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How To Find More Rest and Restoration

by Claudine Sweeney
April 28th 2021

When you feel the need to rest do you feel truly restored afterwards? Many times when we rest we end up feeling exactly the same as we did before. Stressed, fatigued, overwhelmed. In this episode, ... More

This is episode 75. How to find more rest and restoration. You're listening to the rise up and Shine podcast with Claudine and Ashley as an empty nester and a mom with young kids. We have both shared very similar and very real struggles from chaos to coaches. We now help other women live an authentic and meaningful life. So tune in weekly for girl talk and tips on how you too can rise up and let your light shine bright. This is the rise up and Shine podcast. Yeah, yeah. Welcome back listeners today. We're going to talk about something that I am really excited about and that is rest versus restoration. They are different. And boy did I need this the other day when I was so fatigued, I needed these practical but I didn't have them yet. But now I do. So if you are feeling like you need to be restored, you might be resting.

But still feeling fatigued, still feeling exhausted. Brain fog the rest, maybe your rest is not restoring you. So that's what we're talking about today. And it's kind of funny Ashley because we chose this topic. We chose this topic before the day that I really needed it. And I was like, oh man, I wish I had done my research already but I hadn't. But now I have so we get to give you ladies all the tips and practical is to get that restorative rest that you need. And just to clarify rest is freedom from activity. Right? That's when we take a rest. We can lay down, we can take a nap. We just, its freedom from activity? I do that quite a bit these days. I rest quite a bit when it's meant to relax us. Right relax. We like that word relax, relax. I like to relax but resting and relaxing don't necessarily restore us and that's what we're talking about to be restored. Means to bring back to the former state to renew, synonyms are recharged, repair, revitalize how many times will be laid down and rested and woke up or got back up and decided or felt I am not restored, I'm not renewed.

I am not revitalized I think revitalizes sticking out for me. Yeah there's been plenty of times where I say I need some rest, I need to lie down and I need to take a nap or I need to just watch something for an hour and I do not feel revitalized. You know that's the intent, right? I don't feel that way. And I was thinking you know we like to relax and what does, what does that even look like? I mean in my own head I can picture what relaxing looks like. I looked it up, what does it actually mean? What is the precise definition of relax? And it is to feel less anxious and tense and I thought okay so what I do my top three things let's say to rest, I do not end up feeling relax. So that's the goal but why is it not happening. So what Do you tell us what your top three things are to rest. O. T. V. Yep. Sitting out in the sunshine. Okay me too and sleep yep napping napping last week.

I actually took two naps in a day. Never done that before unless I've been sick now too and I was so tired like it was a weird you know we've been moving and transitioning and um we're kind of homeless so we're couch surfing and that's not the most restorative rest every few months. A few months just mentally taxing and yes physically taxing. So to help we we decide oh traveling is another one. So from our rest we're going back to your like that's restful for me. I'm like that sounds stressful. Very restful for me traveling you and your husband you're lugging around little kids anymore. It is the two of us. We travel light one carry on each and we go someplace familiar we're going back to Mexico next week. Somewhere very familiar for us. It feels like home. And so this time armed with all these practical I'm going to make sure that it's a restorative time not just a relaxing time. Although I will be relaxing. What anxiety or stress can you have while you're on the beach.

Right? Yeah dipping, sipping a margarita. Although I don't really drink margaritas too much sugar in them but I'll be slipping. Something be slipping. Some sparkling water with. Yeah you go and a line to line. So Ashley, let's talk about some of the different kind of rests that we need. Because as I researched this, I started realizing a lot of the rest I do is physical rest, which is kind of a stopping from activity. And so for many years, even when I had small Children, everyone had rest time. Whether they slept or not, everybody had rest time, right? They had to go to their rooms, lay in their beds and yes, sleep or not. I didn't care as long as you were quiet and you stay in your room. That was rest time. So that was we did that all the time when our kids were little. Now my Children didn't and so it became a battle. So then I let that go. I remember a friend of mine saying you've got to have some rest time. I just let them have the power to themselves and right, but they fight it and then I get frustrated and they're frustrated. Then we're can we spend the hour? Yeah.

That's not restful where my story, dad, it's challenging. I know even with two, it's challenging. So double that. Now let me ask you something. Yeah. I can uh let me ask you something that I personally have felt and I know many moms out there. Do you recall feeling guilty for needing a break during your day? I didn't, I didn't feel no, because rest time was I guess I felt like everybody needed rest time. So you had a conviction. Yeah, I had a conviction. That's good for everybody. Yeah. That we all need rest during the day. So I think I've shared this before, but I had I struggled with fatigue a lot raising my Children. I actually feel better than I ever have in my later years, which is amazing. But it would have been great to have this kind of energy when I was in my thirties raising all these Children. Yes, but so I was very tight now. What I did feel guilty about was napping. Like I felt like napping was wrong for some reason, I thought I shouldn't have to nap, so I'll never forget.

A friend told me a good friend of mine, she's actually a few years younger and had kids the same age as she goes, I don't feel guilty at all. In fact, I get in my pajamas under the covers and take a nap and I thought that was just wild. I was like, so when I would rest or fall asleep, I would lay diagonally on the bed fully clothed. So I was like, oh, I fell asleep. I didn't plan it, it wasn't my intention because, you know, I should be so busy and active, but I sell asleep. So anyone actually literally felt I fell, but I was like, if anyone was spying on me, They saw me sleeping diagonally fully clothed. Oh, she must have just fallen Like you fainted. Yeah, I fainted asleep. So anyway, I didn't feel guilty about resting your crack up because I can actually picture that and that is just hilarious. I did that for many, many, many years and that was your way of feeling justified, right in, right in that interesting or sleep. Yeah. Which I didn't honestly, To be honest, there was so much to do that when they were quiet and restful than I could just do some chores without being bothered.

Yeah, it could be more predicts. So I don't know how much I really rested during the day while they were resting. I think there were times. And it's funny because my down time was about 33, 30 and years years ago I had my blood work done and apparently my cortisol levels were really low, right around three. And my doctor said that was really odd because for most moms, that's when their cortisol levels are the highest list when kids come home from school and they need that burst of energy and mines were particularly low at that hour. So yeah, so it made sense that every day around 2 to 3 hours looking for a couch and really good friends of mine that know me from back then they could set their clocks by my fatigue. They'd be like, oh, must be about two or three because Cluny was like ready to go lay down. She's I'm like, where's the couch? I need to go sit down or lay down. So that fascinating. Yeah. All of a sudden your body tells you you need to get off your feet, lie down, take a nap, do something. Yeah. And how many times we don't listen to our bodies when our days are saying, please rest me.

Mine told me a lot. So I I did. There are ways and you know, our evenings were busy. We had sports, we had dinner, we had church activities. So it's not like my evenings were over. I mean things started again at 5:00 almost like when you take your rest, your re studying to start a brand new day because your afternoon was almost like a whole way. It really was activities and events going. It really was Children and husband and dogs and cat lizard. We had a cow, goats once. They didn't bother me too much. They were outside of the house. But inside we had a lot of animals too. We only have one little dog. Now that's very restful. Anyway, as I digress back to rest. So physical rest, I would get that I would lay or sit on the couch quietly and another kind of rest is mental rest. So here is where I have not focused on doing this and this has been a huge learning curve and a huge practical. It's helped me feel more restored.

So there's so much going on in our minds, right? There can be at least mine, I don't know about everybody else, I don't know about you. Ashley are all our listeners but my mind seems to be very full of all kinds of thoughts and all kinds of things that I have going on and I'm a good writer of things on paper I'd like to do with. But there's still a lot in my brain and so even a lot of time when I was physically resting, I was not mentally resting, I could be sitting on the couch or I could be laying down but my mind was so full of activity that when I got up almost felt more exhausted because I thought of all the other things I need to call this person or I wonder how so and so is doing because she told me she was going to the doctor last and all of a sudden there were so many things on my mind that I actually felt more overwhelmed after my quote unquote rest. So that's another area process. Yeah, processing time is not restorative, let me say that again, processing time mentally processing is not restorative. Another one is sensory rest. And I started realizing that a lot of the times when I was quote unquote resting, I was watching tv, I was skimming through, you know my phone, looking at Pinterest or whatever and my senses were getting overloaded right, There were sites, there were sounds, there was all kinds of things.

My hands were still moving, my mind was still thinking. So my sense is we're not getting rested and so I realized no wonder I'm not feeling rested after my rest because I'm still doing all these other things. Another one is emotional rest. And I thought, oh, here's another one. And we talk about this a lot, having awareness of our feelings like if we're feeling hurt or we're feeling some kind of negative emotion and we're not addressing it, we're just stuffing it. Um we're not getting it out and expressing it. We are not going to get emotional rest. Another another way that we're not going to be restored. And lastly, a spiritual rest. And I thought this was interesting, how do we rest our spirit? How do we get spiritual rest? And really it's when we connect with something greater than ourselves for you and I it's got of course is christian women. Our relationship with God is super important. But when is that time that we take time to transcend the physical, the mental and emotional and just and just focus on the spiritual, on the internal, something larger than ourselves. There's rest to be found there when we take our eyes off ourselves.

So those are the different areas where I realized I'm not getting the rest. That I thought I was I thought sitting on a couch or laying down on my bed or diagonally or even straight up under the covers. I was still not feeling restored at the end of it. Yeah, I was just thinking of that scripture come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest, right? I mean, I think to cover a lot of those areas, you said the sensory the emotional the mental the spiritual, if we go to God first, that will help take care of a lot of all those other issues, you know, all those other areas um for feeling restored because that's where we were originally created, right? Is you and I were recently talking about that homeostasis, you know, that place of calm and centeredness and peace and that's found with God. You know, I mean, he gives us these tools to get ourselves back to that place. It happens a lot of times as we keep tripping ourselves up and we can reach it because we're constantly thinking, we're overthinking, right?

We just had an episode on that or were, you know, not caring for our bodies the way we should be or were coping or we're doing some of these patterns, you know, habitual patterns that aren't serving us right to the best of our ability. And so so many times it's like, gosh, just stop and be still. I remember one of the memories, it was just such a simple yet, so such a spiritual experience for me. Um I shared this in the past again, but it was just so impactful for me and my gosh, I want to go back and I remember just feeling, I was at one of the points in my life where I was the most anxious I felt and there was, I just, you know, when you feel so anxious where you can't get out under it, you're dealing with it for weeks on end, maybe months, you can't, you know, you can't logically kind of rationalize yourself out of it, You just can't focus. It's just almost debilitating and yeah, just does not feel good. Um, and but it came to the time where my family was, we're going to go camping and so we went camping and we like to camp where we get to hike a mile or two in and you know, so you don't have to pay, which is awesome, but you do have to poop in the woods.

So sorry about that people, it's not your thing, but we were out in wilderness, There's this gorgeous lake and I remember and it was really cool because near the shore there's this huge boulder in the water where we would sit. I would actually wake up early in the morning to go reserve that spot because there are some people around this lake, we'll go, that's the prime spot. And I remember sitting there and it dawned on me, it took me a little bit to understand it. I don't, I don't feel anxious anymore. Yeah, I mean, just being there, my situations didn't change. I just kind of went away for a little bit, right? I mean I had it and a lot of this stuff was not necessarily um situations or circumstances happening, like big ones, like a loss of a job or a loss of a parent or uncertainty in moving or those kinds of things, It was more day to day stuff that I was adding myself get anxious about, that really had no place to be anxious about. Um but it was just this free moment being out there and I just felt like I was just sitting there with jesus, like on this rock early in the morning and I fell, oh my gosh, I mean there's no explanation, you just feel such a calm that, that state of homeostasis.

Yeah, wow, this is what it feels like, I hope it stays when I go home, it actually did, it was like a reset, I went back home having a better perspective, I felt rejuvenated, stored, um you know, I did, I felt all those things. Yeah, so it's so important to be able to try, you know, as much as your ability to go on a walk or going right or just be with God and yeah, have that time. Yeah, that's a great practical, I totally agree with you and I think even starting out our mornings, you and I talked about this a lot, but we start out our mornings just in the word, you know, just setting our minds on things above. It's a great way to transcend the rest of the day. Like what we're going to have to do. So we do have a lot of these moms, especially moms of young Children especially have a lot of demands on you. I mean I remember having a lot of demands on me, which is why I needed rest, physical demands, wait till their teens and it's emotional demands, you know, all kinds of mental demands.

It's crazy. I'm trying to start preparing myself for that. It's not bad. It's not that bad thing. It's just a different thing. So you know, when they're little, you're like filling their milk cup and you know, making their meals right? It's more physical when they get older. It's not bad. But there are new things like they have new struggles, they have, you're helping them, right? Yeah, emotions navigate, yes, hurt feelings with friends and boyfriend, girlfriend issues and all those things that, you know, when they're five, you're not dealing with. Like my grandson is three, his needs are, we need to get him his food. Like when we watch him or spend time with him, like you just need to make his meals and play with him. So physically, you know, we have to keep an eye on him because he's three and he could get into anything and hurt himself, but there's no, you know, he's not talking about deep emotional things. He's not having an identity crisis at this point. You know, there's not a spiritual, like we shared with our, one of our kids who recently has just made a turn in their spiritual walk with God.

But it was very um taxing emotionally, mentally and spiritually because the questions were so deep, not they were great questions, but my husband are like, that's really deep. I don't know, we're gonna have to go think about that, give me an answer. Like I don't have an answer for you right off the top of my head and then we'd have to go research it. I mean it was okay and it is okay, right. But very draining. But again, not a bad thing, it was just draining because you know, we were already drained from packing and moving so, but there's so many kinds. So I love that, I love that that idea, it's such a visual to see you sitting on that rock and make sure that we make those times in the morning. Obviously we're not gonna be sitting on a rock at a lake but to find a place that is quiet and free from distraction to really commune with jesus grand point. Yeah. And I will even say to for some moms out there or any any woman really, but especially moms I had, I had a conversation with a friend. We tend to uh frequent the closet a nice dark place to just, yes, get away their silence and you could just sit and process and think or cry.

I spent a lot of time crying on on top of my shoes in the closet. Um, but yeah, it's very important to find certain places, even just within your house, especially right now, most people are at home, you need some time alone and it's tricky to try and get some time alone. But that's also a boundary thing I know for myself, I really had to value and find the find my own conviction and how important it is to take a little bit of time away for myself to just decompress to in a healthy way, right? Not just like avoid and deny what the hard stuff going on right now, but um, and that's okay because when you think about it too, especially as a mom, you want to model those things for your Children. Like if I keep pushing and pushing and running myself to the ground and I'm snapping at him and I'm reflecting God's character. I mean, like I'm not doing a good job of that and I'm destroying our relationship because I'm being harsh with them.

I'm just running irritated and then what happens is they pick up and so this is how we do life, You know what? I'm busy, I guess this is what we do and that's not what I want to model for my Children and it takes a lot of hard work because it's not natural, but that's why it's so important. Like I think for me why I asked at the beginning of this is especially as a mom, if you felt guilty about taking that time because I think there's so many of us who do and it could be moms, it could be just women who are in the workplace, you need to take a break, you know, I mean I know even for my husband, I think he has a hard time just kind of stepping away cause he feels such an obligation co workers to you know this project, these buildings still running that he needs to be present 100% of the time then when we do that in whatever space we're working, we're not going to be giving 100% you know we're going to be giving maybe 80% 50% and then it dwindles down until we just have a complete meltdown. Yes, I would or just feel like I yeah, yeah and just not function well and then you're just you're not any good day, but you know, so those are some things just to keep in the back of your mind that you know, we both have experienced.

Yeah and that's such a, it's so funny, you're talking about the closet because I spent many, many a day in the closet and um you know movie came out and it was like the prayer room. Mine was not used for prayer. Mine was used for crying in the war room. That's right. Mine was the crying room. That's why I went to cry because I didn't want my Children ever seen me cry. Which again, how a natural is that? I mean what was the thinking behind that? My Children must never see me cry. How weird. Anyway, luckily they've seen me cry now as an adult. So they know they know their mom cries and has emotions. Oh she she is alive was so uncomfortable and we got for our kids right? Like showing either weakness or you know like you don't want them to interpret wrong. Did I do right? That's for open communication is yes. And now my family teases me all the time. I cry at movies all the time and the like are you crying? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I cried tv now that I would cry in front of my kids. Yeah. Little pet and commercials or you know something like that.

I'd cry and my kids would tease me but the real like the pain crying they never saw that was my closet was for and you know when we talk about emotional rest, there's no emotional rest if we don't process those emotions, if we don't feel them feel yes, be with them, acknowledge them, acknowledge them. Like I'm feeling sad, I'm feeling mad. I'm feeling bad, right? We pushed pushed pushed through because we feel like that's what we ought to do, right? I just grind. So did I never happens. I feel mad. I feel sad. I feel bad. That's why you are because I mind. But what happens I know for myself, Claudia and you can share if this, if you relate to this, but I would call it my funk. You know, I mean it wasn't processing things. I would quote unquote rest. I felt like I need to give myself right. Right? So I thought I was resting right? As we mentioned, I did not feel restored right? The way I was resting actually was coping with the challenges and stress of life. And then I turned into like just this funk, you know, I got myself into a funk and I was depressed because then I'm also feeling shame on top of that, I felt shame and guilt and I have a horrible moment, a horrible life.

But you know, I mean, oh my gosh, how easy it is to go there. But we just really have to be careful of resting and coping and what that looks like, what is going to be best for us, you know, to feel our best and our own well being right? So true. And, and absolutely for stuffing, We're just going to make more damage. It doesn't restore us. When you think about restoring, like you were saying to the way we are made in homeostasis. It's a state of love, A state of calm, a state of peace. That is who and what we are created to be. So when we're stuffing anything, which is what I did for years. So I thought it's wrong to feel angry. It's wrong. I shouldn't be sad. I'm a christian. The bible says to rejoice always. And I was like, I'm not feeling rejoice fel today. I'm feeling very sad or irritated or frustrated. Um, you know, all those things. So stepping those emotions does not lead to rejuvenation in any way. And it's not how we were created.

And so we can't return to how we were created one more stuffing. Oh yeah, we fall into that trap. I should not feel this way, right. And so I'm going to force myself not to feel this way. But what we do is we just avoid it, stuff it, we ignore it, but it never goes away. People. It doesn't, it doesn't go away. It actually keeps bubbling at the surface and maybe you'll have a big blow up. You know, maybe like you'll get depressed and fall into this depression or feel panic attacks or um, you know, have an angry outburst. I did that and broke our life switch. And it's a constant reminder. And I even show the kids remember what happened to mom when I did this. I have a moment of weakness because I was I was not doing a great job at processing my anchor and my frustration well, and that's so great that you're in a place where you can teach your young Children that I was still in denial, I still didn't have these skills and these tools. So my poor kids somehow figured it out despite me because there's so much more emotionally mature than I ever was, that they're actually really proud of them.

But luckily there mom is caught up and so now we have some great deep conversations about never emotions, never too late. There's so much information right now to learn how to do this in your own life, and especially right here right here. Exactly, that's why we do this, don't forget to subscribe people and share with a friend. And another one is mentor. S and this is something that I was not doing. So the practical for that is really doing a thought, download people call it a brain dump, whatever you call it, take out a piece of paper and just get all those spinning thoughts in your head on paper. And they could be crazy, They don't have to be sentences or paragraphs b one word, you know, take out the trash, paint the chair. I mean little things. I have so many things spinning in my head, where am I going to live? I know where I'm going to live, but when am I going to live there? That's the lingering question now, I know where I'm going to live apparently in three months, but you know, anyway, so there's so many things on our minds and if we don't write them out, they still stay there spinning.

And they actually, it's like we talked about this too, it's like having all the apps open on our phone, it sucks the energy off your battery. And when we have all these thoughts in our head that we're not putting down on paper that we're not just putting them somewhere else. Our brain is actively. It's still, it's keeping those open and they're sucking the energy out of our brain and once we put them on paper, it actually relieves the brain, the brain is like, okay, it's somewhere safe, it will get addressed. But when we don't write it down, it's still spinning, they're like, I can't forget, I can't forget this is important. That's important. So really important to just get out a piece of paper and write all those thoughts down no matter how crazy they are, how many they are, how they don't even match up there, just put them down. Make sense. And we don't, it doesn't have to be this polished alphabetical list. Like I know for myself when my mind gets like that and we actually, you know, that's the other day and I'm like drawing this little scribble on a little sticky notes, like, is this how you feel? Oh yes, that's where my brains at. Yeah.

And I mean, we can't organize it right, when it's in our head and we're stressed out our prefrontal cortex, it's like, I'm taking a break right now, yo so good luck. Yeah, somebody for help. But really, once we get it out and just, you know, again, it doesn't have to be organized because once you get out of your head on paper, then you can organize it. Or as I mentioned before, I'll have someone help me organize because it's not always my strength, but we do, we really have to get that out of our head because the mental energy that we spend trying to keep all these balls in the air and keep our life in order and other people's lives in order. Um it's very taxing physically and spiritually and emotionally, so it affects all the other areas of our life. Yeah, Well, and it's so true. And then sometimes when you write down, you realize, why am I even thinking about this that says, you know, I've learned to re prioritize like, does this really matter this week? No, no, it really like have to be done now. No. Do I even need to think about it now, That's the other things now.

I'm like, I don't even need to think about that now. So I put it on a piece of paper and I tend to have notebooks, I keep noticing and so then I'll put it in a couple weeks later, I'll jot a little note, so, and that'll re trigger it and then I can ask myself again, is this important for this week? And the truth is a lot of times it's so helpful. So that's getting mental rest. And then the last one which was huge for me, a sensory rest. I never really thought about that because like we both shared, both of us can use our rest time to just, you know, binge, watch netflix, scroll through social media, all these things. So our senses are not getting rested. You know, there's either music or sights or sounds or something going on. And I thought all this time I was resting with my phone in my hand. I was doing good. And now after reading all this and Seeing the state, I was like, my senses are not getting any rest. Obviously they get rest at night when I sleep in a dark room. But sometimes during the day I might just made 20 minutes with nothing like nothing. I like the idea of just going outside.

I mean there are sounds there obviously birds, but those are pleasant screaming Children, no screaming Children, birds. So our new house, we were visiting it last week and then the farm next door. Um, we're in a regular neighborhood that happens to be a farm next to our house. They have a rooster and my husband. So now we just come from farm living down south. So I'm okay a rooster. Well we had chickens. We did have a rooster for a time and we kept hearing it. And I remember we were actually having through the canyon. Yeah, coming through the county. And I remember we were having a shower, a bridal shower at our house and I'm like, who's got a rooster? I was telling a woman as well, like somebody's got a rooster and then we realized we had the rooster, one of our hands, one of our little chicks turned out to be a rooster. So we gave him to someone else because it was not peaceful to ever let them, so let their neighbors. So, but it's so funny because when we heard it a couple of weeks ago, it just reminded me of our house down south.

I was like, I actually like it. It was a good, it was a good memory. It was a good sound. But if I'm trying to, you know, give myself a sensory rest. Maybe sitting outside when the roosters awake is not going to be it. I don't know, not sure. Although we had a donkey at the last house, he was really loud, we didn't have them, but our next door neighbor had him and we would hear him in the afternoons and that was all mother sound. So you know, you could sit out there with the earplugs. That's true noise, canceling noise can Yeah, and actually I've heard about that too. I mean have you kind of limiting your senses for a short period of time, 20 minutes. Um you know, just to kind of give your brain a break mentally? Never thought about it until this week, never not realized that things that we look at things, we smell things, we hear things, we touch. All that stuff is uh, you know, being brought in through our brain and our brain is processing what to do with it and how to interpret what is this noise, what is it who's calling me?

You know, I mean really I will feel like I hear my Children calling my name and they're not, they're not in the house, but it's like my brain is so programmed to here now that I hear it when I don't even hear it. But really taking a break from social media is a huge one. I think even with this past year you've got to take a break from the news. Yeah, the absolutely right now is and I don't want to discount anything that's going on right out in the world at all. That is not what I'm saying here, but we do have to have certain boundaries for our own well being because it is very taxing, emotionally draining, mentally draining, spiritually draining all of it right when we just sit and listen to the news all day. Yeah, very much so because you think about whatever you're filling your brain with is going to influence how you feel and then are you going to need rest? Are you going to feel restored? Are you going to like you know go to coping behaviors. What are you going to do? So especially dealing with such heavy things that we are right now.

I've had to really had to do that um this past year and it's not that I love anybody any less, right? It's not you know that I care any less about issues going on. I just know how especially being an empath and really feeling other people's feelings and emotions on a situation that I feel just devastated by I I have to guard my heart as well. You know, I don't want to be ignorant, I don't want to be callous. I cannot show up well for my family when I'm sitting in those dark places. You know I I want to show up best for myself and for my family and you know then also be able to help others with some of these situations. But we'll just have to be very careful. Well that's the whole point of this. I mean the point is to be restored so that we can show up is our best selves and do our best work. Our best acts of service for our families and for others. And if we are not restored, if we just rest were not equipped, we're just not equipped and that's what I found myself.

I found myself? Well I'm resting, I'm watching T. V. Or I'm laying down for half an hour. Why am I so exhausted? Well I wasn't getting restored and so there's a huge huge difference. So I hope that all these practical have been useful. I know they were for me. I'm looking forward to putting a couple of them really into practice. Especially the sensory, yes that was a new take on it for me. Like this is where I'm falling short. I feel like I'm getting physical rest. I understand the mentalist spiritualist, the emotional list but sensory that's where I was lacking big time. So I'm gonna make concentrated efforts to rest there when it's going to be different for everybody. Absolutely. I get for myself, I talked with a couple ladies on Thursdays now and one of the things that came up was that I was feeling more stressed and anxious last week and then as I got to talk and they were questioning you know where I'm coming from, what's going on and I you know verbally was able to process with them with their health. And um it came to that I one thing that I did during my day to break up my day and give me like a time of restoration was giving myself a lunch break.

So I stay home with the kids. They have been now going to school part time um for four days but because they were leaving the house now I thought oh I have some time back but then I was filling up my time work things to do, and then I stopped giving myself my lunch break that I had stopped for one hour, I would eat while I watch something that was positive and feel good, but I gave myself an hour lunch break, but then once they started going back to school, I stopped doing that, so I wasn't giving me that time and even though I wake up in the morning, that was part, partly also to plan my day to see my husband took care and so I wasn't always getting the rest then, but this lunch break helped me stop and I can just not think about all the things I have to do. Exactly, that was helpful, so just remember that it's going to look different for everybody, it'll look different for you. Some need that sensory, you know, need to focus more on the sensory, some might need to focus more on the mental, emotional, wherever you are, the spiritual, but just pick one area that you want to grow in and then you'll see when you work for that, all the other areas will just naturally, you know, improve as well, which one of those amazing phenomenon they do, or you'll become aware of another one and go, okay, that one's next, you know what God rested on the seventh day, so if the creator of the universe can work six days and find a need to rest on the seventh, I think it was an example to us and we could certainly Do a whole episode on a Sabbath, which I'm hoping to implement one of these days.

I've always said I'm too busy to take 24 hours off, but that's not true. Um, but got himself arrested, So it is part of how we are created to rest. You know, I was thinking plotting to, Jesus went up to the mountain, he prayed early morning, he had, you know, time to himself and with God, while his disciples went in that boat that went into the storm right now, You know, Jesus knew what was going to happen, right? And I was thinking about this from a parent's perspective, can I still stop? Go away, jesus when I have all these worries about what my Children are, you know, facing at the moment. Yeah, that was really powerful. Can I go and be a keys and okay guys, good luck. I'll see you on the other side. Tell you, that's a whole other episode because that's on trust and you know, what do we prioritize? But we he prioritized, he did fine with God. Absolutely. It's in the morning, that quiet, wow. That's inspiring to me. It's very inspiring. Very true. So today we've talked a lot about resting and restoration and there are times if you are feeling chronic fatigue, chronically fatigue and nothing is helping.

There might be physical reasons physical illness and you may want to see a health care professional because not all of it is just you know, mental, emotional, physical. So if you are feeling a kind of fatigue or exhaustion that does not go away, please see a health care professional. But until next time we hope you feel rested and restored. All right, everyone. Thank you for joining in on our conversation today. Here on the Rice. I've been shine podcast. If you haven't already, please take a second to hit that subscribe button. So you never miss an episode and while you're at it, share this episode with a friend who you know, it can bless today. If you want to visit us as well on our websites, you can catch Claudine over at clotting Sweeney dot com and Ashley at Mind over chaos dot com Are links are in the description. We also have some free resources there for you as well. So remember, ladies, no matter what you are facing in life, it is never too late to rise up and shine and live your best life.

Yeah, yeah.

How To Find More Rest and Restoration
How To Find More Rest and Restoration
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