moved town and try skateboarding and by the time I reached town I meet my friends, I meet my other friend to other people who are interested into skateboarding and we started talking, we start chatting, we try out some tricks on the skateboard and some people fall down and we laugh and we have fun and eventually at the end of the day, you forget that even uh, maybe two hours ago, you were stressed or that even uh, when you were home you are thinking. So now we start thinking about something else. Like you start thinking about skateboarding. Like how can I run this street? Uh, how can, how can my friends run their tricks? So that is one of the ways how skateboard always helped me out when I would be feeling santa tom, I would get away from my home and I returned back in the evening and by the time I returned back in the evening, I'm no longer stressed.

Everything is okay, just like another day, another day. So today, uh, my guests, they will be talking about some of the hardest moments where skateboarding has head up to them to do with their stress, maybe depression, anything I want us for you to share with us any moment where we are feeling bad and skateboarding video happy again. So as a community share with us anything. Yeah, I'm ready. So as me, skateboarding assault means so far to build the issue of depression. So as in family at home, uh, sometimes as you know, the parents, sometimes they have some misunderstandings. So to control myself from listening to such, I grabbed my boat. Yeah, yeah. And I take a street, skate sometimes control that. So, it's good since skateboarding is also part of my life.

So it helps me also to control the depression. To feel like I want to commit suicide. Yeah. Feel depressed. To feel lonely. So now it's part of my life. Yeah, Yeah, skateboarding now it's part of your life and you know that maybe every time I'm stressed, we just uh, grab my board and go out and have a session. May be on the streets and with my friends. Yeah. So, Rianna, are you ready to show that's your story, Okay. FM. Any moment where we are feeling lonely or just feeling bad and skateboarding helps you. To me, skateboarding has not only just take our depression and my thoughts by skateboarding. Like, you can now misunderstanding your brother at home if you depress your girlfriend talks shit to you. So this is not just a feeling to me, only at the moment, not just the sports, not just a sport, but the moment you step on your boat.

Oh, that just vanishes. Yeah, I understand everything just goes away because you have your skateboard. Many people deal with all that in different ways. Some people have got smoke and to me right now, I would think like, maybe instead of going smoke instead of going to use drugs if I just grabbed my boat and they went somewhere and they had a skating session, then I came back in the evening and everything. Okay, then I will continue to appreciate skateboarding. As to okay john so you are going to share with us any story or anything where skateboarding helped you. Maybe we're feeling sad and just skateboarding helped you to be happy again. Uh To me skateboarding is take a left ST uh and I really like it. Yeah that's uh yeah, thank you. Thank you. That is well yeah. So otherwise also we're going to talk about like our skateboarding dreams. What do you want with skateboarding and maybe what do you hope to achieve and how can you even encourage other people who are there and they want to get into skateboarding?

Because sometimes this funny uh but first before I even got my first skateboard I was thinking that maybe skateboarding is for only the white people on where the foreigners. But now even have people maybe some even Africans who are into skateboarding, they can't do the tricks you watch on tv. And that was always my dream like uh stop kids from thinking that hungry the white people are the one who can skateboard but also let them know that even your African brother even you can and brother can skateboard and can do that trick that you see a white person doing. So Isaac any skateboarding dreams just talk about skateboarding close today. Today's session is just about skateboarding in the house. It helps us to do with our normal lives. So as for now you guys skateboarding so far for me, I have a dream of getting into olympics I think by 2024 yeah, I have to be an Olympics.

So whoever gets this message, just get to know that I Zach good enough from Uganda is coming, coming is coming to smash you guys. Yes, I'm practicing every day. Don't relaxing giving Yeah, so hard. Yeah. Uh skateboarder, skateboarder, Latino, my favorite skateboarder is called Nigel stone inspire. Uh huh. I like that guy because he does not give up. Yeah. Yeah. And even sometimes you skateboarding when you're running like a trick when you feel the first time you don't give up. Even the second time I had my my wife, one of my foreign friends and they told me that he learnt to only it took him six months, just run out. So for me even I just I just don't take skateboarding us like just a sport or a game is like lifestyle where I learned different things that not to give up when you fail, even when you want to learn one trick, when you don't have to give up post is the same as life in life.

We met many challenges, Even the depression, the stress that we're talking about today, the call comes with the same. So skateboarding is just not just like fun fun, just a sport, but it's all so like a lifestyle like how Reon told us. So we'll also hear another story from uh re on like how we got into skateboarding and uh why skateboarding so important and how you related to your life. But before we jump into that, uh I would like to show to tell you something about our sponsors of the show. We have anchor who are sponsoring the show. But you also have this application is called news lee. And news is an audio app for IOS and android. And this is what news it does. It picks up web articles about the most trending topics on the web at any given moment and reads them to you in a natural human voice.

For the first time in the history of the internet, the web becomes listenable browse at cause From topics you choose and start praying. Start playing, stop scrolling and start listening. And they also have podcasts as well, explore know about trending podcasts from over 40 countries and our podcast regardless. Is there too. So download and use the news the up for free now from W W dot news dot me or from the link in the description of this uh podcast. Don't forget to use the promo code regardless in capital letters 2021. And that would give you one free month premium. Okay, so let's get back to the conversation. So adam you're going to share with us what skateboarding minutes to you. I was inspired by a friend, a fellow friend, a fellow classmate, my brother a frame.

Yes, I'm just bring her, but so that I can get my own skateboard because but now what you got my own Okay, Yeah, I'm using a for a friend. Okay. Even right now we don't have a skateboard. Yeah, Yeah. And another, another dream of of course the genesis is also being able to provide for skateboards to most, most Afrikaans, most most guidance people who don't have access to to get skateboards because in Uganda, I don't think that right now we even have like a sketch shopping you guys, I don't think we have one. So our dream is sometimes we want to do many skate body, We want to do many tricks we want to learn. But sometimes you have one, you have like one skateboard and went to losers, like a tire, like a truck. Now it would be, I had to get another. So another dream of us. My groom is like making skateboarding accessible for people like me for Africans like me for young boys, Like we want to get into skateboarding because some of us to ask skateboarding is not just like a game or just like fun, but trust is like life like lifestyle because if skateboarding can help me to deal with my depression to deal with my stress for only one day that is like skateboarding saving you from this world.

So if I'm also, he's going to tell us about something like uh, because everyone here is talking to you about, talking you about you as the legend that you, you are like the mentor advisor. He said that you're the mentor, you head up to him to get into skateboarding. Even adam here you were saying that you, you you are the one who inspires him. So uh from you're going to give us about your skateboarding story and how you got into it and everything. Yeah, skateboarding into pneumonia his life. And I feel it every time I was inspired by a friend uh brought up is dick. It was a walmart dig so I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything. So we could, I could just even stand on. So for the first time I step don't do it, I failed the vibe inside mean, and I saw that.

Yeah, this is meant for me. Yeah, skateboarding is meant for me. Yeah. So what are your body and I bring this case? It's just for fun. Oh, you have like bigger dreams that you have, we all do skateboarding for fun. You and at times you have much goes to achieve. Yeah, sometimes I think it is more than just like fun. Yeah, it's more than just fun cause at times you want to gain up nail all those bigger tricks so you start working hard day and night that you can see yourself truthfully kick flee part flips. But another thing that advised for skateboarding, he teaches you that whenever you fall, you get a good up and do the same thing again. You guys have to get your rise up again. You will never regret, never sit down giver. Never give up on skate body and from a foreigner. No giving you. Yeah.

So if you're waiting to like drive, that's what I just said. Like if skateboarding saved you one day, maybe your heart stress and you have depression and then use your skateboarding and came back again and you're now even now you're still living because I know some people out there maybe skateboarders who are descending, you have much much stories to share where skateboarding self deal. And some people looked skateboarding as their lifestyle as their everything and they have reasons why they do that. So even now in Uganda as we try to spread the culture, that's like the importance we want like to spread because like some people could be hooked to drugs to alcohol and what, but I think it would be better if someone, people like me, people like us, we get hooked, skateboarding instead. Yeah, instead e of that. So, I think you are hard stories how skateboarding are stand out for us, how skateboarding, I will start working as head of task to deal with our stress to deal without pressure.

Even right now, most times when I'm so angry and so stressed about life, I just grab my board to go outside and by the time I spent like three hours and coming back, everything is already okay. So I want to thank you today for being on the podcast and now we have to, we have to get like the last remarks from our guests today. Uh what what are they telling people who are out there? What advice can they give them Cause for us right now, for us we are skateboarders and uh we used our skateboarding to deal with our stress and depression. So what advice do you give people out there in ways how they can deal with depression for me? I always give them one advice and he's always like depression, Australia's anxiety or everything. It is just a feeling. And that feeling comes and goes uh with no one can be expressed for a year. No one can be expressed for months.

Maybe you can be stressed for weeks. But even after weeks, uh stress will go away. So we start with jeffry many advices giving people there who are stressed who are depressed right now and they're listening to this show because for us right now we do we are using skateboarding as a way to deal with depression. So what about people who don't have skateboards? Uh which advice do you give them to deal with depression and anything to people who don't have skateboards to? I just promised to them that a frame when I make it cause my dream. I want every get of you to be able to access is capable calls dissolved me, depressions, it is like medicines better than medicine. That's what I have to say right now because the moment you step will need all depression, you feel like your new refreshed. So what I am saying to the people out there with to my depression, I have imagined maybe a long time to meet them.

But I do promise them that skateboarding is coming to them has one way to help them. And depressions. Yeah, thank you. Thank you Isaac digeo, the guy who likes uh Nigel Houston. So what is your advice today? I want our listeners today on the podcast how they can deal with depression. Maybe some of them don't have skateboards and maybe some of them who have so guys who are there listening. So if you know you don't have a skateboard or you can't access it. So you can take a bunch of just moving around, find a team or like a dancing group. Yeah, try to get a walk around the streets, so try to get to join some stuff that can keep you busy your mind out of stress, something like that. So you can reach to a novel, you can go to a quiet place, you can meditate, you can go for dancing, you can go for anything you like.

Yeah, just chatting. So those stuffs can also help you to deal with that issue of depression. Okay, thank you, Thank you. Finally adam paleo Last ones for the listeners out there, our offices, depression, stress and all other things and maybe who don't have access to skateboards. Like for us, we are lucky that we do uh, all to those who nonstop skateboards. Uh, man, I can't give you any advice, but to me, I use music most times when I'm depressed. Yeah, music. Oh, I write my boat. Yeah, yeah, that's it. All right. All right, thank you. So today's show was about using skateboarding as a tool to keep on with our lives because sometimes we get tired.

Sometimes drive is life is too much and we need a way to escape and being able to uh, skateboarding to escape. Uh, the horrors of life and be able to get a chance to live again the next day is what is important this show is called regardless and uh, our main goal is to live life regardless of all the challenges that come with it. Mostly our mental health because when you're mentally fine, that means you are okay to keep chasing your dreams. Thank you for listening in see you next week. All of you subscribe quasi genesis, Youtube in instagram facebook WhatsApp number. We are going to send you each and every stuff subscribe and place the bill. But also if you want to get in touch with all the guests that were here today, you can always follow them on my page in coastal genesis, their videos, uh, their tricks, what they are achieving with skateboarding and we have like ISA.

Who says he wants to present Uganda in the olympics, maybe two years from now. And if you also, if you want to offer some support, we are open to donations, maybe all, all the decks on trucks. We don't mind as long as we can skip with them. We are, we are so happy to receive them. Thank you and we are sending love all skate voting family in the world. And thank you for listening to caSA genesis peace Like he sang out.

Skateboarding And Depression
Skateboarding And Depression
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