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July 25th 2021
Ep #26: dealing with the stress of big life changes

Quick podcast today w the visual 🥺❤️ love y’all next podcast will be about Leo season!

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February 21st 2021
Ep #17: leave Virgos the f*** alone + don't judge me for my boundaries

Hi guys! In this podcast, I talk about my experience with anxiety and how I prefer my alone time with my introverted-ness.  Subscribe and check out all my work on my Linktree!!

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January 17th 2021
Ep #15: how to be your own best friend / how to be happy on your own (2021)

In this episode, I re-record my VERY FIRST PODCAST!  I'm using a real microphone omgggg... can you guys tell the difference?? 

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