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Ep. 93 How To Manage Daily Stress

by Claudine Sweeney
September 8th 2021

Stress. That dreaded word that we can all relate to. Sometimes we feel we have too much stress in our lives to even know what to do with. We can become irritated, overwhelmed and burned out. Defini... More

This is episode 93 tips for managing stress. You're listening to the Rise up and Shine podcast with Claudine and Ashley as an empty nester and a mom with young kids. We have both shared very similar and very real struggles from chaos to coaches. We now help other women live an authentic and meaningful life. So tune in weekly for girl talk and tips on how you too can rise up and let your light shine bright. This is the Rise up and Shine podcast. Yeah, welcome back lovely listeners today. We're talking about something that is common to all of us. We're talking about managing daily stress, the overwhelming and the pressure. It's just the common human condition. I know I struggle with it a lot. In fact yesterday I was having a near meltdown. That may be how we came up with this topic perhaps perhaps perhaps. Um and I was going to try to postpone recording but here I am, I made it.

But this is something that we all struggle with. And unfortunately when we hold on to stress, when we don't learn how to manage it, our bodies can go into flight flight mode and we can gain weight, have depression, auto immune disorders, lose sleep. So stress is a big deal and we do need to learn how to manage it daily. So that is what we are talking about today, right? I'm going to put a little plug in. Their managing stress does not necessarily mean the same thing as coping. So coping what we tend to think of coping, could be more behaviors to ignore or suppress our feelings about our stress or stress of daily life. So we tend to I can go to coffee. Coffee is comforting, we go to what's comforting and just kind of helps us numb out, right? And we don't always think of it as a bad thing. It's not like I just want to watch some netflix for a while and eat some chips, right? It's not necessarily a bad thing. It becomes unhealthy when that's all we're doing to cope with our stress and not actually have healthier practical ways to deal with it, you know, day to day.

So that's huge because then when we don't deal with it, that's when it starts over the long term and chronic stress starts really hurting. Our body's gotta go bodily. Well it's a good point because coping you're not getting rid of it, you're not processing the stress, you're not eliminating the stress, You're just covering it. You're coping with it. Like you said with netflix or food or shopping or the many many ways that we cope with tending their right, right. And you don't you don't feel it like I don't when I'm watching netflix for an hour, I don't feel stressed because my mind shuts off. Yeah, it's a distraction but I haven't managed it. I'm just great distinction. It doesn't really write your feelings about it. The overwhelming is just kind of on pause for a moment and then you turn that tv off and you're right, right, and then your body starts hurting and you wonder why am I so stiff? Why am I so a key? Why am I so yesterday? I was so stressed. We have a lot going on, not only my personal life, but even, you know, in the world around us right now we've got wars, we've got massive fires. Today was the first day I saw blue skies and weeks.

We have massive fires around us. We have whatever sickness, we're still in a pandemic. I mean we have a surge, we're back to that again. There's so many stresses outside of our own personal lives and then my own personal life was just moving into a new home and taking on far too many projects when yes leads to stress when yes leads to stress. I saw that I'm like, I have said yes to too many things. I like that. I know I've said yes too many times and now I'm saying no is one of the things that could be difficult, but yes, definitely induce more stress in our lives not being able to say no when we really need to. Yeah, yeah. And I was trying to say no to recording today, but then I slept for 2.5 hours and I felt much better. I was like, okay, I just needed some sleep. That was a nap, not for the night. Then I had another eight hours later, so I'm back to normal today and I'm going to learn to start saying no, so my office is in total shambles right now because I decided that was not the most important thing, I was just going to let it stay a mess. Everything is on the floor, you can't even walk in there, but it's an organized mess and I know where everything goes once I'm ready, organized mess.

I like to think I have an organized mess, Do these messes in this room, look organized Hey, if you know what all your piles are, it's an organized mind. Something right? It's in this pile, it's in that pile. That's what I'm going to tell my husband. Uh babe, it's kind of getting a little messy but it's organized mess, okay, don't mess with it, what do you need? I'll find it for you so funny, but stress is real and we all um suffer struggle with it to different levels, different levels of stress. And God did not design us to carry all this alone. And I think about that when I'm starting to feel really grouchy or irritable, I know that I'm carrying too much stress and I'm trying to do it alone and that's the big thing, it's like we're not designed to carry all these stresses by ourselves and also what we have big stresses and we have little stresses, right, some of the small stressors are more the day today, right, getting up, getting the kids ready for school or some home projects or um work stress, you know, you have a deadline coming up, those meaning the bigger stresses being, you know, you have a health issue, maybe you're moving, you know, that just happened, so that was a big one.

Maybe your changing a job, maybe there was a loss of a loved one in the family, you know, those are definitely bigger stressors, but for today, especially we're talking about how to minimize the day to day stress because we all have stress and some stress is good, some helps us to grow and to reach a certain goal that we might have. It kind of pushes us to meet a challenge head on. So some stress is good, you know, spoiler alert, you're never not going to have stress. What, what we try to minimize the stress because what happens is there's a normal amount of stress we're going to feel regardless of what we do, but we also contend to add more unnecessary stress on to us and we don't even realize right and that even being one not dealing with the stress, which is why we want to talk about certain practical that help manage stress because we don't always stop to think what I kind of need to manage my stress, we just keep going, keep going on default and eventually survival, we're just trying to survive.

We're not thriving, not rising up and shine and being our best and feeling our best. Yeah, I looked back in the past, I remember when my kids were little just making dinner with stressful, but that's because I was disorganized and I wouldn't even look into the refrigerator five p.m. I was like, what am I gonna whip together to feed all these hungry humans? They're all looking at me to be fed. And I'm like, I didn't plan this out. That was a little stress. Dinner is mine. It were not so much anymore, but it wasn't, what are we going to eat? It's like a performance thing for me. Are they going to like it, are they going to be happy with it. That put a lot more stress on me. So I had to learn okay. I'm not going to care about other people's opinions. I'm just going to make it, let it be. Hey, I said you were good and be at peace with that. And that has really helped with the dinner stress. I can imagine and have my Children clean up now. That has been great. It's great when they get to circuits to do the dishes. Yes. That's wonderful. That's why we always had melamine and plastic. So my kids started doing chores fairly young and I wasn't worried about them breaking all the plates.

Yeah, they were melamine plastic and so it helped. Um, but yeah, there is, there are so many stresses some little, some big, some, some of them, we think, well this is too small, you know, I'm not going to bother God for this, or this is too big, Like no one can help me with this, this is too big. There are times we've had financial stresses and I thought these are just too big, like nobody, no one around us can help us. Like it's too big for us to manage and it's out of people's, you know, realm of being able to help. So our problems and our stresses over all sizes small to large and you're right, if we don't manage them, it just does so much harm to our bodies and we can't rise up and shine. We're not living our best life when we're just surviving. Just trying to survive the day to day stress is so I know we have a lot of practical zales, I think about, even from the scriptures, I think from first Peter, I love what it says, it says cast all your care upon him because he cares for you.

And that's part of for me remembering, I'm not in this alone, I have a partner, I'm walking hand in hand with our God, I'm not alone on this planet. And sometimes we can feel so alone and those burdens are so much heavier when we try to carry our stresses by ourselves. So that's one encouraging scripture for me Cluny, let's talk a little bit about even the dangers of stress of chronic stress when we are not able to manage stress because maybe we don't have the tools or maybe we're not even really aware the effect it has on us. Let's talk a little bit about this because this was this helps change my life, really understanding what stress does even just to my physical body, not just my relationships or my life, a satisfaction of life, but also the dangers it has on our physical body. So, obviously, when we're stressed is the fight flight response. Right? We already established that. And what happens is then the cortisol and adrenaline start pumping through our videos, right? Because our body is preparing to run away because there's a threat or a danger perceived threat or danger, right?

Or a challenge. And so the cortisol, which is a stress hormone and that is something that has proven study after study can really increase a lot of increased risk of a lot of diseases, cancers. It can be toxic to our bodies really chronically right over the long haul. Don't forget. So, it increases the risk of diseases, it weakens our immune system, especially in this day and age. Right? I mean, with the pandemic, with covid, we want to be extra careful. Right? So managing our stress is huge. It can also be more difficult to manage our emotions. That emotional regulation bit more compromised like our immune system. And it also makes your heart work harder. It makes your heart work harder. The our heart rate increases our blood vessels constrict, increased blood pressure. Not all great stuff. Right? Weight gain can also contribute to premature aging.

No, we don't want that. No premature aging. Yeah, we lose sleep. Which will also lead to all those in some Yeah, I can definitely be age you prematurely. Right? And also so some things to know some other things to know that remember, it's a hormonal response. This is what our bodies are God given designed to do, right? When we hit a possible threat or danger, our body is meant to do this, which is good. But again, stressed. We tend to put more on our plates than we really should and it can affect our well beings. And so what happens is when we're stressed, the hypothalamus in our brain sends the signal through the nervous system and to the kidneys. Okay, so the kissing is released, The stress hormones, cortisol, and adrenaline, adrenaline. And it can make you feel jittery. Right? Get this adrenaline rush. We all know that you can get dizzy. We tend to have more incessant worrying. Right? That's why the scripture you know you shared about worry beginning cast all our cares on God.

He actually cares for us. Doesn't want us to be living in such a stress. That's right. We weren't designed to live in a stressful state. No, we are not designed for that. But we do it to ourselves, right? So obviously with the increase of blood pressure, you could feel hot. This happens to me. I feel hot and kind of sweaty and have digestive issues to my stomach will kind of bother me and I could be much more irritable. Were more emotional. I get more irritable and lethargic. Yeah, I get very tight when I start feeling like I'm faced with more of an immediate um stressor and that could be even just overwhelm in a brief moment. I instantly feel tired. Like I had to go down and sleep even if it's knowing you know dinner's coming up in the past. Not so much. I've worked on this, the dinner stress but knowing when dinner was coming up I would be tired when I had to start thinking about dinner because it was so much stress. It was just like my body, my fight flight was like freeze.

Yeah, exactly, freeze, just fall down and take a nap. Remember in a previous episode we talked about how you would literally stand on the edge of your bed and fall to see. So you didn't feel guilty about napping in the middle of the day. Yeah, motherhood one A couple other things. So fatigue, right, headache. Shortness of breath which is due to our breathing muscles tightening. So that's why even another practical will plug a little early but breathing is so key, keep breathing. I know you and I have both shared that ourselves as well as other women. we have talked to when we feel stressed, overly stressed, we hold our breath. Yeah, right. And it's such a neurological like response that we don't even pay attention. Oh my gosh, but that's what our body is doing to protect us. And so it's very important to breathe because also when we take nice deep breaths and we exhale out, our heart rate decreases. Which is, it slows our heart, which is what we want to do, right? Because we don't want our heart to work harder and we want it to be at calm and a piece of uh it was a homeostasis, right, calm, calm.

I like that, that's the opposite of stresses calm. Yeah. So let's talk about some more of the practical as we've started already with breathing, which is a huge one that really does help do all the things you just talked about and some of the other practical is to really help us manage our daily stress. I know for me it's becoming aware of my triggers like what triggers the stress, what day or time. I mean literally when my kids were little it was the dinner hour because I was unprepared. And so I started, once I became aware of that like, okay, dinner in and of itself. Making dinner is not the problem, but being unprepared at five o'clock is the problem. So then I could take action to remedy that, you know, and then I could have put meal plan, I could have things defrosted in the morning, I would know, you know, the crock pot is my friend, especially in the winter, a crock pot is a friend, especially when the kids at sports and all that, it was so difficult. Um so becoming aware of our triggers like why am I so stressed? I know yesterday for me was a big, really stressful day, we've got so many physical home projects, we're still working on, I have my dad visiting in town, um I'm leaving town in a few days, so it would just hit me yesterday, it was like so many things on top of each other, my husband needed help with things, my dad needed help with things, I was like everyone was like I need you, I need you cloudy and I need you.

Plus I had my own things I was trying to manage, which I was trying to work through my office, it was just too many, I had said yes too many times and it led to a lot of stress, so I literally went and burned out. So we went to lunch with our youngest son and with my father, so you could see him and I finally said in the car, I'm not going to be able to help anybody else out this afternoon, it's not that I don't want to, but I can't, I need, I need some time off and they both took it pretty well, they're like, oh okay. So I had to just say no ahead of time. Like I can't, I have said yes to too much And now about two break down, my biggest concern was that physically I was going to run down and I'm leaving town in a few days, I need to be healthy, I need to have my immune system strong and up and I need to not be sick. It's hard to go out of town and you're sick so and I can't do that. So that was a big concern. So I had to say no to what was less valuable at that time and even saying no, that goes into a whole different topic we can even talk about a whole episode on but saying no, that's a boundary.

You were aware of your need. Hey, my body is shutting down. I haven't hit my max, this is what I need and you communicated your need in a very respectful loving way. Not like stop following, stop asking me for things because that's not always going to help, that's going to have more stress to you and your relationships. But yeah, being able to be aware of how you're feeling and when you know, I've hit my threshold and communicate effectively your needs and there's nothing wrong with that. I know as women we can struggle with feeling like it's not okay, it's not okay, I need to give and serve and serve and do and do and do, but your value and your worthiness is important. Also we need time to just be still God has even told us that, which I love be still and know that I am God, okay. I don't need to worry so much. I can just take a break. It's okay. I can care for myself and say no and have limits and boundaries. That is very healthy thing. Yes, it is very healthy. Another one else share is spending time with family and friends.

That was huge for me too because I was so uh wrapped up in business, right? My job, my home, the family and all this is doing and I wasn't just enjoying time with family with friends, playing games with the kids with my husband, going on walks, going to the park, we kind of got out of the habit with that, you know. Um, and also just spending time with friends at least weekly, try to meet up with a friend and have great conversations because it can be really rejuvenating and have fun and just have fun. Just did a whole episode on having fun with your friends. Yes, it's very helpful in laughing. That's actually very healthy for our bodies, you know, so yeah, make sure you are intentional about spending time with family and friends and definitely friends two or even go, you know by yourself to the movie, go take a break, that's important. You did that recently, You in? My husband kicked me out because I was not going to let myself right. I'm like, no, no, there's so much to do and I feel guilty.

I don't want to leave. You know, you need to go go well enjoy you much better if you go have time to yourself, we'll see you in the morning. Well you're going to be much better and I was, I was refreshed and I was so true, able to show up better the next day and be more productive to yeah, sometimes we think when we have so much stress, I need to be productive, I need to get all these things done and it seems counterintuitive to take a break. But really when we take a break we refuel ourselves so we are serving or we're giving from a place of plenty rather than a black right Rather than from a place to burn out. Well that's what happened to me yesterday. For sure. Yeah. I had to take that few hours away and not be on everybody on call button and it just made such a difference. I woke up refreshed and ready to go today. Ready to be productive because I have just a few more days to be productive before I leave. Another really helpful practical. I mean you talked about spending time with friends but share your stress. Don't do it alone, share with your friends someone you trust someone that's close. Like even yesterday I texted you, I'm not sure going to be able to make it, here's where I'm at and it just helped sharing it that I wasn't trying to do it alone and of course invite God into it.

Like sometimes I forget I'm like, this is so little like God doesn't care if I'm cleaning my office or all these things, but sometimes it's just that be still like you mentioned, be still and by God into your life into the, into your presence pray journal talked to him about what's going on because he does really care like and I think about God as being one of my best friends, like how would I talk to my best friends about what I'm going through? Do I talk to God in that same way. Do I share my burdens with him or do I think he's too busy, He doesn't have time for my little problems or? Well, I got myself into this. I have to get myself out of it right. Like he didn't do this to me. I did this to myself like I look at our house And all the projects we took on. We thought I thought we'd be done in 2-4 weeks. We're at about four weeks now. We are not close to being done, but I took that all on, you know, my husband, I we took it on so I can't look around and blame anyone else. It's like this is all me. Yeah, I chose this. There's no one to blame but me.

Um, you know, do I want to invite God into that? God I know I took too much on but please help me give me the strength of the patients and help me say no. And that's the thing. I've pushed back a couple of projects we were having, um, uh, contractor come by I think today and I told my husband I can't like there's no way I can do any physical labor the rest of this week. Really hardcore physical labor because it's a two man job and I was going to help him. So yeah. Yeah, invite got in, invite your friends in share the burden or at least let people know that you have the burden. Don't keep it quiet. Another one is our home environment. That has really been a big one for me. I realized especially with the pandemic, I, I knew having clutter and a messy house has just adding to the stress because I couldn't really have a peace of mind and like there's so much to do. It's just overwhelming in the house is a disaster. But I know that to the best of my ability, right? What I'm capable of doing.

Um, now that the kids are back in school when they leave, I clean the kitchen, I clean the living room so it's just clean and I can enjoy it for a few hours and I have such a, and I'll actually sit there and enjoy it. Like literally I'll sit there. I'll turn a candle on. I just admire the clean clean, especially after the, you know, having virtual learning and the kids home for a year and app. So having clutter clutters up the mind, it really does. It adds more stress, unnecessary stress. So to the best, even start with a countertop doesn't have to be, oh my gosh, the whole house has to be clean. Start with one area. One thing. One trap that I fell into was I was spending so much time on kids. You need to clean your room, you need to clean your room. And that, that I was neglecting my own room. I thought, okay, I can control my own room. I can't control their room because it's clean and it's a mess five months later. So I'm just going to work on cleaning our room, making the bed every morning. Just something simple one area and just focus on that.

And if the kids rooms are messy, I'll do what my mother did. Close the door. I'm always like, why did you do that? No, I understand. Close the door. Yeah, we just made our kids clean the room saturday mornings before they went out with school and sports. It was just too much church activities that it was just too much. But it is and it's funny, I think this is going to be big for my son because he's made a comment in the past. Mom, we need a new house. Why? Because this one is too messy. It's so funny that secret of that is the secret of I'm all for it. Can we leave one message that means we leave all your stuff behind? Yeah. Yeah. But you're right about the physical clutter leads to mental clutter, which is stressful. And that's why I thought I was a minimalist. But with our last move and I saw how many boxes we still have in the garage. I'm like, yeah, I guess I'm not a minimalist, but I'm trying to make the inside of the house minimal because I feel like there's a lot of mental clutter in a lot of things going on in my mind with moving and kids scattered all over now and work and launching a business and you know, pandemic, so many things.

But if I can keep my home environment really clean and peaceful and light, it's really easy to everything has a place. So it's really easy. Like I put the trash can in a convenient place. It's really easy throw things away. I know it's silly, but it's a simple little thing that just makes it easier to do. So it is personal to you to, you know, we all have our thing that's personal. That helps us feel more that peace of mind, okay, when this area is tidy for me. It's the couch cushions. If the couch christians are all in disarray, which happens by Children all the time. It drives me crazy. So now I have gotten better to at asking the kids when they're done. Hey, can you fix up the cushions and make it look nice because that is important to me. It's a good lesson for them to know, okay, you know, this is important to mom. I'm going to I'm going to do that, you know, and not hopefully not complain. It's so funny you bring that up because we just had a couch made and it should be delivered this week. It's a very long couch and it only has to back cushion. And the guy goes, the guy was like, you know, you really need three or four.

I'm like, no, I want to I just want to back cushions at it because Well that's exactly, and then they were like, and we give free colored pillows. I'm like, yeah, I don't want your free colored pillows, throw pillows. Yeah. So I did buy a couple throw pillows but they're smaller and light. But anyway, but the back only has two large. And I did that on purpose because we have had couches Where it's just always a mess and it was so much work to keep it. And I'm like, yeah, I'm not going to have that 5, 5 back couches on the one longer couch. Yeah, three on the love seat and two on, That's what I'm oversized chair. Like I want to get rid of them and get down the road. You will. But that's, that's what I'm talking about. I lived with that and I was like, yeah, I can't, I can't, it's too much. I don't have time for that. I'm minimizing my stress people And I'm a minimalist. I get two pillows for a 10-foot couch. That's it. So, and then back to our practical. I've got a great one that I know you're a big fan of. We talk about this.

I don't think we can talk about it too much. But self care, we have got to practice self care when we're under stress because it will help our health. And of course that means eating better. I really focus when I'm stressed or busy or traveling to make sure I'm putting in really high quality nutritious food. I know it seems easier to just drive through and get a burger, but honestly it doesn't do my body any good. Doesn't help me manage my stress. I have to make sure I'm eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. I'm very careful about that and drinking lots of water and usually when I'm stressed to I avoid alcohol for me. I just avoid it. Yeah. All the things that we think will help us, but that's coping, right. It's coping. It's not managing if I'm drinking wine at night. I'm just numbing out the stress. It doesn't alleviate it and it's not taking care of my body. So self care, really eating better, making sure we hydrate drinking lots of water. I like a hot bath and when it's cooler, not when it's 104 out, that does not appeal to me but a hot bath massages were really big on foot massages.

We try to go at least once a month because we can just feel our bodies completely relax. We can I literally, it's like the stress just all melts away away. Yeah, and it's very affordable. The foot massage exercise to Yeah, so part of self care, taking care is really were telling the kids this, we're teaching them ourself. Taking care of yourself is not just going to do something fun, you know, to kind of escape from the stress, but it's also just caring for your mind, body, heart, soul boundaries saying no is a lot of self care, right? The home environment, that's kind of part of self care. Um but exercise, water, water, water, water, good, healthy nutrition. Exactly those are, I always forget the exercise. I know you do. Thanks for the reminder. It's going to start soon. Actually. Been just a time more. So it's just no one walks, you guys are usually pretty good at walks. I know I'm going out of town next week and I realized my hotel is like a seven minute walk from the conference center and I'm not going to have a car and they don't have a shuttle and they don't have Uber left.

So at first I was really discouraged. Like seven minutes one way, like two blocks. Yeah, probably. So then I was like, hey, you try to walk every day anyway. And apparently there's a river, I have to cross a river so I'm sure it's beautiful. So I just, I had to manage my mind like I want to walk, I want to walk 30 minutes a day, which is, you know, I'll be walking there and back at lunch and then there again in the afternoon and back Before dinner. So it's about 30 minutes a day. I'm like, I'm trying to do that every day anyway. Here it's built in and apparently it's pretty and I looked at the weather and the weather is going to be perfect, no rain, no nothing. So Anyway when I first saw that I was like, I can't believe that I have to walk seven minutes and then I'm like, no, this is great. What a wonderful time to walk quietly pray. It's beautiful and beautiful. Well here's your little mental self care. I'll coach you. Yeah, it's seven minutes change that too. It's only seven minutes and then I'll be, it's only seven minutes and think about that a minute.

That time to pray. Can you said, can make a call if I wanted to, although I think I'm just going to enjoy it. Seven minutes is probably not long enough for a call and then I start woman, no, not for me, not for me. Hey, how are you gotta go Anyway, Self care huge. We can't talk about that enough. Another 12 is even asking for help right? We kind of talked about that, talked about, I mean at least vocalizing with friends with God about all the stuff you're stressed about are feeling overwhelmed, but also when it's needed ask for help A lot of times I think us women can feel like we need to do it all. We need to get it all done. We overload our to do list really. You know, I, I know I do intend to put too much and it's not realistic. But then there's times where it's important to ask for help and I've even been doing that with the kids now granted they're not all super thrilled about it. But I also have created along with that like a rewards jar. Alright, So when I asked them to do things, you know what I noticed the last couple of days, they have both put away their dishes without us asking like immediately after they were done they went and put them away.

And so I say we recognize that Hey guys, that was so helpful once you, we do a cotton in the cotton ball in a jar cotton being good. So cute. So and then we say, hey get a cotton ball and then they're going to fill the jar and then we get to go do something fun, right? Like miniature golf or something like that. So it gives them some incentive, right? The little carrot to do more of that behavior and without complaining. That's awesome. I really need your help guys, could you do the after dinner dishes and now we have a schedule. Um, so that's helpful to, you know, if your kids are old enough, delegate, have them do more responsibility. I mean that's going to help them when they're older anyways, your spouse or if you need help with someone babysitting so you can take a break wherever your resources are, ask for help when you need it, it's okay to ask for help very healthy. And lastly we can't say this enough, but this is the bulk of our work is find a coach coaching. I mean you and I both coach women, we help them manage their mind, manage their stress, how to rise up and shine and live their life, their best life without stress and overwhelm and the pressure.

I mean that's what his coaches we do. So find a great coach, Were two of them. You have our info at mind over chaos dot com or Clotting Sweeney dot com, but stress is really important to be able to manage and not just cope or put a band aid over because it really does affect our whole lives all of it And really quick also just talk a little bit about coaching, coaching is what we do is we walk with you, you have a goal, I want to manage my stress, how can I do this? We walk with you and help you find ways that you can minimize certain stress that might be unnecessary or even help keep you accountable. Hey, how's it going? How is it going with this? You're wanting to try to achieve this goal? What did you do this week? You know, what was your victory? And you know, here's maybe another goal you can set up and try and grow in this area to help you with this with managing stress and so coaching is fantastic and even plotting and I asked coaches, we still get coached, we still need help because we're all human.

Even coaches still need coaching, you know, to help when we, you know, kind of get in that rut again and it just helps having a partner to walk through and help being out of the situation, right? Not right in the midst of it to help you see certain ways to overcome this. So, all right, everybody, thank you again for tuning in today. We hope that you take even one practical that you can apply today and start really helping manage your stress and it really don't overwhelm yourself by trying to do it all. But pick one area that you say, hey, I'm going to focus more on this. I'm going to be more intentional in asking for help or taking a break or saying no. So we hope this episode was helpful for you. And don't forget to check us out on our website and share this episode with a friend. Yeah. All right, everyone, thank you for joining in on our conversation today here on the rice. I've been shine podcast. If you haven't already, please take a second to hit that subscribe button. So you never miss an episode.

And while you're at it, share this episode with a friend who, you know it can bless today if you want to visit us as well on our websites, you can catch Claudine over at clotting Sweeney dot com and Ashley at Mind over chaos dot com Are links are in the description. We also have some free resources there for you as well. So remember ladies, no matter what you are facing in life, it is never too late to rise up and shine and live your best life. Mhm

Ep. 93 How To Manage Daily Stress
Ep. 93 How To Manage Daily Stress
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