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Ep #26: dealing with the stress of big life changes

by Elizabeth Jankovic
July 25th 2021

Quick podcast today w the visual 🥺❤️ love y’all next podcast will be about Leo season!

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let me talk to you guys about anchor the platform. I use to make my podcast best yet. It's free, no fees, nothing like that. They're also creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. One of the best parts about Tinker is that they distribute your podcast for you. So you can be heard on Spotify, Apple podcasts and many more platforms. It's the easiest way to get started making a podcast, in my opinion. You can also make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. So download the free anger app or go to anchor dot FM to get started right now. Hello everyone and welcome back to episode number 26 of Virgo vibes. It has been a minute. I'm your host, Elizabeth Jankovic, a 21 year old living in new york city full time pursuing acting, modeling, social media stuff and just living the vegan lifestyle and showing you guys and talk to you talking to you guys about my life. So that's kind of the new intro I've been doing in my videos. Um so I figured why not do it?

My podcast in case y'all do not know who I am and you're just watching one thing and yes, there we go. We have a siren, you know, new york city, I just said that. So, um I believe last podcast was about cancer season and I honestly don't know, it is july 16th right now. It's friday july 16th and I know leo season is coming up soon. Like there's probably one week left of cancer season. I definitely feel like I did cry a lot this month. I don't, I don't really know. Um I kind of forgot also what last podcast, what I learned in the last podcast I should go back and listen to it and be like, what was cancer season supposed to be about. But remember like not being disappointed after that, after recording that episode. Anyway, so my last, that podcast went up on July 27 and it's that's that was three weeks ago. It's been so long since I've recorded a podcast. That was probably also the last time I really recorded any acting self tapes at all because life's been crazy and this is a little bit about what today's podcast is going to be about And I'm short on time.

So it's going to be probably like a 15 minute podcast today, but we're going to talk about big lifestyle changes and how, how we to incorporate that into your normal routine and we're going to talk about um, how I'm feeling today Because it's much different than the last like three weeks. So let's say, where am I june was kind of crazy? What was, you know, wasn't that Germany season? End of my institute was Germany's even Yeah, I don't know why I was so crazy and then cancer season um, has been, I guess like better, you know, relatively, I feel like by the end of june I was really starting to like come back to normal and then um This month it was July four and then a lot of like socialization and stuff and um and then oh the lifestyle changes. So I put up a video recently, I think it's my last, it's like two videos ago and it was about just like my post grad update and backstory like all of college and then also going forward like this year as far as like the next couple of months and I was like um saying that at the end of that week or where this week or whatever it was um I was like I'm touring apartments with my sister and we really need to get one ASAP.

And I guess like depending on the city livin or place you live in the housing market is like so different. So in new york city you can literally tore a place, get the application, get approved and like move in like all in the same week. But you know I have a best friend in boston who figured out her september apartment back in like april so that's fucking wild to me because here in the city I know you can get something right away and basically my sister took off a few days and I was like okay we have to use these days to get this apartment set up the situation like tour and find something and I was just like I really hope we can do it all in those five days because like then you know those were her five days off to literally like tour an apartment. So it was kind of like we get it that weekend or or kind of fucked because then scheduling all the stuff in the future would have been way more difficult. Just like when people say like you graduate college and you have to start applying to jobs, like applying to jobs is a full time job, you have to do a all day every day, whatever. Same thing with apartment tour and you're looking at apartments online, you're contacting people, you're trying to set up appointments, you have to go see them.

Yeah, the flushes really loud in my places, bathroom, the common bathroom in the hallway. So I'm sure you just heard that awful flush. But um it's like yeah, it's just you just really have to be on top of your phone, email, text online, searching, scheduling, and then going to see the apartments and stuff. So we spent two days touring and we found a place that we liked and then we were able to start that process. So because that process was so like time consuming, like I just said how the heck I was, I was speaking to my mom about this. How are you supposed to keep your regular routine under such high stress like that and needless to say, I really didn't like last night I was up from one am to like three, I am literally going through all of my acting things that I hadn't done for the past three days. Um and I was very like half assing it for like honestly weeks, like I feel like I was just, I had so many things to do and I was like staying up late and how to get up early and I wasn't even filming self tapes or audition tapes.

Like how I just said the last time I probably recorded was three weeks ago when I did this podcast. That's basically what happened. I feel like I wasn't able to do my acting things. I was submitting to what I could submit but a lot of things I had to just be like, oh I have to make this audition table later when I'm free and that's actually gonna be today. So after I do this podcast, I'm gonna do some voice overs and then I'm going to try to do some tapes which is super exciting. Getting back to the grind. I feel like just with the holiday and then planning apartment searching and then searching and then you know, doing everything after that. It just like, that literally takes so much time. So I was not working out. I feel like I was just doing very basic morning routine. I was prioritizing the very, very essentials of my daily life like wake up, brush my teeth stretch change, but on close um you know, shower, whatever, like literally basic hygienic stuff and then just like doing the day how I have to do it and like just dress and it was awful. And I was asking my mom was talking about mom, I was like, how is there any way you're supposed to keep your routine?

Like I was barely like, like my emails started piling up and acting submissions. Like people were messaging me on so many different things and I just like, I wasn't getting to it and I just feel like honestly, like I wasn't even working during this time. So it was like maybe like regular people like would just take off of work and then they feel like stress is taken off because they just aren't working. But for me, like I'm an actor and I work from home and it's like I kind of control my work schedule and it's like if I have three days where I missed the acting submissions, I'm not gonna skip those submissions, I'm still going to go back and make sure I look at every single opportunity because you never know the acting. So I don't know maybe people when they take off, like it's easy, like maybe for my sisters, she wasn't under so much stress because like her job is like an in person, you go there was acting as like you're doing the emails yourself and you're trying to submit yourself. So maybe it's just different with that work life balance and like youtube and whatever. So I was just like shook as frick. And I was like, maybe also like, it's not like I was cutting down social events like I was still socializing so maybe it's like if I didn't do those events, I would have had the time for myself, but those are already like pre planned.

So it just ended up being like, okay, super, super high stress, very minimal self care or meantime and very high like seeing other people. Like I was, oh, I did not have time to myself at all. I was always with somebody or doing something. I still don't think I've ever had a day completely to myself since, since honestly the beginning of the month or something, but at least I've had those like half days or mornings like today to myself where I can kind of the locks or whatever. Um because it's like, there's some people, I know who, it's like if they have quote unquote free time, they literally were trying to make plans and be like, oh, who's free, whatever for me. I started, part of me was like, oh, this person wanted to hang out. I'm kind of free this day. Let me see if they're free, just out of convenience. But as far as mental health or like self care vibes that like I just was seen people way too much like, and that includes like family or even just work, like I'm saying like having to go out and interact with anybody because I could stay home all day by myself and be totally content and happy and I actually need that as like an introvert.

So I was just like baffled by the fact that when you have a huge life change and I was talking about how, like my sister got married last year, my other sister, how do you like live daily life without being stressed until that event is over? Like ok, apartment searching, okay, finding it okay doing all this stuff okay then moving like, like I just it's upsetting, it's upsetting that these huge life things almost like unless you really break it down into pieces or you stop a lot of other extra things that same time frame of your life, like, okay, I'm not going to see any friends or I'm not going to do any of this like bonus extra fun stuff, I'm just going to do like the stuff I need for myself and then for this big move I suppose, But it's like yeah, it was just like stressful as heck, especially for people who can't even take off and how do you move? Like how do you do this? So that's that's how I was feeling. I was just like how do you do it? And my conclusion is really prioritizing your super basic needs if you can take off of work to do that if you cancel plans or have the ability to just like take on less on your plate do that because like then you're gonna wind up like me um stressed angry yelling at literally everybody and um being sad, mind you, I also was sleep deprived the entire time.

I was getting 56 hours of sleep, like multiple days in a row last night, I slept from like 3:30 a.m. Till 12:30 p.m. And so that comes out to nine hours. But um there probably were times that I woke up for like at least 10 or so minutes so it could, it could have ended up being like 8.5, but still like I felt so rejuvenated today, like I was like damn, like did I have coffee today? Like I was so excited to record this podcast because I was just like wow, like let me like, I don't know, I just was like boom boom. It also obviously depends like the food you're eating, did you eat good food? Like your nutrition, but like I really felt like I had like a coffee today and like I haven't and it's just that natural dopamine and energy from taking care of yourself. Like I showered last night, I spent the two hours like going through my acting emails I really planned out today um which we'll see how it goes. I have like two hours to do the rest of the things that I want to do. Um so we'll figure it out. And so it's just, it's just been a crazy amount of like, like weeks of seeing people not having enough time for myself, putting my things that I normally prioritized on a back burner for other things and then just feeling like shit about it and also like physically feeling a shit because I'm not getting sleep to now, okay, having like finally rested planning my day today.

Like if I knock everything that I want to do today out, like, then I'm like, I swear like I'm not going to worry for a few days. Um and then literally the next couple of weeks coming up, I wasn't working honestly for a couple of weeks because I wasn't really getting hours and stuff like that. So it was, it's been pretty slow, but these next couple of weeks I am getting some more action on my plate, so it's good that I spend like this weekend, whatever this time doing my stuff. I don't even have a video plan. So today's friday and my videos go up Tuesday. I don't have a video plan for Tuesday and I literally might end up making this podcast, my Tuesday video, like do it two and one and like kind of skip a week or maybe I'll like log today. We'll see what ends up happening. I don't know yet. Um Yeah, just like sleep guys sleep, take care of yourself because you can't give your best self to others or those around you when you're not taking care of yourself and it sucks when your situation doesn't even allow for it. Like I had to really like last minute, take a trip up to Westchester at the beginning of this week and like that really threw me off, like I wasn't intending on doing that and then I couldn't do any acting things or tapes or whatever that it probably would have intended on doing.

So. It's very stressful. Um honestly this is a very short podcast but I'm going to wrap it up. Um I also apologize that I had some cuts going on because the bathroom flushing is very loud and people in my hallway, but august 1st let me get close to the microphone, august 1st. All of that will change. I literally should do and some are channel like I need to, and since my sister and I are going to be living together literally with no distractions, like another family working from home, not like our parents, whatever we're gonna be living on our own because that's the update. If you guys aren't subscribed but only listen to my podcast, you wouldn't have heard. But I am moving to a two bedroom apartment with my sister and we're gonna be in the city. I'm already in the city right now if you guys know my situation, it's almost like a dorm situation, but now I'm gonna have my actual an apartment adult ng um my first ever apartment, like it's crazy all my friends kind of having already, so it's good that I got to see a bunch of different friends apartments and get aggressive on like where they live, whatever it's going to be a slightly different area that I'm living in now, but still generally like when you look at the entire city, it's like still the same area, you know what I mean?

Just like a little bit up. Um So yeah, that's my update, Super excited. SmR vibes, august 1st, I will be moving literally two weeks, thank God I can plan my stuff. Um All of August is really going to be like transitioning though because like from Westchester to the city because August one, really that week is just gonna be moving from this place to that place and then after that I'm going to um throughout august before september hits is really what I'm going to like downsize and Rochester, clean out my closet, pack up my things, leave it pretty scarce up there because like, I don't know, I just, I just want to be, I want most of my things to be with me in the city, not at home and that's what it is right now, like I've Maybe 25%, maybe maybe 25% of my belongings in this room, like barely and I want to make it like 75 25 when I moved to my next apartment. Um thank you guys so much for listening.

Sorry, it was chaotic and I look kind of gross and it's a really bad angle for the video, but your girl has to rush today. I just have to get this out. It's also a friday during the day. So there was a lot of street sounds and sirens and trucks and I'm sorry. Um I just wanted to hop onto this real quick motivation hit natural like sleep so that you literally, the amount of energy I'm feeling this morning, feels like I had coffee and I didn't and like, fuck, sleep is really important for you. Thank you guys so much for listening to episode number 26 of vertical vibes podcast. If you are listening on apple podcasts, Subscribe to the podcast. If you're listening on Spotify follow. If you want to learn more about me, go to my Youtube channel and subscribe and check out my instagram outlets that j um I will have a link tree linked below the podcast and you can find out all my other works and stuff and um next episode will be about leo season. I'm a venus in Leo and a lot of my best friends are leo's and I'm excited. I feel super. Like I just really I need to do is more because it's fun. Uh sorry for my appearance in the video.

I really, I want to say I just woke up because I kind of did like two hours ago and I don't know, I kind of have my bag. I don't know, I love you guys so much. Um Talk to you guys in my next podcast, or I'll see you guys in my next video. This is Elizabeth Jankovic your house over good vibes signing off.

Ep #26: dealing with the stress of big life changes
Ep #26: dealing with the stress of big life changes
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