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Ep #15: how to be your own best friend / how to be happy on your own (2021)

by Elizabeth Jankovic
January 17th 2021

In this episode, I re-record my VERY FIRST PODCAST!  I'm using a real microphone omgggg... can you guys tell the difference?? 

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let me talk to you guys about anchor the platform. I use to make my podcast best yet. It's free, no fees, nothing like that. They're also creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. One of the best parts about Tinker is that they distribute your podcast for you. So you can be heard on Spotify, apple podcasts and many more platforms. It's the easiest way to get started making a podcast in my opinion, you can also make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. So download the free anger app or go to anchor dot FM to get started right now. Hi guys, and welcome back to a new podcast. It's your host, Elizabeth Jankovic. And I was thinking about what I wanted to record because as I said, I want to do more than one podcast a month in the past. I was doing once a month and now that I graduated college, I really just want to do maybe like twice a month by weekly more content than I was doing before. And I was like, what do I talk about this week?

Like I have ideas written down, but you know what I talk about and before I really sat down and came out with a good idea or you know, looked at my notes, I actually listened back to one of my very first podcast, actually, my first podcast, which was how to be your own best friend and how to be happy on your own and I was like, you know what, I feel like this is a time in my life where I need this. And so I went on my Youtube channel, I played it at two times speed because I listened to podcast at two times speed because it was a 45 minute podcast and I, you know, it was not good quality. I said some really great stuff, you know I did, and I was just like, I want to re record that, I want to re record that podcast for my next podcast and actually let me know if you guys can tell that there's a difference in the way I'm recording. I'm using the blue Yeti cheers, applause of the crowd is roaring. I finally got a microphone. I'm talking about this for a long time and I just did it and I set it up right now.

God bless the fact that I had to learn how to use a microphone for my radio class last semester that I just had that class and I know how it works now. Boom. Like when that took like two hours for me to set up, I was able to do this in like two minutes. This just came in the mail and I just set it up Super simple, sleek, beautiful, amazing. So I hope the quality is better. But yeah, this podcast is just gonna be about how to be your own best friend slash how to be happy on your own. So I'm just going to be redoing That podcast. Like I guess what a year and a few months later because I was October 2019. So it's like 14, 15 months later. I'm just redoing it with my blue yeti. And yeah, so, and I'm also going to make it more coherent. I feel like I wasn't as confident. It was my first broadcast. I didn't know what I was saying. It wasn't, it wasn't the best. So what I had said in that one was how the first three semesters of college, I was in a relationship at the time and I didn't really prioritize meeting friends. I was just like happy doing my own thing, um, with my significant other at the time.

And because I wasn't socializing, I didn't meet a lot of people that were good friends. I had friends, like acquaintances, people I was really friendly with and I would consider friends, but I didn't have close friends. So once I reached my fourth semester, which was second semester sophomore year, I felt completely alone. I felt like I had no best friends, no close friends, just friends that clearly had other close friends. And yeah, I felt alone for the first time ever at college and I was really sad. I was alone. I, you know, I was just by myself and I had to channel a lot of that energy into myself and that's kind of what that first podcast I recorded was about, It was about doing things for you when you have nobody else, this is what you have to do. So I poured my heart into my classes. Like I got almost straight a pluses that semester and I just worked to be a really great student because like, you know, if I had all this extra time on a friday night, saturday night and people in college usually have fun and go out, you know, pre covid 19.

Um, I didn't have that because I didn't have friends like that. I was obviously Under 21. I wasn't doing that. So I was like, I guess I'll just study harder and read more and you know, I ended up doing so well that semester, so that was really satisfying. All those boring. I also worked on the weekend. This was when I worked at pliable Z. So I worked at my smoothie bowl shop and Um, I worked there on the weekend for like 12 hours and I had my coworker friends and that was like an escape for me. And um, I also worked on my career like youtube and acting and film shoots and all that stuff. So it was the first semester where I made two videos a week and I also finally started applying to acting things and I was an extra way more than I ever was before. Um, and I kind of put myself in the mindset of, I have to be my own best friend because nobody else is right now, nobody else is my best friend, no one's going to come, save me and knock on my door, so when you're all alone, all you have is yourself.

So that's when I just really poured my extra time into Youtube interacting, I needed to find out who I was and also who were real friends and fake friends and that time really showed it to me when, when I kind of put my all into other people and I was searching for other people during that time, I was like, oh well I'm not really getting that reciprocation back, so I found out who wasn't like my real friends I guess and you know, at the end of the day who you have, you have spirituality and yourself and spirituality can encompass so many different things, you know, law of attraction, manifestation, the universe, religion, um the divine and that's if you are a spiritual person, there are some people who don't believe in any of that, you know, um but if you do then you have that and um you also, you know, some people have family and some people don't, so I'm not going to discredit family, but some people have a very interesting family situation, so you can't really, like, I can't just say everybody has family, you know, but you do have yourself and if you believe in spirituality, you have that, you have your source, you know, um I also put a lot of time into my vegan tumbler, which I Actually just hit 50,000 followers on my vegan time.

Like if you go to my link tree, which is a link to our.e slash Elizabeth Jankovic, it's linked in my podcast, it's linked in my videos, it's linked in my instagram, which is at Elizabeth dot J. So yeah, I link to you scroll, you click on the vegan blog and that's my vegan tumbler, which is veg dash inspo dot tumblr dot com. I've had it for about as long as I've been vegan, which now is about 4.5 years and I just at 50,000, I've been really trying to put, I think in the last year I would say I put way more of my own content and photos of food on there, because in this last year I was trying more vegan food or I guess a year and a half, I was trying more vegan food than I ever had before. So I think what I want to do with that is like actually make an instagram now where more people can find me on instagram, more people use instagram. So that's kind of the vibe, I want to try to put all of my own original content that I have a little tab for, on my vegan tumbler, I want to just put all of those on instagram. So that's kind of what I Want to do to celebrate 50,000.

But yeah, I put my time into that into youtube as I said and you know, all the extra time self care, hobbies, passions, dreams, like if you ever find yourself in a place where you feel like you have no one, you have no friends, you have no support. What you have to do is just look inward, look at projects, you always want to do things you always want to do. Self care was so big for me because when you take care of yourself, it's like a best friend you do face masks with, you know, like you do cute little girl nights, you know, we all have that, you can do that with yourself. Like how some people are like, oh I'm going to watch a movie, I'm going to put on cute pajamas, I'm going to to a face mask and drink some wine. Like how many times have I seen that on instagram? That's literally what you have to do. I feel like that's what self care is. It's like being completely content and doing these little things for yourself by yourself and thoroughly enjoying it. You know, like obviously the act of doing it self care, but you know, you're happy with yourself and you love yourself when you can do that by yourself and be happy doing it. Like I love my alone time. Like okay, also guys, but the new micro, you can hear everything like that's me moving my foot on the carpet and you can hear it so we'll see how sensitive this microphone is, which is like yes, of course it's supposed to be sensitive, but I have to get used to it.

So apologies in advance. But yeah, obviously I was alone and sad but like that was so I could grow that provided room for me to grow that provided my knowledge of like, okay, well clearly I don't have anybody else if I'm alone and I'm sad that I'm alone, how can I fix it and just be there for yourself? Like literally being there for yourself, finding out about yourself who you are, what you want in life and what's important. Oh, I'm getting a phone call now so I have to continue this later. Hi guys, I'm back. Sorry, I had to take that phone call but as I was saying, finding about who you are yourself, what you want in life, who is important, what's important? I feel like being alone gives people a lot of time for self reflection and things. My sister and I have talked about and I've probably talked about this in a podcast before is when you're alone and people when you're alone, you just find out so much more you have these self reflections and realizations and you're able to create your own ideas and beliefs and philosophies and outlooks and mindsets and a lot of people are always filling their schedule, their week with plans.

Like even people who have monday through friday full time jobs at night. Like they get dinner, they catch up with a friend and on the weekend they go shopping and they're always planning all these things and it's like, are they ever alone? Like it's very concerning. Um I feel like and I feel like when you're never alone with yourself, do you ever really know about yourself and what you again want in life and and your goals and aspirations? And another thing I had said in that podcast was like you really do have to be there for you and you know when you would think about, oh like I have so many friends now and this is like a year later is when I met these friends, No, wait wait, what when did I? Oh no, okay. So my whole like time where I was experiencing this self growth and self improvement was about spring 2019 and at the end of spring 2019 and throughout the rest of the year is when I met those people that were there for me and they are my Best friends and right now like a winter 20 21 I can say that I have people who are there for me and they text me that they love me and they're always there for me if I need a phone call if I need help or advice.

So when you are in that period in your life where you're not yet with those people, you haven't found those people yet. You're still waiting on that. You have to be there for yourself and create, you know, you have to obviously it's hard, it's harder. It's harder than it sounds and it's easier said than done. But trying to have a positive mindset and being happy towards school toward work, being okay with being your own company, I used to be like, wow, like I have no friends in any of my classes, but then thinking about how I could just be in my own world and really be like, what can I get from this class and stuff like that and being okay with being your own company. Like if you don't have company from an external source, like find that company in your internal source and you know, being that place for you, that safe place for yourself. And as far as self care, getting a good night of sleep at least seven hours but honestly like a every night idea leaks. That's what they recommend like hygiene skin care because when you physically feel good, you emotionally feel good at least in my opinion.

Um like I always was taking good care of my hair, like showering like if you don't shower every day and if you neglect like your little self hygiene like that I feel like I don't know, I just, I feel like it shows that you're neglecting your emotional and mental self too, so showering moisturizing for me like skincare, eating healthy, I'm vegan like I really take care into what I eat as I said, getting enough sleep and you know, if you want to try something new like cooking right, like you can experiment that. I feel like cooking is something that's really easy when you have a lot of extra time on your hands. It's something that's really perfect to just fill your time with because it's a good skill to learn. It's fun experimenting with new foods, grocery shopping, saving money, usually healthier working out like if you're scared to work out alone, like really just being like all right, how about like I do this and I see how it feels and I make myself proud sometimes hard things once you do them, you're so proud of yourself after after doing them and you listen to podcasts.

I feel like a lot of being alone is like getting stuck in your own head and your own thoughts and cycles, watch a movie, you know, watch a documentary, read a book and listen to self help podcasts and just explore Angkor or podcasts on apple podcasts and Spotify has a whole list now and all that stuff and for me with work that was really hard to have a positive mindset towards school and work are hard things to have a positive mindset for if you don't have a ton of friends at school or co workers or whatever you, you know, just kind of feel a little shitty and if you need to get yourself in a good mindset, try to dress cute, maybe you want to put on makeup, do a cute little outfit, cute hair, put perfume on, have a positive attitude, especially if you're in the customer service industry. Obviously with the energy you put out, we'll get back to, you will come back to you and I feel like we know this in manifestation and um like personal whatever law of attraction, like that type of stuff. People who study that, you know what you put out with the energy you put out comes back to you customer service.

Like if you're a nicer cashier or just customer store, associate whatever you will attract that energy back to you. And I feel like that's a really great attitude to have in school or worker in situations where we're not our happiest week, Maybe we don't want to be there, maybe it's not 100 voluntary that were there, we just kind of have to do it. But trying your best to put your best self up there. I'm so sorry, I just moved my computer and the whole thing cracked, like weird um meditation, breathing, deep breathing, so important in yoga, even like the deeper you breathe in, the more where you are of your breath, the more beneficial to practices and that's something I feel like I always was like not putting a lot of effort into it, but just the more you breathe and, and you feel like you can, can actually control your whole body with your breath and meditation focuses on breath as well. So those are just really, really important tools, really useful tools.

I would say if you've never tried yoga there so many beginners yoga classes and obviously now I've been doing it for so long that I don't have to look at the screen if she says to certain pose most of time, I know what she's talking about and I just really have her there to listen and let her guide me in a flow. I listened to yoga with cassandra and she's pretty much my go to, I used to listen to yoga with Adrienne, I don't, I don't know why I stopped. I feel like I just really like to go to cassandra's, I don't know her vibe more. Maybe I don't, she definitely did affirmations more. She's a little more spiritual. I, I would have to get back into yoga with Adrienne to see if she started implementing that. Maybe she didn't, I just didn't know, I feel like also yoga with Adrienne um has way more workout classes, so that's something that I honestly should start doing if I ever feel less motivated to work out, I should look at like a yoga with Adrienne, like a workout kind of, I, because if you do a flow, like a vinyasa flow or like a power yoga, then you're definitely getting like your cardio up and there's also strength a lot of times involved with your core and likes in yoga.

So yeah, trying out meditation, I might start a meditation podcast podcast um channel, I might start meditation channel TBH and 11 If you guys are interested, I now have this microphone so I feel like I could do really cool and clear meditation. Um, that's like me doing like an ace more vibe my sister and I might Sony smart channel guys all right and now have this microphone, so that's perfect. I think we do just have to get a camera, which is an investment, so TBD about that. Um, but in conclusion, I would say when you're alone, how to be happy on your own self reflect, think and realize you have all this extra time, which is a beautiful thing to put back into yourself self care, hobbies, passions, Maybe you want to learn a new language, maybe you want to get into sports, Maybe you join a club at your school or institution. Uh, maybe you want to start a channel a blog writing, which can be anything.

Writing is so broad and I think that's what's so beautiful about writing like yeah, I'm a writer in the sense of journalism, but I write poetry too. And, and I don't know, even just journaling. Journaling is writing like literally anyway, blogging as I said traveling. This podcast was written before covid 19. So obviously traveling was still much more feasible and doable. Um but yeah, starting passions affirmations Self help books. Reading self help, self improvement books, have a playlist on my channel Of all of these books I read during that time Spring 2019. And I am going to get back into reading books because those literally changed my life. Go on my channel, go on my playlist and book reviews and go through them. I look like trash. I feel like I was talking so quiet. I wasn't as confident when I recorded videos. I didn't know what I was doing. So don't judge my personality in those videos and how much of a baby I sound. And also I just look ugly. I like I've since done many glow ups and I look better than I do in those videos.

But the energy, the energy, the information is still valid and I would recommend that. Um yeah, so as I said affirmations like once you read those books you'll, you'll find information. But I'm sure you can go on Pinterest and find affirmations. Yoga with Kassandra has some videos with information. So that's really cool. Um yeah, doing things for you. Uh okay, this is something I said in that podcast which really resonated with me and it's like myself like go me go Elizabeth from like a year or so ago. I said, you've got to do things for you. You have to love doing it and you have to want to do it. So it's, you know, it's one thing to just be going through the motions of self care, but it's like if you love doing it and if you want to do it, obviously in the beginning you might have to, you know, as Stella Ray says, the force yourself method, you might have to do that. But um, you'll eventually get into a rhythm where you want to do it and you like doing and you enjoy doing it because who doesn't love self care? I don't know, I've never heard somebody who doesn't like self care.

Yeah, I incorporate it into my daily and weekly routine. So at this point it's just something I do all the time. Um, and I wasn't happy before, like in my life, in those first three semesters, I wasn't happy because I wasn't focusing on myself, but when I focused on who I was and finding out who I was and what I liked and my own personality and literally being my own best friend, I was able to find out that I can't help myself and all the opportunities would fall in place after you have that solid foundation with yourself, all the close people that I love and love me fell into my life, like only a few months after that reawakening and that year I booked so many acting things and my channel grew a lot that summer. That was the first time I grew significantly on Youtube and it just all felt so like aligned everything felt an alignment and you just always realize that when you put your energy into that positivity and all these little things that are literally proven to raise your vibration, right, meditation, yoga, working out reading really just like taking care of yourself, your skin, your body health, sleeping all that you attract those better things.

The higher vibration, the better you are, the more you attract. And it's just an abundant life you'll have and at the end of the day, you always have yourself. So don't let yourself down. Like I've been feeling loneliness a lot recently and I think that's a big reason why I wanted to really listen to that podcast to my own podcast because I was like, what advice do I have for myself? Because I feel quite lonely right now in the sense of like not only like I don't have people around me because obviously I have my sister, like I have my family, I'm back at home in Westchester, but I like I have my friends, I can call whenever I need, but like literally the feeling of like is anyone else going through what I'm going through? Like I felt so hopeless and alone and I'm still getting through that like I'm still obviously sound very happy and positive right now. But it's also like we go through such moods almost like verse of energy and motivation and the downs and ups and downs like right now in this moment I'm on and up. But like I still have a lot of underlying anxiety and everything and I just obviously I want to be transparent with you guys. Like I'm, I usually film podcast when I record podcast when I'm feeling really inspired and happy or I just realized something recently and I'm feeling more confident and stuff and that's how I'm feeling right now.

So obviously like it'll sound like I have my shit together way more than I might actually do in real life, right, which I'm sure, you know, if you listen to any Youtubers or stuff like that, you know, we social media, you put out what you want people to see and usually it's the highlights and it's the positive things. Although I think social media is changing more and people are becoming more real and transparent um with themselves and their feelings and their thoughts and how they look and all that stuff. So yeah, at the end of the day, I just wanted to make this so I could listen back and realize how much I've grown after that first podcast and we do it for my new followers and subscribers and everyone and also test out this new microphone baby because I knew the audio quality was trashed on that first one and I hope you guys take some advice, some inspiration, some positivity, some hope from this and oh my God, it's like jokes and yeah, I hope you can start living like a great life because we all deserve it. We really do. We really do and we have to believe that. So thank you guys so much for listening to this episode of very good vibes podcast.

Don't know when it's coming out. Just yeah, but it's January 12 when I'm recording it. So hopefully soon, hopefully before the end of January. So then my two, two times a month will start kicking off soon and I'm really going to attract and manifest that vibe and make sure you're subscribed, let me know what you listen to this song. I think most people listen to it on Spotify, so that's lit as frick. And yeah, I do upload these on Youtube as well. So you can listen to it two times speed if you want because that's what I do. Um and yeah, I go to my channel subscribe, check on my playlist, check out all that stuff. My link treat etcetera and I hope you guys have a wonderful day in a wonderful week and I'll see or talk to you guys in my next podcast or video

Ep #15: how to be your own best friend / how to be happy on your own (2021)
Ep #15: how to be your own best friend / how to be happy on your own (2021)
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